Job interview - Part 3

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Amy came back five minutes later, wearing something around her hips that Lily never saw before. “It’s a strap-on, do you like it? I hid it ‘cause I didn’t want the maid from my parents’ house to find it. I’m gonna fuck you so good with that, you’re gonna love it!” It only had the size of an average cock, but Lily couldn’t take her eyes off of it. She had always loved being penetrated, even more than oral sex, and she felt that after what Amy did to her, it might be too much pleasure for her.

“I don’t know if I can handle it, Amy. You… You fucked me so good already, I think it’s too much.
- I fucked you already? It was just very pleasurable foreplay. No, the real fuck starts now. Spread your legs Lily, I’m gonna send you to heaven!”

Lily didn’t even have the time to react that Amy was already spreading her legs herself. “Still completely drenched I see. Good, it’s gonna enter perfectly.” She put the tip of the dildo in the entrance of Lily’s vagina, and slowly slid it in. As she was being penetrated, Lily grabbed the sheets in her hands hard, anticipating the return of the wave of pleasure, her eyes stuck on the toy. When it was completely inside, without a warning, Amy started to move.

At first, she went slowly, but she quickly went harder, moving her hips like a dancer. Lily was screaming obscenities anew, not caring anymore about this being too much for her. “You’re gonna cum again already aren’t you?” Amy said while fucking her. “Do it! Cum again! Feel it with your whole body!” She grabbed Lily’s hips, and then used that grip to move as hard as she could, pounding her pussy like it has never been before, until she gave her an orgasm so good, she went mute for a few seconds, raising her hips in the pleasure. Amy kept fucking her hard until her hips finally went down and her voice came back.

Slowing down but not stopping, Amy took one hand off of Lily’s hips and put it on her pubes, using her thumb to tease her fat clit. But she couldn’t enjoy it for too long, as Lily put her hands on Amy’s ass like she was trying to make her move faster.

“Fuck me hard again…” She sounded like she was d***k from the pleasure. “Please, Amy… Fuck me hard…
- Okay, but you play with your clit for me.”

Lily did as she was asked to, keeping one hand on Amy’s ass. The redhead then grabbed her hips once again, and fucked her as hard as before. It didn’t take long until she reached another orgasm, but his time Amy didn’t slow down at all. The continuous flow of pleasure it gave Lily made her move her arms like a broken puppet, grabbing the sheets, then Amy’s ass, then the sheets again. When she finally got her control over her arms back, she took Amy in them and put her against her body for a passionate kiss, making her stop her movement.

When they stopped kissing, they stayed like that, forehead against forehead, looking at each other with lustful eyes. Lily was shaking as the last drops of pleasure were leaving her body. “I wanna fuck you from behind” Amy whispered before giving her another kiss.

Lily was in another world now. A world of bliss. The only sounds going out of her mouth were her moans and her head was completely empty, except for one thing: Amy. Her whole body was feeling her, and the slightest touch from her was enough to give her pleasure. Lily was in a complete abandon toward Amy, and nothing could have taken her away from the redhead right now.

Lily put herself on all fours, but this wasn’t exactly how Amy wanted it. So, after she put the dildo back in Lily’s pussy, she took her breasts in her hands and raised her higher body against her, getting her on her knees. She then began moving again, but this time slowly and gently. As she was moving, she played with Lily’s breasts and nipples, and licking and kissing her in the neck. Lily then started to play with her clit as hard as she could, expecting to cum again soon.

“Don’t do it that hard, Lily” Amy whispered in her ear. “Be gentle with it like I am with you. I want you to take your time cuming again.” Lily slowed down. “Doesn’t it feel better like that?” Lily nodded her head as an answer. “I knew it would. I’m fucking you hard from the start, but I can be very gentle too.” Amy bit her lobe, which made Lily scream a little. “Was it too much for you? Or do you want me to go hard on you again, like a wild a****l?” Lily’s breath was getting heavier, and her body began to shake. “I bet you want me to go hard again.” Lily nodded her head again. “But I just love teasing you, you’re so sweet.” Amy kissed Lily in the neck again, getting another scream from her. “If you can cum like that, with me being gentle to you, I’ll let you fuck as hard you want. But you have to cum quick, or I might change my mind.”

Lily wanted it hard. She wanted it harder than she ever had it, but Amy wouldn’t let her have it that way. She knew the orgasm was near, she was feeling it. But because of all the tease from Amy and her slow movements, it was taking a long time to come, and Lily could feel it grow harder inside her body. “Cum” Amy whispered in her ear, and it started to come closer. “Cum” she whispered again, and it came even closer. “Cum.” Lily started to moan louder. “Cum.” Lily’s heart was beating so fast, Amy could feel it. “Cum.” Lily’s moans were becoming little screams. “Cum.” The screams became louder. “Cum.” She was screaming the loudest she can. “Cum.” The orgasm was almost there. “Cum.” If only Amy moved harder… “Cum.” It was there, and yet she was not cuming. “Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum.” Finally. Finally, Lily climaxed in an earth shattering orgasm while Amy kept on whispering in her ear. The orgasm lasted for a very long time, taking its time to go through Lily’s body, giving her pleasure like never before.

Lily was panting. That last orgasm was the best Lily ever had. Even after Amy stopped fucking and teasing her, she was still feeling it in every cell of her body. She knew she couldn’t cum anymore, but she also knew Amy would find a way to make her cum again anyway. And the simple thought of that was keeping Lily excited.

“You loved that last one didn’t you? Well, as I promised you, I’ll let you do all the work this time.” As she said that, Amy lied down on her back next to Lily. “Come on me now, and fuck me.” Lily was unable to think. Her body was moving on its own, looking for sex and lust. She placed herself on top of Amy, putting the dildo inside her pussy while holding hands with Amy. And the she started to fuck.

She didn’t even try to move slowly. Right from the start, she moved her hips up and down as hard as she could, and with every movement she was screaming her pleasure. She quickly came, but that didn’t stop her. She kept on moving, once again feeling orgasm after orgasm, loosing herself in lust, until Amy stopped her.

“Back and forth.” They were both panting now. “I want you to move back and forth as hard as you can.”

Moving like that appeared to be even better for Lily, as the dildo was hitting on her g-spot every time she was moving. But Amy didn’t ask her to do that for that reason. When Lily was moving like that, Amy was able to feel the vibrations she caused through her clit. Fucking Lily made her aroused, and she needed to cum as well.

It didn’t take long before Lily came again, and so did Amy. And once again, Lily didn’t slow down, enjoying the moment as much as possible. Amy’s clit was more sensitive than ever, and she was asking Lily to stop. But it was useless. Very soon, she felt another orgasm going through her body, making her clit even more sensitive. Lily was cuming non-stop, unleashing her hips in an unstoppable lusty dance, making Amy feel a pleasure she never felt before. At some point, both girls were lost in a never ending orgasm together. Feeling as one.

Finally, Lily’s hips stopped moving and she fell on Amy, the dildo popping out of her vagina by itself. They were too exhausted to even kiss so they stayed there, lying together, cuddling like a cute little couple. Amy was caressing Lily’s hair when she remembered why Lily was here. “Lily.” she whispered, and the blonde girl opened her eyes to look at her. “You start tomorrow.” She smiled, and then kissed her one last time before they both fell asl**p. Tomorrow, Lily would start to work as a maid for Amy, and they both hoped it would last very long.

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