ENSLAVED (chapter 5)

A few hours have past since Mistress Jasmine and her assistant have giving me denial torture. My cock is still throbbing in my cock cage and I’m trying to keep the butt plug in my ass which is not an easy task. My body and bed are still wet from when Mistresses assistant squirted her pussy juice all over me. As the time goes by I am starting to look forward to there visits to my room. I know it sounds weird that I am being held captive, but I can’t get enough of what they are doing to me. I lie in my bed and just thinking about what they are going to do to me next!

The moment I was waiting for finally arrived. Mistress Jasmine was the first to enter my room. I could tell by her foot steps closely followed by her assistant. A few seconds behind a heard another pair of feet walking on the floor but they made a different sound. They were not clicking on the floor like heels but more like heavy feet on the tiles.
I thought to myself who could this be I have never heard them before. I heard Mistress Jasmine say “So what do you think about this one?” A mans deep voice responded “ He is perfect very handsome and has a great body” I didn’t now if I should be flattered or try to break out of my restraints and run as fast as I could. “How long have you had him for?” The man asked. Mistress replied “Just a few days now and he has been responding very well”. “We should have him ready in a few days” HOLY SHIT! What the hell are these people going to do to me I thought. I was getting scarred now and realty was kicking in. The man asked Mistress if she taught me how to suck a cock. She replied “No not yet but that will be today’s lesson, you are more then welcome to stick around and watch”

Mistress Jasmine walked over too my bed and I felt a hand slide under my ass and touch the butt plug that I had deep inside of me. “GOOD SLAVE you have kept it in all day” The next thing I felt was something on my lips. Mistress ORDERED me to open my mouth. She said “I want you to learn how to suck my strapon cock!” With out refusing I did what she wanted me to do, I opened my mouth and she slowly entered my mouth with her cock. Take your tongue and put it over the bottom of your teeth so you don’t scrap my cock” she ordered. I did what she told me to do and it was working, I was not scrapping it. Mistress jasmines assistant said “MMMMM what a good cock sucker he is becoming” She worked my mouth with her cock in and out slowly at fist. She went deeper and deeper to test how much of the cock I could take. I began to gag when it hit the back of my throat. She pulled it back out a little and told me to relax my throat and breathe through my nose. I did what I was told as she tried again to put it deeper in my throat. This time I was able to take it all the way in. “GOOD SLAVE” she uttered. I sucked on her cock for awhile sometimes just the head and other times she would put it deep inside my throat. Mistress Jasmine asked her assistant if she was ready. She replied to her “Yes let’s do this” Next thing I felt was my butt plug being removed from my asshole. She squirted a cold liquid on to my hole and I felt something bigger slowly trying to work its way in. She was also wearing a strapon and I could feel her hands on my hips as she was working it in. I was so turned on by sucking Mistresses cock and her assistant fucking my ass with her strapon that I was dripping precum again, But it didn’t go unnoticed. Mistresses’ assistant said “OHHHHH look he likes this and is dripping again.” Mistress Jasmine told her to scoop some up on her fingers and rub it on her cock so I could taste the cum while I’m sucking her cock. She had a big load on her fingers and put it on Mistresses cock then gave me a smack in my face and told me to suck the cock. I did what I was told taking the cock in my mouth tasting my own cum on Mistresses cock while her assistant was working my ass deeper and deeper. The cock in my ass was painful at first as it worked its way in slowly till it past the point where it just went fully inside of me. Now it was just pure pleasure as it was deep inside me and I was sucking on Mistresses cock. I was so turned on now by what they were doing to me. Mistress jasmine fucked my mouth calling me a sweet cock whore while her assistant fucked my ass. I was so in the zone that I would do anything right now and they new it. Mistress Jasmine pulled her cock out of my mouth and then I felt something different entering my mouth. It was warm and it had precum on it, but it didn’t taste like my cum. It was softer then the strapon and I could feel it pulsing. Mistress jasmine said “This is a real cock in your mouth YOU BETTER NOT BITE OR SC**** IT WITH YOUR TEETH! Or you will be beaten like you never were beaten before”. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SLAVE?” I nodded my head with the cock in my mouth yes. “NOW SUCK THAT COCK AND MAKE ME PROUD SHE ORDERED!” I used my tongue to run it around the rim of his cock like Mistress had showed me. I licked the dripping precum of his cock and took it into my mouth to taste. He began to push his cock deeper into my mouth and I took it all in till it was fully down my throat. I felt two hands firmly placed on my head pushing me closer to the cock till his balls were at my lips. His pace began to increase as he was now fucking my face and Mistresses assistant was matching his rhythm with her cock in my ass. All I could here was Mistress telling me to “Suck that cock SLAVE”. “Swallow all his cum like a good SLAVE.” I could feel his cock in my mouth getting ready to explode. A few more pumps and he began to shoot his hot cum down my throat in big spurts. He was moaning so loud with pleasure as he was Cumming, yelling at me to suck his big cock and take all his cum down my throat. I took it all every last drop until there was no more to give me. His cock stopped twitching in my mouth and I new he was done. He slowly took it out of my mouth and told me what a great blow job I just giving him. Mistress Jasmine was proud of my job and said I would be rewarded later. She told her assistant to remove her cock from my ass and put the butt plug back in. Her Assistant did what she was told as she removed her big cock and put the smaller butt plug back in but not before giving me two hard spanks on my ass and telling me what a good SLAVE I was. The three of them left the room and I was just by myself in my bed in my restraints with my butt plug in, cock cage on and the taste of cum in my mouth. I couldn’t help but wonder what they had in store for me next!

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