the girls i fucked one afternoon

this happened many years ago, when i was about 20...

pam c was a steady GF/ fuck partner, and through her i met some of her friends, pam h, bonnie, and chris, pam c's younger s****r.
pam c had shown her s****r how to suck a cock, and her s****r had given me a handjob a couple times while her s****r had watched. i was fucking pam h and bonnie on the days that pam c and her s****r werent servicing me.

all sounds good, right?
it was until they all found out i was banging the others too....
pam h invited me to her parents house one nite, we were busy fucking on the floor in the living room, when the others walked in, they had been hiding in another room.
needless to say they were pissed, and were all gonna teach me a lesson that night. suddenly my clothes and keys are missing, and i'm standing there buck naked, with a raging hardon that just wouldnt go away.
it wasnt long before pam c was on her knees taking my cock down her throat, the other encouraging her, to teach me a lesson, ect ect.

long story short, i fucked all of them bareback, one right after another, stole all of their underwear, and left them hanging on the mirror of my van for nearly 2 weeks.

pam c kept coming back for months for more of my cock...

jump ahead 2 or 3 years, i was running sound for a local band at a small club,
pam c and s****r chris were there.
2 more awesome BJ's from them that night, and during a break, i fucked pam c in the backstage dressing room.
at the end of the night when we were packing up, pam c introduced me to her husband, as they left she told me she was gonna make him clean up the mess i'd left in her panties.
i asked her to take them off, and leave them with me, and on the way home tell her new husband that she had left her panties in the dressing room after she got fucked.
heard through the gravevine, he divorced her cheating ass 3 months later....

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2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
thanks for the comment !
2 years ago
Hahahahaha that's awesome!