My piano classmate

ok there was this girl that I met in the piano class and this story is about her and me its the actual encounter I had and is when I had my first time sex:

I signed up for this piano class where students of different ages are schooled

for piano playing which is where I met lets call her"Emily" in the first class

ever I arrived late and I found most of the students all strangers 10 of them

had arrived before I said hi to everyone and I came to having to say hi

to Emily (a breath-taking beautycollected in one little face: pale white red

hair green eyes pouty redish lips we can say another version of actress Emily

Browning or almost)..she was 15 years old 5.2ft and I was around 17backthen so

she had tolook up to look at me..I didn't say hi I just kept staring in her

beautiful eyes and she smiled a bit and blushed looking down..there is a cermony

I saw my uncle do with women when he is impressed by one..he just stays sielent

and takes the woman's hand and kiss it..and so Itook Emily's hand and I kissed

itso everyone around us started making applause and chaos making fun of us

which killed us both me and her we both are the shy type..anyway I then found

out that she does have a boyfriend(bad news) I started to act according

tothe fact that she's taken..but I knew for sure that she was still a virgin. so

I was not let down by the fact the she was dating someone I mean to some level

this means that she is not yet with the man of her dreams of we can put it this

way ..I attended the piano class everyday normally and treated her like a friend

along with the othergirls in the room..but still we talked what connected us was

the fact that she also has the Paintin/Drawing Hobby just like me..alot of

communication andyou know getting used to each other and things started to get

uncomfortable with her with her acting like an annoying brat..I'm into her and

she is treating me just like a friend or even maybe teasing me as she knows

that I care about her..the joking started to be unbearable and we lost respect

to each other just one month after the class day I had a fight with

her and I knew that I was the person she hated the most in her life and I

definitely lost her.waiting eagerly to just see her again she didn't come that

day and she was considered an absent member that day..God was I sad and I spend

that week always feeling like crying for no reason..every time something funny

happens I laugh but my laughter ends with the desire to cry.the next class I

went early..members started coming in the piano room every one comes in I wish

it was her and then AT LAST ..I heard her voice from outside the room laughing

and joking with another girl their voices got louder and louder as they are

approaching the piano room..and there she was the most charming she can be..I

felt the desire to scream crying from happiness but I kept it in.

well she came in and said hi to everyone except to me and then she sat down all

the way she was avoiding eye-contact with that momment I was sad that she

ignored me but I thought she has the right to I mean it can't go another

way..anyway she sat down and no one knows about our quarelsome aside from Sara

who was also upset with me..I waited few seconds and then I stood up and walked

to the piano board and made a piano down stroke of my male-buddies

"Larry"was talking to Emily and I made a down stroke every time he spoke..just

to shut him up..what I noticed and what shocked me REALLY was that she smiled

when I did that not looking at me but I could tell that she smiled for what I'm I left the piano bench and walked to stop in front of Larry who was

sitting by Emily..I asked larry to sit iin his place so he got out of the seat

and I sat instead of him and beside her there was a glass of water on the

table..I lifted it and offered it TO:Emily lol..without speaking she just noded

No and I returned the glass on the table..and god was I again rock hard just

from this (no sex things no graphic situation of any kind)..Emily was holding a

pen she was writing something..and I snatched the pen out of her she

looked her front in sielence almost smiling and then said "give it to me"(at

last she spoke to me I felt like I owned the world)..but I just ignored her..she

said again "give it to me" I stood up and offered it to her and when she

tried to take it I went abit back so she doesn't reach she stood up

smiling and said loudly "I NEED TO FINISH THIS NOTE GIVE ME THE PEN"..and I

raised my hand as high as it gets..I'm tall she's short so she tried to climb my

body to reach it..which is where our bodies came in touch she started laughing

and we continued wrestling for the pen..I could feel her body welcoming mine and

trying to get as close as possible and God was my erection stronger than it even

was as I felt her body pushing on my cock and trying to feel it..for some reason

or another I found myself grabing her face tight with my hand in between her

hair and her I snapped a strong kiss from her neck I smelled her hair

and she was still pushing on my cock with her body..finally she managed to take

the pen..(every one around us were obviously thinking how wierd what her and I

were acting)..anyway she took the pen and moved..I waited for her to get a bit

further and I ran fast toward her from behind..I grabbed her up and collected

her legs off the ground to lift know like how the groom lifts his bride

that kind of lift..and I was almost cumming that's it..she started laugh-

shouting put me down so I started running and left the room carrying her..I told

her "you turned me on I'm almost cumming"..she said "what" and I was like "just

as you heard" ..I ran and entered the guitar room which was tottally empty..I

put her down..and the strangest unexpected thing happened..she said wow looking

and put her hand on me at the sensetive part..she made a scanning move with the

palm of her hand..then she put her other hand..grabbed my bulge with her both

hands..tried to twist and did wierd things..her hands looked like baby-hands

holding me..I actually didn't bekieve what was happening or is this momment real

or whats going on exactly..she was acting crazy like she's wild and confident

still innocent at the same time..grabbing and twisting..she even looked different

........and then all of the sudden like crazy held my tracksuit along with

my underwear and tried to pull it down..and we both tottally lost it I grabbed

her skirt from behind lifted it up and slipped my hand into her pussy through

her undies she started panting we both were out of breath..during this wild

wrestling she managed to pull down my entire down-clothes..and held my cock in a

way that it hurt ..she started kissing biting biting just trying to put it in

her mouth as my moves to grab her pussy made it hard for her away from her

mouthbut she tried in a wild crazy way making some eager crying sound ..finally

she managed to take it in her mouth and then she started sucking trying to get

as much of it as possible into her mouth..and wow what a feeling that was it was

my first blowjob ever..the warmth of her mouth the innocence of her

moves..feeling her breath cooling the wet parts of my organ..I subconciously

held her head and tried to get it deeper into her mouth..she suddenly pulled out

when I did it looks like I penetrated deeper than she can take ..but she took it

back in her mouth and again not controlling myself I tried to deep throat her

hard ..two thrusts and sorry she g*gged ..I thought she's gonna stop, she took a

breath and put it back in her mouth..once she put it back I shot my load right

into her mouth..she invoulinteerily swallowed some and and started spitting out

some..I told her its my turn now I pulled her undies off and stuffed my face

into her pussy (my first pussy to ever do) what can I say about that touch

too bad I got used to it.. the first impression I had about how a pussy feels

like..the mixture of innocence on a sense of naughtyness with a welcoming touch

that you don't want it to stop(GOD I LOVE PUSSY)..that got me back hard even

though I just ejaculated..once she saw it getting back to hard sne tried to do

another I stoppped and said "EM" do you want to fuck and she said hell

yes fuck me fuck me (out of breath)..I didn't know how to even do that but I

managed to find her was soaking wet..I just did the slide move I saw

on porns and abit of my cock slipped in where she sharply pulled away making an

anxious scared(HAAAAAA) as if she wants to cry..I ignored that and made exactly

what I saw on some defloration porns and I managed to pop her cherry..the most

beautiful woman in the world to me I just popped her cherry in ..the woman I've

been dreaming about.. my favorite girl..what about her boyfriend I mean god is

it that easy?..inthe next months after that I really enjoyed making her rinse me

from fuck pleasure every now and then..god I loved her voice moaning and

screaming..and always invoulinteerily Frilling her sweet squirt on me lol not

every time we did it but very very often lol..she taught me a fact about myself

which is that I'm turned on by the female's vulnerablity around me..which is a

sex principle I still follow untill now.

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2 years ago
also the story is way abbreviated many thhings happened that lead to things..but thats simply the abstract.