Becky has her first black guy

The second night of my trip to California was equally as nice as the first night! Becky and I spent the day catching up with the past few years we have not seen each other. We talked on the phone, but always kept those calls casual until I was ready and over the loss of Kelly. Becky sat me down and said she wanted me to know something. She said “If you want to invite a bunch of guys over and see me having sex with them, I will. I want to do whatever it takes to make you happy.” I explained to Becky that what Kelly and I had was totally different and Kelly would have sex with others because she wanted sex and she wanted to get pleasure from it. Knowing that I would be excited about it was a bonus. Kelly and I loved each other deeply, and we both knew that no matter what, we would always come back in each others arms. We had such a great sex life and we knew that the only way we could expand on that is to really push it to the outer limits of ourselves. I asked Becky to really think about what I said because I never want her having sex with anyone just because she thought it would make me happy. Would I be happy seeing her having sex with others? I’m sure I would. I would really be happy seeing her enjoying herself with others though. When a person has sex just for sex and pleasure with no strings or commitments attached, it can really be a huge rush!

We left to meet up with our daughter because I was supposed to see this wedding dress she has been wanting for so long. Her wedding is still quite a ways out, but she wants to make sure that dress will be waiting for her. It is a nice looking dress and so I bought it for her and then we just spent some time wandering around the mall. As we past Harry Winstons jewelry store, Heather wanted to show me the rings that her and David are going to get. Nice rings. I told Heather and Becky they needed rings with their birthstones. Heather already knew her ring size, but Becky didn’t. The jeweler kept saying that birthstones get worn on the right hand and fingers on the right are different sizes then the left. Damnit, shut the fuck up asshole and tell me her ring size on her left hand already! What a fucking idiot! Tried a bunch on and I told the girls I didn’t want that guy selling anything to us, so we can come back another time. We left and Becky and I headed to her place. Becky sat me down and said “Well, I thought about what you said. If you would like to invite a couple of guys over, I really want to see what it would be like to have two guys ogling over me. I think you would like it, but I really want it for myself.” I said that I could call a couple of black guys that Kelly used to go to bed with and Becky said “I have never screwed a black guy before, only gave them head, but you seen me do that. I’m going to be nervous as hell, but I want to do it!”

I made some calls and the only guy I could find home on short notice was Robert. He is about 5’ 10” and maybe 180 lbs. Light skinned, and has a large cock. I thought he would be perfect for Becky. I asked Becky one last time if she was sure that she really wanted this and she said that she was and I left. I had to make a quick stop before going to Roberts. Later that evening, I showed up and Robert followed me in his car. Oh wow! When Robert and I walked in, Becky had on a small tight pair of white shorts and a tight body hugging shirt. When she bent over for something, there were no panty lines and I knew she had nothing underneath! Becky walked up and hugged me and gave me a kiss. I said “What about Robert?”, and Becky walked over and gave him a hug. We sat down and I went to the kitchen to fix us all a drink. When I came back, Robert said “This feels like old times. And Becky is beautiful. I think we will have a good night.” I looked at Becky and she gave me a nervous look and said “No turning back now!” As we sat and sipped our drinks Robert asked Becky if she had any rules or boundaries. She shrugged her shoulders and said “No, I guess not.” Okay, well we did find one. Robert said he would really like to fuck Becky in the ass and she said no. She leaned to me and whispered “I only want to do that for you please? At least for now.” I told Robert, Beckys ass was off limits and he agreed.

Becky finished her drink and when she stood up to go get another, I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me. I was sitting on the couch and had my arms around her waist and had my head against her stomach. I started rubbing her ass and before she could catch me or say anything, I grabbed her shorts and yanked them down. She started to reach for them and I said “He’s going to be seeing it pretty soon anyway.”, and she left them down. I finished pulling them down and Becky stepped out of them. When she went into the kitchen, Robert looked at me and said “She is beautiful man!” I smiled because I already knew that! When Becky walked back in, she had her top off too and was completely naked. She said “Well? Off with the clothes guys! Or I am putting mine back on!” Robert and I stood up and got undressed and we sat down. I was starting to get hard thinking about what is going to happen and Robert was about half hard by now. I would glance at Becky and she was staring at Roberts cock. I whispered “You like it?” And Becky looked at me stunned and whispered “Damn! He’s big!” Robert said “Hey. What are you two talking about?” and Becky said “Nothing.” And I spoke up and said “Well, not really. Becky said you have a big cock!” Robert laughed and Becky was bright red in the face. She gave me a strange look and I said “Sorry Beck, but guys like to hear how big they are from a girl.”

I told Robert to come and sit on the other side of Becky so she can see what she is in for later. When he came over and sat down, Becky sat her drink down and took my cock in one hand and Roberts cock in the other and started rubbing our cocks to get us hard. I had my hand on Beckys leg and was going to slide my hand up and rub her cunt but Robert had beaten me to it and had a finger inside of her already. I turned her chin to me and started kissing her and had one hand rubbing her boobs. I thought I should give it another five minutes or so before saying anything, but Becky stopped and looked at both of us and said “Well, why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” I said I was ready and Robert said “I thought you would never ask!” Becky smiled and we stood up and she grabbed my hand and we headed upstairs. About halfway up the stairs, Becky leaned to me and whispered “I can’t believe I’m going to fuck a black guy. My mom would have a cow if she knew what I was doing tonight!” I whispered “You can always tell your mom that when you and I used to get together, you gave a few head and swallowed them and you just want to fuck them now.” Becky just shook her head at me. Robert was behind us and overheard us and said “Get your moms on the phone! I’ll tell her for ya!” Becky said “No way!” All of us laughed.

When we walked in Becky sat on the bed and I was standing in front of her. She leaned in and took my cock in her mouth and started giving me head. She stopped for a second and looked at Robert and said “Come here. I won’t bite… hard! Robert was standing on her right and I was on her left and Becky went back and forth giving us head to get us hard. Becky stopped and looked at me and said “I want to fuck you first tonight. And I want you now!” Becky laid in the center of the bed and I crawled towards the end of the bed and started getting between her legs. She had her legs parted and I looked at Robert and said “Have you ever seen a cunt as nice as this?” Robert looked down and said “Damn! That’s nice!!” and without Becky seeing him, he mouthed silently “Kelly.” While I was getting between Beckys legs, she grabbed Roberts cock in her hand and started to pull him closer. My cock found its way to her cunt and I started to slide it into her. Robert stopped her for a minute and got up and grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures of me fucking Becky with it. Robert said “Wait until you see this man! It’s fucking awesome!” I sent my cock deep inside of Beckys cunt and Robert sat my phone down and climbed on the bed next to her. Becky turned her head and guided his cock into her mouth and I started to thrust my cock into her.

I seen her taking Roberts cock in her mouth and it was so fucking hot, and I started shoving my cock deep inside of her cunt hard. I felt Becky wiggling her hips under me and she would lift her ass a little to help get my cock all the way inside of her. She felt so fucking hot and she was moaning with Roberts cock in her mouth. It didn’t take Robert very long and he said “Can I bust in your mouth?” I started thrusting hard into Becky and she pulled Robert out and chuckled out “Shoot baby shoot!” She took Roberts cock back in and even tried to take him into her throat, but couldn’t and Robert said “Here it is! Awwwwwww!” By the sound of his heavy breathing, every time his cock shot into her mouth, he would exhale and inhale again. Becky was swallowing his cum hard and at one point, I thought she was about to throw up. I guess he was unloading hard in her mouth. She started to stomp her legs on the bed and that made my balls begin to pump my cum. I shouted “Damn! I’m cumming! Of fuck! Your cunt is so fucking tight! I’m cumming!” and I started cumming deep inside of Beckys cunt. She wrapped her legs on me and I heard her moaning hard with Roberts cock still in her mouth. Becky started bucking underneath me and I knew she was cumming right along with me. Her cunt felt so fucking great and I could cum all night in her! After a couple of minutes, all three of us stopped. Robert pulled his cock away and sat on his legs and I collapsed on top of Becky. I finally pulled out of Becky and a little of my cum ran out. I handed her a towel that was next to the bed and she wiped her cunt off. Then lifted her legs high and said “There. Don’t want to lose the rest!”

All three of us were so out of breath and we were all panting hard trying to get some air! Becky looked at me with her tongue out and crossed her eyes and rolled them. I said “Are you okay?” She took a breath and said “Fuck! I almost couldn’t swallow fast it enough! Damn, that was great!” Robert said “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” Becky looked at him and said “Don’t be sorry! I’m not!” Then she reached over and grabbed Roberts balls and said “Is there any more in there?” Robert laughed and said “Hell yeah! Those things are full! I’ll show you as soon as I can catch my breath!” Becky looked at me and smiled. I have seen Kelly fucking many black guys before, but this was going to be the first time I have ever seen Becky. I was sort of jealous and excited. Kelly and I always used to fuck others just so we could make each other jealous and when we were done, we would fuck the hell out of each other. I was getting that same feeling now. I haven’t had that feeling in many years! My heart was pounding because while Becky has given a guy head in front of me, she has never fucked anyone with me around. And now, she was going to fuck a black guy with a big cock for the first time and she was going to do it in front of me.

After we caught our breath, Becky had Roberts cock in her hand and it started to grow. Becky said “Well, look who decided to wake back up?” I joked and said “Oh sure, you got the guy by his balls and rubbing his cock! No one can stay limp for long! Not with you!” She blew me a kiss and said “I must have the magic touch!” I said “You have always had a magic touch! Hell, you have magic eyes! When you would stare at my cock before, I always got hard!” Becky laughed and said “I was staring at you because I wanted you!” I said “Well, either way, it worked!” She nodded her head. It had been about 20 minutes and Becky said “So, are we ready?” Robert and I both told her that we were and Becky said “Okay you two, switch places.” I crawled over the foot of the bed and stood up and Robert started climbing over between her legs. I said “Wait! I’ll get a picture of you two this time! Same cunt, different cock!” Becky said “Don’t get my face. I don’t want anyone stealing your phone and seeing this. It’s just for us right now.” I said “Awww. Party pooper!” Becky said “Maybe another time. Not now, please?” By now, Robert was between her legs and was resting his big cock on her cunt up to her belly button. I pictured him being up to her belly button once he was inside of her too. Wow. Just picturing her stomach bulging with his cock inside of her made me hard as hell! I stood behind him as he guided his cock to Beckys cunt. I started snapping pictures as soon as I seen his cock going deeper and deeper inside of Becky. Seeing this, my hands were shaking a little. It was exciting, but at the same time, this was the first time I was watching her fucking another guy.

I climbed on the bed next to her and she Becky said “I want that cock of yours!” By now, Robert was really thrusting into Becky deep and hard. Becky was just getting ready to take my cock in her mouth when Robert slammed his cock into her hard. Becky stopped and was gritting her teeth as Robert sank his cock into her all the way. Becky held my cock so tight and then looked at me and said “Hold on! I don’t want to bite you!” I said “Ouch! That could hurt!” Robert kept pounding into Becky hard. He would pull almost all the way back and then drive his cock into her deep. Becky just held my cock so tight and when Robert would thrust his cock into her, she would squeeze my cock hard. I knew he was really deep into her just by looking at her face and feeling her grasping my cock. She wasn’t fucking back just yet and had her legs spread and flat on the bed. It took a few minutes for her to get used to the size of cock she had inside of her hot cunt and I seen her start to raise her legs some. Her grasp on my cock loosened up a little and she pulled my cock to her mouth. By now, she was starting to grind her hips into Roberts cock and now, I think she was enjoying the feeling of a cock so deep in her.

She looked up at me and said “In my throat!” And she pulled me to her and I leaned in towards her. My cock started going into mouth and heading back to her throat, and I could hear her start to moan. The vibration from her moaning was going through my cock. I looked towards her cunt and seen this huge black cock slamming into her and I seen the bulge of his cock in her belly. She had my cock all the way down her throat and each time Robert drove he cock deep into her, she would push her mouth over my cock. Her throat felt so tight around my cock and I felt her pull back, take in air and bury my cock back into her throat. Oh my God, I could fuck her hot throat all night! I was about to cum and shouted “Get ready! I’m going to cum!” Becky took in a huge breath and sank her mouth over my cock, sinking it into her throat. I started cumming hard! Becky gulped as I shot my cum into her throat. She pulled my cock back into her mouth and finished me off. I know that even after she pulled back, I filled her mouth and looked down as she swallowed my cum! Fuck that was so hot!

I started to go limp and I seen as Robert really started to hammer Beckys cunt. He was slamming into her hard and at first, her face was a little distorted, but once she started getting used to the pounding, she started to fuck Robert back just as hard. It wasn’t long and Becky brought her legs up around his ass and said “You’re making me cum! God, I’m cumming! Oh shit, deep! Go deep!” She was cumming so hard and was raising her hips up off of the bed to get Roberts cock all the way into her cunt. Just as Becky started to finish cumming, I heard Robert say “Oh shit! Can I cum? Can I cum inside you?” Becky looked up at me first and back at Robert and softly said “Yes. I want it! Give it to me! Cum in me!” Robert exploded into her cunt! He would grunt every time his cock shot it’s cum into her cunt and he was grunting so much and for so long, I didn’t think he would stop! Becky was pulling on his ass to get his cock into her and her back was arched and her cunt was jammed against his cock as he was filling her with his cum! I was sitting beside her catching my breath and watching Robert drive his cock deep inside of her cunt and would grunt as his cock spewed his cum into her! Becky was jerking her head back and forth because she was cumming again and Robert was still sending his cum deep inside of her. Becky looked at me and said “Shit! Michael… he’s flooding me!” Robert kept going for about another minute and he finally slowed down until he came to a stop still inside of her.

When he pulled out, a gush of cum followed his cock and Robert raised Beckys legs and said “Can’t waste this one either!” Becky smiled at me and was trying to catch her breath and slow her breathing down. For the next few hours, Becky would give Robert head again as I fucked her and she gave me head again and Robert fucked her and his balls emptied their load at least three more times inside of her cunt! When we were finished, Robert said that he should get home and got dressed and I walked with him downstairs and he shook my hand and left. I went back upstairs and Becky was laying there and I said “So did you enjoy yourself tonight?” She smiled and said “Now I know what you meant! I did have fun! I am so full! Look at me!”, and she grabbed her stomach and pinched it in both hands to show me her full belly. I laid next to Becky and we started hugging and kissing and Becky said “Do you think I did alright tonight?” I told her that I thought she did so fucking great and I was glad she had fun. We rested for a few more minutes and went in to take a shower.

We came back and hopped into bed and started french kissing. We were holding each other so tight and so close. Becky said “I love you. Do you love me?” I just started in her eyes and said “I never thought I could say this, but I do love you!” She put her head into my shoulders and as we laid there holding each other, she fell asl**p against me. I was rubbing her back gently as she slept and I just kept staring at her. This was a girl that Kelly set up for me to go to bed with many years ago. During the course of our relationship, she got pregnant and had a baby by me. We continued fucking each other from time to time, but I was with Kelly so that was as far as we could go. Now, I figured the time has come and it would be now or never. I got up and went out to my rental car and walked back upstairs. As Becky slept, I slipped an engagement ring on her finger. I was waiting for her to get up in the morning and spot it, but she never even noticed it. We fixed breakfast and ate and I took her left hand and started holding it and then the time was there. I looked at Becky and said “Will you marry me?” She looked startled and then I showed her the ring that was on her finger. Becky leaped onto my lap and said “Yes, yes, yes! Oh my God Michael, yes, I will marry you!”

You didn’t think I really wanted to buy birthstone rings now did you? We haven’t set any date yet. We have a daughter that is planning to get married and I want that to be her day and all about her and not about us. Becky and I need to decide if she will move up and live with me and we could give or sell Heather and David her house or if I sell mine and move back to California. All I know is this week has been a whirlwind and after losing Kelly, I never would have thought this day would ever come and I wanted to be with any other woman for more then a night at a time. I am happy. And if I had to judge from Beckys face, I think she is happy too.

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2 years ago
Another fine installment! Congratulations to both of you.
2 years ago
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2 years ago
the marriage especially
2 years ago
great time had by all..