Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 8

About that time, Kelly and Marcus came up to us. Marcus was as hard as a rock and Kelly said “Well, we are heading back upstairs. Have fun you two. I know we will!” They left and I was about ready to take Becky upstairs too. Before I had a chance to, Becky said “Can I please have a glass of wine?” I told her sure and we walked in the kitchen to get it for her. She said she was a little tipsy from the daiquiris, but wanted some wine to mellow her out. I said “Don’t get so hammered that you pass out on me! I mean… not like it would stop me, just so you know!” Becky laughed and then said “I see how you and Kelly talk during sex and I want to try it. I want to get buzzed so I don’t get nervous talking like that and sound stupid.” I started laughing and said “What do you mean we talk dirty? Just because she is fucking a huge black cock and letting him cum deep inside of her cunt! What’s dirty about that?” And then I smiled. Becky was telling me the words we use and she wanted to do that too because it was getting her hot when we would say things like that. I said “Okay. So try it.” Becky started blushing and said “I want your penis inside of my vagina so deep and get off as hard as you can!” I busted up laughing and said “Well, first, you sound like a gynecologist with turrets! Call it a cock, dick, boner, pecker or stiffy, but not a penis. And it’s a cunt, pussy, beaver, twat or box, and only a doctor knows it as a vagina. I’m only playing with you, but think about how it would sound if I said that I would really like to have intercourse with you?” She laughed and said “I want you to jam your rock hard cock in my pussy and get me pregnant! How’s that?” I told her I liked it and that last part was so fucking great!

I wrapped my arms around Becky and said “I want to fuck you so bad. Can I really get you pregnant? Damn! Just the thought of it makes my cock hard for you!” Becky said “Well, Kelly is getting pregnant by a black guy, so I say that I really want your baby growing in me.” I kissed Becky and held her tight. I told her I wanted her in bed, but said “When we get up there, let’s pop in on Kelly and Marcus and start clapping for them and talk to them to interrupt them okay?” We laughed as we snuck upstairs. As we walked through the door of the spare bedroom, Marcus had his cock buried deep inside of Kelly and she had her legs wrapped around his back. They were fucking each other so hard. We started clapping and caught them off guard. I started it off and said So Marcus. Kelly told me they promoted you last week. Are they paying you more too? Becky said “Hey Kelly. Where did you buy that oil that smells like strawberries?” Kelly and Marcus busted up laughing and stopped. Kelly said “You assholes! Now, I forgot where I was!” Becky and I started pacing back and forth in the room to distract them. Marcus was laughing so hard and Kelly was laughing and said “Oh you two are so in for it now!” I said “Don’t make me have to come in here and hose you two down!” Then I took Becky by the hand and we headed for the bedroom. On the way out, Becky said “Okay. Go back to what you were doing.” We laughed and as we walked in the room, she jumped on the bed and turned on her back and spread her arms and legs and said “Fuck me!” I said “I have been waiting to hear you say that!”

I was just getting ready to crawl between Beckys legs and from the other room, we heard Kelly loudly saying “Yes! That’s it! Fuck my ass! Put that huge cock all the way in my ass! Oh yes! That’s it!” Becky stopped suddenly and whispered “Oh my God! Is she really doing that? I told her that she has done it before, so I didn’t see why not. Becky said “I have never even seen it, much less thought about trying it. I should go peek and see what it looks like. He is so big and that has got to hurt.” We got up and snuck to the doorway so Becky could see and of course, I wouldn’t mind watching it either. As we rounded the doorway, Marcus and Kelly jumped out and yelled “Gotcha!! And scared the crap out of us! They were standing in the hall saying all of this hoping we would get nosey! Marcus said “Sorry guys. She promised she would really let me fuck her ass if I went along with this. Blame her!”, as he pointed to Kelly. Becky stepped to Kelly and whispered. I could guess what she said because Kelly said “Of course you can see it!” Then she turned to Marcus and said “Lube that cock up. Becky wants to see this!” Kelly laid on her stomach as Marcus lubed his hard cock up with gel. He rubbed some on Kellys ass and said “You ready?” Of course Kelly said she was ready. I think it also excited her knowing that a first timer was going to see it happen too.

As Marcus got behind Kelly, she raised her ass up and Marcus started to guide his cock to her ass. Becky had let go of me and was walking next to the bed to get a closer look. Marcus started sending his cock into her ass about an inch at a time. Each time, he would pull back and drive in deeper. Kelly noticed that Becky was right next to the bed and asked Marcus to move his leg so Becky could see. He moved his leg and Becky had a full view of this massive cock in Kellys ass. Deeper and deeper he went. I could see by Kellys face that it was hurting, but she never made a sound to let on to Becky that it hurts. Kelly started saying “Yes. That’s it baby. Fuck my ass! Send it deep. I want your cock all the way in my ass!” Kelly was biting her lower lip, but Marcus pushed and pushed until the entire length of his cock was inside of her. Becky shuttered and looked at me with her eyes wide and then came over to me and grabbed my arms. Kelly turned her face into the pillow so Becky could not see it was hurting and into the pillow she was saying “That’s it baby. Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard with your cock. Pound my ass!” Becky took my hand and we went to the other bedroom. She turned to me and said “Oh my God! Did you see how big he was and she took it all in her ass? Do you think she will let him get off there too?” Just then, we heard Kelly say “Oh shit yes! Cum in me! Fill my ass with that cum! Push it deep. I want your cum deep!” I looked at Becky and said “Does that answer your question?”

Becky said “I’m not sure about that! That looks like it would hurt! But I want you in me now. Seeing that makes me want to fuck you now.” I laid Becky on the bed. I crawled next to her and we started kissing and I started to get on top of her and between her legs. Before I was to her cunt, I stopped and asked Becky what she did with that prolong tube. She reached under the pillow and grabbed it and handed it to me and asked why I needed it. I told her I was going to try it because I wanted to fuck her for as long as I could and see how many times I could make her cum. Becky said “Okay, as long as I can feel yours too!” I said “Trust me… I am going to fill your cunt up tonight!” Becky took the tube from me and she squeezed almost half the tube into her hands and took both hands and really started to rub it in my cock. I was reading the tube and it said to rub it in well and wait 5 minutes. Oh damn! I felt my cock hard and yet, it was starting to feel numb. When Becky finished rubbing it in, I leaned over and grabbed the strawberry oil and squirted it all over Becky and using my body, I started rubbing it into her. While I was waiting the five minutes, I was kissing her boobs and blowing all over her making the oil feel warm.

Becky grabbed my neck and shoved her tongue so far into my mouth and held me as tight as she could. I don’t know if we made it to five minutes, but I crawled between her legs and started guiding my cock to her cunt. As my cock found her cunt, I gave a little push and I started gyrating my hips to tease her. Becky stopped searching for my tonsils and whispered “Oh yes. I want your baby. Do you want me to have your baby?” I whispered “Keep talking like that and you are going to end up having triplets! Damn you are so tight! I want to drain my balls into you all night!” I remembered a while back that Jason had given Kelly hickeys from ear to ear and I wanted to leave my mark on Becky. Because of her work and everyone knowing she was divorced, I wanted to make it low so she wouldn’t have to work at covering it up, so I latched on to her lower neck and begin sucking with my mouth as wide as I could. My cock was buried all the way inside of her cunt and I also felt like a leech on her neck. The more I was fucking her, the more I was sucking on her. I finally stopped and when I looked, I thought “Oh shit! It looked like someone punched her in the neck with their fist!” But Becky had her legs wrapped around me and was raising her hips to meet my thrusts and didn’t even notice what I was doing to her neck.

Her cunt felt tight around my cock, but it was also like I didn’t have a lot of feeling. She wrapped her arms around my neck and said “Yes! I’m getting off! Sorry. I mean… I’m cumming! Take me! Fuck me so hard! I want that baby!” Becky held me tight as she was cumming and she started bucking her hips fast and with short thrusts on my cock, but held me deep inside of her. After about a minute, her body started to relax and I just kept fucking her. Slow, and then faster. Each time, I would make sure my cock hit bottom inside of her. Looking at the alarm clock, I noticed we had been fucking for about 15 minutes and I was still not even close to cumming. But Becky was! She said “Oh damn! You’re making me cum again! Fuck me with that cock! I’m going to keep your cock! Oh yes! I’m cumming!” Becky was squeezing me so tight that it almost hurt, but I wasn’t about to stop. I started whispering to her “Will you have my baby?” Becky started saying “Yes. I want your baby. Please give me your baby!” Just talking like this made me want to fuck her as hard as I could. I was really slamming my cock into her cunt and each time, I would send it balls deep into her. I reached around and grabbed her legs and was holding them up high and said “Oh yes! I want to cum! Take that baby! I want to see your belly grow! I’m cumming! Shhiiiit!” I dug my feet into the bed as hard as I could and pushed into Beckys cunt and sent my hot cum as far into her as I could. I was trying hard to empty my balls into her right then.

I was holding her legs up almost to her head as I rammed my shooting cock into her cunt. Becky was thrusting her hips up to meet my cock and she started cumming again. The added lubrication made my cock slide deeper into her and I held my cock into her as I finished draining my balls. As I was feeling the last few spurts, I just held myself inside of her and was out of breath. I fell on top of Becky and we started kissing. We were both panting hard trying to catch our breath, I felt a hand slap my ass hard. I pulled out fast from Beckys cunt and turned around. Kelly had swatted my ass and said “Good job you two!” Damn that stung! Kelly saw Beckys neck and said “Holy fuck babe! Did you see what you did to her neck?” Becky grabbed her neck and Kelly said “You have a fucking huge hickey on your neck!” Then Kelly said “Okay boys. You two go downstairs. I want to talk to my girl.” Marcus and I went downstairs. Marcus started telling me that he hopes it won’t end our friendship if he gets Kelly pregnant. I told him I can’t say anything because Becky keeps telling me to get her pregnant. We both grabbed a beer and Marcus said “I have no fluids left. Gotta fill up!” We clicked our beers and I said “I know the feeling!” After about ten minutes, I walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled “What are you two doing? You’re not doing anything we want to see are you?” Kelly yelled back “Ha ha. Why would we need each other when we have you two? Be down in a second!” Marcus looked at me and said “That would be fucking hot!” I told him it would, but I doubt I would ever see it in this lifetime and said “Kelly is into cock and she wants the real thing!”

Kelly and Becky walked in and Kelly said “You bet your ass I want the real thing!” And Becky sat down next to me and Kelly opened a bottle of wine and poured a couple of really huge glasses. Two glasses almost took the entire bottle. Becky started to guzzle hers and Kelly was starting to sip hers at first and then took a couple of big chugs. Then Kelly sat down and said “Okay Babe… and you too Marcus. Here is what we are thinking. I was talking to Becky and here is what we want to do. I mentioned one plan, but Becky made some changes. Babe. You are going to be fucking Becky. And Marcus. Becky is going to give you head. And… drum roll please? Tell them Becky.” Becky very quietly said “I want you both to cum.” Kelly said “What else?” Becky looked at Marcus and said “I want to swallow it.” Then she guzzled some more wine. Kelly said “Marcus come here.” And they both went outside and were standing by the pool. I asked Becky if Kelly talked her into it and said “If you are afraid of doing it, I will talk to Kelly.” Becky said “No. Kelly thinks you would like to see it. If you want to see it, I will do it. I leaned over and kissed her and said “If you had him in your mouth and me in your cunt, I know I would fill your cunt so hard!” Becky smiled and said “Kelly asked if I wanted to fuck him, but I wanted you instead. And when she asked if I wanted him to fuck my ass, there is no way I could do that. If I let anyone fuck my ass, it would be you. But I have to work up the nerve for that.” I said “Have you worked up the nerve yet?” and we both laughed.

Kelly and Marcus came back in and Kelly said “Okay. Come here Babe.” We went outside and she told me that Becky agreed to taking us, and said “I know she is scared about it and she asked what you would think of her doing it. So babe. Here is what I want you to do. I know it goes against everything we have ever said about all of this, but I want you to make sure before we get upstairs, tell her you love.” I looked at Kelly and said “What did you just say?” Kelly said “You heard me. Make sure that Marcus and I don’t hear it, but tell her you love her. When I mentioned her giving Marcus head while fucking you, she said she had always thought she would only do something like that with someone she loves. So, to get her to do it, tell her you love her okay?” I shrugged my shoulders and said “As long as you are sure.” Kelly said that she was sure it would make Becky feel better about it. We walked back in and Kelly said “So, are we going to do it?” Again, Becky nodded yes. And then she finished her huge glass of wine. Kelly poured what was left in the bottle in Beckys glass and she guzzled that down too. After that, Kelly said “So. Nobody’s moving yet!” and we all stood up and headed for the bedroom. Marcus was ahead of us and Kelly passed us and got next to him. As we were walking up the stairs, I noticed Becky was staring at his cock and said “I don’t believe I am going to do this!”

I stopped Becky before we got up stairs and turned her to face me. I said “I know that we have known each other for a while and this is the first night we have done anything, but I have to tell you something.” Becky said “What?” I put my hands on her waist and held her and said “I love you.” Becky took a deep breath and exhaled and was so quiet and then said “I love you too. And I want to do this for you.” Okay, so we both knew we could not be in love with each other, but it made her feel better about giving Marcus head while I was fucking her. We walked in the room and Marcus was laying sideways with his legs off the bed and Kelly was rubbing his cock hard. Kelly stood up and said “Here Becky. I started to get him hard. You finish it.” Becky sat down next to him and started rubbing his cock and would look up at Becky and I every few seconds. I heard Becky softly tell Marcus “You are so big!” Kelly came over and started rubbing my cock and I started getting hard. When Marcus and I were both hard, Kelly said “Okay. I think they are both hard enough. Becky seemed like she didn’t know what she should do next and so I took her hand and laid her back on the bed.

I got between her legs and I started to guide my cock to her cunt. When I found her cunt, I held myself right there. Marcus got onto the bed and was on his knees right next to Beckys head and he leaned his body over her. Becky opened her mouth and took his massive cock into her mouth. She only had a few inches in her mouth and I was still just inside the opening of her cunt and drove my cock as deep as I could in one wave. Marcus gave Becky about another inch of his cock and that was about as much as Becky could take of him. Marcus is much larger then I am and a lot fatter and Becky had her mouth as wide as she possibly could. As Marcus started to give Becky short thrusts into her mouth, I started to pound away at Beckys cunt. I was holding myself up by my arms and had a perfect view of Becky sucking Marcus. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but so glad that it was. Marcus had gotten himself all worked up about having a girl that has never given head before that night, has never swallowed cum before that night, and has never even thought about giving head to a black guy before that night. It wasn’t long before he said he was cumming and Beckys eyes got wide as he started filling her mouth with his hot cum. As she had promised, Becky was gulping his cum as fast as he was pumping it into her mouth.

Seeing this, I shouted “I’m cumming!” and Becky pushed her hips against me and I started filling her cunt. Kelly was standing behind us and I heard her say “Give her your cum guys. Good girl Becky! You’re doing it! Take it all in!” Marcus pumped more cum into Beckys mouth and I seen her cheeks puff up and then she swallowed. As I was seeing this, my balls were releasing their load deep inside of her cunt. Marcus finally finished cumming and he pulled away and as he did, Becky kissed the head of his cock. Marcus said “Fuck. That was so fucking hot! You have one sweet mouth Becky! Michael, you are one lucky fucker!” Marcus stepped back by Kelly and Kelly said “Fill it babe! Pump her full with your cum!” I finally collapsed on top of her and Becky said to Marcus “Let’s leave them alone and go back to bed.”

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Man, these are great
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Another Very Hott one!!! Wish this weekend would never end!