Kelly and Beckys weekend - Part 1

Kelly and Becky got back home about 5:30 and when they walked in Kelly said “Sorry we were gone so long. We were having fun. By the way babe… Becky said thanks for all the things you bought her! And thanks for buying mine too!” Seeing all of the bags they were both walking in with, I said “So how much did I spend?” Kelly told me I didn’t want to know. I said “Wait a minute? How come Marcus didn’t pay for yours?” Kelly said it was because her and I were married and she was worth it. Okay, so I didn’t understand just how that worked out, but she is worth it. Kelly asked Becky which bag it was and Becky pointed to a bag from Lotions and Lace. It’s an erotic store that Kelly gets hers oils from. It was a full bag, and as many different flavored oils, I don’t see why we needed more. Then Kelly grabbed Beckys bag and pulled out this white babydoll with thigh high white see through stockings. She said “Looked what you bought for Becky! Isn’t this cute?” I smiled really big and said “Well, I bought it because I thought she wanted something different to wear out for dinner!” Becky was awfully quiet.

Kelly said that she had a new plan for dinner and said “Babe. Becky and I were thinking about dinner. You want seafood and I was hoping for Italian. So how about I call Marcus and see if him and I could go to Mia’s and you and Becky can go ahead and go to Captain Jacks?” I looked at Becky and then started laughing and said “Whew! So I don’t have to pay for you and Marcus tonight?” Kelly said “Ha ha! You are paying for all of it tonight! My credit card! Your bill!” I told Kelly this day was starting to get expensive. Kelly said “Yeah. But you know you love it!” Kelly called Marcus and told him about the change in plans. Becky said she was going to run home and change and would be right back, and took one big bag and left the others with Kelly. She came back over about 30 minutes later. Oh damn! She looked stunning! A body hugging blue mini dress! Kelly was upstairs getting ready and she came down wearing the same kind of dress in red. Damn, they both looked so hot! I said that I need to go up and get dressed! When I came back down, Marcus was here and both girls were spraying some body spray on each other.

Kelly came over and gave me a kiss and said “Okay babe. We’re leaving now. See you two back here later.” As they left, I told Becky she was being very quiet tonight and asked if she was okay. She said “I just have so much going through my head right now. Just trying to remember everything that Kelly and I talked about today. Kelly is just so sweet. I love her to pieces!” I grabbed my keys and walked over to Becky and put my arm around her waist. As we walked out to my truck, I said “I really hope you don’t think you will be wearing this dress very long! You will be lucky if we make it to the restaurant wearing it!” Becky said “Don’t worry. It’ll be coming off later.” I walked her to the passenger door and said “I just have to see how you are going to get in my truck wearing that!” I helped her up and her dress rode up some and I seen she had on a blue thong! I told Becky she looked so gorgeous tonight and said “That is one cute ass!” She smiled and said “Thank you. Kelly helped me pick everything out today.” I said “Yeah! Well she didn’t pick out that ass!” We went to Captain Jacks and as we were walking in the door of the restaurant, Becky said “So are you ready to eat?” I laughed and said “I thought we were going to have dinner first. Becky said “That is what I meant.” Hmmm? Kelly would have gotten that right away. Becky didn’t get it until we were about to sit down and leaned to me and whispered “I just thought about what you said!” and she was blushing! We had a nice dinner and before we left, we took our shoes off and walked along the beach. I told her I couldn’t wait to get her back home and we left.

When we pulled into the garage, I seen that Kellys car was already here and we walked in and nobody was there. I called upstairs and Becky said “I see them by the Jacuzzi.” Kelly had this tiny bikini on and Marcus had his trucks off and Kelly had his cock in her hand. I opened the sliding door and said “Hey? What do you two think you’re doing?” Kelly waved his cock back and forth and said “I didn’t get enough to eat!” and Kelly sank her mouth over his cock and buried him down her throat. Becky said she needed to go home and do something, but she would be back. I gave her a hug and kiss and said “You are making my cock hard. Don’t take too long.” She kissed me and said she would be right back and left. Kelly come bouncing in the kitchen and said “Is she gone yet?” I told her that she went next door for a few minutes. Kelly said “I know why, but don’t tell her I told you. She bought an enema kit today and she is going home to flush her ass out. I think you are going to get to fuck her ass tonight babe. What do you think? You get to be the first one she has ever let do that to her. Are you excited?” I told Kelly I was excited and that I could have helped her with it and she said “It’s a girl thing and Becky doesn’t want you to know she goes potty!” I told Kelly that Becky didn’t say just what they talked about, but it sounded like they had a good day. Kelly told me they had a great day together.

I went upstairs and put my trucks on and when I came back down, Becky had just arrived and had a button up blouse and a little wrap around skirt. I said “Damn! I was hoping I would get to take that dress off of you tonight!” Becky smiled and said “Don’t worry. I have other things you can take off of me.” We noticed Kelly and Marcus had wine sitting next to them already and Marcus was ramming his huge black cock down her throat, so we grabbed a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses to take out to the pool. I sat on the edge of the pool and turned to see Becky taking her blouse and skirt off. Underneath, she was wearing what could only be described as a couple of strings! It was the skimpiest micro bikini I have ever seen. She turned in a circle and said “Do you like it?” I told her I did and Kelly stopped giving Marcus head just long enough to shout over to me “You better like it babe. You paid enough for it!” and her and Marcus started laughing. Becky sat next to me and we took a sip of wine. I leaned over and said “Just how long do you think you can have that on in front of me?” Becky smiled and whispered “I hope it won’t be long. I want you so bad tonight!” I slid into the water and turned to face Becky and put my arms around her waist. I was just admiring her body and Becky said “After last night, I want to make this your night!” I smiled and stepped closer to her and started kissing her legs and reached in and kissed her stomach and said “You mean it can get better?” She smiled. Becky walked up to us and said “Babe. Marcus and I are going to take the bedroom downstairs tonight. This will give you two more privacy okay?” I told Kelly that was okay with me and she looked at Becky and said “Good luck sweetie! He’s all yours tonight!” Then, Kelly and Marcus headed inside and Marcus was hard and standing at attention. I whispered to Becky “I know he’s getting ready to get his problem taken care of!”

We stayed out by the pool for about five more minutes and finished our glass of wine. Becky took in a deep breath and said “Okay. So I told you this was your night? Well, Kelly and I talked today and she gave me a few pointers on how I can make you melt tonight. Would you like that?” I told her she had me climbing the walls last night and Becky said I haven’t seen anything yet. I asked her what they talked about today and Becky said “I’m not telling you what we talked about. I’ll show you when we get upstairs though. And later is very special!” And she grabbed the wine bottle and poured another glass and said “But I need some more of this first!” I poured me another glass and went in and opened another bottle. As I was walking in the kitchen, I was thinking that she was talking about me fucking her ass and I couldn’t wait! I came back out and she had finished her glass already and I poured her some more. I said “I’m trying to get you d***k so I can have my way with you tonight!” We chuckled and Becky said “You don’t need to get me d***k for that!” Then she said “Let’s go to bed. I want you now!” We headed upstairs and when we walked in the bedroom, Becky said she would be out in a minute and grabbed one of her bags and went into the bathroom.

When she came out, she had the white babydoll with thigh high stockings and my mouth dropped. Oh damn! She looked so hot! I walked over and grabbed her in my arms and we started kissing. She broke our kiss and slid down to her knees and started talking my trucks off. Then, she took my cock in her mouth and started taking it deep into her mouth. She would go down and pull back up, and all the time, she had the suction thing going like she does and it felt so fucking great! After a few minutes, Becky stopped and started standing up and said she would finish me on the bed. She said “Now that I just put this on, would you like to take it off of me now?” Hell, I thought she would never ask and started removing her babydoll and stockings. She asked me to get on the bed and lay on my back. When I did, she crawled on the bed and grabbed a bottle of warming oil and squirted it all over me and started rubbing it in. She was rubbing it all over my cock and balls and was using a pulling motion as she was rubbing the oil into my cock.

Becky told me to lay back and enjoy this and when I did, she sank down over my cock. She would suck and take my cock deeper and then took a breath and took my entire cock down her throat and held it! With my cock buried to my balls down her throat, I could still feel her mouth sucking me. She held it until she ran out of air and came back up and said “Do you like that?” All I could say was “Fuck, you are fantastic!” and Becky took my cock deep once again. She continued taking my cock all the way and just yesterday, she had never even given head! She stopped and said “Stand on the side of the bed. I want to lay on my back and then shove your big cock down my throat. I want to feel you cum in my throat. Just tell me before, but I want you to hold me there when you start getting off and no matter what, don’t stop until you are done!” I said “Are you really sure about that?” She said “I told you this was your night and I want to give that to you. That’s why Kelly and Marcus are downstairs. She was afraid if she heard us, she would come running to stop you if it sounded like I was hurt. I know you won’t hurt me, but I want you so far down my fucking throat when you get off! Okay?” I told her that I would so love that, but wanted to make sure that she could do it.

She got up and said “I want to show you something.” She went in to the bathroom and came back with an 8 inch rubber cock. Becky said Kelly bought this for me and on the way home, she had me practicing holding it all the way down my throat. She said that if I wanted you to get off in my throat, I shouldn’t pull you out while you are because it could go down the wrong pipe. Watch this!” Becky leaned her head back and took that big rubber cock all the way down and slowly pulled it out and said “See. I didn’t gag on it!” She got back on the bed and turned on her back and hung her head over the edge and said “Fuck my throat and give me all you got!” I stepped forward and she put her hands around my ass and pulled me close. I sent my cock down her throat and pushed in as hard as I could. Damn, she had it all and never even flinched! I started to pound my cock in and out of her throat and about once a minute, she would hold me back and take in more air and back in I went. I would push my cock into her throat hard and pull back and back in hard again. When I was getting ready to cum, I told Becky to hurry and get some more air and I was going to cum. She pulled away and took in a huge breath and pulled my ass to her and I sent my cock deep into her throat. I shouted “Shh ii tt! I’m cuu ummm mming!” Damn, I couldn’t hardly say it!! My cum started shooting through my cock and I felt it hit inside of her throat. Over and over, I kept shooting my hot cum down her throat and at one point, I thought she would need air and was getting ready to back away and she held my ass tight against her mouth! I was hearing her gurgling and knew she was getting her throat extremely filled with my cum! I said “That’s it! Oh my God take it! You’re fucking great! Oh shit!” I was still cumming and I knew Becky had to be out of air, but she just held me until she felt the very last shot leave my cock and enter her tight fucking throat!

When I had finished and pulled out, she swallowed hard and then took in a very huge noisy breath! Hardly able to speak, Becky said “Did you like that?” I told her it was fucking excellent! I said “That is going to be hard for me to beat, but when I am done with you, I want to be peeling you off the ceiling!” She took a huge drink from the wine glass she brought up.
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