Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 2

Becky looked over toward the Jacuzzi and through the gazebo, she seen Kelly kissing Marcus and said "Oh my God! Look at them two." I looked over and Marcus was sitting at the Jacuzzi and Kelly was in the water facing him and they were kissing. I joked and said "Marcus is just saying thank you for dinner." We both laughed and as Becky leaned to grab the bottle of wine to refill our glasses, she scooted closer to me. Becky told me that one time, she went to a bachelorette party and they hired a male stripper and he was drinking champagne from all the girls bellies. I told her a girls tight stomach makes the best wine glass and Becky grabbed the bottle and handed it to me and said "Do you want to try that?" I said "Well, I would rather it be somewhere else to drink from, but I guess this will do." She blushed again and said "You're a stink!" and then laid back and as she held her stomach, I poured some wine on her and begin to suck it all up. I took some extra time and begin to lick her stomach and she had her eyes closed and said "That feels good." So I poured some more wine on her and kept going. From the Jacuzzi, we heard Becky say "Get a room!" All of us started laughing.

When Becky laughed, her belly wiggled and wine was all over her. I started to lick it all off. I glanced and noticed Becky was also looking towards the gazebo, I guess she was taking cues from what Kelly and Marcus were doing. I hadn't noticed, but Kelly had started to give Marcus head and Becky stopped me and she sat up and slid in the pool and stood in front of me. She had both of her hands on my legs and started to tug at my trunks. I slid in the water and put my arms around her waist as she was tugging at my trunks, I started untying her bikini top and took it off of her and threw it to the pool side and then undid the strings on the sides of her bottoms and took them off and threw them next to her top. By now, she sank underwater and pulled my trunks off and when she came up she was holding them in her teeth and she tossed them to the side of the pool. I put my arms around Becky again and she put her arms around me and we just stood there looking at each other. I pulled her closer and we started kissing, then we started french kissing. Wow! Steve was an idiot to leave her! We were still kissing and I felt my cock getting hard and she held me tight against her and neither of us noticed that Kelly and Marcus came over and were getting in the pool. Kelly asked Becky if they could have some girl talk when she was finished and Becky stopped very fast. (Damn!) When Becky came back over she was smiling and said "Kelly wants to talk to you."

When I got to Kelly she was talking soft and said "Sorry babe. I really wasn't trying to interrupt. I only said when you two were done. The plan was not for anything happening tonight because I thought it would take time for Becky to warm up to it, but it doesn't look like she needs any warming up now. So, I told Becky that if she really wanted to turn you on, she should really get passionate with you. After all, you seen that with me and it's only fair you get the same treatment. How about you two take our bed and Marcus and I will take the spare bedroom upstairs and that way, we can pop in on each other if we want to. Becky said she is up for it if you are." I glanced down at my hard cock and said "I'm up for it. In more ways then one!" Kelly reached down and grabbed my cock. She gave me a kiss and said "Well, let's do it then!" and she swam back over to Marcus and I went back over to Becky. After a few minutes, Kelly told Marcus she needed to do something and would be right back. He asked if she needed any help and Kelly said "Sure. You can help me if you want." Becky asked if she needed any help and Kelly said "That's okay, we got it. It looks like you have your hands full anyway." Her and Kelly started laughing and I asked Becky what that was about. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock and said "She meant I had my hands full and I do!"

Becky was rubbing my cock as I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me and slid my hand over her ass. It was so soft and I reached one hand around and put my hand over her cunt. She was as smooth as Kelly and I know that when they both went to get waxed, Becky took it all off as well. Becky said "Do you like that?" I told her I like it a lot and reached in and we started french kissing again. When we parted, Becky was still rubbing my cock and I had started inserting a finger inside of her cunt and she had a big smile on her face. Becky said "I wonder where Kelly and Marcus are?" I chuckled and said "She probably has him between her legs by now!" and just as I said that, we seen Kelly and Marcus coming back out. As Kelly got into the pool, I heard her tell Becky "I have our bedroom all ready when you two are ready." Becky didn't answer, but smiled at Kelly. Then Becky went under the water and I felt her mouth on my cock and she started to give me head while underwater. She was able to hold her breath for quite some time and my cock was actually enjoying the attention she was giving. Becky came up for air and smiled at me and then took a deep breath and went back under water. When she did, Kelly yelled over "Babe. To help you out, just picture my grandma naked giving you head!" And her and Marcus busted up laughing. Becky came up for air and heard them laughing and she looked at Kelly and said "Is everything alright?" Kelly said "No, it's fine. I told him I bet he is enjoying that!" I said "No you didn't!" and then I looked at Becky and said "She's trying to make me shrivel up in your mouth!" Becky whispered to me and said "Is everything really okay?" I kissed her and said it was all fine and Kelly is just trying to get even with me for all of the jokes I play on her. I hand my hands around Beckys waist and I slid under water and brought my head between her legs and licked her cunt a little from under the water. I guess she enjoyed it because she arched backwards and when I came up for air, she had her arms behind her holding the side of the pool.

I smiled and said "I take it you like that?" Becky said "The entire time I was married, not once would Steve ever do that to me." I said "Well, you keep a hold of the pool, but this is not over tonight by a long shot!" and I took a breath and went under the water and started licking her cunt again. This time when I came up, I had a hold of her waist and hoisted her up so she was just sitting on the edge of the pool and using my hands to spread her legs a little, I buried my head between her legs and started licking again, this time I started darting my tongue as deep as I could in her cunt. I glanced up at Becky and noticed she had her eyes closed and had a smile on her face. When I looked up again, Kelly was standing right behind her and was giving me the thumbs up. Her and Marcus stopped whatever they were doing and were watching us. Becky is a quiet one and when she started cumming, she reached down and pulled my head closer to her and softly started moaning "Yes. Oh yes. Ohhh yes!" As my tongue begin to feel the added lubrication from her orgasm, I buried my tongue into her cunt deep and started darting in and out of her. Her hands were grasping my head so tight and she was pulling my face hard against her cunt. I didn't mind and I was enjoying myself.

Becky finally let her hands go and I felt her body go limp under me. When I stopped and pulled my head up, she had her eyes closed and I reached my hands up and started rubbing her waist and her belly. Becky looked at me and said "I have never felt anything like that before! That was so good!" Kelly looked over and said "Good? Babe. You are going to have to show her it is great when you two get rested up!" Becky looked at me and said "It was great I mean. Not just good. You were great! Thank you for making me feel like that!" Kelly said "Too late! He has to make it better in a little bit!" Kelly looked at Marcus and said "You have to do me later, but for now, lay back!" And Kelly slid into the water and stood in front of Marcus. When Marcus laid back on the edge of the pool, Kelly leaned in and took his hard cock into her mouth. Becky was still sitting up and I had my arms around her waist and would lean in and kiss on her belly and her boobs and she had her hands on my shoulder and I could feel her squeezing my neck and shoulders giving me a neck rub. Becky looked over at Kelly and seen her deep throat Marcus and had his entire cock down her throat. Beckys eyes got so big and she leaned to me and whispered "I want to do that to you, but I'm not that good and I can't take it all like she can." I looked up and smiled and said "It's okay. I don't think many can do what she can do. I was enjoying it when you were underwater and was doing that to me." (Many girls can deep throat if they practice, so I knew if Becky really tried, she could eventually deep throat too) Becky and I had stopped and were watching Kelly and every time Kelly would go all the way down on Marcus, Beckys eyes got really big. Becky whispered to me again "What will Kelly do if he starts getting off in her mouth?" I said that knowing Kelly, she would make sure she doesn't lose a single drop and will most likely have his cock all the way down her throat when he cums." Becky whispered "I have never swallowed it before, but if you like that, I will do it. Has to be a first time right?" I said "Wow! If I cum, you mean it's going to be the first time ever swallowed?" Becky just nodded and said "Do you want me to?" I said "Just knowing that is going to make me explode!" Becky softly said "Good."

We continued to watch Kelly bury her face over Marcus and you could see her throat rise every time she took him all the way down. I reached my arms up and pulled Beckys head towards me and we started kissing. Wow, that girl loves to french! I'm not complaining though! I was rubbing her waist and we continued to watch Kelly some more. Finally, we heard Marcus say that he was about to cum and Kelly took a huge breath and took his cock all the way down her throat and he started cumming. He had his back arched and Kelly had her arms wrapped so tight around him holding his cock down her throat. Becky just stared at them with her mouth wide open and her eyes were really wide. Becky looked at me and said "Damn. Look at what she's doing. Is she swallowing him?" I said "No. His cock is so far down her throat, she doesn't have to swallow. More like a straight injection into her stomach." Becky said "I hope you like it when I suck you. I can never do that." I told Becky not to compare herself to Kelly and that so far, I am having a great time with her. After about 30 seconds more and Marcus was done cumming. Just as Kelly was pulling her mouth off of his cock, Becky said "Did you swallow all of that?" Kelly looked over and opened her mouth to show there was nothing and said "That's the best part when you give a guy head! Making a guy cum in your mouth is good, but watching the look on their face when you swallow every drop is great! Are you going to swallow it too?" Becky said "I want to and don't know how it will be, but I won't stop." She seen I was smiling really big by now and after watching Kelly deep throat Marcus, my cock was so hard. I also knew that being the first guy that Becky has ever swallowed while giving head was going to be such a turn on. I was still standing in the pool at the side and Becky slid into the pool. I was still holding her waist and put my arms all the way around her and pulled her close. She put her arms around my neck and we started french kissing again. Becky took one hand from around my neck and put it on my cock and she started to rub my cock. We were still kissing and when we stopped, Becky whispered. "My turn now. Sit on the edge." I pulled myself from the water and Becky moved between my legs.

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