Kelly and Jason - After

I woke up about 2:30 and Kelly woke up around 3:00. I thought that I had answered Kelly when she mentioned about her birth control, and I learned later that Kelly thought it upset me when she said it and that was why I didn't answer. So neither of us brought it up waiting for the other to bring it up. I figured if Kelly was thinking about it, I wanted to hear it from her. Kelly thought I once mentioned it, but because I didn't answer, I had changed me mind and didn't want her to. I was going to go to the store to get a few things because I wanted something different for dinner then what we had planned. The phone was ringing as I was just leaving and on my drive to the store, I pictured that Jason was calling her and asking if he could come over again. When I got home, Kelly came into the garage and started helping me bring everything inside. For some reason, I guess I convinced myself that it really was Jason that called and said "So what did Jason want?" Kelly looked at me a little puzzled and said "What? Why do you think I talked to him today?" I told her that when I left, I guess I assumed it was him on the phone. Kelly said "Oh no! It was Becky, our neighbor across the street, just thanking us for having them over. She just said they had a great time and we should do it again sometime." I thought I would have some fun with Kelly and said "By the way, she knows what happened last night." Kelly stopped in her tracks and said "How does she know that? You didn't say anything did you?" I said "I didn't have to. She was in her yard when you walked Jason to the door and kissed him and then flashed him when he was leaving." Kelly looked startled and said "Damn babe! I didn't know anyone was around. I only meant for Jason to see it. Are you serious? Was she really out there?" I started laughing and she threw a banana from the bowl on the table and said "You ass! I did that and when you just told me Becky was outside, I thought that I didn't even look around first before I did that! You really suck babe! You know that?" We both laughed about it.

Kelly said she was trying to figure out a way to have just Becky over because she knew I was checking her out. Kelly said "I'll bet you wouldn't mind banging her a few times, huh? Is that who you want to wrap her legs around you while you are fucking her?" I told Kelly I wouldn't mind it at all. We finished on that note, and as I was getting dinner started, I forgot to get eggs and while I was getting the fish prepped, Kelly went to the store and grabbed some eggs. We had a good dinner and we talked about her and Jason the night before. Kelly kept asking if I got jealous or upset when she got really passionate with him. She said "You and I talked about it before and I just decided to do it once to see you. Was it okay, or did I make you upset with me?" I told her I was jealous, but that was a good thing, but I wasn't upset or mad. I said "Unless, if I say I'm upset, you will do the neighborhood?" Kelly laughed and said "I'm sure you wouldn't mind that!" I said "I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't mind either! Maybe you can invite them over for some iced tea?" Kelly gave me the finger and we both laughed. We sat in the Jacuzzi later that night. We didn't do anything, we just sat with our arms around each other. Later that night, we went to bed and we fucked like wild dogs. Just before Kelly got me off, she said "This is the cock I want all the time!" Afterwards, we fell asl**p.

In the morning, I got up first, and was in the kitchen drinking coffee when the doorbell rang. I looked up at the clock and it was only 6:45. It was another neighbor, Sherri asking if she could borrow a couple of eggs. She was getting her husbands breakfast and didn't have anymore. I gave her a few and she left. Kelly woke up when she heard the doorbell and as I closed the door, she was walking downstairs in her robe and said "Who was at the door babe?" I told her it was one of my many girlfriends asking if Kelly was gone so they could come in. Kelly smirked and said "Oh sure. Invite them all over so I can meet them!" I said "Not really, it was Kevin from a few houses down." Kelly asked me what he wanted so early in the morning and I said "He wanted to know if he could get in your eggs. He said Jason told him what happened and he would like a chance too." Kelly said "Now, that's not even funny!" We had breakfast and Kelly said "So who was really at the door?" I finally told her who it was and that Sherri just wanted to borrow some eggs.

Kelly and I both went upstairs and took a shower and got dressed. When we went back downstairs, Kelly walked up and started hugging me with her head against my shoulder. She looked up and said "So babe. I have been with a few guys, tell me if there is a girl you wouldn't mind getting into bed. Do you like Becky? If you do, maybe I can invite her for coffee every now and then and see what I can find out from her." I told Kelly I wouldn’t mind it and she agreed that she will see what she could find out. Kelly said "After all, you are usually the one that sets me up, so maybe I can fix you up. I'll call her later to see if she wants to go shopping with me and later, hang out by the pool and tan." I told her that I needed to work on the race car and now she was going to have Becky over and both of them in their bikinis in the backyard, I wouldn't get anything done to the car! Kelly said "Well, then if we distract you, just come and join us. Is there any one else you are interested in and I can scope out the talent for you?" I knew this would set her off and said "Well, you can always call Debbie. I would like to try her a few times." Kelly jumped up and said "NO! I already told you that my si ster has the hots for you and that wouldn't make me jealous... that would piss me off because I know she wants you!" I told Kelly to come back to earth and I was only k**ding. I said "We agreed that f****y is off limits. I just knew I could get under your skin if I said that." As I walked towards the garage door I muttered really soft "Too bad because I'll bet she can fuck just like you can." Kelly threw a dish towel at me and said "I heard that, you horny prick!"

I was out by the race car and after about an hour or so, Kelly walked out to the garage with Becky and said "We're going to go to the mall babe." I said "What are you going to the mall for?" Kelly giggled towards Becky and looked at me and said "We are going to pick up some guys!" I joked back and said "Again? I thought they kicked you out for doing that?" Both of them started laughing and started to get in Kellys car. Kelly had on a tight pair of shorts and so did Becky. I watched as Becky got into the car. Damn she was hot, now that I am getting a little closer look. They went to the mall and when they came home, Kelly was getting out of her car and said "We couldn't find any guys, so we went shopping instead. I bought us both some new bikinis babe. Okay?" I told her it was fine with me and said "Maybe if you had worn them out of the store, you could have found the guys you were looking for." Kelly stuck her tongue out at me and I noticed Becky was blushing.

About 30 minutes had passed and I went into the kitchen to get a beer and seen Kelly and Becky out by the pool. Kelly was in the pool and Becky was standing along the edge getting ready to jump in. Damn! Kelly found her a skimpy bikini and it barely hid anything. I opened the sliding door and yelled "Should I push her in?" Becky turned around and I noticed a big patch of pubic hair protruding from her bikini. I went back to the garage. Kelly came in later and said "Babe. Would you mind if Becky and I had a girls day out tomorrow? Just her and I. We want to get pedicures and whatever." I told Kelly I had an idea what the pedicures would cost me, but asked her how much the whatever would cost. Kelly looked back to make sure Becky didn't follow her inside and said "Becky said she was embarrassed wearing a bikini and when we talked about waxing, she said she can't really afford it. Is it okay if I take her where I go and pay for it for her?" I told Kelly it was fine with me and as Kelly turned to go back to the pool, she turned her head and said "I'll tell her you are giving me the money for us to go. Maybe she will think she owes you!" I chuckled and said "By her a car. Then she really owes me!"

When we had our neighbors over, Becky was wearing a bikini and looked great in it. But Kelly doesn't wear the ones that cover everything up, she prefers to wear the skimpiest ones so she can tan as much of her body as she can. When Becky put on the one Kelly bought her, it didn't hide very much and Kelly just wanted to help her so she wasn't embarrassed coming over wearing it. The next day, Becky came over and her and Kelly headed out for the day. They didn't get back home until close to 6 O'clock and when they both walked in, I noticed that Becky had a haircut and it looked so good on her. Her makeup was different and her eyes looked bluer then when they left. Kelly said "Babe. It is too late to get something started for dinner. Can we just take Becky and her husband out for dinner?" I told her I would have to jump in the shower and get ready and Kelly told Becky "Call your husband and tell him to get ready and come over. I want to see his face when he sees your changes." When I came back down, Steve had just shown up and was staring at Becky. Good thing too, because that meant he wasn't watching me because I was staring at her too! When we got to the restaurant, Kelly whispered to me "What do you think babe? Doesn't she look good?" I smiled and said "Yes." Kelly whispered "I am still working on it, but I think she is getting comfortable so I can start talking about sex to her. I think her and Steve are having some troubles at home. Maybe I can tell her they need to spice things up." I waited for a few minutes until I got another chance to whisper to Kelly and said "Do you think she would really step out on her husband?" Kelly smiled and said "Well, if I have to keep him occupied so you can have her, maybe."

Nothing more was said and we had a good dinner. On the way home, we learned that Steves hours at work were cut and they were sort of struggling right now and if work doesn't change, they might have to sell their house and find something smaller. I just said "I hope it all works for you. We like our neighbors.", but I was not about to start talking money and Kelly knew it, so she left it alone too.
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3 years ago
Loved all your stories I've read so far. I'd be interested to read some where you have had sex in front of her if that is something that has occurred.
3 years ago
Cant wait for what happens next!!