Kelly and Jason - Part 6

They laid there for several minutes. Jason then asked if he should go home and Kelly said "Why? Are we done already? I don't know about you, but I'm just taking a break!" Jason said he would stay as long as it was okay. Kelly said "Then I want you to stay!" Kelly suggested that we go downstairs and grab something to drink and relax for a little bit and then come back upstairs. When Kelly climbed off the bed and stood up, just a little bit of cum leaked out. Instead of asking for a towel, she used one finger and wiped it and stuck her finger in her mouth and showed Jason and I both what she just did with it. We went downstairs and sat at the kitchen table. I grabbed Jason and I a beer and Kelly a glass of wine.

Kelly was playing up to the whole 'It's our first time ever doing this' routine and looked at me and said "So babe. Are you comfortable with all of this? At least you know I'm not cheating." I said "Well, at first I was sort of jealous, but knowing it is just sex and that's it, I'm okay now." Kelly looked at Jason and said "See? I told you it's not cheating. Maybe if your ex asked you first and said she just wanted sex with somebody, things might be different right?" Jason just shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know. Maybe." After about a minute, Jason excused himself to go to the bathroom. He didn't know there was one downstairs and went to the bathroom upstairs, and that gave Kelly and I a chance to talk for a second. Kelly asked me if she was doing alright so far. I told her it was hot, but watching her being so passionate, it was kind of making me jealous. She said "Good. That is what I'm trying to do. It is just sex for me babe. I just want to give you a great show tonight. Should I keep going with it or is it too much for you?" I told her to keep going because while it made me jealous, it was making me hard as hell watching her." Jason came back down and I could see that Kelly was staring at Jasons cock as he walked in. We finished our beers and Kelly finished her wine and Kelly gave me a wink and looked at Jason and said "I'm ready to go at it again. Are you ready?" Jason nodded and Kelly stood up and took his hand and they walked hand in hand toward the stairs and Kelly turned her head and said "Come on babe. You promised you would stay near me if I did this." I followed them upstairs.

When we got upstairs, Jason sat down on the side of the bed and Kelly moved in front of him and was standing between his legs and leaned in and kissed him. She started french kissing him again and slowly, Jason leaned back on the bed and Kelly was d****d over him. Both of their legs were still hanging over the bed and Kelly was on top of Jason, and their lips never parted. When they finished their kiss, Kelly crawled on the bed and Jason turned and put his feet up and was laying next to her. Kelly looked over at Jason and said "So, are you having a good time tonight?" Jason told her that he was having the best night ever and asked her if he was doing what she wanted. Kelly said "You are doing just what I hoped for and then some. I am just glad you stayed tonight. If you didn't, look at what we would have missed!" Jason just nodded his head. Kelly placed her right hand on Jasons stomach and lowered it slowly to his cock. He was still semi soft and it didn't take long before Kelly was stroking his cock and brought it back to life. Kelly said "You have a great cock and I just love the feel of it in my hands. But, I like it even more buried inside of me!" Jason took the hint. He reached over and begin to rub Kellys cunt and using one finger, was darting it in and out of her and she started squirming a little from the feel of his finger.

With Kelly still laying on her back, Jason rolled to his side and started kissing her. After a few minutes, they had each other so built up and Jason was rock hard and Kelly was so ready to go. Jason begin rolling himself between Kellys legs and she brought her knees up slightly to give him a better angle and with no guiding from Kelly or from him, his cock hit the opening of her cunt. He slid in a few inches and begin thrusting with those few inches. Kelly wrapped her legs around him and put her hands around his ass and tried pulling him into her. He pushed a little more and was about 3/4's of the way inside of her. He started fucking her slowly and every few minutes, he would push just a little more until he had the entire length of his cock buried inside of her. Kelly was arching up to meet Jasons thrust and each time Jason would thrust down, Kelly would come up to meet his cock. Jason said "You feel so tight! I love this!" Kelly said "I love the feel of your big hard cock inside of me and I want you to fuck me all night!" Jason kept thrusting into her and each time, he had his whole cock buried as far as it could go inside of Kelly. They continued fucking for about the next 45 minutes and Kelly said "Oh my God, you are going to make me cum! Give me that cock! Fuck me with that big cock!" About that time, she started cumming and had her arms and legs wrapped so tight around Jason and she was holding him as close as she could. Jason was still not ready and they kept fucking with Jason speeding up his thrusts and then slow down.

After a little more time went by, Kelly whispered that she didn't want him to stop, but slow down for a second and then she asked if I could grab her a bottle of her sex oil. I stood up and as I headed to the bathroom, I said "Getting a little friction burn?" Kelly said "I just need a little help because I'm not stopping!" I handed her some oil and she asked Jason to lean up a little and when he did, his cock pulled about halfway out of her. Kelly shot some oil on his cock and he slid back into her. Kelly leaned over and set the bottle on the nightstand and said "Much better! Now fuck me like you never fucked anyone before!" The were fucking and kissing harder and faster and Jason started french kissing Kelly again. Looking at the time on the camera, they had been at it for just over an hour and Jason had not cum yet. Kelly looked up at him and said "Are you doing okay? I want you to cum in me baby! Can I have it?" Jason said "I'm getting there." Kelly said "Here. Let me help you." And then she wrapped onto him tight holding his cock all the way inside of her and she started milking his cock with her cunt muscles. When Jason felt her doing this, it was like a velvet glove grasping his cock and his thrusts picked up faster and even harder.

Jason said "Oh yes. That's it. I'm going to cum. You are pulling it out of me. I can't stop!" And then he thrust down onto Kellys cunt and held himself. Just as Kelly felt the first shot of his cum, she arched her back and pulled him so tight against her and said "That's it baby! Give me that cum. I want it all. Fill my cunt. Fill it. Fuck me... Oh shit I'm cumming! And Kelly started cumming along with Jason. I didn't notice, but later watching the camera, you could see his balls would tighten and every time, they tightened, Kelly would say "Oh yes!" and I knew that his cock was sending his cum so deep inside of her and she was feeling every blast into her. They started kissing again as they were both cumming. The more he was filling her, the more Kelly was trying to extricate his tongue from his mouth! And then it happened again. Kelly started working her muscles on him and drained him of every drop and his entire body shuttered! That's my Kelly! She has made me turn to rubber many times and so I knew just what Jason was feeling. It is like you want to move and can't! Kelly still had her legs around his waist and her toes pointed straight out so I knew she was cumming hard still. This kept up for nearly two minutes.

Finally, they both slowed down and Jason finally stopped. Kelly was still gyrating under him and she was trying to make it last even longer, but I could tell that Jason was done! He would not be able to give up another drop if she used a suction on him! He laid still on top of her with his weight d****d on her holding her in place. They continued kissing and Kelly finally broke from their kiss and said "You are fantastic! Do you know that?" Jason looked down at Kelly and said "It is much easier when I have you! You are so great and your husband is so damn lucky to have you." Kelly leaned out from under him and looked at me and gave me a huge smile. They laid still for the longest time. I guess Jasons cock deflated, but he was still inside of Kelly and finally, he pulled himself out of her and nearly plopped onto his back next to her. Kelly knew he was done for the night and gave me a wink and looked at Jason and said "So are you ready to go again?" Jason said he probably would not be able to walk right for a week and as much as he wanted nothing more then to keep going, he just couldn't. Kelly joked with Jason and said "Oh you wussy! I thought we were just getting started? And you are giving up already?" Kelly started playing it up hard and said "My husband does that too! You guys cum just a few times in a night and you are wiped out! To me, that is just for lubrication so we could get started!" Jason looked at me and said "Man. How can you keep up with her?" I told him I can only try.

Jason whispered to Kelly and asked if he could take a shower and Kelly told him to go right ahead. When he got into the shower and Kelly heard the water running, she said "So babe. What did you think? I drained the poor guy. I'll bet he would have built that fence by himself if he knew this was waiting for him!" I told her it was so hot watching her and showed her my cock was so rock hard and I said "How about a quickie? She laughed and said "You will get yours later after I can get a little rest. Babe? Is it okay if I get in the shower with him? I want him to really think I want more!" I told her to go get in there. She left the bathroom door open and standing near the door, I could hear Kelly say "Need some help in here?" I heard her joking with him and said "Oh good. I was afraid you had cold water on and I didn't do my job!" And then it got quiet. After a minute or so, Jason said "Oh my God that is nice!" and because Kelly wasn't answering, I knew she must have had a throatful of his cock. After several minutes in the shower, I heard Jason shout "Oh damn!" and I knew Kelly must have found more cum left in him. And then I heard a crash. I stepped inside the door and said "Is everyone okay?" Jason said "Yeah. I'm okay. Thanks." Kelly said he slipped. They came out of the shower and Jason looked up at the clock and seen it was 5:30 in the morning and started to get dressed saying that he should get home and wanted to slip out before any neighbors wake up and see him leaving our house wearing the same clothes he came over with. I put on a pair of shorts and Kelly put on this tiny see through robe with nothing under it.

She walked him to the door and I was still making my way down the stairs and Jason turned to kiss her again and they were holding each other tight and Jason said "Thank you. This was the best night ever! You are the hottest thing on this block and I always watch you outside, but only in my dreams did I think I would ever be doing all of this with you." Kelly said "I am so glad you stayed last night. Maybe we can have you back over again sometime." Then Kelly looked at me and said "Would that be okay babe?" I told her it was okay with me. As she opened the door for him, she gave him another kiss and squeezed his cock and said "Get that some rest for me." and as he was about halfway to the street on our driveway Kelly said "Hey you!" and when Jason turned to look, Kelly opened her see through robe and exposed herself and said "Don't forget me!" Jason said "Like that will happen!" and he left and Kelly closed the door. Kelly turned and said "Just so you know. Upstairs, I was giving Jason head and when he started cumming, I took him down my throat. He said he slipped, but the way his legs went limp when he went down, I think he fainted for a second or two! And he didn't even try to break his fall with his arms which told me he didn't know it was happening."

Kelly said "So babe. Did that excite you? Did you enjoy seeing what I did with Jason?" I told her it was so damn hot and I was so glad I got to see her with him. She said "You will get more later, but take your shorts off and sit down. Can't have two fainting on me in the same day." She took my cock down her throat and I would swear, she made me stretch another inch! After what I saw all night long, it didn't take long and I was cumming down her throat! She held me there until I had filled her throat with cum and collapsed back onto the loveseat! Kelly sat next to me and then laid on her side curled up with her head on my lap and we both started drifting off to sl**p. Just before I fell completely asl**p I heard Kelly say "You once said I should stop taking my birth control. Jason could be one that I just might try that!" I thought I answered, but later, I found out that I never answered her and I fell asl**p.

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