Sam and Jill pt 1

Sam and Jill pt 1

By Way2Bdg

Storycodes: bound; breathplay; plastic bag; toys; threesome; X

Sam’s intrigue

Once, eight month ago, Jill was naked and strapped all her limbs and torso to a gynecological chair. I was fucking her tight asshole in steady pace. My left hand was pumping her wet pussy with two feet long, black, ribbed, double-headed dildo, and my right hand was stimulating her clit with the humming pink egg vibrator pressed onto her clit. She was moaning in ecstasy.

Sam was standing behind Jill’s head holding a transparent latex sheet. A minute later Sam clasped it over Jill’s face and pulled it down it tightly. Jill shook her head and gaped her mouth trying to suck air but no avail. Only concaved circle of the latex sheet formed between her lips. Sam kept suffocating her, waiting for me to cum.

One and half minute later, I was about to cum. I quickly pulled my cock off her asshole and approached Jill’s face. Sam took the latex sheet off Jill’s face and slap it on her own shoulder. Sam peeled both Jill’s eyelids for me. I shoot her eyes with 25 cc of hot, thick, and sticky cums.

Immediately, Sam recovered Jill face with the transparent latex sheet and pulled it down tightly, while I bent the two feet dildo into U-shape and shoved them each head to her soaked pussy and asshole. I also stimulated her clit with the humming egg vibrator. Jill moaned, writhed, and gasped then she cum hard just before a minute was over. Sam took the latex sheet off Jill’s face and licked her cum smeared face clean.

Then Sam freed Jill from the chair and took her place, strapped to the gynecological chair, but with the headrest tilted down. Sam only wore a skimpy and shiny, bright red latex thong. Jill peeled and moved aside the part of the red latex thong, which covered her already wet crotch. Jill shoved the U-shape black ribbed dildo into her hot wet asshole and pussy, and then Jill recovered it with the thong. The egg vibrator was slipped under the red latex thong, positions it right on her clit, and tuned in on.

I stood behind Sam and positioned my limp cock just in front of her mouth. She grabbed and sucked it greedily. My wife watched us with envy, therefore Jill stimulated Sam’s crotch harder that made her moans and distracted from the sucking action. Watching Sam’s body language and her moaning, which she did it on purpose, enticing me, my cock regained its erection and soon choked her throat with the twelve-inch hot meat passed her pharynx.

Sam tried to twist and shake her head as the gagging reflex hit her and wanted to throw up. However, the chair held her firmly. “Stay!” Jill ordered. But of course, I will, I wouldn’t have a heart doing this to Jill, I think to my self. “John did that to me until I passed out. Sam wants it too, but John won’t do it to her.” Jill said. “Ohh .... did John videotape you like we do?” I asked. “Yes he did,” said Jill. Emm … My cock grew bigger, longer and harder. Imagining my wife being fucked like that.

Then the pulsed of Sam’s choked pharynx stimulated me more and increased my cock volume inside her. I started pushing my pelvis onto her chin. Sam felt as if a bed pole was shoved into her throat. However, I know she love it.

Later, Sam sensed I was about to cum, so she pace up her wriggling then we cum together. She didn’t have to swallow my cum as my cock invaded pass her pharynx. Then, I pulled my cock out slowly, to prolong her predicament. After all, Sam enjoys breathplay so much that a huge orgasm just before the u*********sness is her goal.

Therefore, I wrapped her face again with the transparent latex sheet and held it tight while we look at each other upside down until she passed out with a big orgasm as Jill kept stimulating her sex relentlessly.

Sam is obsessed with sex. She is John‘s wife and have been married for a year. They are also my only neighbor within a mile. Soon, Sam and Jill were secretly became part time lesbian as John and I were too busy supervising on building skysc****rs all day long. Then Sam had an idea for her to get to me; Jill and I were happily married for two year, when suddenly John fucked Jill’s asshole ‘accidentally’ nine month ago.

Once, Sam tied Jill with duct tape into a ball shape after stuffed Jill’s mouth with their smeared latex tongs and sealed it crisscrossed with silver duct tape. Then Sam put Jill into a black trash bag but her asshole was left open and butt plugged.

‘Fortunately’ for John, he arrived an hour early, he saw the butt plugged asshole, he fucked it and cum inside deliciously, assuming Sam was inside the bag. John ten-inch cock still inside Jill’s asshole, ready for another round, when Sam came down stair naked after a shower. “John, home early? Oh, you had your dinner already, how about dessert?” Sam exclaimed.

Now, Jill realized she been tricked; Sam call John to get home early. John was shocked for a while, however, he already done it. Nevertheless, he continued the second round by fucking Jill harder and treated her as if she was just a flesh with a hole inside a bag. Jill started liking the way John fucked her. Yes, that’s the right way to fuck me thought Jill.

An hour later, the three convinced me it really was an accident. I wasn’t convinced, but had to accept their excuse. Moreover, I knew the intricate threesome situation happened because of Sam’s intrigue to make her way to me.

I think, she had a crush on me, and wanted me to use her body in any way I like. Sam often enticed me in her shiny skimpy suit, seduced me to fuck her when Jill was not around, but I always turned her down.

Now, somehow, the situation was different, I accepted my lost willingly. After all, this matter would become an advantage for me. Therefore, after a short discussion, the two couples made a decision that night.

Twice a week, that is four days a week for the ladies, we lend our wife to assist and maximize the intercourse, in other word “threesome.” One rule only, pussy is off-limits. It went very well indeed.

However, that night, John still offered Sam’s asshole for me to fuck. He ordered Sam to get naked, which she complied instantly. Sam even bent over against my face as she didn’t wear a panty, then she spread her asscheeks by pulling them apart with both of her hand. Her asshole gaped open and she stepped backward trying to make contact with my lips. However, I turned down their offer.

Sam was so upset. So I said to her “Tomorrow Sam, only a day a way.” Sam was cheered up again. And from that moment, we all have a very wonderful threesome sex life but something still missing until a month later.

One month later after the first threesome, Jill went to Sam’s house. Sam asked Jill to accompany her to a dance party. ‘Fortunately’ for John, Sam and I were not at home. Sam came to my office in a shiny, skimpy, red latex dress. Later, I fucked her pussy after I duct taped her wrist, her elbows, her nostrils, her stuffed mouth and the entire face completely, whereas Sam didn’t ask me to.

At first, Sam gave me a blowjob until I cum. She did it by laying on the desk with her head dangling on its edge and I fucked her mouth hard and continuously without stopping, suffocating her, until I cum. When she was back on her feet, she took a roll of silver duct tape from her bag and handed over to me. Then she took off her warm, soaked, red latex panty, handed over to me, and opened her mouth.

Sam didn’t say a word. I spontaneously fed Sam with her own sticky red latex panty and sealed her gaped mouth with silver duct tape crisscrossed. Then I turned her around and wrapped both her arms behind her back as both her elbows touched one another. I turned her around again and started wounding the silver duct tape around her head, taping her hair and her face entirely, suffocating her.

Soon, Sam started shaking her head as her pussy leaked. Her juice drolled down her thighs. Sam went limped as I grabbed her, before she fell. My lips kept kissing her silver duct taped face while shoving my already erected again, 12-inch cock into her pussy. I began trusting my hip deliciously in steady pace while enjoying Sam’s ordeal. As I fucked Sam in standing position, it was her pussy instead her asshole.

Three minutes later we cum together and Sam passed out. Nevertheless, I continued my next round, vigorously fucking her limp body, until I cum two minutes later. Immediately, I cut the tape with blunt tip scissor, and given Sam a moth to mouth. Soon, se regained consciousness, I know her capability. “Gotcha! You fucked my pussy!” Sam exclaimed. Ooh … shit, she got me.

Meanwhile, at the John’s house, Jill made herself at home, waiting for Sam in the living room. Bored, she took off her over coat whereas she was completely naked under it, wearing only her 7-inch red high heel stiletto sandals. Jill decided to check Sam’s dresser when she saw two sets red latex clothing on the bed. Jill thought they were their outfit for the dance party, whereas, Sam intended them to enticed John, so he would fuck Jill for sure.

First, Jill put on a red latex thong with pussy opening only. Next, the skimpy red latex dress. It was so short, only an inch below her pussy. At the front, it shows most of her breasts and all her tummy. The backside shows everything including her asscheek. She already wore the red seven-inch high heel stiletto sandals. Jill was so sexy and tempting. John watched her inside the closet, masturbating.

I forgot to mention that Sam and Jill are young and very beautiful. We are all haven’t reach 25. The girls are quite identical in their body shape. They really supposed to be the 5’ 9” super models instead as housewives. It was all because their big breast of 37D they were rejected. Once they were offered to be nude model but they were not interested. Their obsession was sex, in any kind as long as they can handle and enjoy it.

They always wear very revealing and shiny clothing, enticing any male, surely they are interested to them. They never buy any ordinary under wear, but; latex bras, latex leotards, latex panties, and latex thongs with or without dildoes attachment. All latex stuffs and bondage gears are their shopping list. So far, John and I have no obligation, and we always able to keep up the pace with them, and our 6’ 5” figure and cocks fulfill their requirement. We always made love and had sex at least once everyday.

Sam and John are more aggressive than Jill and me. Sam always interested in my twelve-inch cock, two inch longer and a bit bigger than John’s. Meanwhile, John seeing Jill as Sam twin s****r and wanted to abused her as he like, which he doesn’t have a heart to do it to Sam. Therefore, whenever there is a chance they always make a move on Jill and me.

John was drinking cold beer waiting in the closet, when he saw Jill entered the bedroom naked, with red 7-inch high heel stiletto sandals. She is so lovely and inviting. His cock started to react. Then she dressed in the intoxicating red latex dress, and posturing like a playmate, so enticing. That triggered John into action.

Without saying a word, he grabber Jill f***efully and French kissed her, until both of them out of breath. Jill was shocked and resisted as John caressed her intimate parts roughly. Second later, her hand already cuffed behind her back. Then he cuffed her elbows and ankles with identical cuffs. He shoved the two-inch O-ring gag in her mouth. Jill was scared but also excited and vulnerable. Finally, she gave her self to him and would take what ever he throws at her. Actually, this is what Jill expects me to do to her.

John left her bound on the bed and soon returned from the kitchen with a bag full of cling wrap. Jill was shock knowing what will happen to her, but again her mind control eased her; just enjoy and endure your predicament and pleasure. Jill was cuffed as John started wrapping her arms, forming a tight arm binder that made her arms inline.

Then he wrapped Jill’s body over her bound arms, twice. The entire body from her stiletto to her hair was wrapped without any opening. Jill was run out of air by now and started twisting wriggling and gasping for air. Instead, John f***ed her to bow down into a crawling position, but with her arm wrapped behind her back. Then he rewrapped Jill into a ball shape but with her head faced forward.

Jill was u*********s when John finished his handiwork. So, John pierced a hole with a pen over Jill’s O-ring gagged mouth. Suddenly fresh air was suck into her gaped mouth and Jill regained consciousness. John picked her up and placed her on the desk. Then he noticed her pussy was soaked wet. Later, he saw stream of urine filled the wrapping and leaked on the desk. “Naughty girl pissing in my bedroom, you should be punish.” John said. He forgot completely that Jill is my wife.

So, John put Jill inside a big clear plastic bag and vacuum packed Jill’s already wrapped body for three minute while he masturbating in front of her face. It was useless as Jill closed her eyes all the time. John knew it, nevertheless, he kept doing it, to show her how frustrated he really is and wanted to own Jill as his sex slave. He still forgot completely that Jill is my wife.

Jill passed out. Immediately, John tore the plastic bag, shoved his ten inch cock all the way into the O-ring gagged mouth, and fucked it hard as if Jill was a plastic doll. One minute passed and John squirted his cum inside her throat and pull is cock out quickly. Jill somehow regains consciousness and cough spurting his cum on the carpet. “Bad girl now you spoil my carpet, you know, you should swallow it, not spit it. I’ll teach you a lesson for ruining my carpet.” John shouted. He still forgot completely that Jill is my wife, not his.

Then John duct taped her O-ring gagged mouth, suffocated her again, and rotated Jill until her ass facing him. He pierced a hole with a pen over her already wet pussy. He rammed his cock all the way, until his pelvis hit her butt and fucked Jill like crazy for two minute then he cum again inside her soaked pussy. He ‘unwrapped’ Jill, just then, he realized, he had ****d other man wife and could end up in jail. He was so sorry to Jill and will do any thing she wants. “Any thing just named it!” he said, crying.

Jill in the after glow of her big orgasm tried to speak to John, but her mouth was sealed with silver duct tape. Still suffocated, Jill twisted with her might to get his attentions, and immediately John ripped off the duct tape.

As John going to completely remove the bondage Jill shouted behind the gag, “Nooo ... ! Bring me like this to my house in a bag, place me on the table, and when Tim arrives, you ask his permissions to fuck me.” Jill murmured. “Are you sure that will work, Jill?” John asked doubtfully. “Trust me on this” Jill replied.

Actually, Jill enjoyed every moment of it. Jill said in her mind, Tim wouldn’t have a heart doing that to me. But I love it, I really love it. I want it more, and more. John really can handle my desire. I’ll make him do it to me again and again. It would be better if Tim watched me being **** by other man. I know that really turn him on.

John was walking here and there nervously until I arrived. I saw someone wrapped on the table. “Is that Sam?” I asked. “No, no, it is Jill … I … I want to fuck her but wait for your permission.” John answered groggily. “So, you just tied and fuck my wife instead, heh!” I lost my temper. “Sure I fuck her … I mean … no ... I just tied her to warm up, then fuck her … I ... mean …. wait for your permission.” John swallowed his saliva. “This is the second time you fuck my wife without my permission, I should put you behind bars!” I shouted. “No ... no ... no ... please don’t do that I will do anything … anything at all just named it …. please Tim, forgive me ...” John cried. “If I fuck Sam what will you do?” “Please ... do it anyway you like … without my permission … please don’t put me in jail ... please Tim help me … forgive me.” “Alright, you said so. I can fuck Sam as if she is my wife” I said.

John nods his head, and protest sound came out from the wrapping. “I won’t put you in jail but I am free to do anything to Sam. And now you fuck Jill the way you fuck her in your house, you hear me!” I shouted again. “Oh ... yes, yes … thank you Tim … you won’t put me in jail … and yes you can have her anyway, I mean anyway you wanted to Tim, please do. I trust you Tim. But only for you Tim not other man.” “You said any way I like.” “Yeah, but she is only for you. Please Tim.” “You can trust me John, don’t worry.” “Oh, thank you Tim … ”

“I ask you to fuck Jill hard because that is the way she wants, but I couldn’t do it to her. I’ll do it to other girl but to Jill I can’t. I love her so much. I can hurt her. However, she wants it. Badly.” I reasoned. “Oh, that exactly what happened to me, Tim. Sam craves that kind of sex as I do, but I can’t do it to her. I lover her so much. So, now I hand over Sam craving to you, Tim” “That’s fine with me, John.” “Me too, Tim” We shook hand and hugged again. “Now, do your stuff, Jill is leaking, need a plumber.” “On the double, Tim. Emm … so now I can fuck her pussy too, can I?” “Ssshhtt, just get done with it, will you” I murmured. “O … yes … yes I will, Tim.” “You can fuck Sam pussy too, Tim.” “Ssshht … will you shut up!”

“Well, well, well, leaking isn’t it. Naughty girl, you piss in my bedroom, you ruin my carpet. I’ll teach you a lesson ... you sweet thing.” John French kissed my wife in front of me. My cock stiffens, actually, as the first moment I entered the room, saw the wrapping and knowing that John had screwed my wife and that made my cock erected.

Then John started fuck my wife’s pussy after taped her mouth, suffocating her. She wriggled and moaned with delight as he fucked her hard for three minute. They both cum together as I did too, then she passed out. John removed the tape allowing her to breathe again. “That’s it for now Tim. I’m done.”

“Yeah, my turn now.” Said Sam. She came out from the kitchen. “I heard everything.” Sam was wearing red latex full body harness and red seven-inch stiletto sandals. She brought a bag full of cling wrap. Fuck! Sam got me again. “Go on Tim, fulfils your destiny, Jill and I would enjoy this very much.” John said. Sam dropped the bad and jumped to me clasping her legs on my waist and French kissed me passionately. “Mmmhhpp” Jill protested. “Relax Jill you had your round with my husband, now it’s my round with your husband.” “Mmmmhhhnppp” Jill more than protested, but we ignored her. It’s three to one vote, and tree wins.

Then Sam engulfed my limp cock smeared with cum. “Mmmhhnn … delicious … mmhhnn” Sam mumbling. Soon her mouth couln’t accommodated it. So I grabbed her arms, and clasped them with cuffs attached to the harness. They held her wrists and elbows inline side by side. Next, I bent her legs like a Buddhist monk meditating, but with her crisscrossed ankles pressed to her tummy. I latch all the hook attached to the harness that designed for this posture, and then the wrapping begun.

I started wrapping her knees toward her crotch repeated three times but left her crotch accessible. Then I rose Sam up to stand on her spread knees and leant her body to mine. I wrapped from her hip, over her bound arms up to her to her shoulder three times. I carried Sam to the dinning room and laid her on the table. I inserted ten interconnected, one and half inch, vibrated anal beads and turned them on. I also inserted a sanitized half-inch vibrated metal urethra dildo. I taped a sausage shape vibrator onto her clit and turned it on. A posture collar completed my creation. “Gorgeous!” I said. Sam said, “Come Tim honey take me, I can’t stand it anymore!”

Immediately, I slip my twelve-inch cock into her hot and wet pussy. “Ooohh … it fill me up … like just now …in the … offiiii … mmmnnhhppp” Sam can’t continued her mumbling as I cover her face wit a transparent latex sheet and pulled it tight with my both hand while I fucked her pussy deep and hard. Sam hadn’t a chance to take a deep breath, so she began twisting, wriggling and spasm. Nevertheless, I knew she love it very much or craved for it.

Three minute later we cum together then she passed out. Immediately, I replaced my cock with a black wriggling vibrator, and duct taped it so it stayed in her cum filled pussy. Then I repositioned the u*********s Sam, so that her head dangled from the dinning table. Then I shoved my still erect cock all the way that her chin hit my pelvis or my pelvis hit her chin, and fucked her for three minute. I cum again for the third time that evening, inside her mouth, and duct taped her mouth before it leaked out. Sam regained consciousness and cough, but she couldn’t.

Some of the cum leaked through her nostrils, so I duct taped her nostril, suffocating her again. Sam spasm and twisted her head and body hard. Nevertheless, I just look into her eyes, up side down, enjoying her ordeal, while I masturbated my semi limp cock for a minute, then I ripped off her duct taped mouth and shoved my fully erect cock all the way into her cum filled mouth, gagging and suffocating her again. I fucked her for another two minute and cum for the forth time deep passed her pharynx and pull my cock out very slowly to prolong her predicament. We both were satisfied, and I French-kissed her cum smeared lips until I ran out of breath.

Then I put her into the bag with her wrapped knees protruded out and handed it over to John. They went home, I freed Jill from the wrapping, and we shower together. We dress up and went down town for dinner with Sam and John, and planned for the next intercourse tomorrow night. Sam and Jill would handle on planning their sex programs for the rest of the year.

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