Andy & Sophie

Many years ago I was involuntarily single for what seemed like a long time -- over a year. I was working a construction job putting up a suburban shopping mall and never saw women during the day. I've never cared for the bar scene so I spent my evenings looking through my collection of well-thumbed porn magazines, watching videos from the back room of my local outlet, and emptying tube after tube of lube. I had a long tapered butt plug for those special moments when a cucumber just wouldn't do and I wanted both hands available.

Even though I was very creative about ways to jerk off, it still got really old after a while. I longed for someone to do it to me, either fucking, a blow job or even a hand job. I needed the element of surprise that comes from losing the control self-masturbation provides. And then suddenly things changed. I had a fellow worker, Andy, with whom I'd become friendly to the point where we talked about sex -- not having it with each other (neither of us were gay), although we shared stories of mutual masturbation parties with other boys from our c***dhoods, and our sexual adventures with women when we were young and single. It was fun to relate these stories back and forth as we pounded nails and used the power saw.

But suddenly one day he told me he had a new girlfriend who he said was hot to get into a three-some with him and another guy. He was pretty up-front about it all, said he'd described me to her and she was interested, and asked if I would like to join them the evening of the next day. Oh, yeah! It was a date.

I arrived at his apartment door at the exact time he specified. His girlfriend opened it and invited me in. She was a knock-out. Wearing a short robe that ended just above her knees, she was only a few inches shorter than me, had long red hair, slender shapely legs, and a hint of some splendid cleavage peeking out from the robe (which was loosely wrapped around her). When she flashed a sweet smile at me, my cock began straining at the seams of my pants, unencumbered (as always) by underwear. And there was something in her expression that seemed to be, well, more than just a friendly welcome.

As I was taking all this in, Andy walked up behind her and took her around the waist. He was barefoot and wearing loose-fitting sweat pants and a t-shirt. It was an awkward moment even though we all knew what was probably going to happen. "Craig, this is Sophie," he said to introduce me. Before long we were all hanging out on his oversized couch nursing drinks and making the transition from small talk to conversation.

We were all sitting fairly close together, Sophie between us guys, and after a while she moved her left leg so her knee was touching my right leg just above my knee. As she did so, her robe slipped off her leg and I could see the outer edge of some bright red pussy hair peeking out from the edge of her crotch. I'm not sure if she noticed this because she kept on talking as though nothing had happened. I responded to her touch by leaning into her knee with my leg just a little bit. She smiled and pushed back, and as she did so I gently put my hand on her leg and stroked it with my thumb.

That started a chain reaction, and all conversation stopped. Andy leaned over and kissed her on the ear and put his left arm around her neck. I looked over and could see definite tenting in his sweat pants. He saw me notice and reached out with his right hand, cupping her right tit and making a facial expression that said, "Let the party begin." I reached for her left tit, and when I had it in my hand Sophie leaned forward for an instant and her robe fell off her beautiful shoulders, revealing both of her lovely tits. Andy pulled her robe off her right leg, and this revealed her flaming red pussy hair completely. It was very full and thick above her pussy, trailing off to a light furriness on her inner thighs, and wispy on her puffy outer lips. Her dark inner lips were protruding prettily between them. She spread both legs widely and her pussy popped open just a little, revealing the pink inside.

"There's a little problem," Sophie announced suddenly. "I'm taking a break from the pills and my prime ovulating time arrived this morning. I'd lost track or I would have put off our getting together a week or so. I don't like how condoms feel inside me, and I know guys hate them. So we can fool around, but I can't let either of you fuck me. Anything else goes, though, so how about we move to the bedroom." I've always liked a take-charge woman who knows what she wants!

There was a huge bed there piled with pillows, a couple comforters, and a big stack of soft-looking towels. There was a jar of lube on each night stand. As Andy and I energetically took off all our clothes, Sophie let her robe drop to the floor. I took another good look at her. Her tits were absolutely splendid -- full, with big nipples rounded by dark red skin, and with only the slightest bit of sag. Her ass was nicely rounded and neither too big nor too small. And those legs! Perfect! I imagined them wrapped around me. She saw me taking her in, and once again gave me a smile that spoke silent volumes. Needless to say, I was very intrigued.

Climbing together into bed, again with Sophie in the middle, Andy and me on either side, she spoke again. "At least at first, I'd like to call the shots. Is that okay with you both?" Yes, we both nodded. "Well, then, I want each of you to suck on one of my tits while I wake up my clit." As we sucked we were facing each other and I could tell from Andy's expression that he was enjoying sharing Sophie with me. Meanwhile, she reached down with one hand and gently brushed it across her pussy hair in a circular motion while she stroked my leg with the other and arched her back slightly. As all this was happening I massaged her nipple gently with my tongue, working it around and around, and could feel her nipple growing larger and larger in my mouth. I took my mouth off her tit and took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it gently while stroking her tit with my other hand. "Ooooh, I like that," Sophie cooed, and Andy took this as a signal to match what I was doing.

I looked down and saw that Sophie had put two fingers in her pussy while still massaging her clit with the other hand. She was moaning softly and still arching her back, her eyes closed and her head thrust back a little. I pulled gently away from her tit, giving her nipple a teasing lick as I did so, began stroking her inner thighs. Andy followed my lead. After a minute or so of that, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and slowly, sensually put them in her mouth and licked them off.

"I'd like some of that," I said, and began moving towards her pussy, which was still half-open.

"Not yet," she said. "You've been watching me masturbate. Now I want to see you."

I know I felt a little awkward for just a minute -- and I could tell from his expression that Andy did, too -- but then he laid back on the pillows and I sat with my legs crossed, tailor-style, facing Sophie. We both began playing with our cocks. It was the first time I had a good look at his. It wasn't as long as mine, and it had a definite bend about halfway, but it was a little thicker. Mine is a good eight inches, and I think I had at least an inch more than Andy.

We were both kind of tentative with our masturbation -- I was only lightly stroking with a couple fingers and cupping my balls with the other hand, and Andy had his cock pressed against his belly and was stroking the back with four fingers. Sophie watched what we were doing for a couple minutes and then said, "C'mon, boys! Get with it! I want to see you both cum!"

Okay! I stretched out my legs, still facing Sophie, and began stroking myself more energetically. I was still using just two fingers, but each was firmly massaging one side of my cock. And I was lightly fingering my pee hole with one finger of the other hand, which coaxed some pre-cum out that I rubbed onto my head. My cock was super hard and standing straight up in my sitting position. This is a method that's always worked well for me, and this time was no exception. Before too long I took a deep breath, exhaled sharply, and shot a load about 5-6 inches into the air, and it came to rest on my legs. I wasn't watching what Andy was doing -- my attention was on Sophie watching me, and she looked very pleased at what she was seeing -- but it wasn't long after that he came all over his belly.

As we both lay there in the afterglow of our orgasms, Sophie reached over to me, ran a couple fingers through the cum on my legs, and put those fingers in her mouth. She held them there for a time, and I could see her tongue lapping up our cum because her mouth was slightly open. She looked very pleased judging from her expression. Then she did the same with Andy's spunk, and had a more neutral look on her face.

"Mmmmmm," she exclaimed when she pulled her fingers out, "you guys taste great!"

We each wrapped a towel around our cock to catch residual leakage and put our arms around Sophie and, by extension, each other, in a kind of girl sandwich. I felt a great sense of togetherness in our common pursuit.

Sophie spoke again. "I'd like you both to do me now." Wow! Because she was Andy's girl, I ceded her pussy to him. She laid on her back and put her legs high up in the air. This gave me a clear view and access to her beautiful back side. I could also see that her pussy was still very wet, so Andy had no problem putting first one, then eventually three fingers into her. I reached for one of the jars of lube, plunged my index finger in it, and then slowly began working my way up Sophie's asshole. She was tight at first, but then loosened and I was able to get my finger in all the way. I twisted it a little, which she really liked, and worked it up and down.

"More!" she said after a while. Andy was able to put his whole fist in her nice stretchy pussy, while I got three well-greased fingers in her asshole. I could feel his fist on the other side of that thin wall dividing the two, and he grinned when I rubbed my fingers against it. We took turns massaging her erect clit, and before long she built to a pulsing orgasm. It was sheer heaven being inside her and feeling every wave of it. My cock was rock hard and I noticed that I was liberally leaking pre-cum as it happened. I gave it a gentle stroke, caught the precum in my hand, and licked it up. Sophie saw me doing that and looked at me approvingly.

We all snuggled up together after that. It was a little cold, so we pulled one of the comforters over us and, I think, we might have dosed off for a while. The next thing I remember was Sophie gingerly climbing over me. I briefly saw her pussy dripping girl juice as she did, and she went off to the bathroom. I could hear energetic peeing through the closed door.

Peeing was something I needed to do, too, so when she came out I took care of that. Amazingly, Andy never felt the urge the entire evening.

When we were all back in bed, Sophie had a new suggestion. "Would you guys jerk each other off? I'd really like to see that." We were, of course, eager to please and our erections had definitely returned. After a little discussion we decided we would sit tailor-fashion facing but offset from each other so we'd have easy access to each other's cock. I hadn't felt another man's cock since I was thirteen, and the same for another man feeling mine. I felt a hot flush as we connected, but then it just felt good.

That position worked for a while but it was hard on my back because of having to lean forward. When I mentioned this, Andy said it wasn't bothering his back, but Sophie had an idea. "What if you each lay down on one side, facing each other, and reach down."

That worked well. Gradually we increased the pressure and pace, and we found ourselves looking at each other's face for feedback about how we were doing. It took us about ten minutes, but wordlessly we both reached orgasm more or less simultaneously and shot big loads at each other. Once again, Sophie was right there to capture it. "Lay on your backs," she ordered, and she leaned over each of us and licked up every drop. I liked seeing her tits hang free as she did so. They were so lovely, and her nipples were still long and hard. When she finished, she gave each of our cocks a little suck to milk out any leftovers. She did it to me last, and seemed to linger longer.

We cuddled some more under the covers, and Andy dosed off again. I could see Sophie thinking about something, a pensive look on her lovely face. "A penny for your thoughts," I asked softly.

"Well, um, er…" She looked a little embarrassed. "I dunno if it'd be okay with you guys…"

"Oh, come on, out with it," I insisted. At the sound of my voice, louder than hers, Andy stirred.

"Oh, okay. While I was watching you guys laying side to side facing each other, I had this idea that it would be so cool…oh, I really just don't know…"

Andy just lay there half-dosing, and not really tuned in. I put my hand on the side of her face and looked earnestly into her eyes. "If you'll excuse the expression, we've come this far already and I'd like to know what you're thinking, no matter how bizarre it might be."

She turned her head, gave my hand a kiss, and said, "Well, what I'd really like to see is you guys give each other a blow job. I've given lots of blow jobs, but I've never seen one. I thought about this when you were jerking each other off, and my vision was that you'd do it 69-style on your sides so I could sit close and see it all. Are you game?"

Her explanation woke Andy up. He got a very strange expression on his face and didn't say anything. I thought about it for a few seconds and said, "Yeah, sure, why not. It'd be interesting and it'd make you happy. How about it, Andy?"

He still didn't look too pleased at the prospect, but finally he shook his head to say yes. I noticed, though, that unlike mine his erection had gone away. Sophie noticed it, too. She looked at me and reached out and gave my cock a playful stroke. It twitched with pleasure, and she looked me in the eyes and smiled deeply. I don't think Andy noticed any of this. He was laying on his back, off in a world of his own.

As I said, until that evening I hadn't touched another guy's cock since I was thirteen -- and I'd never had one in my mouth, although I'd thought about it from time to time. And because I knew what worked for me when a woman gave me a blow job, I knew I could be really good at it if ever the time arose. I guess that was a little unfulfilled fantasy from when I was thirteen and in the early stages of exploring my sexuality.

We moved into the position Sophie suggested, and she shifted around to get the best possible view. Andy still wasn't hard, so both Sophie and I played with his cock until he got it up. That took a little while. He still really didn't seem to have his heart in it, or perhaps the evening was turning in a direction he hadn't expected and couldn't relate to. But eventually he was ready. I gave the tip of his cock a little lick, then followed it up with a slow tonguing of the underside. He gasped, and then without pause put his lips around the tip of my cock and kept them there, not moving further. To me he still seemed tentative and I was resigned to the possibility that he might be really uncomfortable and not be able to fully reciprocate the blow job I was more than ready to give him.

Sophie was sitting behind Andy -- I think she did that so she'd have the best view of what I was doing. She had a broad grin on her face that only got broader when I finally took hold of his cock with one hand, jerked it a little at the base, and wrapped my lips around his glans and the top of his shaft. He put more of my cock in his mouth, but he still wasn't doing anything more than that. I held him firmly by the base of his cock and moved him in and almost out of my mouth down as far as the bend at the halfway point, tonguing him as I did so. He groaned a little at what I was doing, but he still wasn't doing much himself. He got more of my cock in his mouth, but I was too big for him to take me all in without gagging as my knob hit his throat. He wasn't gripped it very firmly with his lips, and he still wasn't doing anything with his tongue.

It was kind of disappointing, but I took it in stride, and I watched Sophie watching us. I moved my hand to cup his balls, and continued to move my lips up and down his shaft and to lick his tip and shaft in a way I would have liked if it was being done to me. In maybe five minutes I could tell from his cock's twitching that he was very close to cumming. But because of his inaction, I was nowhere ready myself. Oh well, I thought, and I sucked him to a pounding finish. His mouth popped off my cock as he groaned and then screamed, and shot a load so huge that I couldn't keep it all in my mouth. I swallowed a little, but most of it dribbled out, much of it landing on his cock, which had gone all soft already.

Sophie was wide-eyed watching this, and then she frowned. "It's not fair," she said, "that you didn't get off. Let me help." With that she leaned over me, took my still erect cock in her mouth, and with admirable skill gave me one of the best blow jobs of my life while I watched her lovely hanging tits bob from side to side. She swallowed it all, licked her lips with satisfaction, and gave me a big juicy kiss. Andy looked on, not saying a word.

The rest of the evening was, not to put too fine a point on it, awkward. We all hung out under the covers, Sophie snuggled with each of us, there was little talk, and eventually we all fell off to sl**p. Having to pee in the early morning hours, I woke to find Sophie cuddled up close to but not touching me, and when I came back from the bathroom she gave me a soft kiss and my cock a gentle squeeze. Andy slept through it all.

Just before sunrise I quietly got dressed (so quietly that Sophie, apparently really sound asl**p by then, didn't notice) and went home to my own apartment to catch a little more rest and a shower before going to work at the shopping mall construction. Andy showed up late and acknowledged my presence, but barely spoke to me that day. And after that I never saw him again. A couple days later as I left work for the day, I spotted a smiling Sophie waiting and watching for me. I guess Andy had told her where he'd worked. She told me that she'd broken up with Andy after I left that morning, which would explain his lateness, his not talking to me, and his disappearance. I asked her why the break-up, and she replied that she hadn't liked it how he was so reticent about when he wouldn't give me as good a blow job as I gave him and had gotten all silent, and besides that she liked my body, my cock and my personality much better. She said that when she got together with him it was after her own dry spell, she just wanted someone to fuck, and that Andy would do. But when he told her about me, I sounded interesting, she hoped I was, and was so happy I had "answered her call." Lucky me!

That was, as I wrote, many years ago. The happy ending here is that Sophie and I got married the following June, and while we love fucking each other's brains out we also still love our finger, hand and mouth play.

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11 months ago
nicely told. would love to meet you and Sophie for a weekend of fun!
2 years ago
loved this very sexy story. Well written and it got me very hard. Love to share cum with a gal or guy...or both. Thanks also for the comment on my story.