Taking Advantage of My Mom 'The d***k MILF�

My Mom the Milf

I was always curious about sex with my mom. She was d***k a lot and it was easy to look. I'd look at her shapely breasts and shaven pussy and jerk off while she was passed out nude on her bed. I was eighteen and had sex with girlfriends but sex with mom was burning me up. I got home early on a Friday night since she'd come in loaded around ten o'clock and get naked a pass out. I heard her walking up the stairs to her bedroom and popped out to ask if she needed anything. She was wearing a business suit with pinstripes. Skirt, jacket, you know they type. She had large round breasts and full nipples. Long platinum blonde hair. Pretty round face, deep blue eyes and pink lips. She wasn't overweight but could lose ten pounds and be anyone's dream girl. She staggered and my six-foot frame caught her. "Thanks," she said, slurring her words. She was loaded but not pass-out d***k. My heart sank. She might be awake too easy for me to lust on her body and jerk my six inches. I wasn't well-endowed. Three thick though. Girls didn't complain. I sat her on the bed and she fell back. She asked me, "Honey, be a doll and take my clothes off. I'm tired." She giggled. I slipped her skirt off and her jacket. Pulled her nylons down, put them away then undid her light green blouse revealing her red bra and panties. She really didn't know what was going on but said, "Please, do it all, hun." "Okay." I slid her panties down softly then undid the bra straps and pulled her bra off. She laid there awake. Usually she passed out and I covered her up. She didn't. "Mark, are you gonna fuck me?" she said, giggling. Mark was her ex-boyfriend. I didn't know what to say and she asked again. I said, "Yes, Terri, I'm gonna fuck you sweet and soft." "Fuck me special," she said. She always said that. I slipped my clothes off my average body and moved her to the middle of the bed. She just let me do it. He could fuck her. I used to listen to them fuck like rabbits. I move between her legs and my mouth came face-to-face with her shaven pussy. She was a little wet. The musky smell was intoxicating. Her scent filled the room and my mind. I licked her lips and thumbed her clit. She moaned loudly and it turned me on. I licked her clit roughly and had three fingers deep inside playing with the folds in her. She moved her hips up and grabbed my hair pushing me into her pussy. "Oh, fuckkkkk!" she yelled. "Fuckkk! Yeah, baby, don't fucking stop. Don't you dare fucking stop. Oh, fuck!" I bit her clit some, she tensed and moaned to almost saying nothing. She just hung there for a moment as I felt deep spasms inside her on my fingers. She caught her breath moved across the bed. Panting and bending her legs. "Mark, I hadn't had a good orgasm like that since you went on that trip. Let me rest and I'll blow you." My dick was rock hard. Bigger than normal it seemed. She recovered and took it all in and sucked on it fast then slow knowing how to stop me from blowing my load. I didn't know if she swallowed or not. "Gotta cum, baby?" she said, licking my dick. "Yes, Terri, make me cum," I answered, enjoying it. My head was back in the pillow. My legs were spread but tense. She sucked it wildly. Moaning and making smacking noises. I grabbed her head and made her deep it. She hungrily did as my hands wanted. "Shit, I'm gonna cum," I said and held my cock deep in her throat. My head went back, my mouth opened, I jammed my hips to her and groaned loudly and shot five to six spurts down her throat. She came up, showed me my wad, then swallowed it and laid on my chest. She stroked my cock and said, "Five minutes, right?" "Yeah, baby." I recovered and was rock hard. She put her fuck pillow under her ass and said, "pile-drive me, baby." I got a good long, deep stroke going and she moaned and moved her head side-to-side and came several times. "God, you fuck like a stallion," she said. I was u*********sly going almost all the way out then slamming back in. Every time I did she moaned. Finally, she begged, "Baby, you gotta cum. I can't handle any more. Fuck!" I did her another five minutes anyway and said, "Ready for my hot cum, baby?" "Yeah...please...do it. Oh, fuck!" "I started cumming on a down stroke and fell on her. My head was between her large thirty-four double D boobs. "Fuck. Oh, God, that pussy is sooo fucking good, mom." Didn't realize I said, "Mom." I laid there and we kissed deeply as my cock went soft in her satin pussy and my cum leaked out onto the sheets. I never thought I’d get to cum inside her. I licked her nipples and kneaded her breasts. "Why did you call me mom? Some game? Roleplay?" "No," I said, looking into her eyes. "It's me, mom. It's Alex." "What? C'mon." "No, it's me." She focused on my eyes and said, "Damn, it's you." She sobbed. I told her, "No, mom, that was the best lovemaking I've ever had. Really. I love you." She had passed out. I feel asl**p with her. Next morning I woke first then she did. "Alex? What the fuck you doing in her naked?" she said, sitting up letting those lovely boobs fall free. "Umm, mom, you thought I was Mark and we..uh..had sex last night." "Oh, shit." "No, mom, that was the best lovemaking I've ever had. Really. I love you." She put her head in her hands. "I'm sorry I'm a d***k. Really I am." "Mom, I know." "No, I am. It's my fault. It was a good dream. Great actually." "Yeah, you were fantastic." "Well, I guess we need to think about this." I nodded and kneaded her boobs and kissed her. She protested little and said, "No, no, no." My hand on her pussy melted any resistance and I climbed on and we fucked all morning. We both were spent. It was just sex. She got help with alcohol. She was open about nudity and didn't mind if I jerked off to her. I went to college that fall and came home that Christmas. I opened her like a present and we had two weeks of nothing but hot, raw sex. She got married again that next summer. He was only twenty-six and she was forty-seven. I watched one last time and jerked off. Videotape. It was the last call.
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awesome & great while it lasted
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short but sweet
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bravo excelent
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Great story,dam she went and found a young stud,,