Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 4

I was laying next to Becky and she said “So now what?” I joked and said “Now… we go to sl**p!” She gave me an odd look and I told her I was just k**ding. Then I said “Now, we have to talk about this just good thing!” Becky said “I’m so sorry. I meant it was great and not just good. I didn’t mean to say that.” I told her that she already said it and now, I have to make up for it, and said I have a reputation to uphold and I can’t have anyone thinking I am only good. I put my hand over her cunt and started to gently rub her. I would rub from just below her belly button to her cunt and kept going back and forth. I leaned in started kissing her. When we stopped, she whispered that Becky had asked her to really let herself go with me and then said “At first, I was so nervous and didn’t want any of this to get between us as friends, but when I seen her with her guy, I started feeling better.” Then she stared at me for a few seconds and then reached her arm around my neck and pulled me to her and we started french kissing. As we were kissing, it was quiet enough and we heard Kelly saying “That’s it. Oh yes! I love that tongue of yours!” and Becky giggled and said “I guess we know what he is doing don’t we?” I leaned in and kissed her quickly and said “Yeah. I think it goes something like this!”

I scooted down and rolled over Becky and parted her legs and she brought her knees up. Using my fingers, I parted the lips of her cunt and started to kiss her cunt. I let my fingers go and started darting my tongue in and out of Beckys cunt. I brought both of my hands around and I was holding her ass and pulling her closer to me. She started following my lead and when I would dart my tongue deep inside of her, she would raise up a little. Becky is not as wild in bed as Kelly, but it was great just the same. I could feel Beckys hands on my head and she was rubbing my head and when I would send my tongue inside of her, I would pull her ass up to me and she would use her hands and pull my head down on her. As I was giving Becky the tongue lashing she deserved, we both heard Kelly say that she was cumming and I chuckled, but Becky almost started laughing pretty loud. I stopped and said “Don’t laugh. That’s going to be you before long!” Becky blew me a kiss and I went back to the task at hand. I started sucking on her cunt lips and would send my tongue as deep as I possibly could inside of her. I thought I was losing my touch because it took many more minutes before I heard any indication Becky was getting there. I felt Beckys legs start shaking a little and knew it wouldn’t be long. Then, in her quiet voice, Becky started saying “Yes. You’re going to get me off! I can feel it! Here it comes. Oh please eat me! Eat me!”

As soon as I knew she was cumming, I really sent my tongue deep inside of her and kept sucking on her cunt lips to get it all. I had a good hold on her ass and I could feel Becky pushing her cunt against my mouth as she continued to cum. I wasn’t going to let up on her now. I wanted her to come up off the bed cumming so hard. I glanced up at her face and Becky had her eyes closed and just kept moaning softly. If it had been Kelly, I would have to quiet her down so the neighbors didn’t hear, but Becky has a very soft voice and I would hear her saying “Yes. I’m getting off so hard. Nobody has ever done this like you. Please eat me. I’m yours!” I held my tongue inside of Beckys cunt and started swirling it around and I felt her cunt jammed up against my mouth when I did that. As hard as she was cumming, I was in my glory. I kept it up even when I felt her entire body go limp. Then her entire body started shaking and I felt her hands really rubbing the top of my head. After another minute without feeling her moving, I slowly stopped and raised my head. Before I had the chance to say anything, Becky said “Oh God you were so great! I have never felt anything like that before. Kelly is so lucky!” From behind us, we heard Kelly say “I know I am!” When we turned, her and Marcus were standing in the doorway.

I rolled off to Beckys right and Kelly went to the other side and sat on the bed. Becky made an attempt to cover herself up, but Kelly said “Too late to be shy at this house! So. Didn’t I tell you he would make you feel great? He makes me see stars! How about you?” Becky shyly said “I seen the universe just now!” I looked at Kelly and Marcus and then said to Becky “We should sell tickets! Live shows cost money!” Kelly looked at Becky and said “Remember we talked about deep throating and you kept saying you didn’t know how to do that? You want to try?” I seen Becky look how big Marcus was and Kelly said “Not him! He’s mine tonight! I meant yours.” Becky smiled and slightly nodded her head. Kelly has never been shy about talking to anyone and I am not sure Becky knew just how she should answer her. Kelly looked at Marcus and then at me and said “You two go downstairs until we call you. This is girl talk and I don’t want you knowing our secrets!” Marcus popped up and said “How are you going to teach her if she doesn’t have anything to work with?” Kelly said “We are just talking right now. Don’t worry you two. You will get yours!” Marcus and I headed downstairs and Kelly got up and closed the door behind us so we couldn’t hear them talking.

I grabbed Marcus and I a beer and we sat at the kitchen table. A few minutes went by before either of us said anything and Marcus finally said “Just so you know, Kelly and I haven’t done anything else yet besides what I know you heard. She said she told you that she didn’t take her birth control pill today and asked me to fuck unprotected. I just want you to know that it wasn’t my idea. She said she wants me to still cum inside of her. What do you think?” I told Marcus that Kelly had asked me if it was okay if she took a chance with him and not take her birth control and I told her it was okay with me if that is what she wanted. Marcus said “So you will be okay with it? Kelly said if anything happens, it is no strings attached and she isn’t trying to pull anything over me.” I said “Well, I don’t know if Kelly ever told you or not, but when you two were in Utah that week, she had forgotten her pills at home and all week she said she didn’t tell you and wouldn’t let you pull out of her. Marcus told me that she never told him that and I asked him not to say anything to her about it because I think it was that week that made her decide to go without this time. I said “If you say anything, she may change her mind and if you want to fuck her unprotected, I say just do it. That’s what she wants.” Marcus reached over and shook my hand and said “Thank you man. For everything. You invite me into your home and so many people have this thing about a black man, but you and Kelly treat me like any of my other friends. Like a true friend.”

The door opened upstairs and we heard Kelly say “Okay you two. Quit jacking off and get up here!” I looked at Marcus and joked “Bossy isn’t she?” He snickered and said “Well, you know women. They have what a man wants and know they could ruin the world if they just told us no.” We heard Kelly yell from upstairs “I heard that!” I looked at Marcus and said “Sure, she hears that, but if I ask her something, she says she didn’t hear me!” We were both laughing as we headed upstairs. When we got up to the door, Kelly said “What’s so funny?” I said “Oh, I told Marcus my cock was bigger then his and he started laughing!” Kelly looked at me and said “Yeah right!” As we stood there, I thought I would catch Becky staring at his cock too. I am 7 inches, but Marcus is much larger then I am. Instead, I seen her staring at my cock as she sat there. I decided to have some fun with her and looked at Becky and said “And Kelly thinks I stare at you?” Becky turned so red and said “Sorry. I couldn’t help it.” Kelly said “She’s sizing you up babe! She’s going to try to deep throat you. I’ll bet you would like that wouldn’t you?” Kelly said “Marcus. We are going to sty in here for this round. I promised Becky I would be here to help her. Okay?” Marcus shrugged his shoulders and said “Okay with me.”

Becky had something in her hand and she said “Come here.” I walked over to her and she had some stuff Becky had when we first got married, but I haven’t seen it since. It was prolong gel. For those that don’t know what it is, a guy rubs it into his cock and it doesn’t burn, but it does give them a numbing sensation to make them last. I looked at Becky and said “I don’t think I really need.” And Becky said “It’s for me.” I said “If you are going to put that on me, how can it be for you?” Kelly said “You’ll see. Just get closer babe.” I stepped closer to Becky and she squeezed a huge amount in her hand. She looked at Kelly and said “Well. Here I go.” And she lubed my cock with it, but didn’t really rub it in. Becky said “Just stand there for a second.” And she turned and laid sideways across the bed until her head was hanging off of the edge. Kelly said “So do you see how it will make it a straighter shot for you Becky?” Becky said “Yes. I do now.” Becky waved her arms for me to step closer and when I did, she put her hands around me and tugged ion my ass to get closer. My cock was standing at attention and I had to use my hand to guide it to Beckys mouth. When she had my cock about half way in her mouth, Kelly said “Now!” and Becky pulled me hard trying to sink my cock into her throat. I felt it hit the back of her throat and slide about an inch down and she gagged and pulled back. Kelly said “Try it again Becky. You were getting there.” Becky took a breath and pulled on my ass and pulled my cock deeper. This time, I felt my cock slide quite a bit deeper into her throat and she held me there for a few seconds. And then she started to gag and pulled back.

While Becky was catching her breath, she told Kelly “You’re right. I feel it numbing my throat. It is easier.” Kelly said “Told you. That is what helped me.” Becky grabbed the tube and squeezed even more in her hand and reached out and put it on my cock. By now, it was numbing me a little. Not enough that I couldn’t feel anything, but if she was going to make me cum using her mouth, she was now going to have to work for it. She took my cock in her mouth and Becky pulled on my ass and as I felt my cock going deeper into her throat, I didn’t know Kelly had gotten behind me and she pushed me until I felt my cock hit them bottom of Beckys throat. Kelly said “Don’t think about it Becky. Concentrate and hold him in as long as you can. Tell yourself you won’t gag and you want this cock instead.” Becky held me in her throat for about 20 seconds and then gagged a little and pulled back inhaling as she pulled away. Kelly said “I don’t think you needed any more of that cream, but now that you did, just enjoy it. Isn’t it a great feeling having a cock all the way in your throat?” Becky just nodded.

Becky took in another huge breath and held it and as she took my cock in her mouth, she pulled my ass hard and my cock went all the way down her throat again. I felt the base of my cock hit her lips. I joked and said “Oh shit! I’m cumming!” and Becky yanked my cock out of her mouth. Kelly was sitting in the end of the bed and said “That’s not funny babe. I told her not to try to make you cum when you are all the way in her throat the first time. So don’t joke when you really are going to cum okay?” I said “Sorry. Just thought it would get your attention.” Becky took a couple of big breaths and held the last one and guided my cock to her mouth and then wrapped both hands around my ass and pulled me hard to her. I slid all the way in easier this time and Marcus said “Look at her throat man!” I looked down and you could see the bulge of my cock all the way down Beckys throat. After a few more seconds, she didn’t gag, but pulled back to get some air. Kelly said “Okay. Now that you know you can do it, have him lay on his back and try to take him that way.”

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