My mother is the best.

I was home alone; I’m 18 though! It’s not as if I’m a little girl; even though I’m treated like a c***d due to my petite build. One night when mum and dad went out for drinks at the bar I began to feel ill and faint; I decided to do what mum always does when I’m ill and make some tomato soup. After making the soup I made my way to the living room where I had paused the DVD I was watching. I pressed play to start the DVD again. My soup was on a tray so I didn’t worry about making a mess or making splash marks; however once I had finished my soup I looked around and looked down at my shirt… I hadn’t realised while I was eating but I had got soup all down my new shirt. My dad would surely kill me! He had only bought this silk blouse for me the day before; it had cost him £115. I thought I could wash the stain out before dad got home; but, before I’d even got to the kitchen, I heard mum and dad laughing in the porch, and then I heard the key slide in to the lock. Dad came into the living room a few seconds later; I had my back to them so they couldn’t see the stain.

‘Bethan’, he said questioningly. ‘Are you alright?’

‘Yes father, how was your night?’ I said quietly and timidly.

‘It was ok,’ said Bethan’s mum. ‘Turn around Bethan sweetheart’

‘Mother, Father, I’ve had little accident’ I timidity had gone now… it was just plain fear.

‘For fuck sake; what is it this time! You silly bitch – ‘

At this, my mother gipped my father’s arm gently; trying to get him to calm down.

‘What is it Bethan honey,’ said my mother.

At this I turned to face them to reveal tomato soup all down my silk tank top and skirt. My parents stood in outraged silence; I knew my father was furious since he had talked to her only a week before about respecting your own possessions.

My mother was full of rage too, and so grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to our pouf. My mother f***ed me to my knees and pulled the silk top off me. I was there on my knees in the cold with only a bra on my torso; I felt ashamed and yet aroused; and then more ashamed because I was aroused. My mother got even angrier as I began to cry.


My mother then bent me over the pouf and I felt my little skirt ride up my arse; then my mother lifted my skirt to reveal my whole arse and French knickers. I was so embarrassed and yet so horny; my father knelt down opposite my mother (either side of me). I heard my parents kiss above me; was it possible they were turned on by this as much as I was.

‘You dirty, filthy, naughty WHORE,’ my father shouted and with each description of my dirtiness he spanked.

‘You ignorant, selfish, naughty SLUT,’ my mother shouted and with each description of my dirtiness she spanked.

I managed to turn a little and saw my father’s cock hard and realised he was enjoying this as much as I was. I turned the other way and saw that my mother’s nipples hard. Now, after this sight, my panties were so wet they would soon give away my arousal.

‘Ooo,’ my mother sighed, ’the little whore’s enjoying being spanked by her mummy and daddy; hmmm.’

‘You sexy dirty whore,’ my father said.

My mother pulled my hair again and dragged me over to the nearest sofa; she told my father to sit and me to suck. I, as a “naughty SLUT”, obeyed; my mother got down on to her back and put her head between my legs from behind and suck and licked my pussy until I came in her face. I’m a squirter to so my mother’s head must’ve been covered in my pussy juice; but she kept on sucking and licking until I had cum several times. Meanwhile I was a natural sucking cock apparently… my father was enjoying it anyway. I seemed to get better with each time I came.
My father jazzed in my face and wiped his cum around till it was in my mouth, eyes and hair. At this I got off my mother and lay on the carpet exhausted my mum had been fingering herself while going down on me. My mum walked over to me, snogged me and said: ‘Our little secret’.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
I just love family time. :)
2 years ago
twice thanks for a super hot story.