Kelly and Vincent - Part 1

For the first time in all of our years of being married, Kelly and I had a disagreement that lasted more then a day. Let me explain. Kelly and two other agents went to go arrest an owner of a fish store on a fraud warrant. He had put all of the fish in his store on his taxes and claimed them as dependants. He didn’t get any money, but he still owed several thousands of dollars from his business. He was ignoring letters and a phone contact from one of the agents assigned to him asking him to come in and talk about it did not show anything out of the ordinary, but the guy said he wasn’t coming in. So they were going to arrest him and bring him in and chain his doors shut until he cleared his back taxes, made arrangements to get everything back on track. They arrived in the parking lot and decided to just walk in and present the warrant. Kelly walked in first with the other two close behind and they announced they were with IRS and had a warrant. The guy grabbed a gun and fired off 5 shots and one of them skimmed Kellys bullet proof vest, just below her shoulder. Another 2 inches and it would have hit her in the neck. A couple more inches beyond that and it would have been her head. None of the other two were hit either. I realized just how close I came to losing Kelly that day and asked her to quit her job or fly a desk. I was still with the military police and Kelly kept asking why it was different for her and not me. I told her the difference is that in the Marines, we also wear helmets and not just jeans with a gun strapped on our sides and a blue IRS t-shirt with a small vest and no head protection. Kelly loved what she did. I knew that, but the thought that I almost lost her because of some idiot just scared the hell out of me. I slept on the couch that night, because I was not going to give in on this one. Kelly stomped up the stairs that night and slammed the bedroom door and I knew she was not giving in either. Okay, so I realized that rather then telling her to quit right off, I should have held her tight and been thankful that she was alright. It just got to me. We both have dangerous jobs, but we never think about it until something happens.

Back when the Vietnam war ended and all of the refugees were flown to the U.S., they landed at our base and were taken by bus to Tent City at Camp Pendleton. Back then, no one even heard of the term PTSD and Vietnam Vets just lived with it. One Staff Sergeant lost it because he didn’t think we should bring them here and started taking pot shots from a rooftop at one of my field officers. The Goon Squad (our SWAT) was heading on base and in the meantime, I heard the Corporal saying he was under his truck for protection and his truck was getting hit. I called for every truck to head over and secure the area and when I got there, I seen Chuck under his truck near his back tire. He had his pistol in his hand. I radioed dispatch and told them to call the tower and tell them to clear the area as there will be shots fired into the air. Then, I swung my truck around and backed toward Chucks truck with my tailgate down. I radioed to a couple of others to deliver a few shots to the roof to keep the guy ducking down and when they did, Chuck jumped in the back of my truck and we sped away. Needless to say, it took a sniper riding shotgun in the search and rescue chopper and he was f***ed to take him out when he started shooting at the helicopter. Kelly did not tell me I should quit or fly a desk. She held me all night long and was crying saying that she was just so happy that I was alright. Okay, so even reading all of what I just wrote makes me feel like I was such an ass that night.

The next morning, Kelly nudged me and said I should get up so I could get ready for work. She was off for a few days because of what happened. I got up and walked in the kitchen behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I told her I love her so much and even thinking that I could have lost her made me panic. I told her I was sorry and that we both should have fallen asl**p with me holding her close to me all night long. She turned around and gave me a kiss and we stood there holding each other. She said “You better get ready for work babe. I’ll fix you something to eat.” I went up and took a shower and her pillow had one corner that was soaked. I knew she had been crying and it was her tears that were on her pillow. I didn’t say anything to her and had breakfast and headed to the base. I stopped at a florist near the base and bought two dozen roses to be delivered to Kelly at noon. All day, everyone kept telling me they seen on the news about what happened with Kelly. I tried so hard not to let it keep eating at me. I was working on some paperwork when she called and I told her I seen she was crying all night and that I was so sorry for the way I acted. She said “I love you.” And we agreed we would talk about it more later.

Okay. So I had to tell you that, so you know what lead us up to the conversation we had.

I called Kelly around 3 and told her we would go out to dinner when I got off from work. We went out that night and we agreed to just try to forget it for now and have a good time. We had a great dinner and I bought us a bottle of wine that I know Kelly really liked drinking at that restaurant. We didn’t talk about work and only talked about her car needing to be washed. Kelly said “I will wash mine while I am home one day and you can drive mine the next and I’ll wash your truck.” I leaned over the table and said “You just want to wear something skimpy for all of the neighbors to see don’t you? Kelly smiled and slapped my hand and said “If I was going to do that, I would tell you that I was going to get everyone else to wash my car!” We finished dinner and headed home, and when we got there, we decided to change into something comfortable and lounge around. I had some elastic waist flannel pants on with no shirt and Kelly came down wearing this skimpy little babydoll and we sat on the couch to watch TV and Kelly laid down and put her head on my lap. We just sat quietly watching a few TV shows that were on. The phone rang and Kelly got up and answered it. She was in the kitchen talking and I was hearing her say that she was alright and a few minutes later, said that she will be fine, and before she hung up, she said that would call soon. When she came back in and laid her head back in my lap. She looked up and said “That was Eric. He said that he heard what happened and wanted to call to make sure I was okay.” I looked at her and said “See. Another reason. If anything happened to you, who would take care of all of your male friends?” Kelly turned to her side facing the TV and said “I don’t want to talk about that yet. Besides. I’ll tell my si ster to take care of my friends for me if anything happens to me.” I told her that I see she is gaining her sense of humor back and she told me that she never lost it and that I just made her hide it.

One of the TV shows that were on was something about a pregnant girl. I said “That’s what we have to do. Get you pregnant and you will have to stay home.” When she didn’t answer, I looked down and seen that she fell asl**p. For the next few days, I did not bring up what happened with her work and we just had normal conversations. Neither of us brought up any other guy or girl and it was just about us. Friday night, Kelly and I were in the Jacuzzi and drinking some banana daiquiris she made for us. Kelly sipped quietly for a minute and then looked right at me and said “By the way. What’s this you want me to get pregnant by another guy so I would have to stay home?” I started laughing and she asked me what was so funny. I said “You were so dead asl**p that you didn’t even hear what I said.” She said “I remember you saying that though.” I was still laughing and said “No you didn’t. You heard something you thought I said, but I didn’t say that. What I said was WE should get you pregnant. I never said a word about another guy.” She giggled and said she must have been so tired and heard me wrong. After a minute of absolute silence, I said “So. Maybe we can talk about what you want.” She said “What’s that?” I said “You getting pregnant by another guy.” Kelly said “In your dreams!” and then reached in the Jacuzzi and splashed me with water. We ended up having a splash fight that night, but nothing else was said.

The next morning, Kelly was outside watering the lawn when I woke up. I got dressed and went outside and she turned the hose around like she was going to spray me and said “I still have ammunition!” I told her if she did that, I would take the hose away and turn it on her and the neighbors could see a wet t-shirt contest! She turned the sprayer off and dropped the hose and walked over and wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck saying “I love you so much babe. I just want to hold you and never let you go.” She said she was going to go inside and fix us some breakfast and in a little while, her and her si ster wanted to go to the beach and work on their tan. We had breakfast and afterwards, she went up and put on a bikini and had some shorts and a t-shirt covering it and said she would be back later and maybe we can do something or just talk or whatever. It was good seeing her back to her bubbly self. All week, she seemed to have so much on her mind, and was starting to show a small amount of the humor that I have come to know from her.

She came home about 5 that afternoon and said she was going to go up and take a shower and change clothes. I had a couple of steaks and was going to barbeque those, potatoes, and maybe some ranch style beans or something. Kelly came back down and outside where I was starting the grill. She said “I feel better. I had sand all over my ass and it was driving me crazy!” I laughed and said “Why didn’t you just tell him to lay a towel down first?” Kelly started to walk back inside and then she stopped and turned to me and said “What did you just say?” I smiled at her and told her “I said… Why didn’t you just put a towel down first?” She said “Bull. I know what you said! I’m going to grab some ice and put it in your pants to cool you down!” I started laughing and said “You are so crazy! You keep hearing things! And why did you just say that you were going to grab some guy and get in his pants to cool down?” She laughed and gave me the finger and stuck her tongue out at me. We had a good dinner. And I cleaned the grill and Kelly put the dishes in the dishwasher and then I came in and wiped the table and she wiped the counters. Kelly headed for the living room and I went upstairs to change clothes.

I came back down and she had taken a pillow from the couch and stuffed it under her shirt. She rocked back and forth and was rubbing it like it was a baby in there and said “Look what you did!” I started laughing and said “Wait a minute! I know it’s not mine! I have only fucked you when you were taking birth control. That has to be some other guys baby!” Kelly pulled the pillow out and said “Can you just see me all fat and a baby in me? Can you imagine the looks on a few guys if they think it was theirs?” I said “You would have to fuck them after you stop taking the pill to make them think that. If you stopped doing anything with other guys, they would just say that you are two months pregnant and they haven’t done anything with you for three and they would know it isn’t theirs.” Kelly said “Ha! You know that guys can’t count unless you take your shoes off! Come here and sit next to me babe.” When we sat down, I noticed she had tears welling up in her eyes. I grabbed her and held on to her tight and asked if something was wrong.

Kelly said “You know the day I was shot at? Well, just that morning, I was offered a promotion to head the internal investigations team. You know that I like working out of the office, but it is a big pay raise even though it is a desk job and they asked me to think it over and let them know. I was going to tell you that I was going to take the job, but after what happened, I didn’t want anyone to think I was afraid and that taking it just because of what happened. More then anything, I wanted to jump up and cheer, but I understand how much she likes the job she does, so I kept calm and said “Why not talk to them and say that you didn’t want any agents to think you are taking a desk job because of what happening that day and tell them, you would agree only if you can still get in the field every now and then?” Kelly leaned her head over to my shoulder and said “Thank you babe. I thought you were going to say you want me to jump on it now. Thanks for seeing how I feel and letting me choose the job.”

Kelly said “So now, what would you really and honestly say about me not taking birth control?” I said “What about your guy friends? Kelly said “I thought you would say that. My original thought is to stop having sex with them for a while so you and I can focus on having a baby. My next thought is maybe. I don’t want them all the time. I want you. But from time to time, I just might do it with someone else. Should I do that and take the chance of getting pregnant by them and not you?” I pulled the elastic from my shorts to show her I was hard and said “You tell me! That would be fucking hot!” Kelly said “Do you really and truly want me to still have sex with someone else every now and then and take a chance with them?” I told her that the chances are, it would be me that gets her pregnant, but just the thought she would fuck a guy unprotected is hot. She said she had a few black friends, but her f****y would disown her if she had a black baby and said “Babe, if I fuck one of my black friends, can I have a white friend the same night? This way, if I get pregnant, it won’t be on my mind and it could be from the white guy.”

However, this thought was discussed but we never talked about when she would actually stop taking her birth control. She had told me she wanted t really think hard about it and she would let me know, but did not know when she would say anything to me. It was about a month later and I was at the mall looking around and stopped in this vitamin store that had just opened. I wasn’t looking for anything and just as I was making my way back out, I noticed these Vitamin K pills and they sort of reminded me of Kellys birth control pills. Okay, so before anyone gets the idea that I was going to switch them on her, I didn’t. What I did do was have some fun and decided to get back at her for teasing so many guys in the past. She had a six month supply of her pills and I took one that she had just finished off and when she wasn’t looking, I took the case from the waste basket. Now, her sugar pills she takes are a green color. The closest thing I could find was green tic-tacs and I bought some of those. They were a brighter green, but inside the case, they looked like a softer green. As long as she didn’t look close, I think I could convince her.

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