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a few years ago, around the holidays, i was at a relatives house for a party. several cousins an i were talking and drinking quite a bit. one of my older female cosuins, who had been my babysitter when i was young, was dressed in a sexy LBD and heels. her and her husband had come from a banquet, they said they werent staying long, as he had to head to work on midnights. i told him i'd drive her home if she wanted to stay.
along around 1am, the party was starting to break up, she was really d***k by now, i helped her from behind up the stairs, got a nice view of the tops of her thigh high stockings along the way!! i ran outside and started my truck to let it warm up, came back inside to help her with her coat.
i had to help her up into the seat, another nice view btw, and buckled her seat belt. we took off towards her house,(or so i thought) getting directions from a d***k redhead wasnt a good idea. while on the way, i couldnt help noticing her dress was hiked up, showing her stocking tops, and some bare skin above, it was quite a distraction ! i reached over and tried to pull it down, when she grabbed my hand and put it against her upper thigh.
i told her that wasnt a good idea, , she let go, and slipped her hand under her dress and started fingering herself. i puled up her dress a little more to see what i could see. her fingers were busy, playing with her clit and slipping a finger in her pussy. she was saying how good it felt, it had been a long time since she'd had any cock from her husband ect ect.
i pulled over into an empty parking lot to watch her for a while, her legs were spread wide, i could see how wet her redhaired pussy was, i couldnt help myself, i reached over and started playing with her too. she reached over, unzipped my pants, pulled my 1/2 hard cock out, and started stroking me slowly.
then i heard her ask if she could have it all!! i helped her into the back seat area, pushed up her dress, slipped her black silky panties aside, and kissed her on the clit. before long she was on top of me, grinding her soaking wet pussy into my face, sucking and stroking my cock, until i was early ready to cum.
she suddenly stopped, got off me , and begged me to fuck her.
i spread her legs, and moved my cock into position just touching her wet lips, she said i know we shouldnt, but just fuck me. i sank my cock into her warm wet pussy, fucking her slow and deep. i could feel her pussy clenching my cock as i fucked her, faster! faster!! harder!!! she begged....
i was nearly ready to unload my balls into her, she whispered, please dont cum in me, i pulled out just as i started to cum, squirted all over her panties, belly and dress. we layed there for a few minutes, wondering what we'd just done, i got back onto the front seat, and drove the few blocks back to her house, while she stayed in the back.
i helped her out, and took her to the door. her husband was still at work, she turned, kissed me goodnight, thanked me for giving her what she needed, and whispered,giggling, i think we ruined my dress..

she told me months later, she had to get rid of the dress, cum stains wouldnt come out.

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2 years ago
Good story, maybe you can get her again next time.
2 years ago
ran into her again at a reunion last weekend, too many people around for another encounter, but i got a few nice views under her skirt !
2 years ago
2 years ago
love it!!!