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[Story] The dream

I just finished my shower and stepped in to my bedroom wearing nothing but my boxers. I felt something behind me and turned to find a red headed goddess walking in to my bedroom. I’d never seen this beauty before and had no idea who she was, but she slowly walked toward me, wearing this black silky long dress, her nipples visibly poking through the fabric. Even though confused at who this was and what was happening, my male responses kicked in and I immediately started getting hard. She noticed the rising bulge in my boxers as she got so close to me that the front of her body was touching mine... Continue»
Posted by Wargods 2 years ago

The landscaping job

Being 36 years of age, I feel sometimes I’ve passed the age where I can attract women and drive them wild like I used to. Stories like this just prove me wrong.
I’ve been down in my luck with the way the economy is so I’m doing random jobs where I can for what pay I can. Some really close friends of the f****y try to do what they can for me, and 2 days I got a call.
“Hey man I’ve got to go out of town for a job and I REALLY need my grass cut. I talked to the wife and she suggested letting you cut it for some money. Are you interested?” I agreed and he told me to come by the next day and cut... Continue»
Posted by Wargods 2 years ago

[Story] Birthday Surprise

After a long day and the k**s have gone to bed, he sits at his desk looking up a few things online. From the bedroom, he hears a soft voice saying “hey birthday boy, come here.” He gets up and walks to the bedroom to find his lover laying on the bed in a black leather skirt and fishnet pantyhose. She slides toward the end of the bed and says “time for your birthday present, lover.”
He feels himself getting hard just looking at her as she gets up off the bed, pulls him close and gives him a long hard kiss. Meanwhile she’s rubbing his crotch through his shorts. She pulls away from the kiss ... Continue»
Posted by Wargods 2 years ago