Oh, Susanna!

One of my enduring memories from my teen years back in the '50s:

I was at a pool party at the home of an older couple I'd only recently met. It was late August and the day was sunny and warm -- but happily not uncomfortably so. Their pool was new to them, and this party was its inaugural "voyage." It was set in a lovely and very large yard that was also heavily wooded, with trees and tall hedges and fences set in various elevations, offering some seclusion.

I'd worn my Speedos under my jeans, brought a beach towel as requested in the invitation, and stripped out of my pants and shoes once I hit the pool area. I wasn't keen on swimming so kept my t-shirt on, and was happy enough to hang out with this group of people none of whom I knew except for the couple who'd invited me. They came over early on and told me how happy they were that I'd come.

There were some women there, most of them in "sensible" swimwear, only a few in more skimpy attire. There was nothing like what we're used to seeing these days, and only a few of them were even vaguely attractive to me. And they all looked both married and older than me. I was getting a little bored and thinking of leaving and....

....then "She" appeared. She was almost as tall as me (I was 6'4" in those days, she appeared to be around 6'0'), had a lovely face and a sweet smile, and was dressed in a loose-fitting colorful muu muu that came down to just below her knees. Her legs were slender and shapely,. but I couldn't tell anything else about her until with a flourish she pulled off the dress over her head and stood revealed in a VERY minimal bikini -- the "briefest" I'd ever seen back then. It was bright red with small white flowers printed all over it, both the top and the bottom pieces. The rest of her body matched her legs: slender, shapely, nice curve of ass, titties on the small side but very upright.

But what REALLY got to me was the hair protruding all around the crotch area of her outfit. It was thick and dark and....WOW! When she turned away to talk to another woman -- animatedly, so no doubt they were old friends -- I saw the same quantity of hair sticking out from the back side of her suit. I'd never really thought about women's pubic hair before, maybe because I'd never seen anyone in swimwear showing any at all. I could feel the beginnings of a little tenting as my cock began to press against the inner fabric of my trunks, but nothing that would be noticeable. I desperately wanted to keep it that way, being among strangers and all.

I must meet this woman, I thought, and made my way over to near where she was talking with her friend but just out of her sight -- and once their conversation was over I walked up to her and boldly said, "Hi, I'm new in this crowd and trying to meet everyone. My name's Alex, what's yours?"

With a sweet smile she replied, "I'm Susanna, and I'm glad to meet you." She stared me right in the eyes. It was all I could do after she broke the gaze not to look down at her ample crotch hair. I think she caught me doing it because next she asked me about myself. I burst out with a stream of disconnected small talk -- that I was in the first year of studying engineering at the university, that I still lived with my parents, that I'd almost gotten lost finding my way to the party (not exactly true) -- in an effort to be cool.

She told me she was married. Oh, damn! But her husband wasn't with her today because he didn't like some of the people -- that this was "her" crowd and he didn't feel accepted. "I can understand that," I replied, "but do you miss him being with you?"

And then a bombshell: "No, not really." She took a few steps in place, twisting her lovely body from side to side. "We got married when I was really young, and I think we've grown apart over the years. He's not as tall as me, and I think that makes him unhappy even though it wasn't an issue when we hooked up." She put one hand on my forearm briefly, then flushed and pulled it away. It was electric to me, and all my efforts to hold back the tenting in my trunks began to fall apart. I could feel myself blushing and felt very uncomfortable.

She must have noticed the bulge in my trunks because she smiled and said, "Let's walk over to that corner" -- pointing to an area of the yard where there weren't any people -- "and you can tell me more about yourself...what else interests you, your hobbies, and so on."

We reached a wooden bench along the edge of one part of the yard and sat down, not close to each other but not far away either. There was an awkward silence for a moment, and then she spoke again. "I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable, but I think you should know that I spotted you when I got to the party and thought, what an attractive man. I didn't realize you were as young as you are, but that doesn't matter to me. I can see that you must like me, too" -- with a subtle look down at my now fully-tented trunks -- "and I thought maybe we could go up there" -- pointing to an elevated area behind tall shrubs and a solid fence -- "and talk some more."

I was surprised and blushed some more. Remember, this was the '50s, I was young, and I had no idea anything like this could happen to me. She was married, it wasn't right. And yet as she got up, I did too, and looking back to see if anyone noticed (no one was) we disappeared behind the shrubs.

Before I knew it, she blurted out "I really want you," put her left arm around me, and reached down with her right hand and gently stroked my now rock-hard cock through my trunks. "Ooooh, nice," she said in a low voice. And then, "You can touch me, too." I felt a hot flush pass through my body and light-headed as I reached down and put my hand on her pussy through her suit and then, tentatively, stroked the ample pubic hair sticking out all around.

She sighed deeply. "That feels SO good! My husband doesn't like my hair down there and wishes I'd trim it, but I feel that this is what God gave me and I won't touch it. I'm glad you like it. Go ahead and touch it some more if you want."

I wanted. I reached around behind her and stroked the fur sticking out from around her ass crack, and she writhed and said breathily, "I love that, too! Don't stop!" I didn't, and as I returned to stroking her front hair my hand passed over the crotch of her suit and I could feel that it was very wet. I gently slipped one finger under the edge of her skimpy suit, found her slit, and rubbed it up and down. It was really slippery and felt really good.

"We've got to do something about this," she said, continuing to stroke my cock through my trunks. With that, she pulled them down around my knees and my eight inches sprung into action and aimed skyward. She took it in her hand and inspected it slowly. "What a lovely cock!" she exclaimed. "It's so much bigger than my husband's." And cupping my balls she said, "They feel so good in my hand. And you're so much hairier than him." She began to stroke my cock gently. "I wish I could let you fuck me, but I can't risk getting pregnant. But," she said, brightening, "I think you'll like this." With that, she crouched down, took my cock in her mouth, cupped my balls with her left hand, and began to suck gently, licking the underside with her tongue. "I know you young guys get off easily, so I'm trying to make it last as long as possible." I was in heaven. This was only the fourth time a girl had sucked my cock, and this older woman had WAY better technique than the girls around my age. She had my cock all the way in, and I could feel my cock tip hitting her throat sometimes.

But despite her best efforts, I didn't last more than maybe three minutes before I knew the inevitable was about to happen. "I'm going to come," I said quietly, not wanting to shout it with the rest of the party not all that far away. "Do it! I want it all!" With that, I shot a huge load into her mouth, pulsing over and over in the best orgasm of my life at that time (and remembered fondly and seldom exceeded in the years since). She gasped at first, but didn't lose a drop and swallowed it all, which took more than one swallow as I kept coming and coming.

"You young guys are so hot!" she exclaimed after she finally took my cock from her mouth and held it in her hand as I stood up. It was still a little hard. "Now it's your turn!" Holding both of my shoulders, she pushed me down on my knees, pulled down her suit bottom, and took a wide stance so her full crotch was exposed. What a lovely sight she was with all that hair and just the barest glimpse of pink pussy lips showing. "Spread me with your hands," she ordered, "and do whatever you want."

She didn't have to say any more. My face was buried in her muff, and my tongue was licking up and down her wet lips and poking inside as much as possible. "Suck my clit," she said, gasping, and pulling my face away for a minute I saw her large pink button staring me in the face. I was only too happy to do what she said, and while I was sucking I put first one, then two fingers deep in her pussy. "Get your whole hand in there!" she said. I didn't know that was possible, but she was SO wet and so stretchy that before long my hand was buried halfway. "Keep sucking my clit, and move your hand around," she exclaimed. I did, and in another couple minutes she shuddered and burst into a throbbing orgasm. I could feel her pussy walls pulsating against my hand. After a minute she stopped and popped my hand out but told me to keep licking her clit. I did. and she had one more orgasm until she pushed my head away.

"That was so good! My husband never gives me half the satisfaction you just did." She noticed I was hard again. "Here's a little reward for you," she said. With that, she turned me around so I was facing away from her, reached around and grabbed my cock, and jerked me off to another excellent orgasm which landed in the shrubbery in front of us.

It was all over then. We put our swim attire back on, straightened our hair, and I walked out first. She didn't talk to me again after that, and a little while later I left the party. I never saw her again, but she was the fantasy object of my wanking for years and years.

A couple months after the party I wrote about, I was visiting the couple by myself. They confessed that they'd set me up. They knew that their friend -- the lovely Susanna with the amazing pussy hair -- was really unhappy with her marriage but not yet ready to break free. She'd told them that one big reason for her dissatisfaction was that her husband simply didn't give her the kind of sexual satisfaction she wanted, and knew from previous lovers she could have. And they knew that because I was tall and slender and good-looking that she would spot and warm up to me, even though I was over ten years younger. But they didn't give her advance warning, so she found me on her own -- well, with a little help from eager me.

I begged them to give me her phone number, but they declined. They said they'd given mine to her, and if she wanted to she could get in touch -- it just wouldn't do for me to call and have her husband answer. One reason I can think about why she didn't call me was that I'd told her I was still living with my parents, and she didn't want to complicate things for me (or her) by calling.

That bothered me for a long time, but when I met and married my wife over thirty years ago it was, in some small part, mitigated by her also having a very hairy pussy and asshole as well. Not as hairy as Susanna, but no one else I've ever known (and even seen on porn sites) ever came close. I'm happy with my memories of that wonderful day with Susanna and many years of hairy happiness with my wife.

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