Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 3

She was cupping my balls and rubbing my cock. Becky leaned down and kissed my leg and then, looked up at me and said "Are you ready?" I smiled and nodded yes and Becky started taking my cock into her mouth. For someone that claims to have little experience, she was using the suction in her mouth to take my cock in and that felt so great! As she would pull back, she kept the suction up and damn it felt good and then she would suck my cock back in. A few times, Becky attempted to take my cock deep and I felt it hit the back of her throat, but when it hit her gag reflex, she would pull back. Kelly looked at me and said "You should see your face babe! I know you are enjoying that. Is it good?" I looked over and smiled really big and nodded yes! Becky reached under and grabbed by balls as she continued to suck my cock in and I felt her hand tighten and pressing my balls to my cock. Becky stopped for a second and looked up at me and said "Am I doing okay?" I told her she was doing just great. I glanced over and Marcus and Kelly were both in the water and they were kissing. I looked back down at Becky and again, she tried to take my cock as deep as she could and I felt my cock hit the back of her throat again. She was using one hand to rub my cock while her mouth had the rest and she kept the suction up and every time, the suction would pull my mouth in, it just kept feeling better and better. It didn't take much longer and I knew I was getting ready to cum. And just the thought that I am going to be the first guy that Becky ever swallowed excited me even more. I told Becky I was about to cum and she pulled up and just said "Good." and took my cock back in. She started sucking my cock even faster and just before I started cumming, I glanced at Kelly and she was staring at us. I could not hold back any longer and said "I'm cumming!" and Becky started really working my cock in and out.

Shot after shot, I was filling her mouth and I felt her swallow and stop for just a brief second. I almost thought she was going to stop altogether, but she kept going. And the more she was sucking my cock, the more I was cumming and she just kept swallowing all of it. It felt like she was trying to suck my balls up through my cock and I just kept cumming. Oh my God, it was great! The first time she ever swallowed a guys cum and it was me! I started to turn to jello as she kept sucking my cock and finally Becky stopped, but kept my cock in her mouth and I felt her tongue going back and forth on my cock and that felt great too! Becky finally stopped and slowly pulled her mouth away from my cock. She opened her mouth to show me that she swallowed my cum and said "How was that?" I said "That was so great! I am glad I was the first for you to swallow too!" Kelly walked over and whispered to Becky "You were so great! You should have seen his face. I know he enjoyed every second of it!" Becky blushed and said "Thanks." Kelly said "Well, let's catch our breath and then head to bed!" Kelly grabbed some more wine and we filled our glasses and had some wine. Kelly and Becky swam over to the diving board and I didn't hear just what they were talking about at first, but Becky had a huge smile on her face. Then she got this shocked look on her face and said "Really?" Becky nodded and put her finger to her mouth to ask her to be quiet.

Kelly swam back over and kissed my neck and said "Having fun babe?" I told her I was and asked if she was having fun too?" Kelly said "You know I always do." Then she swam over to Marcus and grabbed her glass and they started drinking. Becky came back over to me and I handed her the glass of wine and we started drinking. I whispered "What did Becky tell you a minute ago? You looked stunned when she said it." Becky said "I can't say. It's a girl secret." I said "I'm going to fuck you all night if you don't tell me." Becky said "Well, I guess we will just have fun all night then won't we because I won't say." Kelly looked over and said "Don't tell him Becky. Remember our plan. I will tell him later." I said "Tell me what?" Kelly said "You'll find out." I sat my glass down and told Becky "I know how to make you talk." and I started hugging her and kissing her neck. Her neck isn't as sensitive as Kellys is and I thought that now, I have to find her spot and work on it. Becky said "Let's go sit in the Jacuzzi for a minute." She looked at Kelly and when Kelly nodded, I knew they had something up their sleeve. Becky and I climbed into the Jacuzzi and sat on the edge. Becky sat her glass down and stood in the Jacuzzi in front of me and put her arms around my waist and started kissing my chest. I put my hand under her chin and raised her head and we started kissing. Then I slid on the water and hand my arms around her waist and we started french kissing. Becky kept looking over at Kelly and I was curious and started looking over. All I seen was Kelly and Marcus sitting on the edge of the pool in the deep end and they were talking. Where they were sitting, we couldn't hear what they were talking about. Becky and I started kissing again and when we pulled apart, Becky said "When you are with a girl, do you prefer to get off in her or out of her?" I said "Well, I prefer to leave it in, but that would be up to you." Becky said "Well, the only guy that did that to me was Steve, and I would really like it if you did too." I smiled and said "Well, as long as you would really like it, I guess I can't let you down." Becky jammed her tongue down my throat!

We were holding each other so tight and I had my hands going up and down Beckys back feeling her soft skin. It is hard to describe, but it felt like a slightly taller version of Kelly to me. Just about then, I heard Kelly from right behind me say "Well you two. Are we all ready to finish this in bed?" Becky looked up and nodded and said "I am." I said "I am too." I heard Marcus from just outside the gazebo say "I am so ready after what you just said." Kelly turned and gave him a scolding look. We started to head upstairs and Kelly and Marcus were holding hands as they went up the stairs and Becky grabbed my hand as we headed up behind them. Kelly stopped at the door of the spare bedroom and said "Well, this is our stop. Have fun you two!" And as Becky and I walked in the bedroom, there were red lights in the lamps and sex oil set out on the night stands and the sheets were fresh red satin. Just as we walked inside the door, Becky turned me to her and we started kissing and she said "This is so beautiful. It almost feels like a honeymoon room." We started frech kissing and we heard Kelly and Marcus talking. I guided Becky towards the bed and she sat on the side and I said "You can scoot to the middle. There's plenty of room for both of us." Becky smiled and slid over to the middle of the bed and laid her head on the pillow. Just as I started to get on the bed, Kelly walked in and said "Babe. Come here for a second." and she walked towards the bathroom. When I got there, Kelly exhaled really big and whispered to me "Babe. I want to ask you something and I want your very honest opinion." Then she handed me her birth control pills and said "I haven't taken one yet today. Tell me now if you want me to and I will take it. But if you really want me to fuck Marcus and let him cum inside me unprotected, I will." I said "Does Marcus know this?" Kelly said "Yes. I told him and he got excited, but I told him that I still have to ask you. So what should I do? Take it or not?" I smiled and said "Is this the big secret between you and Becky?" Kelly said "Yes. So what do you want me to do babe? And I mean what do you really want?" Take it or not?" I smiled and said "Not. But if you let him cum inside of you all night, are you going to wash him all out when you are done?" Kelly inhaled and then exhaled and said "I'll be shaking like a leaf afterwards, but no. I will just leave him in and take the chance of getting pregnant by him. Do you want me to do that?" I gave Kelly a hug and told her I would love seeing her face when he cums and she knows she might get pregnant.

Kelly whispered "Does it excite you hearing this?" I told her it does, and said that in the past, her and I play around with guys and make them think she isn't taking her birth control and I asked if this was a prank just to get me excited. Kelly held her arm out to show me her hand was shaking a little and said "No, this one is for real. Look at me already. But I'll do it if you say to." I said "I want to see him fill you so much. You better get in there so he can get you pregnant." Kelly said "Don't wish that. I am doing it just to see how it feels afterwards." And now, you go fuck Becky and think of that and I want you to fuck as hard as you can. Fill her up too." As Kelly and I walked from the bedroom, Kelly looked over at Becky and said "I'm really going to do it!" Becky said "Good luck. Have fun!" Kelly turned and said "Always. You too.", and she left the room. I crawled up on the bed and Becky said "So what did she tell you?" I said she told me that she didn't take her birth control and asked if I wanted her to skip it and let Marcus fill her up unprotected. Becky said "Are you going to be okay with that?" I looked down at my cock that had grown and was throbbing and said "Well, I know some parts of me are very excited about it.

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
wow another hot instalment, really love it, has me so hard mmmmm!!!!!!!
3 years ago
I was trying to get it down to just three more, but it looks like it will be longer.

Glad you are enjoying it. I know I did!
3 years ago
Another great series.....Hope there are at least a couple more installments to the story.