Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 5

Becky arranged herself on the bed and I got on the bed and laid next to her. Becky sat up and then scooted down until she was on her stomach between my legs. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her mouth and started going down on me. It wasn’t as easy in this position, but Becky kept trying to take it all. Kelly said “Marcus. Get on your back next to him. Let’s see if Becky and I can make both of you cum at the same time.” Marcus climbed up on the bed and got on his back and Kelly arranged herself in the same position Becky was. On her stomach between his legs. Becky continued to take my cock in her mouth and moving her head in different positions to try to make it slide all the way. After a few minutes, I felt my cock all the way down Beckys throat and looked over and Kelly was going down on Marcus and had his cock all the way down her throat too. It was really something to see Kelly with that huge cock all the way down her throat and yet, I was getting the same not less then six inches away from her. From time to time, I would see Kelly glancing over to see my cock buried into Beckys throat and once, she raised her head and gave me a big grin and was raising her eyebrows.

I think Kelly seen that I wasn’t ready to start cumming yet and noticed she would take Marcus and grab the base of his cock and give him a tight squeeze to slow him up too. Kelly knew just how to make him wait until I was cumming and would be able to make Marcus cum at the same time as if on cue. Becky continued taking a breath and taking my cock down her throat and I started to focus on her and wanted her to know I was enjoying it. I started saying “Oh yes. That’s it! I feel my cock all the way in your throat. It feels so great. Oh please don’t stop!” That made Becky work on my cock that much harder and before long, she was deep throating me like she always does it that way. You would never know that what I was getting was the first time ever for her. And I was loving every minute of it. One time, Becky took my cock all the way down and she started shaking her head back and forth. Oh damn that felt so great! It felt like my cock went in just a little more and I didn’t think I had anymore! He kept this up and Kelly was moaning as she had a throat full of cock herself.

Finally, I told Becky that I was about to cum. She pulled up and said “I want to swallow you again!” and she started taking my cock in her mouth. She wasn’t deep throating me, but she was using the sucking motion she had done to me earlier. I glanced over and seen Kelly really start to go after Marcus too and begin to really jam his cock down her throat. Seeing that, sent me over and I yelled, “I’m cumming! Damn. Here it comes. Swallow me. Swallow it all!” At the same time, I heard Marcus yell out that he was cumming and Kelly had her head buried into him and I knew his cock was all the way into her throat sending his hot cum deep. Becky swallowed and kept sucking my cock and Kelly was next to us and neither of the girls were spilling a single drop. Here I am with a cute girl swallowing my cum and right next to me is my wife and swallowing the cum of another man. Both at the same time. Damn it was so hot! It was like Beckys mouth was pulling the cum from my cock and she kept swallowing me. This was only the second time she had swallowed a mans cum and the first time she deep throated a guy and I was getting them both!

When I finished cumming, Becky was sucking me slowly and as I started to fall limp, she pulled back and I motioned for her to give me her hands and I pulled her up on top of me. I had my arms around her and without saying a word, we started french kissing. I stopped and looked at her and said “Damn! You were so great! Oh my God, you were great!” And we started kissing some more. Kelly had finished Marcus up and she was laying on her side next to him and they started kissing and were whispering to each other. Marcus was telling Kelly she was great. As I was kissing Becky, it dawned on me that before long, Kelly would have Marcus between her legs fucking her and before this night was over, I knew she would have a belly full of his cum. And it was just possible that she could get pregnant taking the chance she was.

I had my hands around Beckys waist and I was rubbing the small of her back and down to her ass. I also knew that soon, I would be fucking her and I couldn’t wait. Even with me tongue, Beckys cunt felt tight. Now, I couldn’t wait to send my hard cock deep inside of her cunt. Kelly was the first to speak up and said “Let’s all go to the Jacuzzi.” She looked at Becky and said “I think the guys have to reload before we get ours tonight!” Marcus said “Good idea. I need time to recharge the battery!” Kelly stood up and when Marcus stood up, she put her arm around him and they headed downstairs. Before Becky got up, I leaned in and started kissing her again and said “I know how much work that took you and I wanted to tell you it was great!” Becky said “Well, I wanted to do it and Kelly said she would help me and she did. But most of all, I really wanted to do that just for you! I just wish this night wouldn’t end!” I told her that we should get downstairs, but I wanted to have her all weekend if Kelly goes for it. Becky smiled and said “I would like that.”

I put my arm around her as we headed downstairs and just as we got to the door, Becky looked over at me and said “Are you really going to let Kelly get filled with no birth control? I looked at Becky and said “Sure. She wants it so why not?” Becky said “You are 180 degrees from the way Steve was. You are so easy going and first, it would never happen, but if it did, he would wig out!” I said “Well, now you see what you have been missing.” She told me she was sure glad things happened the way they did and her and I were together tonight. As we entered the kitchen and started to head outside, Becky stopped me and said “Kelly said she would really like me to just let go of all passion with you tonight. I want to, but you don’t think she would get mad do you?” I told Becky I seen Kelly get very passionate with a guy before and it was so damn hot to see. Becky said that as long as I didn’t think Kelly would mind, she will start doing that. Just as we got to the door to go outside, Kelly yelled over “Babe. Can you two grab a couple of bottles and glasses please?” We turned into the kitchen and grabbed some glasses and a couple of bottles of wine and opened them.

I grabbed Becky and held her tight to me and said “I can’t wait for later. I want to feel my cock so deep inside of you and never want to stop.” Becky said “Ooooh. I can’t wait!” And we kissed again and heard Kelly yell “Hello? Take a breather you two!” Her and Marcus were laughing. We went outside and Kelly was standing at the side of the Jacuzzi and I seen Becky was staring at her. As we got into the Jacuzzi, I leaned over and whispered “I seen you staring at my wife.” Becky whispered back “No. I was picturing her in bed with Marcus and getting pregnant by him tonight.” Okay, so now that made me look at Kelly too! We all sat in the Jacuzzi drinking our wine and Kelly was telling Becky she did great. Everyone was just talking and Kelly leaned towards Becky and said “Really show your passion with him. I think it will make him melt in your hands! He’ll turn to putty!” Becky said “We just talked about that. I will.”

I sat in the Jacuzzi and that numbing feeling I had from that prolong gel was finally going away. It felt weird, but I was glad Becky did that too. Becky was sitting on the edge and I walked up between her legs and sat my glass down. I pulled her to me and we started kissing and Kelly hopped in the water and said “Well, two can play that!” and she walked to Marcus and they started kissing as well. I reached my hand down and using one finger, I started circling Beckys cunt. As I leaned in to kiss her again, I whispered “I can’t wait!” and we started french kissing. Marcus finished his wine and asked if he could have a beer instead. One bottle of wine only fills four glasses and he wanted something different. Kelly and him started getting out to go in and grab him a beer and Kelly asked if I wanted one too. I told her I did and they went inside. I looked at Becky again and said “Kelly has a bunch of sex oil upstairs. We use it as lubrication, but it also warms up when you rub it around. By the time I am done with you, we will need three bottles!” Becky said “How much do you use? I never had that before.” I said “You don’t need much at all, but I’m saying that once I get you in bed, I don’t want to stop!” Becky smiled and said “I can’t wait!”

It was taking Kelly and Marcus a long time and when I looked, they were standing in front of the sliding glass door kissing. Kelly had one hand holding his cock and both of his hands were pulling on her ass and she was tight against his body. They finally came back out and sat in the Jacuzzi with us. Marcus and I were drinking our beer and the girls seemed to be guzzling the second bottle of wine. We sat just talking for a few minutes and Marcus looked at Becky and said “You two looked like you were having the time of your life upstairs.” Becky smiled and nodded. We had just finished our beers and Kelly and Becky were finishing up the last of the wine in their glasses. We just sat and relaxed for a few more minutes. I pulled Beckys neck towards me and we started kissing. Then she latched her hands around my neck and we started french kissing. I think she was trying to swallow my tongue. It was so hot and I felt my cock getting hard just knowing that very soon, I would be inside of her and fucking her all night!

I took my hand to her cunt and inserted a finger and started sliding it in and out of her. The more I did that, the more her tongue found it’s way deep in my mouth! She had her arms around my neck and was really pulling me as close as she could. Glancing at Kelly, her and Marcus were kissing as well and focused on each other. So Becky and I stepped it up. I buried my finger into her and felt her tongue aiming for my throat! When we stopped kissing, I started kissing down her neck and started to suck on one of her boobs. Becky pulled me close to her and I was gyrating my waist against her. My hard cock was sliding along her stomach and I wanted to just sink it right into her cunt right now, but wanted to continue this to get ourselves built up. I wanted to make sure it would last tonight once we got upstairs and into bed.

Kelly and Marcus stopped and Kelly said “So you two. Do you want to be alone tonight or would you want all four of us on the bed?” I think Becky wanted us alone, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t care.” I didn’t know what Kelly had planned and I said it didn’t matter to me either. Marcus said “I think we should let them be alone this time.” Kelly looked at Marcus and said “I just thought he would want to see you and I this time.” Then Kelly said “Okay, so we will take the spare bedroom and you guys get our room. But, do you guys want to watch us first?” Becky said “Do you want us too?” Kelly said “Hell yes. I think that would be hot. It should get both of you in the mood too!” Becky said “Either way is okay. I’m in the mood already.” Kelly told her she just wanted us to see them. So we agreed. Kelly said “Becky. Can I steal him for just a second? I just want to talk to him. I promise I won’t drain him before you get to.” We laughed and Kelly and I went into the kitchen. Kelly leaned backwards on the dishwasher and was quiet for about a minute.

Then she said “Well babe. Soon, this will be it. I told Marcus earlier that I wanted to fuck him and I wasn’t taking my birth control. He seemed to get scared at first and I told him it is what I wanted and I don’t expect anything from him if anything does happen. I am shaking like a leaf right now, but I told myself I will do this for you and I want to do it for myself too. I told Marcus I wanted to feel his hot cum deep inside of my unprotected cunt. Do you still want that? I’ll take my pill if you really want me to.” I asked Kelly what she really wanted. She said “I think I want to just keep going tonight and take the chance. I am sort of hoping that I don’t get pregnant, but I also think it is going to be so fucking hot knowing I am taking that risk. But I want to know what you want.” I told Kelly that I think it is going to be exciting. I said “When you were in Utah with him and forgot your pills and then you would call in the morning and tell me you didn’t say anything to him and let him cum inside of you, my cock was so hard.” Kelly grabbed me and kissed me and said “I hope this won’t upset you babe. I love you.” And she kissed me.

We went back outside and sat down. I got in front of Becky and kissed her. She leaned to me and whispered “Is everything okay? Kelly isn’t mad at me is she?” Kelly said “I heard you. No, I’m not mad, upset or anything. I am so glad you are here tonight. I know my baby has been watching you and I knew if I could get you and him together, I would be happy knowing that I made him happy with it.” Becky and I started kissing and Kelly said “That’s it! Munch on that tongue!” Marcus and Kelly started kissing too and Kelly broke away and said “Becky. I just needed to make sure all was still good with what Marcus and I are doing. That’s all. I just don’t want you to think we are saying anything about you. Okay?” Becky smiled and nodded. After a few more minutes, Kelly looked at Becky and had Marcus by the balls and waving his cock back and forth and said “Well, I don’t know about you, but I am ready to feel this big thing fucking me! You ready to feel a cock buried into you Becky?” Becky smiled at Kelly and then at me and was shaking her head yes. Becky leaned over and whispered “All night long!” Kelly said “So I guess we should all get out and head upstairs.

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Very Hott!! Cant wait for the next one..