Kelly and Jason - Part 1

This story is a little long, but I think once you read this part on how all of this started and the setup to our next adventure, you will have a better idea of just what happened.

Before Kellys car accident, her and I had had a great sex life. We were madly in love with each other. At just five foot and 100 pounds, long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a body that could make a blind man drool, she was absolutely beautiful. Worked out all of the time and had the tightest stomach I have ever seen. After we were married, she found a job at IRS, but wasn’t satisfied just being a receptionist and took any training they offered and soon, she became the youngest IRS field agent ever. I also called her my little beach baby because she loved to tan in the sun. Any other man would keep her all to himself and never share her with others. I thought it was hot to think that another man could see just what I have and the woman I wake up next to every morning. After discussing everything with Kelly, she said “So it is sort of like you having the best cupcake in the world and you give someone a little bit of icing. You still have the cupcake and they want more because they liked the taste of it.” Well, it is more then a cupcake, but yeah. I assured her that we make love. What we would do outside of that would be just sex. For fun and pleasure, and we always come back to the person we love afterwards. She said if she ever seen me with another woman, she would get so jealous. I said “I would be jealous watching you with a man too!” I asked Kelly what she would do if she got jealous if I was with another woman and she told me that she would just tear me up in bed later to prove she was better then others so she could keep me wanting her more. When she said that, she said “Ohhh. So if I was with another man, you would do that to me too right?” She was now able to understand why we would do this. We were so in love and in order to go beyond that, we would have to push it to the limits. This conversation took place just before her first black lover.

Jumping ahead. By this time, we have been having sex with others for about three years. I should tell you this so you see just what transpired and how it happened. Kelly grew up in an apartment. Her parents had a home that they lost when her dad lost his job many years earlier. Her dream was having a house of her own. I was in the Marines, and we bought a house. A huge four bedroom, three baths, three car garage and a big backyard. We worked so hard making it the perfect home. We had a pool put in and then a gazebo and put a Jacuzzi under the gazebo. Extended the porch and made it an outdoor living area with a big barbeque so we can have friends over and enjoy ourselves. Remodeled everything on the inside from wires, to plumbing, to walls. Kelly was great at picking the perfect colors and with bright white trim, the colors she chose for the walls really made it stand out. In the kitchen, it was all new cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances.

Kelly let a contractor talk her into using customized concrete on the floor. I wanted ceramic, not concrete! But I am glad I let her go with it because when he said concrete, I was thinking dull grey, but when he was done, it looked like someone cut a solid piece of marble and laid it in the kitchen and dining room. It was really something! I let Kelly run with many improvements so she could have her dream home and told her she was worth it. I had a race car in the garage that was my playtime. Kellys playtime was working on her yard to make it the best around. Not a single weed, immaculate and plush lawns and no single grease stain on the driveway. It looked like something you only see in magazines.

We had both taken vacation, but decided we would not go anywhere and we would use my reenlistment bonus to spend on the house and make it even better. Kelly said she always wanted a white picket fence and she knew it was a cliché, but that is what she wanted. I was going to Eagle Hardware to pick everything up and Kelly wanted to stay home and if I marked where the fence posts would go, she would dig them. She said “This way, I can say that I helped and it gives me a workout.” When I came home, my truck was loaded down and almost riding on the axles. All of the holes were dug. And there weren’t just a couple holes to dig! The front of our property was 230 feet wide and 52 feet to the front door. It was to be a three foot fence and codes say we only need to dig two feet deep for the posts, but we wanted to go three foot and anchor them with concrete so we would never have troubles with any that could wiggle loose later. The post holes for the two gates would be even deeper. I chuckled to myself while I was getting everything and thinking I would get home and see one hole dug maybe a foot and Kelly showing me a blister on her hand and telling me she can’t do it.

I backed my truck to the garage so I could unload everything and Kelly walked out from the kitchen. She was still wearing her tight little shorts and an old t-shirt that she cut the sleeves off of and cut the bottom off of so that it showed her tight stomach and of course, her white tennis shoes with bright pink laces. (She always had to have those!) She was helping me unload the truck and I told her I was impressed that she was actually able to dig all of the holes for the fence. She put her hand on her hip and said “Why? You didn’t think I could do it? Because I’m a girl, I can’t dig a hole?” Then, she dropped her hand and giggled and said “I couldn’t do it! I tried, but it was so hard.” She said a neighbor from down the street drove by and seen her trying to dig and he walked over and asked if she wanted some help. I swatted her tight little ass and said “Oh! Flash a little ass and boob and you got him to dig for you?” She laughed and came over and put her arms around me and rested her head against my chest and said “No babe. Flash my ass and a hint of boob and I had five guys from the neighborhood digging for me!” She told me that after the first guy showed up, another came over and then another. Before she knew it, there was five guys with (and using her words) “hole digger thingys” and shovels.

She said she was getting turned on because she knew they were all trying to sneak a peek at her and so she walked around with a tape measure and would bend over to measure the holes and from the corner of her eye, she could see them staring at her. Kelly said “You men are all alike! You see a girl and just like apes, you guys work way too hard to impress her. Every guy was trying to outdo the other and the next thing I knew, all the holes were dug!” I told her that she said she wanted to tell people she helped, and now she can. She can honestly say that she got the holes dug. She doesn’t have to say how! I joked with her and said “So did you give them head for their hard work?” She slapped my arm and said “No! But I did fix them some iced tea.” I laughed so hard and said “Oh yeah! Every guy wants to bust their ass around a hot girl and only wants iced tea!” She said “That’s their own fault! They didn’t ask for anything!” Kelly started twirling her hair with her pinky finger sticking out and said “And you guys think blondes are dumb!” and she was laughing as she walked away.

As we started building the fence, two of the neighbors walked back over and asked if we would like some help. I told them I would appreciate it and Kelly patted me on the shoulder with this big shit eating grin and said “I’ll fix everyone some iced tea!” Damn her! I almost started laughing when she said that! When Kelly came back with the tea, she had changed her top and was wearing one of her bikini tops. I took my glass of tea and leaned over to kiss her cheek and whispered “Don’t think I just want tea! You know I’ll come right out and ask for more!” Soon, other neighbors begin to show up and pitch in and I guess I don’t need to say, but Kelly had her white picket fence built in record time. Complete with paint! A couple of the guys noticed my funny car in the garage and soon, all of us were in the garage looking it over. It was only an alcohol burner, and we stood around and Kelly went to the store to get us some beer. When Kelly came home, she suggested we have a barbeque for our neighbors to thank them for helping us. We told everyone to come over the next evening for some steaks. Kelly said “Bring your wives or girlfriends too.” She told them we had a pool and everyone was welcome to bring a bathing suit and we can all get in the pool after dinner. Once we had an idea of how many would be there, Kelly started to plan for what we would need from the store. Later that night at dinner, I asked Kelly why she offered the barbeque when she had them at her damned iced tea. She laughed and said “You’re not going to let me live that down are you?”

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2 years ago
awesome. on my way to part two!
2 years ago
Once you know this part, the rest of this story and others that follow will make much more sense to you.