Kelly and Jason - Part 2

The next evening, everyone started showing up. Everyone brought their wives except for one. His name was Jason. We learned he was divorced. Kelly was eating it all up with everyone telling her how gorgeous her house was and she took everyone to show them around. After dinner, we were all hanging out by the pool. The guys were all drinking beer and the wives were all drinking wine. A few of the wives hopped in the Jacuzzi and Kelly excused herself to get the dishes in the dishwasher. A couple of wives offered to help and Kelly said they should enjoy themselves and asked me to help her. We were in the kitchen alone and Kelly said she caught me checking out one of the wives. I told her that I was a man and we learned in grade school to always check cute girls out. She turned around and said “ Well, go get her babe! It's okay because I have been checking Jason out.” I said “Checking him out how?” Kelly slapped my ass as she walked by me and said “What do you think?” I told her that I’ll bet she was thinking of a few things she could do with him and she said “Well, if we can get him to stay after everyone leaves, I wouldn’t mind talking to him about it and see where it goes.” I chuckled and said she just wanted to see his cock and Kelly patted her cunt through her bikini and said “No. This wants to see his cock!”

We went back out by the pool and gradually, couples started leaving. Kelly seen that it was just one other couple and Jason and so she started to clean up. I walked up to her and asked if she wanted my help and she said “No babe. Keep our neighbors company. I am curious to see if Jason offers to help me. That way I can ask him to stay later.” As she asked, I stuck around the pool talking to our neighbors and Jason did just as Kelly thought and got out of the pool and asked if he could help her clean up. (Remember the whole grade school, check out a cute girl thing?) I would glance at the windows and sliding glass door and seen Kelly and Jason would be standing around talking. When I glanced over once, I think I seen Kelly walk by Jason and swatted his ass, even though she said later that she didn’t. Another time that I glanced over, I seen Jason at the sink, but didn’t see Kelly and I pictured her on her knees giving him head. I had to find out. So I offered to get Steve another beer and Becky some more wine and walked in the kitchen. It was just Jason and Kelly wasn’t there. I asked Jason where Kelly was and he said “I don’t know. She was here a few minutes ago.” I joked and said “So she conned you into cleaning and then leaves. Just like a woman.” Kelly walked around the corner into the kitchen and said “Hey. I heard that! I just went upstairs to put the new sheets on the bed. The kitchen was already clean, but Jason just kept cleaning.” Then she looked at Jason and said “But, I do appreciate you helping and doing it. Thank you.” Jason walked outside and Kelly and I were starting to head out too when she stopped me at the door. She leaned to me and whispered “I told Jason we would like him to stay after Steve and Becky leave and we can sit in the Jacuzzi. He’s going to stay.” Then she looked right at me and said “So far, so good babe!”

We went back outside and after a little bit, our last couple left leaving Kelly and I and Jason. So far, Kellys plan had worked. We were just hanging out talking and Jason asked if it was okay if he grabbed another beer. Kelly said “Sure. In the fridge. And would you please get me a glass of wine while you are there? We have a wine opener in the drawer next to the sink.” Jason said he would be happy to and went to the kitchen. I reminded Kelly the bottle opener was in the drawer next to the fridge and not the sink. She said “I know, but it will keep him busy so you and I have a chance to talk about what’s going to happen.” I told her I was listening. She said “Well, first, I need to talk to Jason alone to see if we can get on the subject of sex. If he is interested, I don’t want him to know we have done this before and I want him to think it is the first time. And if you want something to happen tonight, I think we could be in bed by 10:45. (It was 9:15) I said “Of course I wouldn’t mind it happening tonight!” But what if he doesn’t want it to be the three of us together?” Kelly said “Well, I don’t know. If he wants it to be just him and I, then I am going to tell him I at least want you there. If he says no to that, well, he won’t get anything! I just hope he says yes because I want what he has!” I asked how she knows what he has and Kelly smiled and said “When he got out of the pool earlier, his swim trunks were stuck to him and it looked like a nice bulge he was carrying around!” As she was wading around the shallow end of the pool, she looked back and said “Either that, or he brought an extra pair of socks with him and has them down his shorts!”

Jason came back out and we decided to go sit in the Jacuzzi. The plan was for me to excuse myself and say I had to go to the bathroom and Kelly would talk to Jason to see where it leads. I went upstairs because I could peek from the bathroom window down to the Gazebo. From my angle, I could see they were talking. Before long, I seen Kelly slide closer to Jason, but not close enough to make him feel uneasy when I came back. About two minutes went by and I seen Kelly quickly pull one side of her bikini top and showed Jason her boob. They were laughing and then I seen Kelly reach over and grab Jasons cock through his trucks. I had to get back down there so Jason didn’t think anything and he was so quiet when I got there. I sat down and Jason got up and walked to the trash to throw his empty beer bottle away. When he did, Kelly leaned over and whispered “I need some more time babe. I have an idea in a minute.” Jason came back and sat down and Kelly started talking about our fence and how she was so happy that Jason came over to help, and if it wasn’t for him and the others, we would still be building it. Then, she played up to Jasons ego and said that he did so much more then the others and she could never thank him enough. After a few minutes of this, Kelly said “Babe. We put the dishes in the dishwasher. Would you please put them away? I just want to sit here and relax for a little bit.” I told her I would and when I got up, Jason said he would help and started to get up too. Kelly said “It’s okay Jason. You helped me put them in the dishwasher, so someone else can put them away.” So he sat back down and I went to the kitchen.

Putting dishes away and peering out of the window at Jason and Kelly, I could see they were talking almost non stop. I was almost done when Kelly walked in with her wine glass to get some more, she said “Okay babe. I think it’s going to happen. He doesn’t want the three of us in bed, but I think I have him talked into letting you be there. Would that be alright? Oh and one other thing. You always said you would like to see me at least once make it as passionate as I can. Do you want to see me do that tonight?” I told her I thought it would be hot seeing her get passionate with some guy and that I was also okay with it just being her and him and Kelly said “Who knows? Maybe I can convince him to let you tape us. Would you like that?” I pulled my trunks close to show her I was getting hard and said “You tell me?” She told me to come back outside when I was finished and we could all talk. I raced through the kitchen and headed back out to the Jacuzzi and sat down. It was quiet for about the first two minutes.

Then Kelly started the conversation. She looked at me and said “So babe. Jason was telling me that his wife was cheating on him and that is why they got divorced. You know how we used to wonder why people would cheat on each other and you said they do it for sex? One time you said that you didn’t want me to ever cheat on you and if I ever wanted to have sex with someone else, I should just be honest and tell you and if that is all we did, you would be okay? You said as long as I never hid it from you, it isn’t really cheating. Soooo. I was telling Jason here that I wouldn’t mind trying something like that to see if you really mean what you say. I told him that I would want you right there so you can see that I was not hiding anything.” Then she patted Jason on the top of his head and continued “He’s trying to act shy right now, but I know he wants to. He hasn’t had any, and trying his hardest to act like he is okay when he actually wants a girl on his pee pee. If you were serious when you said that to me, would you be okay if I thanked Jason for helping us with the fence in a way that only a woman could?” The shocked look on Jasons face told me he was really feeling uncomfortable. So I broke the ice and said “Well, I did say it couldn’t be cheating if the husband knew and seen it. It’s only cheating when the wife or husband is sneaking around to have sex with others.” I asked Jason if he thought that was true. He said “Uhh. I don’t know. I guess if I knew my ex was having an affair, uhh…” Kelly interrupted him and blurted out “I don’t mean an affair! I mean having sex! Having an affair is saying you are working late or something and going to dinner, or going to the movies with someone and then having sex. I can go to the movies with my husband. I mean just sex. Nothing else. No strings attached. No dinners or anything like that.” Jason was still uneasy, but said “Well. When you put it that way, I guess if my ex said she just wanted sex, things might be different, because she wouldn’t be doing it behind my back.”

Kelly said “See babe! You have someone that agrees with you. So I have a question for both of you. Babe. If I had sex with Jason, do you promise you won’t get all jealous and let us do whatever we want? And Jason. If my husband was there, would you promise that no matter what happens, you won’t fall in love and get all mushy with me?” Going along with Kelly making Jason think this was our first time, I told her that I would promise I would not get jealous as long as she didn’t want sex with him only after that and not me. Jason said “Well, I can’t fall in love with you anyway. You guys are married.” Kelly said “Good. It’s settled. Now Jason. I have always been curious about what turns a guy on watching girls having sex. What would you say if I told you that I wanted my husband to get our video camera out and film us so I can see it later to find out what he’s going to see?” Jason shuffled for a second and said “I guess. I don’t care.” Kelly said “Would you like that babe? If we are having sex, you won’t have time to get jealous because you will be busy with the camera. Would that be okay with you?” I could see Jason was fidgeting around trying to figure a way out of this conversation so I wanted to help him relax, so I looked over at him with a big smile and said “Damn girl is so kinky isn’t she?” Jason looked up at me and smiled and said that he never would have thought it from her.

So now, you know how this one started. Jason still had no clue that this was not our first rodeo! And Kelly wanted it to stay like that. Jason was to believe this was the first time for us and the first time for him.

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3 years ago
Looking forward to reading more. Definitely have my attention!
3 years ago
Great start with the background. We'll be watchin for the rest
3 years ago
AWESOME story I loved it very much