Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 1

A couple of months had gone by and Becky and Kelly had become good friends. Not really talking about sex all the time, but it had been mentioned a few times. Becky and Steve were not getting along during this time. His work was on a slow down and his hours were cut and since Becky did not work, bills around the house started to get out of control and they would have some heated arguments over their finances. Steve was the type that didn't want his wife working and thought her place was at home and every time Becky would mention getting a job to help out, he would go off and throw a tantrum. Many of these were seen by the entire neighborhood. He would stand in the front yard screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking his car and throwing lawn furniture around. Before all of this, I had always thought he was a level headed guy, but now I had my doubts. The original plan was Kelly wanted to talk with Becky and test the waters to see if there was a chance the four of us would end up in bed together. Now, I would not want Kelly around Steve. Becky said he has never laid a hand on her. I find it hard to believe, but have no proof, but I just wouldn't want Kelly around him anyway. If he ever laid a hand on Becky, I would have to shoot him to put him out of his misery! Several of the neighbors have said if they ever heard that he hit Becky, they were going to go a few rounds with him. So one weekend, Kelly invited Becky over for coffee as they normally do and Becky said that Steve left her. She was crying about how she wanted him back and even called his mom and his mom won't even talk to her. Becky is cute as hell and would have no troubles finding a guy and Kelly sort of let her have it. Kelly was telling her that if he left her because of bills, what would that tell her? Is he only happy when things go his way? Kelly told Becky she didn't want to tell her what she should do, but said "I just want you to know that a marriage is not about just playing house. It's working through all of the good and the bad. If you were to get sick, would Steve take care of you or get mad about it?" That wasn't really a question and Kelly just wanted to give her something to think about but Becky said she did get pretty sick a few years earlier and Steve went to his moms for two weeks because he had to work and she was keeping him up at night. Are you fucking k**ding me?

Kelly had backed off working on Becky about anything sexual and one day Becky came over just after Kelly got home from work and was crying. Steve was filing for divorce. Kelly calmed her down and asked what she wanted. Becky stopped crying and said "You know what? If he doesn't want me, then hell with him!" Kelly gave her a hug and said "That's my girl. He is hoping you start crying and blubbering and beg him to come back. Let him know you are here, and if you really want him back, make him come to you and apologize. You have nothing to be sorry about." Well, instead, Steve did want a divorce and Kelly didn't tell me that we helped Becky get an attorney. During their negotiations, Becky was getting the house and everything in it and Steve gets his car and clothes. But it leaves Becky taking care of her bills and Steve was still responsible for half of any bills to that date. They were looking for a couple of people to work at the new PX on base and I picked up an application for Becky. I know the lady that was in charge of hiring and so I put in a good word for her. Kelly being Kelly, took her to the mall over the weekend and bought her a bunch of nice clothes to wear for interviews and if she got the job, she has some nice clothes for work. Becky does drive, but didn't have a car and the plan for that day would be that she would drive in with me when I went to work and drop me off and take my truck to go to her interview. Since I still get off work before Kelly, Becky was going to pick me up. Becky was going to call her parents and ask for some help and maybe we could find her a car that would at least get her back and forth until she got on her feet and could get something better. The next day, Becky came over as Kelly and I just finished getting dressed for work and were having breakfast. Holy shit, Becky looked hot as hell! As Kelly and I went to get our keys, I leaned over to Kelly and whispered "Damn. I have a job to offer her!" Kelly smiled really big. We all left and after I got to work, Becky went to her interview. Three hours had passed and I was patrolling through and seen Becky in the parking lot and pulled up. She had a huge grin and said she got the job as assistant manager of the clothing store. She said she was going to go home because she doesn't have any money for lunch or else she would just hang out there until I was off work. So I offered to buy her lunch and radioed in that I was out of service for an hour.

At lunch, she started to cry a little and I asked if she was okay and if it was Steve. Becky said "No, if he wants a divorce, let him have it. I am just so happy that I have such good friends. You and Kelly have helped me so much and I am just so glad that I know you two." For the next few weeks, Becky would ride in with me and I would drop her off at work and pick her up. Her hours were close to mine, so it worked out. The hardest part was trying not to stare at her. She wore some short skirts and when she would get in my truck, they would ride up and she showed so much leg and pretty close to other things as well! I was telling Kelly how distracting it was driving to work and trying to focus on the road. Kelly laughed and said "Well, why didn't you just pull over and take care of it?" I joked back "Well, we would have to take your car. The back seat of my truck is uncomfortable!" Kelly started laughing and said "And just how do you know your back seat is so uncomfortable?" I told her she never sees me driving from the back seat because it just looks like it would be so uncomfortable. Kelly started inviting Becky over for dinners to help her save money and Beckys parents sent her a couple thousand to help her with bills and were trying to help her get a car. I wasn't in any hurry for her to get a car because I got to see her every day. Her and Kelly spent a lot of time out by the Jacuzzi talking and one night after Becky went home, Kelly and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. Kelly finally turned the TV down and said "Well babe. I think you will get your wish. Would you still like to get Becky in bed?" I said "Oh no! What makes you think that?" We both laughed. Kelly told me that her and Becky would talk by the Jacuzzi and the subject of sex came up and Kelly mentioned my name a few times. Becky told her she would catch me staring at her and Kelly said she laughed and said "I don't think he knows you caught him!" Kelly told her that she has had sex with another guy here and there and I was okay with it. (She didn't tell Becky everything) And Kelly mentioned to Becky that she sort of knew I wouldn't mind going to bed with her. Becky smiled and told her she didn't want to hurt our friendship, and Kelly told her she would be able to keep me company while she was with her friend. Kelly would talk to her more and more over the next few weeks just to make sure that Becky was really okay with everything and they started asking me to come out and sit in the Jacuzzi with them. During the weekends, they would hang out at the beach and out by the pool and Becky started to get a nice tan going. Just so you know, Becky is a little taller then Kelly. She was 5 foot 4 inches and weighed 115 pounds with long sandy blonde/light brown hair.

Kelly and I would talk at night in bed and when we would start talking about Becky, Kelly would say that she was sort of thinking about getting with Jason. He is someone that Kelly has been with and she really likes him. Kelly wanted to invite Jason over a couple of times so that would give Becky and I more of a chance to get to know each other and Kelly could see Jason. That Friday night, I picked Becky up from work and we headed home. Kelly had gotten home early and had everything all ready for the grill. The table was set for four, so I guessed that Kelly invited Jason over too. Becky said she was going to go home to take a shower and wanted to put on something else for dinner and would bring her bikini over too and Becky said "Then you can see my legs instead of trying not to look going to and from work." I am certain I turned three shades of red, but Becky had a big grin. Kelly came downstairs and I asked if Jason was coming over. She said "No. I was going to, but I invited Marcus over instead. Is that okay?" I told her it was fine. For those of you that do not know, Marcus is a tall black guy from work that Kelly spent the week with once on what was supposed to be a business trip. I asked Kelly if Becky knows who is coming over and she said "Yeah. I told her." When Becky came back over, she had on the shortest pair of yellow shorts and looked so good in them against her tan. Kelly had on a pair of shorts like you would see a girls volleyball team wearing and a bikini top. So Becky took her top off so they were both wearing bikini tops. I joked with Becky and said "That could have been embarrassing if you forgot to put your bikini under your clothes!" She looked at me for a minute I was talking about her taking her top off and nothing underneath and she started laughing. Becky and Kelly wear cutting vegetables at the counter and you can hear them talking really soft and every now and then, they would turn and look at me. Kelly asked if I would run to the store and grab a few bottles of wine because she forgot to pick some up. So I left and picked up some wine and when I got back, Marcus had arrived. When I walked in the kitchen, Marcus was getting potatoes ready for the grill. Kelly and Becky had made Margaritas and were sitting at the table drinking. I said "So. Marcus shows up and you two put him to work so you can sit down?" Kelly snickered and said "He offered to help, so we are sitting here watching his ass wiggle as he is working." Marcus turned around and said "So that is why I am doing this? I should charge extra for that!" Becky was so quiet with a smile on her face when we were talking like this, so I said "Damn. I was watching the two of you wiggle you ass before I left. I should have stayed!" Kelly said "Why? Did you want to watch Marcus wiggling his ass too?" I said "Hell no! I could have convinced Marcus not to help and him and I could watch you two! That's much better isn't it Marcus?" Marcus shook his head yes.

We had a good dinner and cleaned everything up afterwards. We decided to go sit out by the pool. When the girls came out, they both looked so hot! Becky had really been getting a nice tan and it showed. Kelly hopped in the pool and Becky followed her. Marcus and I were sitting along the edge in the shallow end and Becky and Kelly were whispering to each other while holding onto the diving board. When they came back, they headed to the stairs and started getting out. I looked over as Becky was getting out and her bikini bottoms had snugged up on her ass and sank a little. You could see her tan and a thin strip of her white ass and I said "Becky. You have a good tan. I can see just how white you used to be." She blushed and smiled and then pulled her bikini bottoms back up. I said "Oh, I wasn't saying you had to do that. I was just saying that I noticed." Her and Kelly went inside and grabbed two bottles of wine and four glasses and came back out. We poured some wine and Kelly said "Marcus. Come and sit with me in the Jacuzzi." Becky sat next to me as Marcus got out and they headed to the Jacuzzi. You could hear Kelly and Marcus talking and Becky and I were so quiet for about a minute. We started talking about Beckys job and she was telling me she really likes it. Then Becky said "Soooo. Kelly and I have been talking a lot lately and well, I am not sure how I should go about saying this, but uhhh, If you would like to go to bed with me, I would really like that." I looked over and she was staring at her wine glass. I said "So what gave it away? Me staring at you all the time or Kelly telling you?" Becky seen I had a big smile and felt a little easier and said "Both. But I have actually been staring at you too."

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