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The landscaping job

Being 36 years of age, I feel sometimes I’ve passed the age where I can attract women and drive them wild like I used to. Stories like this just prove me wrong.
I’ve been down in my luck with the way the economy is so I’m doing random jobs where I can for what pay I can. Some really close friends of the f****y try to do what they can for me, and 2 days I got a call.
“Hey man I’ve got to go out of town for a job and I REALLY need my grass cut. I talked to the wife and she suggested letting you cut it for some money. Are you interested?” I agreed and he told me to come by the next day and cut it and settle the pay with his wife.
Now, I’m not going to lie, the wife is an older lady, probably right at the tip of 50, but she’s always been attractive, and raised two daughters that have become smacking gorgeous! Lately she’s got on an exercise routine and she’s getting in to great shape and has lost some weight and firmed up a lot, making herself even hotter, so I was kind of excited just to see her again.
I got there, and she was wearing a thin gray shirt that showed her sports bra through the material, and some very tight jogging pants that showed off her legs. It’s a good thing I had my sunglasses on, because I was checking her out hard, and I almost forgot what I was there for. I caught her just getting in to her workout, and her nipples were just poking through the material…man she looked hot! She told me where the gas can was, and told me she was going to do her workout then take a shower, and just to let me know when I was finished and we’d settle up. Jokingly I told her to have fun in the shower, which I typically tell everyone that. She looked at me with a smirk and I got a little nervous and turned away. I got my mower out of the back of my truck and started cutting the grass, very distracted with what I saw, and letting my mind wander.
The distractions helped, it seemed like no time and I was finished. So I cleaned up, put the gas can away and put the lawnmower back in the truck and knocked on the door. I heard a faint ‘come in’, so I entered the house. “You can come back here and talk to me; I didn’t expect you to be finished so quick!” I replied that I didn’t either but it went easy, and followed the sound of her voice upstairs, and found her in her bedroom. I knocked and she told me I could come in that she was still decent.
So I walked in and she was bent over her bed, still in the same workout outfit…again, seeing her ass in those tight clothes rendered me speechless. Unfortunately for me I had taken my sunglasses off, so when she stood up and turned around she saw me staring. She smiled and asked how much I owed her. We haggled over prices and she wrote me a check, and then remarked at me being sweaty and I should take a shower. I told her I would when I got home and she said “you can take a shower now if you want”, and she took her shirt off, still having the sport bra on. “You can even join me. I’ll wash your back if you wash mine…” she said with a smile…
She walked toward me, grabbed my hand and turned me around and walked me in to her bathroom. I had never known she had any attraction to me, I figured I was way out of her league or that she just wasn’t that type of woman…
Once into the bathroom, she walked in to me and kissed me, her hands roaming down to my belt buckle, and instantly I became hard. To feel her kiss, to feel her almost bare body against mine, and where her hands were roaming was almost too much! I got excited and put my hands on her back and ran my hands up and down her back and then to her ass, amazingly tight for a woman of 50…
She broke the embrace and slid her pants down and took her sport bra off, then turned around and bent over to turn the water on in the shower. As she did so, she turned and smiled, and said “I hope you enjoy the view, I know I am.” I didn’t realize she had unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants, as well as pulled my hard cock out. She was really good with her hands, and with distractions!
I walked toward her as she was bent over and put my hands on her back and moved my cock between her legs, and stood there for a moment pressed to my body. She reached between her legs and stroked my cock a few times, and then let me go, turned and pulled me in to the shower with her. She put me directly in the water, facing the front, the water pouring down my chest, and she reached around me from behind and stroked my cock. Her hands felt great! I felt like I could have exploded right there. I finally turned around, kissed her again, and started rubbing her body, and she moaned at my touch.
She reached over to the wall and grabbed the soap and a sponge, and started soaping my shoulders and arms, then my chest, and she started kneeling down as she soaped down my body. As she was soaping my stomach, she took my cock in her mouth and I went weak in the knees. I grabbed on to the shelf on the wall so I didn’t collapse. She sucked me long and hard, and it was so intense. “Would you believe I haven’t done this in over 20 years?” I was amazed and said “well, you’re doing great!” not really knowing what else to say…she soaped my legs, my back and my ass all while sucking me, and then she came up, pressed her body against me and kissed me hard. While kissing me she rubbed up and down on my body, getting her equally soapy. Then she turned me around and I rinsed off as she washed my upper back. I turned back around, and she handed me the soap and sponge and told me it was my turn.
I started soaping her shoulders and arms, and took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it and she moaned. I moved the sponge around across her stomach and chest, between her beautiful breasts, and then down her stomach and between her legs, rubbing the sponge up and down across her lips, around her clit area and back and forth. Now it was her turn to get a bit weak in the knees and she started getting louder. She was almost the point of letting out a yell and she breathed hard and said “oh, I’m going to cum…” and I felt the rush of her juices flow out on my hand and wrist…and her body started shuddering. She held on to me and kissed me again as she came. Finally she turned me and her around to where she was in the water and she rinsed off, and then moved back out of the water and told me to do her back. I was only too eager to oblige.
She turned around and I started soaping her upper back and shoulders and she bent forward, my cock just inches from her ass. With one soapy hand I stroked my cock a few times to get it soaped up, and I put my cock between her ass cheeks and started moving up and down, while rubbing her back with the sponge and my hand…we were both really getting in to it, both getting really excited. In one quick moment, she moved forward and when she did my cock went straight out and she pushed back with lightning speed and my cock was inside her pussy and we both moaned in ecstasy. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting back and forth, in and out…she matched my rhythm and started pushing harder and harder. We kept going at each other, feeling the urge coming, feeling the intensity rising…finally, she came, and hard. I felt her pussy gushing all over my hard cock, and it drove me to wanting to cum as well…finally as I started building, I gripped harder and told her I was going to cum, and she surprised me by sliding off my cock, turning around and took me in to her mouth and sucking me hard. I finally started to cum and I lost all control. I grabbed her head and f***ed her on to my cock and held her there as I shot my load in her mouth, and then started pushing her head back and forth as I continued to cum.
I turned sideways and leaned against the wall and put my feet against the opposite side of the tub so I wouldn’t collapse as she continued to suck me dry… she moved down to one end of the tub and I slid down the wall in to the other, and we sat there, like two little k**s in the tub, smiling at each other, both pretty well spent. When we got a little energy back, we finished showering and got out, dried off, and got dressed. She gave me the check and kissed me one last time and thanked me for the hard work. Then she said ‘maybe next time I’ll let you work on the back…” and left it at that. I guess I’ll have to go back to find out if she was talking about the yard, or something else!

Posted by Wargods 2 years ago
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