Birthday Surprise

After a long day and the k**s have gone to bed, he sits at his desk looking up a few things online. From the bedroom, he hears a soft voice saying “hey birthday boy, come here.” He gets up and walks to the bedroom to find his lover laying on the bed in a black leather skirt and fishnet pantyhose. She slides toward the end of the bed and says “time for your birthday present, lover.”
He feels himself getting hard just looking at her as she gets up off the bed, pulls him close and gives him a long hard kiss. Meanwhile she’s rubbing his crotch through his shorts. She pulls away from the kiss and focuses on unzipping his shorts. She slowly reaches in and pulls his hardening cock out and strokes it gently while looking at him with a smile. He has a surprise for her as well. She’d wondered why he had given her a key earlier in the evening, now she knows why.
He helps her to finish unfastening his shorts and she lets them slide to the floor, and then she guides him to lay down on the bed. She slowly crawls up the bed on top of him and kisses him again while putting her hands on his shoulders as if pinning him down. When she breaks the kiss she looks at him for a moment and then slides to position one nipple over his mouth. He starts to move his hands toward her awaiting breasts and she grabs his hands and she says “no, with your mouth”. Then she moves his arms to above his head and lowers her nipple to his mouth. He starts working the nipple with his tongue, then pulls as much of her breast in to her mouth as he can. Meanwhile the sound of clinking metal can be heard as she pulls a set of black handcuffs from the headboard and cuffs his hands together, and then clips them in to the bracket at the head of the bed. “You will do as I say tonight.”
Slowly, she slides up to sit on his chest, and she pulls up the leather skirt to reveal the lovely thigh high fishnets she’s wearing and her wet pussy and she starts to rub it while he watches, helplessly. Just inches away from his mouth, she rubs her clit, up and down, around the tip of the clit and then slowly slides a finger in between her meaty lips once, twice, then all the way in on the third. She pulls her finger out and runs it across his lips and then in to his mouth, and he eagerly sucks on her finger. Then with little effort she moves closer to his mouth, directly over him, and as she grips the headboard, she tell him to lick her slowly. He goes to work, licking up and down her lips, flicking his tongue across her clit, and then poking it with his tongue like a small had cock. She moans at the feel of the pleasure.
She starts to slide back and forth on his tongue and mouth, wanting to feel his tongue inside her. Slowly she starts, then moving a bit faster she presses down harder on his face to get more thrust. She felt she was about to orgasm and she pressed even harder and rode him for a few more moments. Then she stopped, pulled back, and reached in the cabinet for a flesh colored soft dildo. She teased his mouth with it for a minute, then reversed it and put the back end In to his mouth and told him to hold it tightly. She slowly lowered herself down on the fake cock and once again started a rhythm while riding his face. Slowly at first, then speeding up and rocking back and forth, up and down. Faster and harder she went until she couldn’t stand much more. She paused just long enough to turn around, her ass facing his head, her face close to his cock. She slid back down on the cock in his mouth, and she started rubbing his own cock with her hands and teasing it with her mouth, stroking, licking, sucking, making sure he was good and hard for what she wanted to do to him, all the while bobbing up and down on his face and the dildo protruding from his mouth. Finally, she could stand it no more. She wanted HIS cock in her, and she wanted it now. She pulled her wet pussy off the fake cock and turned around once again, pulled the dildo out of his mouth and slowly started teasing herself down on to his throbbing wet cock, and once again demanded him to suck her nipples. Between the two actions, her writhing around on his hard prick and his tongue working on her nipples, she was already ready to climax so it wouldn’t take much more. She worked herself in to a hard rhythm sliding up and down on him, determined to work him until he came hard inside her. She could feel him building, feel his body tensing. Meanwhile she was tensing as well, the orgasm building inside her. He let out a muffled groan and tensed and arched. She tightened up and her body locked as they came to climax together. His hot load shooting in to her body, her releasing her fluids all over his cock, and she collapsed on his chest. Together they lay there for long moments, she finally looked up at him and kissed him once more…”happy birthday lover. I hope you enjoyed your present!”

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