phone sex with her best riend

as i got home from work, i noticed the wifes car was gone, didnt think much about it. i went downstairs, showered, and changed out of my work clothes.
i heard the TV on low, and could hear the wife talking, figured she was on the phone, as i went down the hallway, i could hear her moaning, so i went back to investigate...

there she was laying on the couch, legs spread wide, her hand under her unzipped shorts playing with herself. i hesitated log enough to figure out she was talking to her best friend,(from out of town). i watched her taking her time rubbing her pussy, slowly pulling her shorts down and kicking them to the floor.
my cock was getting hard listening to her tell her friend how she loved the way she used to tongue to lick her pussy lips. i walked up beside her, took the phone from her, and put it on speaker. i put my cock on her lips, and she opened them, sucking me hard while still fingering her clit. i toldher friend what i was doing, she hesitated or a second, then started urging me on, to fuck my wifes mouth with my big dick, they both were gasping for air, moaning loudly, i heard her friend squeel, my wife screamed, and my cock exploded as we all 3 came...

wife continued to drain my cock until i had no cum left for her, she swallowed the whole load, i rweached down and moved her hand from between her legs, spread her pussy lips, and kissed her on the clit...
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2 years ago
i gave her an afterdinner fucking, she went to bed soon after, exhausted. i woke her up a couple hours later licking her pussy, and fucked her again.
around 2am i reached over and started fingering her ass, she was soon squatting on my face having her clit licked again. fucked her doggy style till she came 2 more times.
she texted me around noon the next day "my pussy is sooo sore"
2 years ago
nice...that could lead to some fun