wife and her best friend part 2

wife best friend carol has been visiting with us for a week or so. they've been spending a lot of time "together". they've had several very intimate encounters with each other in the past, i've see them playing with each others pussies, licking, fingering, and sharing toys. i've always left them alone to enjoy each other.
carols last night in town was last night, we all decided to head out to a local sports bar for a few drinks. both of them were dressed to kill, short skirts, low cut tops, and heels. during the drive there, and most of the night they were teasing me, (and everyone around us, including our waitress). they sat together in a booth, i was across from them, kept dropping things on the floor, when i reach down to retrieve what was dropped, both of them would spread their legs so i got a good view of my blonde, shaved, wifes pantiless pussy, and carols neatly trimmed brunette pussy, she was wearing one of the wifes crotchless thongs.
all too soon it was time to leave, carol decides to drive, we were in the back seat, wife (jenny) is rubbing my cock through my jeans, i had my fingers probing jenny's wet pussy, she came 2 times on the way home.
as soon as we walked in the door, carol headed for the bathroom, jenny dropped to her knees, pulled out my half hard cock, and sucked me to full attention in the living room. she was working my cock in and out of her mouth, massaging my balls, and rubbing her fingernail across my asshole. i realized carol was watching us from the hallway, i montioned for her to come in, she sat on the couch, spread her legs, and started fingering her pussy. it wasnt long before she was on the floor behind jenny, pulled up her skirt, and was fingering her ass and pussy from behind.
jenny was really working my cock, her finger kept probing my asshole, i told her i was gonna cum, her finger slipped deep into my ass, and i exploded into her waiting mouth. when she had milked my cock dry, she turned around and kissed carol, my cum was dripping from both of their mouths.
i stood back and watched as jenny laid back on the couch, carol positioned herself between her legs and began furiously licking her ass and pussy. jenny screamed as she came again, they slowly switched positions, jenny's ass in the air, when i lifted her skirt to massage her ass, my cock stiffened again.
i got down behind her, felt her soaking wet pussy with my fingers, i started to slip my cock into her...
"my pussy is so sore, get some lube"
i lubed my cock, and my finger, and slowly slipped it into her waiting asshole.
when she was well lubed, i put the head of my cock against her brown hole, she pushed back, my cock slid into her nearly balls deep.
i slowly started fucking her tight asshole, she was whimpering, carol was encouraging me to fuck her ass hard, fill her ass full of cum, and at the same time telling jenny how to eat her pussy !!

we fucked for what seemed like an eternity, carol and jenny cumming several times, and me filling my beautiful wifes ass with another load of cum.
i left to wash up, and when i returned, they had fallen asl**p together on the floor. i took carol to the airport early this morning, with no mention of last night.
g'bye carol, cum again soon.
i will, i had fun .........

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