Laurie and me - part 1

I was an early reader, and devoured all sort of reading material without much regard to what it was -- my mother's women's magazines, cereal packages, and of course comic books. One day in 1952 when I was very young, I was walking down the street the evening before trash collection in our neighborhood in Los Angeles and spotted a pile of discarded magazines sitting on the ground next to a garbage can.

Most of them were sports and automobile magazines, so you can imagine my surprise when midway through the stack I found a couple of "sunbathing" magazines with photos of naked men and women throughout. This was something I'd never seen before. They were published by a "naturist" society, it said on the contents page. I felt embarrassed to look at them out there on the sidewalk, especially because I feared their owner might notice and come out and confront me. But of course I had to see more! So I quickly picked them up, rolled them together tightly, and then tucked them into an inner pocket of the jacket I was wearing. That didn't get them enough out of sight, though, so after walking a little more I found a secluded spot alongside a garage and secured them tightly along the front of my waist under my belt.

Fortunately my parents were watching television and didn't pay any attention to me coming in, so I was able to smuggle them into my bedroom. There was a bathroom next to my bedroom that had entrances from the bedroom and from the hallway. I went in there, locked both doors, and sat down on the closed toilet seat. Looking furtively through the magazines, I saw my first pictures of naked men and women. Most of it wasn't very appealing because many of the women were fat and I really didn't care to see grown men's penises. But then I turned a page and there was a nearly full-page photo that completely blew me away. It was of a skinny and barely pubescent girl sitting upright with her legs on a beach towel, smiling broadly. She was posed carefully so that I couldn't see her pussy -- not that I knew much about them, and in the photos of the older women there was just an indistinct hairy place down there -- but her tiny breasts were clearly visible, sweet small things with big dark-tipped nipples, lovely to me for reasons I couldn't begin to articulate.

I got instantly aroused and my young cock sprung to attention. A strong flushed sensation that I didn't recall ever having before overcame me. Reflexively, I pulled down my pants and began touching my penis gently. Although erections were not new to me, this sensitivity was something I hadn't experienced before. I began stroking myself while staring at the girl's photo, and the sensation grew stronger and stronger. Suddenly and scarily, I gasped sharply and shot gobs of white fluid all over the bathroom floor. I had masturbated for the first time in my life! It was both wonderful and frightening. In the distance I could hear the television blaring away and was glad that my parents hadn't noticed. I used a lot of toilet paper and cleaned up the floor.

There was nothing else like this young beauty elsewhere in the magazines, so I carefully tore her picture out, hid it in my bedroom, and smuggled the magazines back out of my parents' house and into a trash can a couple blocks away. Having unlocked the genie of masturbation, for months afterwards I would summon up her image in my mind and jack myself off while showering every morning. And in the evening, with my bedroom door closed and an ear out for my parents, I would get out the picture and jerk off again. I can still remember what that photo look liked these many decades since.

I was a pretty shy teenager and young man, and other than one sexual encounter when I was fifteen -- when I was seduced by a very determined "older woman" of maybe nineteen -- masturbation was my entire sex life. Because (apparently uncharacteristically) I never talked about sex with any of my peers, on my own I invented a wide variety of ways to go about it and I did it a lot -- seeming to have an inexhaustible ability to get rock hard and shoot copious gobs of spunk. I was able to obtain other magazines with photos of beautiful naked women (shoplifting them from newsstands, and amazingly never getting caught), but this was still in the days when showing pubic hair, let alone actual pussies, was not allowed, so I had no knowledge of female anatomy. I did know from high school biology's puritanical sex education class how babies were made but absolutely no idea of what a "vagina" looked like and how one approached it with one's penis. Through it all, my most compelling image of female beauty was still that young woman in the naturist magazine. Although I found the photos of women with big tits interesting, her small barely grown ones with their big dark nipples continued to provide the main inspiration for my many masturbation sessions.

I didn't date in high school, partly because I didn't have a car -- which made such simple things as going to a movie problematic. But once I began attending the university I started meeting interesting, attractive women in my classes and found it easy to strike up friendships with them. The best ones were with women in my English literature classes, where we shared a mutual interest in various authors and books. Because by then I had a car -- and began taking women to movies, folk music clubs, and author readings.

Thus it was that I met Laurie in my 18th century English lit class in my second year. She was a beautiful blonde with long straight hair that hung down to her shoulders in a most becoming way. We'd spotted each other on the first day of class, and there seemed to be an immediate chemistry between us. (It apparently was true what some of the women I'd dated said, that I was "cute" and "approachable.") She sat down next to me in the lecture hall and crossed her lovely slender legs. "I see Gulliver's Travels is on our reading list," she started off her conversation with, as though we'd known each other for years. "You've read it, of course?" I nodded in the affirmative, and she continued. "Don't you just love Swift? Such good hidden social commentary in that book!" Staring into her deep blue eyes that were looking right at me, I enthusiastically agreed. Meanwhile I couldn't help but notice from the corner of my eyes that her short skirt (pre-mini but short nonetheless) had ridden up on her shapely left thigh. I did my best not to make my noticing evident.

When the class ended, we walked out together. It was then that I discovered she was very tall -- nearly six feet -- so that we stood almost head to head (I was six three). The slenderness of her legs was matched by the rest of her body: a small shapely ass, flat waist, and nice-sized bra-encased tits that showed themselves smartly as they poked out the front of her tight sweater. We both had other classes to go then, but the ice having been broken we sat together in that literature class each time it met. And before long, we'd also arrange to meet in the student union cafeteria. We talked a lot, but it was all about common interests, and I hadn't worked up the courage to ask her out yet.

One day after class Laurie said, "I have a big favor to ask. My car broke down on the way to school today and it's going to be in the shop for a while. Do you have a car?" I nodded yes. "I don't want to impose, but is there any way you could give me a ride home?"

Of course! We arranged to meet after our classes were over for the day, and walked together to my car. When she got into the front seat of my 1955 Buick, she crossed those lovely legs again as we talked small talk and drove away. In the bright L.A. sunlight I could see short, downy blonde hair lying flat all up and down her legs, thicker on her thighs than her calves. This was such a turn-on that I had to look away and concentrate on making my way through traffic.

She invited me in when we got to where she lived, which turned out to be a tiny basement apartment of a house near Hollywood Boulevard. It was sparsely but attractively furnished, and as she closed the door after us she took my hand, asked if I'd sit down, and led me to a couch at the back of the small living room. She sat down in a chair opposite me, and once again her short skirt rode up -- this time over both legs, which she hadn't crossed, and which were parted just enough so that I thought I could see a hint of white panties. I'm afraid I stared rather shamelessly. She noticed, and smiled broadly.

She crossed her legs and stammered as she asked, her head lowered a bit, "Do you like me?" Oh yes! "Do you find me at all attractive?" Yes, yes, head nodding energetically up and down. She moved from her chair and sat down next to me, very close. "I like you, too," she said breathily. "You're such a nice person, you're so cute, and I feel so comfortable being around you." Her left knee gently pressed against my right knee. Under my tight jeans, my cock was springing into action and seeking expansion space. In less than a minute I noticed that it was quite visible along my left thigh. I think she noticed, too, because things started moving very fast.

That is, suddenly we were holding each other, kissing, breathing heavily -- what we called "making out" or "heavy petting" back in those days. Then she surprised me by taking my right hand and putting it on her left breast. "I have a confession to make," she said. "And before anything else, I want you to know something." As I watched, she pulled her sweater off over her head -- exposing a lacy white bra. My cock got even harder. And then she took it off! Inside each cup there was a pad, and one of them fell out as I watched. Exposed were her tiny but well-rounded tits, each one topped with a big brown-fringed nipple which stood at least an inch. Hers were the first tits I'd ever seen in person. My jaw dropped, and I stared shamelessly -- and all the while running through my head was the image of that skinny, small-titted girl from the nudist magazine. "She" had come to life and was sitting right next to me!

Laurie held a hand under each tit, cupping them gently upward, and had a very shy, embarrassed look on her face. Almost inaudibly she asked, "Do you like them?" Yes, oh yes, my god yes! Her look instantly warmed, and she reached out and put my hands on them. "I'm so happy," she said, her face in a broad smile. "Every man before you....they say they do, but they really don't. They're polite about it, but they never want to see me again, they don't call, and they don't answer my calls."

Not me, I assured her, they're perfect, I love them. I touched her nipples with my thumbs and massaged them gently. Her face flushed, she sighed deeply, and moved closer. The next thing I knew she reached out and stroked where my cock was making my pants bulge. Now it was my turn to sigh, although gasp with pleasure was more like it. And then she wriggled around and pulled her short tight skirt down to her ankles and kicked them off. The panties I'd thought I'd seen earlier were very white and very skimpy. Almost u*********sly she reached into them with one hand and began moving slowly up and down. I kept stroking her tits as she did so.

"I don't use birth control so I can't let you fuck me," she said after a while. I was stunned at her frank talk -- I'd never gotten anywhere near this close to actual sex with any of my dates -- "but there are other things we can do if you like." She stroked my cock through my jeans as she said it, and it became even more rock hard. This was totally new territory for me, but I liked it. She pulled her hand out of her panties and sat up straight. "I read a novel once where a man and a woman were forbidden to have sex, but they found ways the book put it...'pleasure' one another. Want to know what they did?"

I smiled broadly, and she reached over and undid my belt. I took the hint, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. She had me raise myself up and pulled them down and off. There was a distinct wet spot on my bulging underwear at the tip of my cock. She reached out and touched it. "Your pants are wet," she smiled. "You should take them off so they can dry."

I was only too happy to obey. She reached out for them, and I stood there as she took them from me and went off to hang them in the bathroom. When she came back she'd taken off her own panties, revealing a full blonde muff atop her pussy with just a few wispy blonde hairs on what I later knew were heavily engorged pussy lips. They were beautiful. My cock was now at full attention, all 8+ inches of it pointing about 45 degrees upward as I stood there, and a little more moisture was beginning to seep from the tip.

She walked over to me and took me close in her arms. As we kissed the underside of my cock pressed firmly against her lovely warm belly. It felt marvelous! I was in new territory, sexually speaking, and was loving it. She pulled away after a minute, took a step backwards, and looked down at my cock with a smile. "I've never seen one that big," she exclaimed, "and that hard." She took it in her right hand gently and as she did so, a big drop of precum oozed onto her palm. She let go and lifted her hand to get a closer look at it, and then to my surprise and amazement she licked it up with her tongue.

"Oh, that tastes good!" she smiled. She took my cock again and led me by it to a couple of chairs that were next to each other but facing in opposite directions. We each sat down in one, and after giving me another kiss she said, "If you'd like, we could touch each other."

Yes, I'd like! I nodded, and without a word I fondled the big dark nipples on her sweet small titties. The image from my c***dhood of the young girl in the nudist magazine came into my head, but it was quickly replaced by what was in front of me. As I touched her, she shivered all over and her nipples, which were already big, got larger and stiffer. She responded by reaching for my cock. She lifted it gently and softly stroked and massaged my balls. That felt really good, and I let her know it. We did these things for a while, and then she suggested that we move to her bed.

It was furnished with a lot of pillows that allowed us to settle down next to each other in a semi-reclining position. "I want to go slow," she said, "so let's stick with using our hands for today" --- wow, was she already thinking I'd visit again?! -- "and see how that is." I answered by reaching out and running my fingers through her blonde bush gently. She ran one finger tip up my cock from base to tip. It was totally electric; my cock twitched and jerked in response. My face felt warm and flushed. I ran one finger from the bottom of her pussy crack up to the top, and then instinctively swirled it a little. As I did so, I felt some moisture seeping from her pussy and let my finger get wet with it. Following her lead of earlier, I lifted my finger to my mouth and tasted her juices. They were delicious, a combination of salty and sweet.

Leaning over and giving me another kiss, she asked shyly, "You'll come back again another day?" Oh yes! "Then, like I said, I think we should only use our hands today. Is that okay?" Yes, whatever you say. "I've never seen a man masturbate," she continued, "and I'll bet you've never seen a woman do herself, either." Right. "So, if it's okay with you, I think we should stay next to each other and do ourselves until we both come at least once. I'd like to watch you and I want you to watch me. We can learn a lot about each other that way."

I agreed -- this was sheer heaven! -- and we turned towards one another and kissed deeply and long. This time my cock was between her legs pressing against her pussy. She moved her crotch back and forth a couple times, and I almost lost it. Sensing this, she turned once again onto her back and I did the same. She began gently stroking her pussy with one hand and massaging her titties with the other. I didn't want to come right away, so I was very slow and ginger while stroking my cock with my right hand and cupping my balls with the other. And as I watched, she began putting one, then two, fingers deep into her pussy as she softly massaged her now-emerged clit. I leaned over a little to get a better look at it. It was entirely new to me (I didn't know what it was called until much later), a moist pink nub that protruded maybe an inch from the top of her pussy crack and looked to me like a tiny penis.

After a few minutes of this we both began breathing more heavily. She picked up the pace of her hand movement and began gasping a little, then a little more. Although I don't know how I knew, I took this to mean she was perhaps about to come and began stroking myself more energetically. Next thing I knew we were both screaming as we came to more or less simultaneous thundering orgasms. I shot a huge load onto my belly and chest as I spasmed and spasmed, while she matched me with shuddering movements as she came over and over, her juices spurting from her lovely pussy.

At the end of it all, we both laid back and relaxed deeply. She took my hand in hers and held it firmly. I slowly began to go just a little limp and watched as I f***ed out more cum, which pooled around my belly button. I noticed she was gently massaging herself, and occasionally whimpering softly as she did so.

Our reverie was broken after what seemed like ages when she said, "You're a mess. Let me clean you up." But instead of, as I thought, going off to get a towel or washcloth, she got up and leaned over me. The next thing I knew she was licking up every drop of spunk on my body, and when she was done with that she milked my now almost completely limp cock and got out a little more onto her hand that she also licked up. But true to our agreement, she didn't touch my cock with her mouth. After she was completely done, we turned towards each other again and hugged and kissed. As we did so she put her tongue in my mouth and I felt something liquid on it. "I saved a little for you to taste," she smiled. "You're a very wonderful and considerate person," I replied, enjoying the taste of myself.

"Let's get cleaned up," she said, and with that she took me by one hand and led me off to her bathroom -- where she had an oversized shower that seemed incongruous with the small size of her apartment but which fit us both nicely without crowding. As warm water ran over us both, my cock sprang back into action. "Play with my nipples," she ordered, and began jerking me off. Even though I'd just squirted gallons, before long I was coming again -- and this time she caught it all in her palm. She held it up to our faces, and we licked it up together. More kissing.

As we dressed, she smiled and said, "I have a confession to make. My car wasn't really in the shop. I wanted you so badly, and that story seemed like a good way to get you to come home with me. Was that all right?" Well, of course, I nodded with a smile. "I'm so glad."

....more to follow....

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favorites now and I'm hard as a rock!
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hott...first loveis so....
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Great Story, Brings back similar memories of my own.
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Great story. I hope we read more about them.