Kelly and Jason - Part 3

Kelly reached over to break the ice and grabbed Jasons cock through his swim trunks. While she was rubbing his cock through his trunks, she looked at me and said “Wow babe! I wonder why his ex didn’t want this anymore?” Then she slid her hand between his trunks and his leg and had his bare cock in her hand and said “Oooh Jason! Is this what you brought for me?” I think he tried not to get hard, but he’s a man and Kelly is, well… Kelly! She finally said we should all get out of our clothes and she stood up and took her bikini top off and said to Jason, “My bikini bottoms come off when yours does!” Jason and I took our trunks off. Now, I am what would be considered average size. At just over 7 inches, I wouldn’t build a shrine around it, but it works for me. When I looked at Jason, I was impressed. Kelly wrapped both hands around it from the base and he still had about 3 inches or so left. And Kellys hands wrapped in a fist are about 3 1/2 inches. Kelly looked up at Jason and then at me and said “So. Who wants to see a magic trick? I can make Jasons cock disappear!” Both of us said we wanted to see her magic. When we said that, Kelly got in front of Jason and in one swoop, took his cock into her mouth and deep into her throat and held it until she ran out of air. When she popped up, she said “See. Magic! Now you see it. Now you don’t!” And then she gave me a wink and started giving Jason head. Jason didn’t want me feeling left out and pulled Kellys head up and said “I thought you wanted him to get a video camera?” So Kelly asked me to go get it. I came back out with two charged batteries and a blank tape.

Kelly still had Jasons cock in her hand and smiled at us and looked at me and said “Okay director. Lights, Camera, Action!” And just as I turned the camera on, she stroked him a couple of times in view of the camera and then sank her mouth back over him. She would take a breath and hold it and would deep throat him until she ran out of air. Then, she would come up for air and suck him for a couple of minutes and then take another breath and deep throat him again. Kelly would reach down and cup his balls and would look at him and tell him how great they looked and how she can’t wait to feel them unload. Then, she would go back down on his cock. She was an expert and if she wanted to, Kelly could make any man cum in seconds. She also had a way of slowing a man down. When she sensed a guy was getting ready to cum, she would grab the base of their cock and squeeze tight. Almost to the point that it hurt. Nobody has ever told her not to do that, but it would make them lose their concentration for a minute and they would have to build up again.

When she seen Jason not looking, she gave me a wink. And I knew she was just trying to make this last. She continued switching from just giving Jason head to deep throating him and the time on the camera showed that she had been at it for just over 25 minutes. She decided that Jason had enough and she would go ahead and let him pop. Kelly really started working his cock over and I seen that she was doing to him what I have seen her do with me and others. She was going to make his whole body shutter when he cums! She started squeezing his balls, stroking his cock and deep throating him more then before. Jason had his eyes closed and was trying so hard to hold off. When he started having trouble holding back, he told Kelly that he was almost there. He asked if they should do this away from the Jacuzzi so it doesn’t have to be cleaned later. Kelly looked up and said “That won’t be a problem! Give it to me!” Another minute and he said he was close to being there. Kelly pulled away and said “Tell me just before.” And down she went again. Finally, Jason said “It’s coming!” Kelly took in a huge breath and took the entire length of his cock down her throat. I zoomed in with the camera and Jason arched his back and started cumming down her throat. She gulped him down and swallowed every drop he was giving her. She had him buried far deep inside of her throat and grasped his balls. As he was cumming, she gave them a gentle, tight squeeze. It f***ed his cum to shoot hard and then, on cue… his body shuttered! Yep. That’s my Kelly! And I caught it all on tape!

Kelly pulled up from his cock, kissing his shaft and kissing up to his stomach and then his chest. Kelly was standing in the Jacuzzi and Jason was sitting on the edge. Kelly was at arms length and had her hands around his neck and said “So do you feel better now?” Jason couldn’t speak and all he could do was bob his head a little up and down. Kelly stepped closer and put her arms around him, holding her body against him and kissed him. He put his arms around her tiny waist and they both held each other. Kelly laid her head on his shoulder facing me and gave me a smile and winked. She was holding him close so he could feel her naked body against his. She stood there with her arms around him holding him for about five minutes. It served two purposes. The first was to give Jason a chance to come back down to earth. The second was because she wanted him to feel her body against his and would want more.

Kelly asked if I would go to the kitchen and grab us some more wine. I did and when I walked back out, Kelly and Jason were holding each other tight and kissing. Jason was still sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi and Kelly was leaning in on him french kissing him deep. His hands were around her waist and Kelly had her arms around his neck. Then she lowered them to his lower back. As they continued kissing, Kelly was rubbing his back just above his ass. Kelly seen me, but just winked and continued going. When Jason finally seen me, he pulled back from her to break their kiss. Kelly sat on the edge between us and we started to drink our wine. Everyone was so damn quiet! I think I was a little stunned. Even though Kelly and I discussed her getting passionate with a guy once so I can see just how far over the edge she can take a guy, I was still a little jealous and felt out of place. I did know that it was all for show with her, but still felt my stomach churning. I think Jason was in total shock that he had this beautiful woman all over him and her very own husband was sitting right there and could see everything they did. I think Kelly was trying to cool her throat down after what she did to him! We contnued drinking in silence for a few more minutes and Kelly said "So what? Nobody'd talking anymore?" I said that I was but I was at a loss for words right now. Kelly asked Jason "So what about you? Did you like that?" Jason said that he really did and told Kelly she was the best. Kelly smiled at him and said "Well, get rested and you just wait. You haven't seen anything yet!" Kelly and I started talking about the pool and Jacuzzi. Things about cleaning and adding more lights in the backyard. Just talk. After about 10 minutes, Kelly stood in the Jacuzzi again and walked up to Jason and put her arms around his neck again and started giving him little kisses to his nose and lips.

Speaking very soft, but loud enough the cameras microphone picked it up, Kelly looked Jason in the eyes and said “Let’s go to bed.” She started to climb out of the Jacuzzi and took Jasons hand. He stood up and they were holding hands as Kelly led him inside to the bedroom. I was close behind with the camera still on and as we past through the kitchen, Kelly pointed to the clock. 10:45. Damn! How does she do that?

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