I have always considered "cum" to be kind of gross. I don't know, just the thought of it. When we got married, I would jack off my husband and sometimes, the cum would shoot on his face and in his mouth. I thought, glad it was him and not me! So I never thought much about it the first time I made him lick me to orgasm after he had cum in me. I didn't realize I was making him eat cum. He loves to lick my pussy, so he didn't complain. I just thought all guys liked the taste of cum I guess.
So one day, we went to an adult bookstore to look for a dildo or vibrator. I saw the curtained-off back area and asked my husband about it. We walked back there, in the dark, and saw many, many rooms with doors shut, and little lights on above the doors. We figured out that the rooms with lights were occupied.
As soon as a door opened, a guy hurried out and left. We went right in. To my surprise, there was a long vinyl bench and a seat in there. The vinyl bench was covered in a big puddle of still-hot and sticky cum. We locked the door.
I said to my husband, look at that cum! He said, wow that guy shot a huge load.
Without thinking, I slipped my clothes off, and threw them in the chair. I stuck my fingers in the cum and rubbed it on my nipples. I love cum on my nipples. It actually feels really good there. I asked my husband to lick slowly on my nipples. To my surprise, he did it. He said that was really hot to see that cum on my nipples. What I really wanted to see him do was slurp up the puddle of cum. It was such a nasty thought! He would have to suck the cum up off the vinyl cushion. There was nobody to see us, so I asked him to do it. He would do anything for me. I almost had an orgasm watching him do it. Then we needed more cum. I peeked out the door, still naked, and waited for someone to leave their viewing booth. It took a couple of tries, but we finally found another room with a huge load of cum on the furniture. This time, I scooped up the cum, in a plastic water cup that was in there, layed on my back with my open pussy in the air, and told my husband to pour it in. How naughty! My husband said, you could get pregnant doing this!! as I was not on any birth control. Having said that, he tipped the cup up, and cum slid out, and into my pussy. He took his finger and wiped out the cup. There was a huge thick mass of cum right on my vaginal opening, that didn't go in. I decided to minimize the risk of pregnancy by having him lick it off right now. Before I could say anything, he took his fingers and pushed the cum deep inside me.
He licked my orgasm.
It was two weeks before I got my period and could quit worrying :)
82% (9/2)
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3 years ago
hot story!
3 years ago
That was an amazingly hot and nasty little episode. My black cock is standing at attention...thank you very much.
3 years ago
damn baby ,you are one nasty son of a bitch , love that , love to eat your pussy also
3 years ago
Wow...that sounds amazing and no your husband is not the only guy who likes the taste of cum and whilst my wife and I have never done the adult bookstore thing, i like to cum in my wife's pussy and lick it out. It's very sexy and she loves it. great post!!
3 years ago
That's so hot, you go girl. xx :-)
3 years ago
hot but a dangerous game aids etc
3 years ago
Glad you enjoy, but you could get sick that way.