backseat banging

a year or so after i was divorced, i had been chatting with a divorced woman in a chatroom, via IM and emails for a couple months. we decided to meet, and take in a movie, she lived quite a ways away, by the time i had go to her town, the weather changed and turned bitter cold, snowing, and blowing.
we met at a shopping center/strip mall, i helped her up into my bronco, got a nice view of her pantyhosed legs and ass when she got into my bronco, and we headed to a movie.
she hadnt been out on a real date in quite a while, we had some touchy-feely fun in the theatre. by the time the movie was over, thecrotch of her pantyhose were soaking wet, and she had at least one silent orgasm from my probing fingers.
the ride back to where her car was parked was in a near blinding snowstorm, unplowed & slick roads. we had kinda decided to "call it a night" i was worried as she had another 20 miles of crappy roads to drive to get back home.
as we were sitting there, i asked for her keys, was gonna start her car and let it warm up before she left. as we were sitting there talking, all of a sudden her hands were unzipping my pants, pulled my cock out, and started sucking me.
i leaned my seat back, and let her do as she pleased to me. i was watching the parking lot,all the stores were closed by now, and had seen a squad car drive by several times. i told her we're gonna get caught, and she stopped.
i got out and shut her car off, when i got back in i asked where the closest motel was, she didnt know the area that well, so we left and found a restaurant that was open 24hrs, and parked in the back of the parking lot. by the time i got my seatbelt off, she was busy working my cock with her mouth again. it seemed like an eternity before i unloaded into her mouth, she swallowed every drop. she sat back in her seat, i told her, get in the back, i owe you one..

she climbed over the seat, and layed down, i joined her there, i slipped my had under her dress, and she was even more wet than before, i positioned myself between her legs, pulled the top of her dress down to expose her d cups, and lifted her dress around her waist. i started sucking each of her nipples until they were rock hard, standing 1/2" tall and proud, then lowered myself between her legs, as i was heading down, i pulled out my knife and slit open her pantyhose, exposing her meaty pussy lips.
i toungefucked her,& teased her clit until she came several times, by now she was begging to feel a real cock inside her, as her only pleasure since her divorce had been her own fingers, and a collection of dildos.
i asked her, condom or not? she was hesitant, but asked if i would wear one.
no problem, i slipped one on and proceded to fuck her for nearly an hour, missionary, doggy, sideways, back to missionary, over and over again. i lost count of the times she came , and squirted, i just kept banging away. i thought at one point she was gonna pass out, she eventually asked if i had cum yet, i grunted out a no, as i was pumping away.
take it off i want you to cum, i pulled out, she reached down to remove the condom, pulled me up close to her mouth again, and took all 7 inches deep into her throat, i came almost immediately.
i thought she might be done for the night, but i was wrong, "stay hard, please stay hard and fuck me again"
i slipped my bareback cock into her soaking wet pussy, and started pumping again, nearly 45 minutes went by she finally asked me to stop, her pussy was so sore.

i pulled my pants back up, returned to the drivers seat, and headed back to where her car was parked. i got out and started her car for her, by then she had returned to the passenger seat. 15 minutes had passed in silence, i got out to open the door for her, as she started to get out, i lifted her dress oone last time, spread her moist pussy lips, and kissed her on the clit.
she got into her car, and pulled away, never saw her again online, nor did she ever respond to an email....

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1 year ago
wasnt a fantasy, just the facts....
1 year ago
nice fantasy