Kelly and Sir cums a lot - Part 3

I moved my way up and was laying on top of him and I reached down and guided his cock to my cunt. I had my ass in the air and was using my cunt muscles to suck his cock into me and as I did, I lowered myself down on him. He kept telling me how great I felt and how tight my cunt was around his cock and that made me clench my cunt muscles even more against his cock. I raised up and was sitting on him because I wanted to feel his cock slide past my cervix. It went easier this time and his cock sank so far up inside of my cunt and it almost felt like he was just below my belly button! At least it felt hard in that area and I so hoped that was him in there that fucking deep! I started telling Carl that my cunt was going to milk his balls dry and I wanted to feel him cum so deep inside of me. His eyes were closed and he just kept telling me that I was so tight and it felt so good. I laid back on top of him and I would raise my ass up and then use my muscles to suck his cock in. I kept doing this and Carl was starting to moan even louder. His cock felt so fucking great and I was ready to start cumming any second. I told him I was going to cum and I slammed my cunt so fucking hard on him and started grinding my cunt on his cock.

Damn I was cumming hard. I was going to fuck him so hard and make his cum shoot straight up into my cunt and I was raising my ass up and then back down. Carl told me he was about to fill my hot cunt again and I shouted for him to fill me! He looked at me and asked me to “Shhhhhh” so I don’t to wake you. At that point, I didn’t care if I woke the entire neighborhood. I wanted his cum and that is all I could think of at that time. I had my cunt mashed against his cock and felt his cock explode inside of me. I love feeling a guys cock explode inside of me. I can feel their cum flowing, but Carl was different. When his cock exploded, I felt each and every shot like it was getting f***ed out under pressure and it was great. By now, Carl had his hips in the air to invite my cunt down onto him. Can’t resist that invitation babe, so I pushed my cunt against him. His forehead was drenched with sweat and he was moaning like crazy. I finally finished cumming but I was still tightening my cunt muscles and then loosen up on his cock. Every time I would tighten on his cock, it shot more cum inside of me. I was milking his cock and with each shot of his hot cum, I wanted more. Finally, he couldn’t cum any more and his whole body went limp under me. And then his cock went limp inside of me too. I was still trying my hardest to keep milking it, but it slipped out of me. I dropped on top of him and laid my head on his shoulders.

I told him how great that just was and he told me that he has never been with any woman that could make him get off like I could. We laid there kissing for a few minutes and I asked him if he wanted to get something to drink and go sit in the Jacuzzi or pool and relax for a little bit. He told me that normally, he would be falling asl**p around this time and I told him I was still hoping for more. So we got up and he got himself a beer and I mixed orange juice with my wine. Yuck! That would have tasted better if I used something a little harder. Tasted like a bad Sangria. We sat in the Jacuzzi and Carl told me that he likes how far my tan lines reach and said it looked like I hardly wear anything in the sun. I told him that he had a nice tan too and not even any tan lines! I was joking and said “But you have a natural tan.” I hugged him so that he knew I was just playing with him and he started kissing me and I felt his tongue trying to find its way in my mouth. So I gave in and we started french kissing. I had my arms around his waist and his arms were around me and we held each other close. I wiggled my ass which moved my cunt back and forth on him and told him I couldn’t wait until he was rested because I want him in me again. I was trying to get his cock hard and he told me that this time, he wanted to fuck me from behind. He wasn’t talking about fucking me in the ass, but he wanted to fuck my cunt from behind.

He lowered his hand to my cunt and he was rubbing back and forth and I felt his middle finger start to tease my cunt. I was wiggling my cunt in circles on his hand and he slid his finger inside of me. I was holding his cock and was rubbing him trying to get him hard. He was slowly coming back to life and I took his balls in my hands and started rubbing them in my hand and told him I wanted his balls to hurry and fill up for me. I felt good because he was telling me that any girl he has been with can’t go as much as I could. I felt his cock growing in my hand and said that I have been waiting for my prize to come back to life. He told me that he was surprised that he is able to keep getting hard and said that just looking at me makes him hard. I was moving his growing cock crossed my cunt and asked “Is this going to be fucking me soon?” He said to give him another couple of minutes and he would be ready. I kept rubbing his cock with one hand and finished my drink with my free hand. He kept putting his cold beer bottle against my back and I told him if he kept doing that I was going to take it and stuff it up his ass and see how he likes it. I was just teasing him, but it was killing my mood too.

Carl said that after this one, he should probably get home so he can get some sl**p. I know where he works so he can’t say he has to go to work in the morning! I just wore him out. If all he needed was some rest and he could be ready to go again, he could have stayed. But if he is done fucking me, that’s okay. His cock was so fucking hard in my hands and I told Carl that we won’t be able to make it to the bed. I told him I just wanted to fuck him outside. He said he was a little scared because someone might be able to see us and I know that they can’t but even if they did, so what? How many times have you and I both had sex by the pool or we have had others and we were all fucking outside. We made it as far as the table and Carl asked me to bend over facing the table. I spread my legs just a little bit to give him more room and he got behind me. I felt his hand on my ass as he came closer to me and had his cock in his other hand. When he was guiding his cock to my cunt and I felt him start going in me, it felt great. I pushed back to meet his cock and it went deeper. Babe, if he could have kept going, I would have still been fucking on his cock even after you woke up and came down to fix your coffee. That would have been a sight wouldn’t it? You could have brought me some coffee with a straw and while I was bent over getting fucked, I could have my morning coffee!

And then he really started pounding his cock inside my cunt! I didn’t mind getting pounded that hard but I didn’t want him to hurt himself either. Damn babe, nobody has pounded my cunt that hard before and I was getting turned on by it. When he hit my cervix, as hard as he was pushing his cock into me, it past it with one swoosh! I kept pushing my cunt back on him and he would just push his cock in me even harder. Carl said that if I didn’t mind getting pregnant, he was going to make sure that he made it happen. Hearing him talk like that made me hornier for his cum. Because he thought I was taking a chance of getting pregnant, all night long it worried him and now, here he was, he was trying to get me pregnant. I like when a guy talks like that to me. It lets me know I am doing something they like. When he said he was going to pump me full of baby seed, I couldn’t hold back any longer and started cumming. When I told him I was cumming, he rammed his cock into me so hard and I felt his hip bones against my ass. I knew I had all of his cock in me and started cumming all over his cock. When he couldn’t hold back any more, he said he was going to fill me up and no sooner did he say that, I felt his cock erupt inside of me.

Once again, I felt every shot of his hot cum as it entered my cunt. I was in my glory feeling just how hard his cock was able to shoot it’s cum in me. Once again, my Sir cums a lot was flooding my cunt with his hot cum. Even though I had worn him out before, he was still going at me with all he had. I turned my head and said “You want me pregnant? Go ahead and do it!” and I think his cock swelled up inside me! My legs were getting tired and I was still cumming and he was still cumming deep inside me. His cock was getting really slippery and was sliding into me even easier. I knew it was our cum that was coating his cock and keeping us both lubed up. If my legs wouldn’t give out, I could have fucked him like this for hours. He finally started to slow up inside of me. I could still feel his cum as it shot out of his cock, but not as heavy now and knew that before long, he would ne done. I started cumming again and slammed my cunt back to his cock. He must have been fucking with some of his cock out and when I did that, he hit my cervix and went all the way in. Just as he was all the way in, I held still and felt his cum fill me so fucking deep. After about another minute, Carl was done and I was able to fall over because my legs were so weak. God it was great babe! I really loved fucking Carl. I wouldn’t mind if you invited him over every now and then to fuck me! (Hehe – hint hint – wink wink)

Carl was still standing behind me as I stood up and he put his arms around me and started rubbing my belly full of his cum. I finally turned to face him and took him in my arms and we started kissing. He told me that he had such a great night with me and I told him I really had a great time with him too. He asked me if I would come and stay at his place sometime and I told him that only if I talk it over with you and you say that it would be okay. We went inside and he got dressed, but I just left my clothes off. We kept kissing before he had to leave and we had our arms around each other as we went to the door. The sun was just starting to come up and Carl said “We went all night long!” I told him he was still welcome to stay and we can keep going until it goes back down again. He snickered and shook his head no. Damn! I was standing at the door with no clothes as he went to his car and he kept looking back at me. Before he got in his car, I patted my cunt letting him know its still here when he wants it. He blew me a kiss and I grabbed it and let him see I was rubbing it on my cunt.

So anyway babe. That was my night all the way until I got in bed next to you and curled up. I kissed you a couple of times, but you were dead to the world. If you would have woken up, I was ready and would have fucked you so hard! But you just stayed asl**p so you lost out! So now that you are reading this, how about you and I have the talk I promised we would have. Jason looks sort of like you with blue eyes and light hair. I would want to make sure it is okay with you and okay with Jason too, but if you still want me to fuck a guy all month with no birth control, how would you feel about it being Jason? We will talk about it babe. If it is really something you want me to do and you are absolutely sure it wouldn’t bother you if you see me pregnant when it could be another guys baby inside of me, I think I will give that to you. I love you so much and everything we have done, we do it so we can love each other even more. If you think this won’t get in the way of that, I will do it. You just have to be sure you really want me to. Once I get pregnant, there will be no turning back and it is what it is. And you have to make me a huge promise. If I did this and get pregnant by another guy, you have to promise you will always treat that baby as yours no matter what. sl**p tight babe. I love watching you sl**p. I just hope that smile on your face means you are dreaming about me. I love you so much!

So this is one from Kellys journals. When I get back from California, I will look through some more and post a few more from her. I will only be gone a week. I want to help celebrate my daughters birthday. (And I get to see her mom too!) Hope you enjoyed Kellys story.
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