We were tenting it this weekend. I know for many of you exhibitionism wouldn't be anything. But I have never done anything like that. My husband followed me into the huge tent, with all the windows and door wide open. People were everywhere. He knew I was going to shut all the windows and zip up the door before undressing. Instead, he pulled my shirt up over my head, leaving me in my bra. I didn't protest - probably for the first time. Next he unhooked my bra and let it fall off. Bare-chested, I enjoyed his caressing of my breasts. I just closed my eyes. I don't know how many people walked by and watched for a few seconds. My heart raced the whole time. Soon it was dark. We slept that way all night.
I have been nude in front of many people before, but in a professional setting. Somehow that was different. I didn't feel like they even noticed my nudity. I always think if it's "professional" that they aren't looking at me sexually.
Maybe I'm naive.
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3 years ago
Interesting. Professionally naked?!? Do you model for art classes or as you say above strictly get used as medical example?
3 years ago
It felt really good. Once you are all hot and turned on, then it doesn't really matter any more, but when we are done playing, I'd just as soon shut all the blinds and just enjoy us holding and cuddling.
As to your second question, I have volunteered in medical classes when a participant was needed to demonstrate something to the class, or show a medical technique, etc. So, yes, I have stood in front of 30 or 40 people, and had the instructor remove my clothes, then have class members gather around while he shows them things about my body. I never thought that the men in the class would think dirty thoughts about me in there, but my husband convinced me that they probably were :)
3 years ago
My wife is very similar to you in that being naked or semi naked like in your blog she would find it scary and probably wouldn't do it without a little help so fairplay to your husband for making you take that leap. I would love to do something like that with my wife and have people looking in as I can imagine it is extremely erotic so just out of curiousity how did it feel?

Also you said you'd been naked professionally, if you dont mind me asking in what capicity?