Something without a label (need more tags)... Something I experimented with a little, once when I first started writing longer; more in-detailed stories.

She lay next to me on the other half of the bed. We lay together, only wearing over underwear to cover ourselves. I stared into her beautiful eyes as stared back at mine. She smiled and rolled over to me, pulling my arm around her, as she cuddled into me. I wrapped myself around her from behind and cuddled her closely. She turned her head back and looked at me, I moved myself to see her face, as she kissed my lips. She took my left arm and held onto it, with my hand just above her breast. I rested my head against hers and began to smell her hair. It smelt nice and made me want to kiss her. I used my free-right hand to brush her hair out of the way, on the back of her neck, as I kissed down from the top, to her shoulder.
She giggled, holding my left arm closer, the palm of my hand touching her breast. I felt myself slowly being more and more turned on. I felt slightly nervous as my cock started to push its way up my boxers. I then bit the back of her ear playfully and kissed down and into her neck, deeply. I felt my right hand’s way back down to her tummy, and then traced circles around her belly-button. She bit her lip as I began to rub myself suggestively up-against her. I felt myself get harder and tighter, as I push up against her pussy.
I then traced my fingers down to her panties, and felt around her waist, not going too low. She then felt her right hand’s way, down my body, then into my boxers, as she started to masturbate my cock slowly. I immediately bit my lip, so I wouldn’t moan as a sigh of passed through my breath. I let my hand slide its way into her panties. I then also let my left hand push its way under her bra and grope her boob, playingly. My right hand was wet, as I pushed my fingers inside her pussy. I started to push them in deeper and for longer, as she started to bit her lip harder, trying to not make a noise.
She then pulled off my boxers and took off her panties. I unclipped her bra and pull it off easily, as we slung our underwear onto the bedroom floor. I moved closer and held my cock as she lifted her leg up for me to put it inside her. I began to tease her by pushing it up between her lips of her pussy, rubbing her clit as well. I felt her hand impatiently grab my cock as she sat her on top of it, still in the spooning position.
I wrapped my arms around her, placing my right on her boob and my left on her lower waist. I felt myself big inside her, as her close-legs made it tight around my cock. I pushed it deep inside her pussy, slowly getting faster. Each passing thrust I heard her moan more and more, as my breathing started getting heavy. As I fucked her harder, she clawed my head, pulling her fingers through my hair. I kissed down into the side of her neck. I felt myself getting closer to my climax; I knew if I kept going I’d cum deep inside her.
Panting, she got up and got on top of me, sitting up right. I felt myself slowly calm, and she leaned down and kissed my lips passionately. She began to grind her pussy against my cock. She had become so wet, it made me hot thinking about it. She then grabbed my cock against and slowly sat herself down on it, closing her eyes and biting her lip harder, then smiling at me. She took my hands and interlocked me fingers between hers, as she then pushed herself up and down my cock. As she did, I quickly leaned up and bite her lip and pulled it. She moaned as she grinded my cock in her pussy, pushing me down and kissing me aggressively.
We then started to fuck faster, going up and down more intimately. As she got faster, I started to breathe heavily again, as she got faster and harder, pushing deep inside her. She moaned loudly and longingly, moving her hips more vigorously and pleasurably. I felt her pussy starting to get tighter and tighter around me, as I felt her begin to climax. I pushed myself to her rhythm and knew I was going to cum. She then began to push down harder and harder, getting faster and faster. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, as my cock came inside her. She also came as her pussy completed tightened around my cock, letting herself lay down onto of me.
We then rolled to the side, as she wrapped her legs and arms around me and snuggled into me. As I pulled the blanket back over us, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lips softly, as she kissed me back sweetly before falling asl**p.

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