Me being a redhead.

All my life even now up to this point being a redhead has gotten me into some trouble. I have been picked on, beat up, and told what to do all my life. Maybe it's not just because of my hair but maybe my personality, I'm a push over. I do what I am told when I am told. But in some cases because I am a red head, pale, and have freckles I get many men but none that want a relationship. From what I have noticed men love and thrive off of fucking redheads and because I'm a push over I'm even more of a want for them because I'll do anything they want. I wasn't liked much growing up and still am not now or from what people have told me anyways. But secretly they wanted me. Well at least some of them... There is a about 5 boys that are all friends and they all know me. They pick on me all the time and call me names and are mean in school. But one night a boy whose name is Darren and is one of the group of 5. He messaged me saying that he really did like me and that he wanted to see some pics of me. I thought that was weird but he is so good looking I couldn't help myself. So I sent him pics like he asked. and then the next day they boys were mean like usual but were saying things like "hey slut, nice rack." Or they would try and touch me. And I knew Darren had to have showed them. By the end of the day I must have had my ass and tits grabbed at least 50 times. Then when I went home they all were messaging saying they wanted me and if we could hook up. I told Darren we could and told the others no. Darren said he was home alone that night and I should come over. So I did and I was looking forward to it. I got to the house extremely nervous but also excited and wet. I was wearing a tight tank top and gym shorts and I could tell I was wet because it felt like I had peed myself.
Darren opened the door and said I looked good. He said he rented a couple movies and we could watch them in the living room. I sat on the couch and he put in a movie. I was looking at his house because it was really nice. And by the time I was aware of what was going on I turned my head to the TV I was starring directly at Darren's cock. It was well sized. I'd say 7 inches and fat. I looked up at him and he told me to open wide. So I did and that fat cock stuffed my mouth full. He was face fucking me making me gag and choke. I was drooling all over and giving such a sloppy blow job it was ridiculous. Then while I was sucking he pulled out and said he had a surprise and blindfolded me. I was smiling and so excited. Then with the blindfold on Darren's cock was in my mouth again. It seemed a bit smaller but I didn't think anything of and I did my job. then the blindfold cam off I opened my eyes and looked up and didn't see Darren but one of his friends I pulled that tasty cock out of my mouth and while still grasped on to it with my hand I looked around the room in shock as I saw Darren and 4 of his friends in the living room all naked and stiff waiting for there turns. I glared a look at Darren and then said since your all here we might as well do it. Then they all circled me as I dropped onto my knees, grabbing and sucking and taking turns with all of the amazing cocks. They all stood me up after a bit and literally tore the clothes off my body. They groped me and rubbed me and licked me and kissed me. It was unbelievable. They did whatever they wanted and I let them. They threw me around the room taking turns plowing every hole they could fill making moan over and over screaming and spilling pussy juice everywhere. They slapped me slapped my ass fucked my ass. They did it all. I took so much cum in every hole I was even cumming sperm. A couple boys must have wanted me to myself because the carried me to the bathroom and double penetrated me on a toilet that's lid was up. And this went on all night. I was pleasured for sure. I was left shaking and I was covered head to toe in cum. When I was finally conscious after that slut fest I performed I had to walk home like that because I had no clothes and they wouldn't bring me. And the next day at school they were all still mean to me but I knew it was just for show.
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2 years ago
Nice.. You should blackmail them.. hahaha Cheers!
2 years ago