Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 7

I asked Becky to hand me the bottle of warming oil and when she did, I squirted it just above her cunt. I handed it back to her and started to rub it in. I used the lubrication on my fingers to rub it on the opening to her cunt too. Then, I leaned down and started kissing her cunt and started to blow on it. This drove her crazy and she was wiggling underneath me. Becky said “Lay back for a minute.” When I did, she sat up and poured a bunch of the oil in her hands. Using both hands, she started to rub my already hard cock. It felt like I was getting bigger from the feeling of what she was doing. She leaned over and gently blew on my cock. The oil felt so warm and felt so good and then she lowered her mouth over my cock. Then she pulled back and started rubbing my cock again and Becky squirted some more oil in her hands and started to rub it on my balls. My balls started to tighten in her hands and then she leaned down and started blowing on them. The oil warmed up again and I was over the edge! I had to fuck her now! Becky said “Where did Kelly find this? I have never had this before.” I told her she found it at some erotic store.

I reached down and took her hand to let her know I wanted her to lay down. When she did, I reached down and started to finger her cunt one last time and with that oil still on my fingers and on her, she was hot, wet and ready. We started french kissing as I begin rolling on top of her to position myself. Using my hands, I spread her legs and pulled behind her knees to prop them up a little. I started guiding my cock into her and Becky reached down and took over. As my cock hit her cunt, I started to slide it into her. Damn! She was as tight as Kelly. The only difference was Kelly used her cunt muscles to stay tight. I don’t know if it was just because Becky hasn’t had any sex or what, but it felt so tight and so great. In the entire time I have known Becky, she has always been so quiet and always seemed very shy. Now, I am seeing another side I never knew of her and it was fantastic. As I slide more of my cock into her, I started thrusting in and out of her. We stopped kissing and Becky said “Oh, I love it. I love the feel of you inside of me.” She was moving her hips a little underneath me and I sent the rest of my cock into her. She bit down on my shoulder when I did. Not hard, but I felt her teeth and she was biting soft, but over and over.

Becky said “I have never felt anyone that deep in me before. Keep that up. You are making me so hot for you!” I was buried deep inside of her and started fucking her slowly. It felt so hot, I wanted to cum right away and I was thinking of everything I could to stop it. I sank my cock into her and held it until the feeling that I wanted to cum went away. I had myself so worked up about fucking her and almost came too soon and I didn’t want it to end. After the feeling went away, I started fucking her again slowly. Her legs came up into the air and then she put her legs around me. We had only been fucking for a few minutes and Becky said “You’re going to get me off if you keep that up.” So I did! I started kissing her and fucking her slow and felt her hands reach around and she started pulling on my ass.

Becky said “I’m there! Oh damn, here it issssss!” I started fucking her hard while she was cumming and that made her cum even harder and seemed to last for about a minute or so. I continued fucking Becky harder and harder and after about ten minutes, she said “Here it is again. Get me off! I want to get off on you! Go deep!” From the other bedroom, we could both hear Kelly and Marcus talking about us and I heard Kelly said “Listening to them is making me cum. Fuck me with that cock. I want that cock fucking me hard!” Kelly was cumming while Becky was cumming on me. I couldn’t hold back any longer and started really hammering at Beckys cunt. Beckys hands were still on my ass and I told her I was about to cum. It dawned on me that I never asked if she wanted me to cum inside of her or not and at this point, I doubt if I could stop myself, but I asked “Can I cum inside you?” Becky said “Yessss! That’s where I want it. I want it now.” And I clamped down on her mouth and started kissing her as I felt the first shot leave my cock and hit the inside of her cunt.

Over and over, I kept cumming and every shot, I would bury my cock as deep as I could inside of her. She started bucking her hips fast and hard against me and it made me penetrate her just a little more and I continued sending my hot cum deep inside of her. My balls felt like they were trying to exit through my cock. I dug my feet into the sheets and pushed as hard as I could to make sure my cock was buried to the hilt inside of her. Becky had herself clamped on me so tight. I think from watching Kelly taking Marcus unprotected and wanting Becky for so long, my cock was so ready for this night. I just kept pumping my hot cum inside of her and wanted to just flood her insides for the rest of the night.

It seemed like a long time, but probably a minute or a little more and I slowed down a little, but kept fucking her slowly. Her hands moved to my back and she was rubbing my sides and my back. I held my cock inside of her as I slowed to a stop and kissed her. I said “Oh damn Becky! That was so great! I could fuck you for days!” Becky said “I think watching Kelly letting Marcus get off inside of her got me excited and then when I felt you inside of me, it felt like I was floating and I really wanted it.” We both listened and heard that Marcus was cumming again and we could hear Kelly telling him to cum deep inside of her. I told Becky that we have to catch up to Kelly and Marcus. Becky said “What do you mean?” I said “Well, we seen the first one and now, it sounds like two and we are still on number one.” Becky said “But it was a great first one!” My cock slipped out of Becky, and I rolled to her side and started rubbing her belly. She leaned in and started kissing my chest. Marcus was really cumming hard in Kelly and you could hear him grunting over and over and Kelly saying “That’s it. Cum in me deep! Fuck me hard and deep with that cock! Fill my cunt!” I laughed and said “Make that three to one!”

Becky said “Do you think I should go home now or what?” I asked her if she would just stay the night with me. I said “I am sure Kelly will keep Marcus here and I would like you to stay in bed with me all night long! Just give me a minute to catch my breath and I want you over and over again!” Becky said “I would love to. You are nothing like Steve was. After one time, he was asl**p in five minutes.” I told her we only lived next door and she could have always waited until he went to sl**p and sneak over for more. Becky said “Well, I don’t have to worry about that now do I?” We didn’t realize Kelly was standing at the door and she said “You can come over anytime you want Becky. I’m sure he won’t mind! Becky said “I would, but would you mind that?” Kelly said “Well, he has seen me enough times, I think it is only fair that he gets to enjoy himself too.”

Kelly said that her and Marcus wanted to go down by the pool to cool off and asked if we wanted to join them for a few minutes. Kelly said “Don’t worry Becky. You can bring him upstairs anytime to you want him. I know he won’t mind! Just have fun tonight okay?” Becky just nodded her head yes. As we started to head downstairs, Kelly snagged Becky and said come here for a second. Becky looked at me sort of worried, and Kelly said “Oh no! Just girl talk. I finally have a girl I can talk to about this stuff. Trust me. Anything you do tonight only excites me.” Kelly shooed me from the room. I heard Kelly asking if Becky was having fun and Becky said she was so far. Kelly said “Would you like to just spend the weekend in bed with him? You can if you want. If you do, then I was thinking about asking Marcus to stay with me too.” I didn’t hear what Becky answered, but was crossing my fingers she would say yes. Marcus was already outside by the pool as I walked around the bottom of the stairs. I walked outside and Marcus said “She kicked you out too?” I told him it was my house and I was just told to go downstairs. Marcus laughed and said “So much for a home is a mans castle huh?” I laughed.

Kelly and Becky walked to the door and asked if we wanted her to make some daiquiris. Hmmm. Sounded pretty good. So her and Becky made us some strawberry daiquiris and brought the pitcher out and four glasses. We started drinking and Becky leaned over and said “Kelly asked me if I wanted to stay the weekend in bed with you.” I told her I heard her ask that and said “What did you tell her?” Becky said “I told her yes.” I smiled and kissed her and said “Thank you. I do want you all weekend long!” Kelly left Marcus sitting on the other side of the pool and came over to us. She turned and asked Marcus to wait right there for a minute. Then she said “You and Becky come in the kitchen with me.” Becky looked at Kelly and quietly said “Now?” Kelly said “Yes now, why not?” Hmmm. Becky knew she wanted us in the kitchen?

When we got in the kitchen, we were standing there and Kelly said “Babe. Becky has something she has wanted to tell you all night and she was telling me she hasn’t said anything to you yet. So now is the time she should just say it. Go ahead Becky. It’s okay.” Becky said “Well, part of the reason that Kelly did not take her birth control tonight was because of me.” I looked at Kelly and said “Becky is the one that asked you not to?” Becky said “No. Oh please, I hope you won’t be mad. But I am not on birth control and since Steve and I split up, I haven’t needed them. Until tonight. So when Kelly asked me about going to bed with you, I told her I probably shouldn’t and Kelly said that if I did, she would do it. So I did.” Kelly said “And so did I!” Becky started telling me she was sorry and that she should have told me earlier in case I didn’t want to do anything. I looked at Becky and said “Are you sure you want to keep going then?” Becky looked at Kelly and said “Yes. If you still want to.” My cock was rock hard and I looked down and said “It’s a good thing we don’t have clothes on because it would take too long to get undressed!” I looked at Kelly and joked “Can I have her huh? Can I? Can I?” We laughed and headed back outside.

Kelly sat down next to Marcus and they were drinking and Marcus had his hand on Kellys leg. I was sitting next to Becky with my cock standing straight up. Oh my God! I could be getting her pregnant this weekend! And her and Kelly were both okay with it! I asked Becky if she wanted to sit in the Jacuzzi and we got up and headed to the Jacuzzi. Kelly said something to Marcus and they both started laughing and then Kelly said “Don’t make me have to hose you two down over there!” I turned and grabbed my cock and waved it at her. Kelly said “Becky can help you with that!” When we were in the Jacuzzi, Becky said “Are you mad that I didn’t tell you?” I told her I wasn’t mad and said “Do you know how good that makes me feel knowing that you were not on any birth control and still wanted me to cum inside of you? My question is… are you still okay if I keep cumming in you all weekend or do you want me to do anything else?” Becky said “You better not stop. I want you to get off right where you were!” I started kissing her and put my hand between her legs and started rubbing her cunt. Becky reached down and grabbed my cock and said “I want this. All weekend long!” Becky was sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi and I stepped up on the seat in the Jacuzzi and started kissing her again and I leaned her back and started aiming my cock for her cunt again.

Becky said “Here?” I told her after hearing what she said, I didn’t think I could even make it to the top of the stairs, much less wait to get in bed. My cock found its way into her cunt and with one push, I was going deeper as she lay back and I felt her legs come up out of the water and wrapped around my waist. I was fucking her cunt as if it was the first cunt I have ever had. Becky was moaning under me and it just made me fuck her that much harder. I was kissing her and Becky stopped kissing me and said “I want to ask you something and please don’t be mad because I haven’t even said this to Kelly. Do you want me to have a baby?” When she said that, I couldn’t hold it back and started cumming deep inside of her. I said “Does that answer your question?” Becky whispered in my ear “It’s all yours. You can get off in me anytime you ever want for as long as you want!” Holy shit, I was cumming hard in her! Now, I know why Kelly was always teasing guys before. She was making them cum even harder in her. I was just hoping Becky was not doing that to me because at that moment, I think I really did want to get her pregnant. I pumped my cum so deep inside of her and then Becky said “Oh, you are getting me off! Fuck me good!” And as I was still filling her cunt with my hot cum, she was cumming right along with me. I held myself in Becky as deep as I could and felt shot after shot pushing through my cock into her.

After a couple of minutes, I felt like one of those rubber chickens you get at a joke store and laid on top of her and we were kissing and started french kissing again. I heard Kelly from the pool “I didn’t think he could wait to get you back in bed! I told you he wouldn’t get upset hearing it didn’t I Becky?” Becky called over to Kelly “Thanks for the help girl.” Kelly told her she was her friend and that is what friends do. I whispered to Becky “And friends help their friends get pregnant. That is what friends do. Becky said “You’re so bad!” and we both laughed. Her back was hurting from laying in the concrete surrounding the Jacuzzi, so I helped her up and we sat in the Jacuzzi. I turned to Becky and put my arms around her and started kissing her and told her thank you for letting me cum inside of her and I hope this continues all weekend long. Becky said “Why stop? I am up for it as long as you are.” I told Becky to give me a few more minutes and we were heading back up to bed and I was going to fuck her all night long! Becky said “I hope so!” It was awfully quiet by the pool and when we glanced over, Marcus was on the edge of the pool and Kelly was in the water and had his cock in her mouth. Becky softly said “Looks like she is getting him hard again too. When you are ready, if you want, I’ll do that to you.” I told her I would be ready in a minute, but I don’t want to cum in her mouth and said I wanted to save it all for later.

I asked Becky why she was afraid to tell me and didn’t say anything about not being on birth control earlier. She said “Well, Kelly and I have been talking about this for about two weeks and the closer the time got and I wanted it to happen with you, and when I told her I wasn’t on birth control, she said that she would pay for it if I wanted her to. I couldn’t ask her to do that and when she told me if I still went to bed with you, she was sure it would turn you on. She asked me if I would let you get off in me and at that time, I wasn’t sure what to do. So that is when she said she will not take her pill that night and I could see that she let a guy get off inside of her to let me know it was okay for me to do it, if I would let you get off in me. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you would stop. I’m sorry. I know I should have told you. Would it be different?” I told Becky that if she told me earlier, it would have been over before we got started. I said “I wanted to fuck you so bad and I was up there thinking of ways to keep me from cumming too soon. It felt so great the second I was inside of you. If you said that you were not taking birth control and that you still would let me cum inside of you, I would have exploded right there!” Becky said “I’m glad about that.” She grabbed the back of my neck and drove her tongue deep into my mouth.

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2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
I remember that night very well. Just think, later tonight, we will have another one to remember!
2 years ago
I remember that night. I wanted to freeze that time and keep redoing over and over. Love ya.
2 years ago
This weekend just keeps gettin better!!