Losing My Virginity

I was 15 years old when I lost my virginity.

I'd already been sucking dick long before that, but hadn't gone all the way yet.

The guy I lost my virginity to was 21 and had the biggest cock (at the time) I'd ever seen. It was long and thick, pulsating with desire, yearning to be inside of my juicy, hot cunt.

I sucked his cock first, making sure he was absolutely hard. While I sucked his dick, I fingered my pussy. I was so wet, my fingers and hand were soaked by the time I was ready for his dick inside of me.

I laid back on the floor, lifted my legs in the air and spread them wide so he had perfect access to my hairy pussy. He positioned himself and pushed in, sliding in easily, my tight, virgin cunt was so fucking wet and juicy and I wanted it so bad, it didn't even hurt.

He fucked me so hard and deep and go it felt fucking amazing. I unfortunately couldn't moan or anything, neither could he because I'd snuck him into my bedroom window and my parents were home. It was hard not to be able to express our pleasure as our bodies quivered with arousal.

The only sounds your could hear was his cock pounding my dripping wet cunt as I squirted my pussy juice all over the place.

Finally he finished, spilling his semen deep inside of me as I unleashed my own wave of liquid that gushed from my twat as I orgasmed, deep and pulsating.

After he left, I unfortunately never saw him again, and in the morning I was left with a sore pussy, but god I was so horny still afterwards. I laid in my bed all the next day and just fingered my pussy and squirted and squirted all over.
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2 months ago
Lucky dude
5 months ago
I love this story I wish I had been that person with you
7 months ago
10 months ago
Great !!!!!!!!
1 year ago
Love it
2 years ago
damn that was hot
2 years ago
hot sexy juicy great
2 years ago
I hate him. He should have attended to your sore pussy.

I know how hot some deflowering can be. I deflowered my girlfriend. We hadn't planned it like that but while we where kissing, licking and fingering she suddenly sat on me and lowered herself on my hard cock.

We hadn't thought about her virginity at all until the cum that leaked out of her pussy was a bit red from her blood. She hadn't felt anything but lust.
3 years ago
I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear a story about the first cock you sucked.
3 years ago
loved your story.
3 years ago
your making me too horny..
3 years ago
mm ur so naughty .. that story made me rock hard
3 years ago
it made me horny
3 years ago
Great story! Too bad you guys couldn't verbally express your pleasures during sex... Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for sharing it. You are so naughty.
3 years ago
nice story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
A hot story, I loved it