Kelly and Beckys weekend - Part 4

We all stopped in the kitchen and opened a couple of bottles of wine to take out with us and Kelly walked up and wrapped her arms around me and said “Do you love me?” I told her more then anything! Kelly asked Marcus and Becky to go ahead and go on outside and when they did, Kelly just held me and said “You aren’t mad I set up a surprise for you are you?” I told her I wasn’t mad and couldn’t believe just how big Norris was. Kelly stepped back and said “Oh my God babe! He was stretching me so much! But I did it! I took a fucking huge cock and I had it all the way in me!” I said “I do have one concern though. You just let two guys neither of us knows cum inside of you and you aren’t taking your pill this weekend. Kelly said “We’ll talk later. I don’t even want to think about that right now, okay? Please?” I kissed her and said okay. As we were getting ready to walk out, Becky motioned for Kelly and they were by the grill talking soft. Kelly walked over to Marcus and sat next to him and Becky walked over to me and said “I have to go home for a minute, but I will be right back.” She was starting to go up and grab some clothes and said “It’s only next door. I dare you to go out like that!” Becky looked shocked and said “Are you serious?” I had a big grin and said “Go out the side door. I dare you to!” And she did. I was at the door watching Becky walk naked from our house to hers. Damn, I wanted to run up and lay her on the grass and fuck her right there!

As I was heading back outside, Kelly was walking up and said “You know what she’s doing don’t you?” When I said that I had an idea, but wasn’t sure, Kelly said “She is cleaning her ass out for you! Are you excited babe? You are going to be the first guy ever to fuck her ass! You want that cute little ass don’t you? Are you going to fill it?” I smiled and Kelly noticed my cock was growing and said “Never mind. You just answered that! But don’t tell her you know. She wants to surprise you.” We sat by the pool and Marcus and Kelly were talking and I was sipping my wine. I didn’t notice Becky sneaking up behind me and she stopped behind me and put her arms around my neck and had her head against the back of my neck. Then she whispered “I want you so bad! Do you want to just go upstairs?” I tilted my head back and Becky kissed me and I said “I’m ready!” I told Kelly and Marcus we were going upstairs. Kelly waved for Becky to go over to her and she whispered something and Becky just nodded her head. Kelly said “Have fun you two!” We grabbed one of the bottles of wine and our glasses and I took Becky by the hand and we headed upstairs.

We filled our glasses and Becky sat on the edge of the bed and patted it for me to sit next to her. When I sat down, Becky was staring at her glass of wine and then inhaled and exhaled and looked at me and said “Okay, so Kelly and I had a very long talk today at the mall. She asked me if I thought I wanted to get pregnant by you. I don’t mean just taking a chance and not using anything for protection. She asked if I really thought about it.” I said “What did you tell her?” Becky said “Well, at first, I was afraid to answer her. But she said if I really wanted to, it would be okay with her and would excite her and I should talk to you about it and just do it. So I have been really thinking hard about it.” Then Becky scooted over and sat sideways on my lap and put her arms around me and said “Well, here it goes! If you would really like it, I would love to have your baby.” I said “Really? Are you playing with me?” Becky was smiling and said “I really want your baby if you want me to.” My cock was hitting the back of her leg by now and I grabbed Becky and started french kissing her. I stopped for a second and said “I want my baby in you so bad! Wow! This is big! Damn! You really want my baby?” She nodded yes and I grabbed her tight and sent my tongue deep inside of her mouth. I pulled us both backwards on the bed and put my hand over her cunt and slid a finger into her while rubbing the outside of her cunt.

We adjusted ourselves on the bad and I was laying next to her. I said “You know, I wanted to cum so bad downstairs watching you and Kelly with those guys. I wanted nothing more then to cum so hard and so deep inside of you, but I wanted our night to last. I am so built up and want you so bad! Now, I am glad I waited!” Becky reached over and grabbed my cock. It was so hard and throbbing in her hand and she said “Can I have your baby? I want your baby growing in me!” This was so fucking hot and I felt my cock oozing with precum. I rolled in between Beckys legs and rubbed my oozing cock along her cunt and slowly slid it inside of her. I wanted to savor this moment and I slid my cock so very slow inside of Beckys cunt. She started cooing under me and softly said “That’s it. I have been wanting this! Are you going to fill me? Are you going to give me that baby? Can I have your baby. I want to feel your baby growing inside of me!” I was buried to the hilt inside of her and just held myself there. I wasn’t about to cum this soon. I felt my balls swelling and churning. They were filled to the brim after watching Kelly take Norris and Becky giving them head, but now, I wanted so much to cum so deep inside of Becky.

From time to time, I would have to pull out of her and squeeze my cock hard to keep from cumming. I would squeeze my cock hard, but tease her cunt with the tip of my cock. Becky kept saying “I want it. Oh fuck me. I want your hard cock to fill me!” Becky started cumming hard on my cock and I was still squeezing my cock hard, but would push it in her cunt. Every few seconds, I would let myself go and send my cock so deep inside of her and was this was making her cum very hard and she was losing her breath. She was thrusting her cunt quick and hard against my cock and wiggling her hips as she was cumming. Becky was saying “Oh God! Give it to me! I want that hard cock!” She would move her hands from my ass to my back pulling on me. Grinding her cunt against me and she started biting my shoulder. She slowed up and was breathing heavy and said “Oh yes! You really know how to make a girl want you! I want to feel your cum. Please cum in me. I want your baby tonight!” I would alternate between fucking Becky with my entire cock to pulling back and grasping the base and just putting the head inside of her. I wanted to feel her cum hard with me when I did finally start cumming.

She started thrusting against me again. She was lifting her ass off the bed to meet my cock as I would send it deep into her cunt. Becky said “Oh Michael! You’re going to make me cum! Cum with me! I want to feel you explode so deep in me!” I started feeling myself building up to cum and looked at Becky and said “You are sure you want a baby? I want to see my baby grow in you!” Becky shouted “God yes! Cum in me! I want your baby! YYYeeeessssssss!” Becky wrapped herself around me with her legs and arms and was bucking so hard under me and I shouted “Fuck! I’m cumming! You are so fucking tight and I want to fill you!” We were so locked into each other and I felt my cock just explode so deep into her. Shot after shot, my cock was shooting my cum deep. I could feel my cock right against her cervix and my cum felt like it was hitting her cunt under pressure. Becky was panting heavy and taking quick short breaths in and out. I dug into the bed and tried forcing more of my cock inside of her and was still sending my cum deep into her. I was out of breath, but my cock was still spewing deep inside of her. The last time, I felt my cock shooting like that was the first night I was in bed with Kelly! I ran out of breath and collapsed on Becky with my cock still buried deep inside of her. I could still feel my cock shooting cum, but not as hard. Becky put her arms around my neck and pulled me close and we started french kissing. Becky kept saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the greatest lover!”

Neither of us noticed Kelly and Marcus at the door, and Kelly said “That was great you two! Way to give it to her babe! You really filled her didn’t you?” All I could do was nod my head yes. Kelly came to the side of the bed and leaned in to Becky and said “So sweetie… Do you think he succeeded? Do you think you’ll be having that baby now?” Kelly said “If I don’t, then something is wrong with me!” Then Kelly shocked me and leaned in to Becky and grabbed each side of her face and gave her a long deep kiss! When she stopped, Beckys eyes were wide and looked stunned and Kelly reached down and rubbed her belly and said “I can’t wait to see you growing!” Then she turned to Marcus and said “Come on you! After watching that, I’m draining you now!” and they left the room. Becky looked up at me and said “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!” I said “I didn’t see them watching us either.” Becky said “Not that! I never thought I would be kissing a girl before!” Then she smiled and smacked her lips and said “Hmmm. She tastes like Cherry!” I said “Let me see!” and leaned in and started kissing her and we tried exchanging tongues!

I rolled over and laid next to Becky and we just stared at each other. I reached down and rubbed her belly and said “You doing okay in there little Mikey?” Becky said “He’s probably wondering what the hell just happened. One minute, he was all snug and warm in your balls and now, he is inside of me!” I blew Becky a kiss and she returned it. We laid in silence for a minute and Becky rolled her upper body over me and said “I also want to give you something. Oh wow, I don’t believe I’m saying this to you, much less any guy! Would you like to fuck me in the ass tonight? I have never done it and I want to give that to you!” She curled her bottom lip in waiting for my answer. I said “As many times as I just stare at your ass and wonder what it would be like to feel my cock there, Kelly said you have never done it before and I didn’t think I would get to. I would so love to fuck your sweet hot ass!” Becky said that Kelly was talking to her about for weeks, and she kept thinking about it and said she even had a dream about me fucking her ass in the pool before. I had a big grin and said “Is that why you bought that rubber cock? Have you been practicing for this?” Becky said “No, Kelly bought that so I could practice taking you all the way down my mouth and in my throat without gagging. Nothing and nobody has ever been in my ass before and I would like you to be the one that does.” Becky rolled off of me and got up and went into the bathroom. She was fiddling with a bag and came back out and hand her hands behind her back.

She crawled back in bed and crawled over me and then held her hand out to me and said “Here. We bought this for you!” It was a tube of banana scented AnalEze! I joked and said “Oh man! I can’t go in your ass dry?” Becky stumbled for words for a second and said “Well, uhm… if you want to, we can try.” I told her I was just k**ding and said I would like to use it so I can slide all the way inside of her. Becky smiled and said “I can’t wait! I am so nervous, but I want you back there!” Becky asked if I was ready for it and I told her I was ready the first night that her and Steve came over for a barbecue! I said “You bent over several times that night and I wanted to sneak up behind you and plant my cock in your hot little ass!” Becky said “Well, now you can!” I opened the tube and put a drop on my finger and rubbed it around and told Becky that I better grab a towel because my hands were going to get all greasy. I walked in the bathroom and grabbed a towel and when I walked back out, Becky had a huge glob of it in her hand and said “Come here you! Let me see that gorgeous cock!” It was real thick and she spread a heavy layer all over my cock and then said “So how do you want me? On my back or my stomach?” I told her lets get her on her stomach and I started reaching for a few pillows and said “Lets get these stacked under your stomach. That will make it easier.” I stacked the pillows and Becky laid on them and her ass was high up and she had her legs spread out for me.

I asked Becky for the tube and she handed it to me. I held my cock and squeezed a huge glob out on the head of my cock and rubbed my cock against her ass. Becky thought I was going to push it in and I felt her body tighten up. I said “I’m just getting some on you to make it easy. Try not to tighten up okay? You are going to be so fucking tight and if you are flexing up, I don’t want it to hurt.” I put another glob in my cock head and aimed it to Beckys tight ass and said “Okay, just the head to get your insides lubed okay?” Becky nodded and I held my cock and put the head against her ass and started pushing. I was trying to penetrate her ass and heard Becky say “Oh damn! This is going to be tight! I just know it!” I pushed a little harder and the head of my cock slipped in and I held it there. I told Becky I will just hold it so she can relax and to let me know when she was ready for more. She took a few short breaths and said “Okay, I’m ready.” I pushed a few more inches in and held it. Becky had her head stuffed in a pillow and was biting it. I held myself and she turned her head and said “I feel your big cock throbbing in me! I’m ready for more!” I said “If you want, I can keep going slow or do you want me to just get it over and give it all to you and then let you relax?” Becky said “If you want, you can just give it all to me!” I felt her body tense up and again I told her not to tighten up because I don’t want it to hurt. Becky said “It already hurts, but I want it! So go ahead and put it all in me!”

I didn’t want her body tight when I pushed all the way into her ass and told her to relax for a minute and then I would. I knew the only way I would get it in her without having her tighten up on me would be to catch her by surprise with it. I had both hands rubbing her ass and keeping my cock in the same spot, I was slowing circling my hips. She started relaxing and I said “Give me a minute and I will be ready.” She nodded her head and as soon as I felt her body relax completely, I rammed my cock as deep as I could into her ass and held it in! She was screaming into the pillow, but never said to pull it out and I just held it as hard as I could into her. She kept screaming and I said “It’s okay baby. Just relax. It’s all the way. You have it all. Just let yourself relax.” Becky reached a hand back and felt my cock and said “Oh my God, you feel so deep in me! It hurts, but you feel so fucking great! I love your cock!” Becky started relaxing and I started to thrust back and forth into her ass with short thrusts. The more she relaxed, the longer my strokes became. After a few minutes, I was pulling my cock back to just the head and would slide it all the way into her tight little ass. I reached my hand underneath her and had my hand over her cunt and started sliding my finger inside of her. She was grinding her ass against my cock and at the same time, was grinding her cunt against my finger.

With slow steady strokes, I kept pulling my cock to the head and would send it all the way back in. I was fucking her ass for quite a while and then Becky said “Oh damn! I’m going to cum! Damn you Michael! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass so deep!” and she started cumming. My hand was getting drenched and I jammed my finger deep inside of her cunt. I continued with me strokes and kept slamming my balls against her ass as I would give her my entire cock! I started feeling myself getting ready to cum. Not sure if she wanted me to cum inside of her ass or shoot my cum on her ass, I said “I’m about to start cumming! Do you want me to pull it out?” Becky said “You don’t have to pull it out. You can cum in ass if you want to. I know I really wouldn’t mind it!” I wrapped my arms around her waist and pushed myself forward into her and said “I want to cum in your ass! Here it comes!” And I held my cock all the way in her ass and felt my cum leaving my cock. Becky said “Oh damn! I can feel you cumming! I feel your hot cum in my ass! Oh yes! So hot! And so fucking deep! Shoot that cum in my ass!” I held myself as hard as I could while my cum pumped deep into her ass! I held on until I was empty! Becky was cumming while I was filling her ass and when we both finished, her body went limp. Her ass was still propped up by the pillows and I still had my hard cock buried as deep as I could in her ass and I collapsed onto her back.

She had her head turned to the side on the pillow and I started kissing the back of her neck. I could feel her ass tighten and loosen on my cock and I whispered in her ear “Oh damn! You just drained me! Your ass is so tight and I couldn’t stop filling you! Your ass is so hot and so fucking tight. You milked me dry, you know that?” Becky said “Did you like that? I know I did!” She started twisting her head back and I stretched my head down and kissed her and said “That was the best ever!” I slowly pulled my cock from her and rolled next to her. Becky pulled the pillows from under her and straddled me and we started kissing. Becky said “I love your cock! I just want you to know that I will fuck you anytime you want!” We started kissing and our heads were pushing against each other. Becky stopped and said “Oh damn, my ass is all greasy! Can you hand me that towel please?” I told her lets jump in the shower and I will wash it off of her. I said “It gives me another chance to rub your hot ass!” We got up and went into the shower. When she turned around, my cock was getting hard again and I was trying to push it in her ass again. Becky looked over her shoulder and said “Haven’t had enough yet?” I said “It’s already lubed, why waste it?” We have a built in bench in our shower and Becky bent over and put her hands on the bench. I started shoving my cock at her ass and then held it to guide it into her.

She was much more relaxed and my cock slid deep into her ass. Fuck, her ass is so tight and before long, I had my hand under her and was fingering her cunt while driving my hard cock deep into her ass! I felt Becky start cumming and I shouted “Oh God, I want to fill that ass! Yes! I’m cumming in that ass of yours!” It didn’t take long before we were spent and I slowly pulled my cock from Beckys ass. From outside the shower, we heard Kelly say “Knock Knock?” She opened the shower door and said “I see you got your present babe! Was it as good as you hoped?” I told Kelly this wasn’t the first and we were in bed and were just getting in the shower to clean up, but I couldn’t resist. Kelly looked at Becky and said “You know, he’s going to be like a little puppy and is going to be following you everywhere now!” Kelly patted Beckys arm and said “Great job sweetie!” and she left the bathroom. I soaped Becky down from head to toe and she lathered me up and we cleaned each other up. We got out of the shower and dried off and I sprawled out in the bed and held my hand out for Becky. She leaned over me and started kissing me and said “Do you want me to stay or should I go home now?” I wrapped my arms around her and said “You can try to leave, but I’m holding on to you so you can’t leave!” It was nearly 8 in the morning. We fell asl**p with Beckys head on my chest as her pillow and I had both arms around her.

We didn’t wake up until almost 4 in the afternoon and we got dressed and before heading downstairs, I grabbed her and started hugging her and gave her a long deep kiss. I said “Thank you for such a great weekend. I am so glad you spent it with me!” Becky rubbed her belly and said “I should be thanking you! I have never felt like I did this weekend!” Then she patted her belly and said “Now, lets hope I have something to remember this weekend by!” I bent down and raised her shirt and kissed her belly and speaking to her stomach, I said “Take care of your mom for me okay?” She giggled and we went downstairs. Kelly was laying out by the pool asl**p and Marcus was not outside. We walked out and Kelly lifted her head and said “So you decided to finally get up?” Becky nodded yes, but I said “No, I got up several times last night! But just now, we decided to wake up!” I asked Kelly if Marcus was still asl**p and she said they got up around 1 and he finally went home. Asked Becky and Kelly if they were hungry and Kelly said she ate, but Becky was a little hungry. I said I’ll go fix us something.” She started to come in with me and Kelly said “Sweetie, you can sit with me.”

As I was fixing us something, I could see out of the window that Kelly and Becky were sitting there talking and giggling and Kelly leaned over and started to rub Beckys belly. Kelly pointed to me and Becky came into the kitchen and said she would keep cooking and said “Kelly wants you.” I walked out and sat next to Kelly and she said “So did you have a great weekend babe?” I told her I did. She said “Well, you really made Becky feel special this weekend and now, she is hoping she gets pregnant by you. What do you think? Are you happy? I told her I was. Then Kelly said “About last night… You were asking me about fucking Edward and Norris without birth control. I couldn’t tell you last night in case Marcus overheard me, but I didn’t take it on the first night just to show Becky it was okay for her to let you cum in her. I chickened out and took my pill yesterday. But I’ll bet it turned you on thinking I was going to get pregnant by either Marcus or two guys I didn’t even know didn’t it?” I told her it did. Kelly said “I really did take the chance with Marcus Friday night. I sort of hope I don’t get pregnant just yet, but if I do, I do.” Kelly leaned in and kissed me and said “Thanks for making Becky feel so great! I felt so bad hearing how bad her ex always treated her and knew you could make her feel like a princess!” After Becky and I ate, she said that she needed to get home and get some clothes washed for work the next day. As she was ready to leave, I said “Don’t you need to get your things upstairs?” Becky said “They can stay here. Kelly asked me to come over next weekend too.” I said “Ohhh! So she has Marcus coming back?” Becky said “No, I think she is hoping Jason comes over.” She kissed me and we said goodbye. As she was leaving, I said “You know that drive to and from work everyday won’t be the same!” Becky blew me a kiss and said “I hope not! Instead of just staring at me, you know you can have me now!”

And just so you know… I am flying down to California next week to help celebrate our daughters birthday!

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2 years ago
Sorry. Wasn't trying to make it hurt. You said you liked it. I know I did. Now I feel bad. I wish you would have said it was hurting you. You do know that I never wanted it to hurt, right?
2 years ago
And I would just like you to know that having your big dick in my ass hurt like a mother but I really loved feeling you there too. I would do that anytime just for you. Love you.
2 years ago
And little did you know that even before I got to know you and Kell, I would have wanted to get pregnant and have your baby! I miss my favorite girl. I miss all the times we had together too. Love ya.
2 years ago
another great one buddy!!
2 years ago
Great series. This is like the 13th installment on this storyline, and all I can think is I hope there is more on the way.