My wife My mummy continued!

We have since found a 'bull'
A 6 foot bi male. Blonde, not skinny, but you would describe him as athletic.
He has an 8 1/2 inch cock, with a good girth.
For 3 weeks of the month, he fucks my wife senseless, she says she can feel his huge cock pushing up into her womb.
For the other week of the month (we all know what I'm talking about!) He shags me senseless with lots of encouragement from my wife.
I'm always wearing platform jandals, or wedge heels, with my nappies and baby t-shirts, so my wife just removes my 2 pairs plastic pants and my 3 nappies, (1 baby nappy, a tape up adult nappy, and a pull up adult nappy) and I'm on the receiving end of his urges!
While he removes his pants, My wife removes my nappies, and removes the dummy out of my mouth, then f***es me to get down on my knees, saying that as a baby I should crawl more anyway! She then pulls on my leash, pulling me to his huge cock. He then grabs the back of my head forcing me to suck on his huge cock.

He praised that I have become quite a good cocksucker, and one day he will bring round his friends to show them what a good cocksucker I am, then he and my wife would let them all take turns at my bum, "wouldn't I just love that"?
Once he has got nice and hard, and I've sucked him for a while, sometimes he cums in my mouth first, then I must keep sucking till he's ready to go again.
My wife then pulls on my leash, making me stand up. While I'm on my knees sucking his cock, my wife lubes up my hole getting me ready for him, saying that I'm all lubed up, and nice and wet, ready for his huge cock to fuck me! She then places the dummy back in my mouth, I bend over the chair, he takes a hold of my hips, and shoves his cock up my arse.

When it's the other 3 weeks of the month, my wife makes me suck on his cock, (leaving my nappies on) then one of them will take my leash, and they will both lead me into the bedroom, where my wife will lay down on her back and spread her legs. I am then f***ed to take a hold of his huge cock and guide it into my wife.

They both say things like, "now thats what a real mans cock feels like", "How do I feel guiding a real cock up your wifes pussy"?
My wife makes comments like she won't let me fuck her, "because my cock has been in a wet nappy all day"!

As they fuck, and my wife is holding my leash, forcing me to watch, she says things like "Oooh I can feel your cock pushing up into my womb" He replies, yes my bitch, "I'm going to give you a real baby!"
Your husband will still only be able to drink from his baby bottle, because only real babies breastfeed!
A new baby in the house will remind him, he's not a real baby, and I remind him, he's not a real man! They both laughed!

As they were fucking, my wife said that he lasts longer and harder than I ever used to, when I used to have sex with her. She said she calls it sex, because it sure wasn't a good fucking!

He says he's about to cum in her, and squirt up her pussy. She moans, YES! Put a baby inside me, give me your baby seed, get me pregnant, make me your bitch!
They both look over at me and say, he must be upset! Look at how hard he's sucking on his dummy! They laughed!
He pushed up inside her, and gave a few jerks, that let me know the task was done. He stayed inside her, and said I'm sure thats gone up in your womb.
She told him that she had told her friends all about him, and that she would tell them all that it was her lovers baby.

100% (3/0)
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2 years ago
mmmmm a very strange one but everyone has differnt ways to get there rocks off 3.5/10