Kellys marathon weekend - After discussion

I woke up around 7 in the morning on Sunday. Debbie was calling and asked if Kelly wanted to go to the beach. I told her that Kelly was still asl**p and wasn't feeling too good. Debbie laughed and said "What'd you do? Wear her out?" Debbie always had sex on her mind and so I said "No, she took on 13 guys last night and she is tired." Debbie has this funny cackle when she laughs and she was cackling and said "Should have called me! I could have at least helped her a little." I said "Oh, no. She wanted to go solo with all of them!" Debbie said "Sure! Like she would do that! Anyway, tell her I hope she feels better and tell her to call me soon." Then, Debbie said there was a bad flu going around and asked if Kelly caught it. I told her I think it is just a sore throat, but I would have her call when she is up to it. We hung up and I thought "Man! If she only knew I was actually telling her the truth!" I got up and took a shower in the downstairs bedroom. Afterwards, I snuck upstairs naked to get some clothes. Kelly was on her side and still sound asl**p. I grabbed some clothes and got dressed and grabbed a few empty wine bottles and a few glasses and took them downstairs. It took three trips to grab all of the glasses and empty bottles. Threw the empty bottles away and put the glasses in the dishwasher. Then, I went back upstairs and started picking up the sex oils and lotions and put them under the bathroom sink. I started picking up all of the rose pedals s**ttered around the room. They didn't stay on the nightstand and were all over the floor and only a few on the nightstands. About 10 O'clock, I heard Kelly upstairs stirring around. Then I heard the upstairs shower going. I ran into the kitchen and turned the hot water on. It makes the shower cold if anyone does that. In a squeaky voice, I heard from upstairs "Damn you babe!" I started fixing breakfast and when I heard the water shut off, I poured Kelly a cup of coffee. She came downstairs wearing a big bulky terry cloth robe. She gave me a big hug and a kiss and put her head against my chest and said "Thank you babe for yesterday... or last night... or today. Oh whenever it was! I love you so much you know that?" I told her I know and that I love her too. She said "Thank you for cleaning everything up. So what have you been up to while I was asl**p?" I said "Not much. Had 13 girls over and we fucked all day." She tilted her head and said "Yeah okay!" I told her that her si ster called. Kelly asked what she wanted and I told her she wanted to go to the beach, and I said "I told her you weren't feeling good and was sl**ping in." Kelly said "I just can't go to the beach today! Thanks for covering for me." I told Kelly that Debbie asked if I wore her out. Kelly shook her head and said "I don't believe that girl. What did you tell her?" I said that I told Debbie the truth and that I didn't do it and said "I told her you took on 13 guys and was worn out." Kelly looked shocked and said "You didn't!"

I said "I did, but she didn't believe me, so I told her that you have a sore throat. Both times, I wasn't lying!" Kelly shook her head and said "I love you babe, but you have such a warped sense of humor." I was getting the eggs and bacon from the fridge and said "I have a warped sense of humor? Look who's talking there little miss I haven't been taking my birth control!" Kelly smiled and said "Oh yeah. Almost forgot about that." As I was fixing breakfast, Kelly said "So babe. I guess I made those guys horny last night didn't I? Was it what you expected?" I smiled at her and said "Oh sure. You wear sexy babydolls and bikinis and get naked for them and all I get is a terry cloth robe." Kelly snickered and then stood up and opened the robe up to show me her puffed up belly and said "It's all I can wear right now. Look what they did to me?" I walked over and gave her a big hug and said "And you didn't have anything to do with it did you?" Kelly said "Okay. Do you mind if I use that?" I finished fixing breakfast and when we sat down to eat, Kelly said "I didn't do anything that upset you last night did I?" I acted like I was serious and said "Yeah, I was upset. I was really upset last night." Kelly gave me such a sad look and then I said "I guess we will have to find a way you can make it up to me. Maybe 30 guys?" Kelly started to smile when she seen I was playing around and "Okay, but this time, you fuck all of them and see how it feels!" I laughed and said "Hell no! Did you see the size of those guys? They wouldn't fit!" Kelly said "Well, I guess you just have to be happy that it was me that did it and not you! See babe! I saved you from getting fucked by all those guys!" We both had a good laugh. We finished breakfast and went in the living room and I sat on the couch. Kelly came over to the couch and laid down and put her head in my lap. She looked up and said "Did I do alright? Tell me what you think." I told her that she had my cock so hard all night and it was nothing short of amazing to watch her take that many guys in one night. I said that when we talked about her giving everyone head at first, she blew me away seeing her swallow every guy and deep throating the one. I told her that anyone else would have called it a night just doing that and to see her take every single cock and drain them of all of their cum, was just the greatest thing ever.

Kelly said "What did you think when I told everyone that I wasn't taking birth control? Did you see their faces? Did you see that first guy try to pull out of me and I ignored him and held him in me?" She looked up and smiled at me and I told her that she has 13 guys thinking they are getting her pregnant now. I said "So when these guys see you didn't get pregnant, what are you going to do if they want to try again?" Kelly said "I never thought about that. I just might have to make them think they are trying again. Just one at a time and not all together again!" I looked down at her and said "So you liked all of those cocks didn't you?" She giggled and said "You know me babe! I can't get enough!" I looked like I was pouting and said "So I'm not enough for you?" She sat up and looked at me and said "Babe. You are more then enough for me. But if we are going to have fun with others, then that is what I meant by never having enough!" She leaned over and kissed me and laid her head back on my lap. She said "God babe. When I told everyone that I haven't taken my pill in two weeks, that one guy caught me off guard when he told me to just take it. I had to think of something to say fast. And then they started saying they wanted to go get condoms. Shit. I should have thought of all of the questions they would ask. But it was fun when they started cumming in me and thinking I was unprotected. Did you hear them keep talking about wanting me pregnant? It was so fun watching their faces!" I said "Hmmm. Seems to me, it wasn't so much fun when you really did forget your pills in Utah one time!" Kelly opened her eyes wide and said "I remember that. I was so scared that week. And you didn't help by reminding me constantly that I might be getting pregnant then. You know, I almost stopped doing anything that week and was going to tell them I was on my period!" I told her that it all worked out and wasn't she glad now, that she did do it? She smiled and said "Now, I am! Back then, I wasn't! Besides, that was when I had the first guy ever fuck me in the ass. If it wasn't for him doing it that night, I might not have done it last night. Except, he wasn't as big as what I had there last night! But I'm not complaining. It was fun." I said "Fun back then or fun last night?" Kelly sighed and smiled and softly said "Both."

Then, she sat up quickly and said "Damn babe. Did you see that guy fuck my ass? Did you like that? I can't believe that I was able to get that big of a cock in my ass! That was such a weird feeling. I felt him in my ass and felt that guy in my cunt and when they both cum inside me, it felt like their cum was mixing together! Isn't that weird?" I told her I thought she was going to say no when he asked her and was shocked when she let him. Kelly said "I just wanted you to see it babe. I did that for you." She told me that even with him putting all of that oil on his cock and on her ass, it still hurt, but she was determined to let me see her getting fucked in the ass and kept going. She turned onto her side with her head still in my lap and said "And then, when both of those guys were in my cunt at the same time, that hurt so much, but I wanted to get them all the way and fought so hard to do it so you can see me." I told her that I almost stopped them when I seen the tears running down her face. Kelly said "Aren't you glad that you didn't now? I was able to take them both all the way in. When they hit that point, I thought that was going to be it, but I just wanted to see if I could get them deeper. When the one guy went past that point, I felt the other guy slide right in with him. That is what hurt. Before, I have only had one guy at a time go past that point, but this time I had two! Are you proud of me babe?" I told her I was so proud of her and all that she does to make me happy. She told me she likes to make me happy and if fucking others is fun for her and it makes me happy, she likes it. I slid my hand through her robe and started rubbing her belly. She turned her head and looked up at me and said "Can you feel that babe? Can you feel all of that cum inside of me?" I jiggled her belly a little and we both laughed when we heard her belly making sloshing sounds. Kelly laid her head back on my lap and softly said "13 guys babe. That is what 13 guys sound like after they cum."

I told her she had everyones attention when she was fucking that last guy. She said "Did you enjoy seeing me deep throat him? He's the reason, I can't talk." I told her that when she was deep throating him, I was just as hard as everyone else and that our mouths’ dropped open when she had a cock that big all the way down her throat. I said "That was great, but I was talking about when you worked your cunt muscles on him and milked his cock. Everyone was staring and wishing that was them." I balled my fist and was moving my thumb like I was milking a cow and said "It looked like this, and it was so fucking hot watching you make him cum so hard because of it." Kelly kept saying that he was huge and didn't want him pulling out if he wasn't done and she said she worked too hard to get him all the way in her and she wanted every drop of him in her. I said "Well, you made him cum alright! That poor guy was almost dead when I dropped him off at his car!" She put her hand over mine and had me rub her belly again and said "Well, I have a souvenir from him don't I?" I said "Yeah, you have enough souvenirs to open your own gift shop!" Kelly smiled and just laid there for a minute and closed her eyes. After a few minutes of silence, she said "You make me feel good babe! Having sex with others is fun, and don't get me wrong, it does feel good when I am doing it with others, but you always make me feel good. Even just sitting near you." I started pulling her hair from her face and using two fingers, I was gently rubbing her forehead. She had her eyes closed and I think I was putting her to sl**p again. After quite a long time, she still had her eyes closed and said "Babe? Is there anything you can think of that I could have done to make last night even better?" I was quiet and could not think of anything that would make that better or more exciting. And then I thought I would have fun with her and said "Well. Next time, when you tell that many guys you haven't taken your birth control for two weeks, you could actually not take your birth control for two weeks." She turned and looked up at me and looked forward again. After a minute, she turned her head up and said "Wait a minute! Are you being serious?" I smiled and looked down into her eyes and said "Well, sometime maybe. Who knows?" She said "You're something, you know that?" And what do you mean next time? What are you planning now?" I said "Nothing. Just wishing out loud." She laid her head down and said "Babe? When those guys kept cumming in me, why do you think nothing really came out like it does in our movies? I mean, I know I have a tipped uterus, but with that much cum inside me, you would think you would see a lot of it just gushing right out of me." I told her that maybe having a tipped uterus is like having a glass sitting straight up and they were just filling the glass up. She said "Yeah, well you would think that at some pint, that glass would get full and start to spill over!" I patted her belly and said "I wouldn't complain. Just think of the mess we would be cleaning up if it did come out?" Kelly looked up at me and made a kiss sound to me and said "True." We fell asl**p on the couch and didn't wake up until it was time for dinner. We really didn’t talk too much more about it during dinner except Kelly said “I‘m surprised you didn’t get the video camera out and get everything on tape.”

Damn! Didn't think about it.

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3 years ago
best sory i read in a while i read all 5 partsit jus kept me wanting read more thanx for sharing you get two thumbs up from me definatly in my favorites now!! Kelly made my morning (you go gurl!):)
3 years ago
It really happened like that. As I said, Kelly and I have many journals and with her gone, I would rather not have it on paper in case anything happened to me and our son and daughter would find them.

Kelly was amazing and I have many more to post as well.

Glad you are enjoying them. Thanks for the comments.
3 years ago
That was the hottest story ever!! Did it really happen like that?
3 years ago
It just keeps getting better and better!