Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 6

Kelly and Marcus headed upstairs and I had my arm around Becky and we started to head upstairs. Becky looked over at me and very softly said “I want you.” Then she reached down and grabbed my cock and said “I can’t wait for this!” I stopped halfway up the stairs and reached down and stuck my finger in her cunt and said “I can’t wait to feel this wrapped around me.” When we got to the top of the stairs, Kelly said “Get in here you two.” We walk in and Kelly was already on the bed and Marcus was sitting on the side and started to lay back next to her. Kelly reached down and grabbed his cock and was holding it tight and said “Are you going to fuck me hard tonight baby? Am I getting all of this tonight?” Marcus told her she was and he reached down and started rubbing her cunt and they started kissing. Kelly let go of his cock and wrapped her arms around Marcus and pulled him close and was holding on to him tight. His cock was really growing and Becky whispered to me “Oh my God! Can she really take him?” I said it loud enough so Kelly and Marcus could hear and said “Sure. She can take him. It takes a little work, but he has had it all the way in before.” Marcus was starting to roll over on top of Kelly and she stopped him for a second.

She looked at me and said “Okay babe. I just want you to know that I’m not just playing a trick on you and that I’m just saying I didn’t take my pill. I really didn’t. Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I said “I’m ready if you are!” Kelly smiled at me and looked up at Marcus and said “Well, it’s up to you now. Fuck me hard.” He rolled over and before he started to slide himself up on her. Becky seen just how big he was and latched on to my arm with both of her arms. She whispered “He’s big. Are you sure she can do it?” I looked at her and said “Just watch her.” Marcus was stabbing at Kelly with his cock and when he found his target, he started to sink his cock into Kelly. He had a few inches in her and started thrusting and Kelly was raising her hips to meet his thrusts. Kelly was gyrating her hips below Marcus as he sank another couple of inches into her. By now, Becky was squeezing my arm very hard. Becky whispered to me “You are a lot bigger then Steve and it will be hard for me to take you.” And pointing at Marcus she said “But that looks like it would hurt!” Marcus was hitting the point in Kelly where his cock starts to fold under the resistance. I chuckled and whispered “Why? You want to try it?” Beckys eyes got big and she whispered “No way! Too big!”

Marcus was fucking Kelly and she was lifting her ass up to meet his thrusts. Kelly wanted it all inside of her and she was pulling on his ass trying to get him all the way in. She was gyrating under his cock to help him find that point that he can pass and bury himself into her completely. Becky was seeing that it was hard to get the rest of his cock in and would loosen her grip and when Marcus would slam himself down into Kelly, she would squeeze my arm tight again. Kelly was saying “Yes. Give me that big cock! I want you deep inside me! Fuck me deep!” Marcus gave another push and he found it and his cock sank in to his balls inside of Kelly. He started fucking her with slow motions and would speed up and slow down. Kelly wrapped her legs around his waist and was trying to pull him in deeper. Now, they were thrusting at each other hard and Becky still had one arm on my arm squeezing it tight every time Marcus sank into Kelly, Marcus slammed his cock into Kelly and she had her mouth wide open and had her other hand over it in disbelief.

I turned to Becky and started kissing her. We put our arms around each other and I sent my tongue deep into her mouth. It felt like she was sucking on my tongue and it felt so good. We stopped and turned our attention back to Marcus and Kelly. Her legs were wrapped tight around his waist and she had both of her hands on his ass and she was pulling him into her cunt as deep as she could. Marcus knew what Kelly was doing and when she would pull on his ass, he would shove his hard cock so deep inside of her. Marcus started to tease Kelly and he would fuck her hard for a few minutes and then, he would slow down so slowly and would take about ten seconds to slide his cock into her. Kelly was going wild because she wanted him to fuck her hard and make her cum and Marcus wanted to make her wait. With just her hips, Kelly was gyrating her ass against his cock and making sure that she had him as hard as possible.

Marcus whispered to Kelly that he was about to cum. Kelly said “Well. I guess this is it! No turning back now! Give it to me! Give me that hot cum! Make me cum with you! Yesss! I’m going to cum on you. Fill me! Damn, that feels fucking great! Fill me!” And just as Marcus started to cum inside of Kelly, her eyes opened wide and she glanced at me and had her mouth and eyes wide open to let me know he was cumming so hard and deep inside of her. Marcus was trying to thrust his cock in and out of her while they were cumming, but Kelly had her legs and arms wrapped so tight around him and he was unable to move anywhere but deeper inside of her. Kelly said “Oh my God, I can feel it. You are so hot inside of me!” They were wrapped tight against each other for about a minute and I seen that Marcus was no longer moaning and knew he must have emptied his balls deep inside of her.

Marcus still had his cock buried into Kelly, but they were no longer fucking and Marcus collapsed on top of Kelly and they started kissing. I over heard Marcus whisper to Kelly “You sure it’s okay that I cum inside of you?” Kelly giggled and said “It doesn’t matter now. I said you could and you sure did. And damn, did you ever!” Marcus was trying to whisper so I couldn’t hear, but Becky and I were trying to be very quiet so we could listen in on them, and he whispered “What if I get you pregnant?” Kelly said “Well, I said I would take that chance. I was pretty jealous about this time. Even though I had the cute neighbor naked on my arm, I just watched Kelly allow another man to cum inside of her and she was not protected from getting pregnant. I was still so fucking hard watching it, but still. It was easier when she was in Utah and told me about it, but if she does get pregnant, I just watched it happen. Yet, as hot as it was to watch her, that overpowered any jealousy I had.

They were kissing and Kelly was running her hands up and down his back. After several minutes, Marcus let his limp cock slip from Kellys cunt. As much as Marcus filled her, once again, nothing came back out with the exception of maybe a drop or two. I leaned to Becky and whispered “As much as he filled her, you would think you could tell.” Becky nodded and whispered back “Watching them made me want you even more now! I can’t wait until you and I are in bed. I want to feel you inside of me.” I reached one hand down and gave Beckys ass a little squeeze. Then I brought my hand to the front and started to rub her cunt. I whispered “Damn. You are so hot! I can’t wait to feel just how hot you are!” We kissed and as we were kissing, I slid a finger into Beckys cunt. Becky whispered “And you are making me even hotter doing that!”

I knew that Kelly was no where close to being finished with Marcus and knew they would be fucking again before too long and I wanted Becky so bad, so I took her by the hand and we went into the other bedroom. I turned Becky to me and we started kissing and I backed her up to the bed and she sat down, pulling my head with her and we never broke our kiss. She scooted up and lay on the bed and then turned to the night stand and was looking at the bottles of warming oils Kelly had put there for her. She would open the cap and smell them and opened the strawberry and put some on her finger and tasted it. She said “It even tastes almost like strawberries.” I told her to rub some on the back of her hand and she will see what it does. It warms up when you rub it and when she did that, she smiled. The oil also warms up when you blow on it and I took her hand and kissed it and then blew on her hand. Becky said “That feels good!” I climbed on the bed and laid next to her.

I just wanted to roll over and bury my hard cock into her, but I also wanted to get her so hot and ready so she would be in heaven when I finally did. I rolled onto my side to face her and took the oil from her. I poured some in my hand and rubbed it into her neck and then took the bottle and squirted it on her stomach. I handed her the bottle and started rubbing it into her stomach and her boobs. After getting it rubbed in, I started kissing her neck and would blow on it and when I would do that, she would turn her head to give me more access. Then I turned and started to kiss her stomach and would blow on the oil there. From there, I kissed my way up to her boobs and started to blow on each one and would suck on each one a little. Becky had a hold of my head and was holding me close to her boobs. She said “That feels so good. I don’t want it to stop!” So I kept going! She pulled my head up to her face and we started french kissing. While we were kissing, her hand felt for my cock and she was gently rubbing my cock up and down. I took my hand and started to rub Beckys cunt and slid a finger inside of her and started to swirl it around.

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