sexy in the office

a few years ago, my gf had a presentation to make at work for a large const job they had been bidding on. she had spent a lot of time on the powerpoint presentation, so her boss decided she should be the one to take care of it.
i caught her as she was getting ready to leave that morning, she wasnt dressed in her normal jeans, work boots, and polo shirt. she was wearing a below the knee black pinstriped business suit, black pantyhose, and low black heels. before she left i convinced her to change.
she stripped off everything she had on, and was standing naked in the living room, while i searched her closet for somthing more appropriate.
i dressed her in a black lace bra, and matching thong, slid a pair of nude thigh highs on her, and slipped on a pair of 4" spike heels.
she stood by patiently while i put on a purle silk button up blouse, mid thigh length black skirt, and black jacket. she looked fantastic !!
by the time i finished dressing her, my cock was rock hard, she noticed my "problem", got on her knees, and sucked me until i exploded in her mouth, gave me a kiss goodbye, walked out the door.
i was working near her office that day, calloed her aroud lunchtime to se how the meeting went, "they loved my presentation, we got the job!"
she was headed out to lunch, so i decided to meet her for a quick bite.
eating lunch i kept looking under the table to catch a glimpse of her sexy legs, by the time we left, she had that look in her eyes, as i kissed her goodbye, she guided my hand under her skirt to her soaking wet pussy, i fingered her until she begged to be fucked, in the back seat of her car we sucked and sucked each other for nearly an hour, her pussy was full of my cum and leaking down her inner thighs.

she returned to work, and i headed back to my jobsite. she called me late that afternoon, said she'd be working late, i dropped by her office around 5pm, she was still there, finishing up details on the bid.
i caught her bending over a filing cabinet, lifted her skirt, and was rubbung her pussy, and fingering her asshole. she didnt resist, but pushed her squirming ass back into my face.
i fingerfucked her pussy, and tongued her ass, until she was moaning loudly,
she layed back on her desk, unbuttoned her blouse,lifted her skirt, and slowly parted her legs. i pushed aside her thong with my cock, and impaled her pussy balls deep with my 1st stroke. her pussy was soaking wet and warm, it felt so good, i didnt last long before i pumped another load deep inside her. i pulled out, she grabbed my cock with one hand and kept jerking, while she fingered her clit with the other.
she came again and again, still jerking me off, i came again, shooting my load onto her hand and pussy. i stuffed my cock back into her, her pussy clenching me, she finally regained her composure enough to tell me , lets go home.
overall, it was quite a day
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2 years ago
2 years ago
ty for the comments. when she gets in the mood to be naughty, she's fantastic !!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot lady,,wish it was me,,,dam,,