Kelly and Sir cums a lot - Part 2

Laying on the bed waiting to be stuffed by his cock was getting me so turned on! When he put his hand on my cunt and I felt his finger sliding inside of me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I felt this big cock in my hand so deep inside of my cunt and it would be fucking the hell out of me. Babe, it really gets me turned on knowing you are right there watching everything I do, but I have to say that once I start getting anxious to be fucked, we could have a stadium full of people watching me and I would forget they were there. I felt Carl as he started rolling over and getting himself between my legs and I couldn’t wait. As he started guiding his cock to my cunt, I pulled my legs up to give him a better angle at me. I could still feel his body shaking a little and that was such a turn on knowing that I was giving this guy something that he has been dreaming about and now, he was getting all of me. His cockhead was pretty big as I felt it part my cunt and begin to enter me. I wrapped my arms around him and then I wrapped my legs around his lower back so I could pull him deep into my cunt. I thought that between us, we would have had enough lube between us, but his cock felt like it was getting even fatter as he was going deeper and for a second I thought I should have used some lube to make him slide in easier. He had to start pulling back and pushing back into my cunt and as wet as he was making me, that was just barely enough to help him keep getting deeper. He pushed a little hard in me when he hit my cervix and that kind of hurt just a little. It always hurts when any guy is slamming his cock into my cervix, but I also knew that as soon as we find the right angle for him to cram that big fat cock in me, I would soon be feeling him slide right past it. I really can’t describe the feeling I have when I feel a guy gets his cock past my cervix. I still feel every bit of their cock in my cunt and when they are past my cervix I can feel it but it is almost like the area they are into is almost numb. It is such a fucking hot feeling babe. (Hehe)

I didn’t even have to tell him to keep driving in to get past it because you seen him get to that point and would put his whole body behind it and push. It felt like someone was hammering on my cervix and I raised my legs a little higher on his back and was pulling on him. My cunt felt so full of his cock and I wanted more. And then I felt his cock go all the way inside of me. It felt like his cock went under my cervix and it almost made me start cumming. He was spreading me so far and it felt so damn good. You have always said that you like for me to find a cock so big that I meet my match and can’t handle it. I always enjoy any cock and I do like looking for the biggest cocks to fuck, but Carl would be in the class of just right. The cock I was fucking is a cock I really wouldn’t mind fucking a whole lot more. His cock felt like he was just a little bit deeper then you go in me, but it was much fatter and that was the feeling I was so loving right then. Thank you for finally getting him and I together. If it wasn’t for you, Carl and I would still be passing each other in the halls and wondering what this would be like. I was whispering that I wanted to feel his big balls pump its cum so deep inside of my cunt and I could hear him moaning so softly and that was turning me on. I knew that he was starting to pick up his pace inside of me and I could feel his cock pull back and slam back so deep in my cunt. I think it was because I sucked so much of his cum down my throat that made him fuck me for so long without cumming.

Did you see me the first time I started cumming on him? Damn babe, I couldn’t get enough of this fat cock and when he made me cum, I had such a hard hold on him and he sent me over the edge. Just in time too, because it was starting to get a little dry from the friction of his cock hitting every part of my insides. Did you hear him ask me if I really wanted him to cum inside of me? He was whispering in my ear that he would pull it out if I wanted him to and I knew if I said I wanted his cum inside of me, he would explode so hard because thinking that he was fucking an unprotected cunt. I told him that I wanted his cum shooting so deep inside of me and I didn’t want him to pull it out. When I looked at his face, I seen his eyes getting a little bigger and knew it was turning him on too. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me and said “I want you to cum so fucking deep in my cunt! I don’t care what happens as long as I feel you cum hard. I want your hot fucking cum inside of me so bad right now.” That is when we started kissing babe and I think I felt his big balls tighten up against his cock and they were trying to find their way into my cunt too. I knew that any second, I would feel that fat cock shoot that hot, thick cum in me.

When he said that he was about to get off, knowing what I was about to get made me start cumming again. Just as I locked onto him and pulled him deep inside of me and started cumming, I felt his cock open up and start filling me. Oh my God babe, it was so hot and so fucking thick and it felt like someone turned a hose on inside of my cunt. As much as my cunt was stuffed with his cock, his cum had nowhere to go but deeper inside of me. I had my eyes closed as we were both cumming, but I could tell that his face must have been twisting up just by the way he was pushing his cock with all that he had inside of me. He was holding himself so deep past my cervix and the feeling of his cock jetting his cum over and over was making me cum again just as I was finishing the last one. You know I can cum several times in a night, but so far, you have been the only one that can make me cum a again just as I am finishing the last one. I don’t get the chance to bring that roller coater to the bottom before I am climbing back up again. I love that feeling and now I found someone that can fuck me and make me cum just like you do. Just when I thought his balls should be running dry, his cock was still shooting his hot cum into me. I’m glad I was taking my birth control babe, because his cum was so hot and so damn thick and if I wasn’t, this could very well be the cock that would get me pregnant! Did you hear me call him Sir cums a lot? I think that really turned him on because I felt his body tighten up and his cock dug a little deeper inside of me. You have always said that when a guy cums in me, you have been hoping to see some of their cum gush back out of me. Then you would know just how much cum they pumped into my cunt. I think it is because my uterus is tilted that holds it all in, but as much as Carl was putting inside of me, I thought you would get your wish.

When we both finished cumming and I felt his cock going limp inside of me, I was trying to hold him in, but it slipped out. But I still didn’t feel any of his cum running out. We started kissing and he whispered “I can’t believe you just let me get off inside of you.” I told him that I was so happy that he filled my cunt and that I loved feeling his cock explode inside of me. As we lay there catching our breath and you said you were going to give us some privacy, I wish you would have stayed so you could hear what we were talking about. Carl was saying that he never thought he would get the chance to fuck me, much less fuck me unprotected. He said that he was blown away when I told him that I still wanted him to cum inside of me. Listening to him talking like this made me continue to keep this conversation going. I told him I didn’t care if I get pregnant and that I just wanted to feel his hot cum inside of me and now that I have, I want to fuck him again and again. After you left, we got up and went into the kitchen and I grabbed a glass of wine and got him a beer. We went in the living room and he sat on the couch. Instead of sitting next to him, I sat on his lap and kept taking about wanting his cock hard inside of me again. I wanted to get his cock hard as fast as I could. The longer I could keep him hard that night, the more I was going to feel it going in and out of my cunt.

He reminds me of a black version of you babe! What is it with you men? When you cum in a girl and they tell they are not on any birth control, you guys always have to rub a girls belly after you cum inside of her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all. I think it is so sweet when a guy thinks he is rubbing what could be his baby growing very soon. When Carl was doing that, I almost thought that maybe I should make your wish come true and not take my birth control and fuck Carl every couple of days for a month! That would do the trick. But then, I start thinking about it and I am such a big chicken and I freaked out in Utah without my pills and so relieved when I didn’t end up pregnant after that week. And when I fucked Marcus that night and didn’t take my pills, I was so fucking scared that I would get pregnant and as much as I hate them, I was never so happy to see my period. Someday babe. I will make your wish come true, but we need to really choose the guy carefully okay? We can talk sometime and I promise that if we find the right person, I will stop taking my birth control and see what happens.

Anyway, as I was sitting on Carls lap, he had his arms around my waist and I started to feel his cock growing and it was trying to make its way between my legs. I didn’t mind you watching us, but I know he did and he was starting to feel comfortable with me when you were not there. He was kissing the back of my neck and my shoulders and kept telling me how beautiful I was and I had a nice ass and he liked my boobs. Hearing it always turns me on and I wanted to fuck him right there on the couch! I got an idea and I told him that I wanted to get some of my oils and put it on both of us while I was on his lap and feel his cock slide along the outside of my cunt. I got a towel to put on the couch and I rubbed some oil all over his cock and all over my cunt. I was facing him and I climbed on his lap and straddled his legs. I poured some oil on my hands and cupped his cock and balls and held it against the outside of my cunt. Carl was moving his ass and I had my hands over his cock and was feeling this fat cock glide along my cunt and it felt so good. Babe, I always like having a cock inside of me, but this was turning me on, and I still wanted him to cum inside of me when he was ready, but still just wanted to feel his cock as it slides past my cunt.

Both of us were getting so hot by this and his cock was so fucking hard in my hands. I leaned into his neck and said “Fuck me now.” I took his cock in my hands and started guiding him inside of my cunt. Oh babe! He felt so damn good. I was wiggling my ass on him and felt his cock going deeper in me. I think about this time, he was looking around to see if you were anywhere and when he didn’t see you, he said to me “I want to plant that seed inside of your fertile little pussy.” Hearing him saying that, I started cumming without any warning. I was cumming so hard and I wanted to feel his cock shoot his cum inside of me as deep as he could. When he said that he was ready, I slammed my cunt down onto his cock and told him to fill my cunt. I also told him I wanted him to fill my fertile cunt and as soon as I said that, I was feeling his cock spilling his cum inside of me again. Oh my God babe! This guy was flooding me again. I don’t know where is is getting so much cum from, but I didn’t mind. All I knew was that I was getting it inside of me. I was holding myself onto his cock so hard and threw my arms around his neck. I was trying to kiss him, but he was busy moaning and telling my how tight I was and how I was making his cock unload in me. As soon as we both finished cumming, we decided to go out by the pool to get some air and maybe jump in the pool and cool off before we go back to bed.

Out by the pool Carl really started opening up to me. I had to straighten him out because he kept telling me how he has had such a crush on me and has wanted me for so long. I was afraid he was falling in love or some shit and I told him that I am very happy being married and I am with him so that both of us can enjoy each others company but that is as far as it could ever go. He understood that, so that was a good thing. Carl said he was so glad that I was not using anything for birth control, and said that when I told him he could cum inside of me, he was a little nervous at first but said he really wanted to fill me up. He was also asking what you would say or do if he gets me pregnant. I told him that you and I talked about it and it was me that decided that I would have him without birth control and I wanted to take the chance. I wish you could have seen his eyes. He told me when him and I go back inside, he was going to fuck me until I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t wait. I knew that you were so tired and probably asl**p and Carl was asking if you would be able to hear us. I knew you still had the door open, but told him you couldn’t hear us from upstairs. We were standing in the pool and we were holding each other and I could feel his cock starting to grow and I think he was trying to aim for my cunt. So I told him we should go back to bed and I wanted him to fuck me all night.

When we got to the bedroom, I was laying on my back and he was standing next to the bed. I handed him a bottle of oil and told him to rub it all over me and I wanted to rub it all over him too. I was in another universe feeling him massaging that oil all over me and he even put the bottle to my cunt and squirted it inside of me. Then, he started sliding his finger inside of my cunt and it felt so good. Although, I wanted him to replace his finger with his cock! When I was all slippery with oil, I had him lay back and I started pouring oil on him and started massaging. I leaned over and started to blow on his stomach and chest and he was feeling the oil warm up on him and his cock started to bounce up and down between his legs. I poured some in my hands and started to rub it all over his cock and balls. His cock was sliding between my hands and I grabbed the oil and put more on him and kept massaging it in. Then, I started to blow on his cock and balls and he said it was starting to get hot. I took some more and started really working his big balls over with it and I was blowing on his balls. I was watching them tighten up and I took his cock in my mouth to get him ready to fuck me. I didn’t want to deep throat him because I didn’t want him cumming in my mouth this time. I want his cum inside of my cunt for the rest of the night. His cock was rock hard in my mouth and he pulled me up from his cock and said that he wanted me on top of him this time. So I started moving myself up and was kissing and blowing on the oil all over his body. I wanted to be on top and this time, I was going to use my cunt muscles and my cunt was going to milk his cock this time.

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