Kellys marathon weekend - Part 5

Kelly had rested and told the white guy to come over to her. She said "Here. Let me help you." She leaned over and took him into her mouth and started giving him head. That didn't take long and he was growing harder. Kelly pulled away and said "Jam that thing into me before he goes soft again!" He climbed between her legs and he reached down to guide his cock in and Kellys hand hit his. She said "Oh, are you going to do it or do you want me to guide him in for you?" He let go and Kelly started inching his cock to her swollen red cunt. Once he had the head of his cock in, he thrust into her, sending about half of it in her. Kelly said "Ooooh! That's it baby! Give me that hard cock. You know what I want! Are you going to give it all to me?" Just as she said that, he rammed his cock as hard as he could, right past her cervix, into her so deep and when he did, Kelly yelped. He said "I'm fucking you hard now. I'm going to fuck you until I drain my nut sac deep inside of that sweet cunt of yours!" He would lift up and slam into her, then lift up and ram it again. Over and over, he was ramming it and was not taking it easiy, or going slow. He rammed her for several minutes, slamming his cock into her very hard. This was all it took and Kelly shouted "Yes! That's it! Make me cum! I'm going to cum on your big hard cock! Fuck it. Fuck my cunt!" She wrapped her legs and arms around him and started meeting his thrusts and each time, he slammed his cock down into her, she arched her back against him. She yelled that she was cumming and said "God yes! I'm cumming! Cum with me baby! Cum with me! I want your hot cum. Can I have it? Can I have that hot cum?" Hearing this talk, the guy shouted "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck! Here it is! Take my load! Drain my nuts! Oh yes, you are the hottest little fuck ever!" Kelly and him were both cumming hard against each other. Kelly latched around his neck and started kissing him. I heard her whispering to him "That's it baby. Fill me. You want it to be your baby growing in me don't you? Is that what you want? Do you want me to have your baby? Fuck me. I want your baby. I want to feel your baby grow inside of me! Fill me!" I was sitting quietly and seen that a few guys were staring at me, wondering if I would say or do anything. I looked at them and shrugged my shoulders and said "What are you going to do?" I knew that Kelly was trying to turn the guys on so much that they couldn't hold back any longer. You could see this guys balls were so tight, they almost disappeared against his cock. He was really giving her a belly full. And there was Kelly enjoying every drop of it! He held himself in for another minute and then, his cock started to go limp and slid out of her. He leaned over and kissed her again and said "Shit. That was so fucking good!" He finally rolled over and poured himself off of the bed.

Kelly looked at me and said "How many more babe?" I looked at her like I was serious and said "Well, some of the neighbors heard you screaming earlier and came by to make sure you were okay. Once they found out what we are up to, they asked if they can come up too, so you only have 5 more to go." Kelly said "Tell me your joking babe!" She leaned her head back and closed her eyes and I winked at a few of the guys and said "I'm not k**ding! They are downstairs. I told them I have to ask you if it's okay if they come up." Then I smiled real big. Kelly said "You ass! You just scared the shit out of me babe! I thought you were being serious!" A bunch of us started laughing because she had such a startled look on her face. One guy said "What's the matter? Don't want to get pregnant by any of them in case someone in the neighborhood says your baby looks like them?" Kelly smiled and said "Ha! Ha! Aren't you funny? I really thought he was being serious and didn't know what to say when he said that!" She pointed to each one of us and said "You and you and you and the rest of you. You are all asses! I should have closed my legs and told all of you no. Then what smart guys?" One of the black guys said "We already got ours. Go ahead! I dare you!" And we all started laughing. Kelly said "Okay guys. You got me good! I'm going to get you guys. Just watch. When you least expect it, I'm going to get even with all of you!" Then she said "Really babe. Who else?" The last black guy stepped forward and said "I'm glad you're not closing those legs yet! I'm the only one left that hasn't had any!" Kelly said "Did you play along with their joke?" He told her he had nothing to do with it. She looked at me and said "Okay babe. Two can play that!" She looked up at him and said "Get that big cock over here! I'm going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before! But first, I have a surprise for you." She turned toward his cock and said "I want that big cock all the way down my throat! You want to fuck my throat? Would you like having all of your cock down my throat?" His cock started hopping all over and said he would love it! Kelly said "Okay, but don't you cum. I want that saved for my belly." She leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. She almost couldn't get her mouth all the way around it. I just knew that even as good as she was at deep throating, there was no way she was going to take him. She came up for air and down she went! Once swoop and his cock was pushing her neck out and the bulge was all the way to her neckline! It shocked all of us. Everyone was silent and all of us were staring at this huge cock stuffed deep inside of her throat. She held him as long as she could and finally ran out of air. She pulled back and exhaled and took another huge breath and down she wet again taking everything he had. His huge balls were right against her chin. She was moving her head back and forth and making noises with his cock in her throat. She came up again, exhaled and then took a huge breath and slammed her mouth back down on his huge cock.

I looked at the clock and back to Kelly. She just kept doing this. Pulling him out and catching her breath and took his cock all the way back into her throat. One guy said "Look at her fucking throat guys! Fuckin' A, that is so sweet!" Kelly heard everyone talking about how she was deep throating this guy and it only made her throat fuck this guy harder. She finally stopped and looked up at him and said "That's enough, I want that big cock inside me! I'm going to empty your balls so deep. I want it. Pound my cunt hard!" Her voice was cracking when she said that. He got on her and she guided his cock to her cunt and when she felt the head going in her, she let go. Her voice was crackling as she said "Oooh yes! Fuck me! Does my cunt feel good? Can I have that cum? Are you going to overfill me with that hot thick cum?" This guy was getting the message and really started to fuck her good and hard. He returned that favor and said "Cum on me. I want to feel that pussy tighten around my big dick. Squeeze those pussy muscles. Show me you want it. I want to make you cum!" Kelly lost it and after cumming so many times all night long, that talk got her so hot, she really started to buck against his huge cock. He said "You want it? Do you want all of my big dick in your tight little pussy? Tell me how you want it." It sounded like Kelly started whispering, but all of us seen she was trying to talk, but so very little voice was coming from her. She said "I want it all. Take me! Take me so fucking deep! I want that cock all the way in. I want to feel your cock jammed inside my cunt!" He didn't ask her and didn't wait to see if she needed time to get used to it. He pulled back and with a big heavy thrust, he rammed every bit of his cock into her. Kelly squeezed her eyes shut. I knew that had to hurt. The look on her face showed it. But she did not let on. She wrapped her legs around him and locked her ankles together and grabbed his ass and was squeezing his ass hard. She once again tried to speak, but could only squeak and said "Fuck me so hard. Pound that cunt. Ram it in so fucking hard! Fuck me like you have never fucked before. As hard as you can! Fuck me so damn hard!

He would pull back and ram it in. Then pull back again and ram it in her again. Then he reached around her and grabbed her ass and was pulling him so tight and was fucking her almost to where it looked like he was really hurting her. I almost told him to slow it up and go easy, but before I did. Kelly started cumming. Are you k**ding? Getting hammered like that and she is able to cum still? Kelly had such a tight hold on him and squeaked "Cum! Cum deep! I want it. I want it all. I want your cum. I want to feel it shoot all the way to my chest! Fuck me baby. Fuck my cunt hard!" He couldn't hold out any longer and started bucking her so hard and was yelling "Aaawwwww! Take it! Take all of it! Drain my big dick!" You could see that both of them were dripping with sweat. She was getting the fuck of her life. I have never fucked her that hard and have never seen anyone fucking her that hard before tonight. But she was really taking every thrust this guy gave to her. Then he held himself into so fucking deep and continued to spill his balls into her. They stayed locked onto each other for quite a while. The big black cock finally stopped. He plopped his weight on top of her and kept his big cock inside of her for as long as he could. I was looking at her face, and one of the other black guys said "Whoa fuck! Look at that!" I looked at what everyone was focusing on and all of us were watching Kellys cunt muscles milking this guys cock. It was pulsating on his cock and the guy was still hard inside of her. Both were too tired to fuck, but she wasn't giving up on his cock either. Her cunt was just throbbing on this guys huge cock still buried so very deep inside of her. Kelly seen that all of were watching her close and mesmerized at what she was doing to this guy. Kelly said with her voice almost gone "You guys like this?" Then she looked over at me with a big grin and squeaked out "You like this babe? I'm not letting this guy loose until I know he is totally drained inside of me!" I smiled and keeping up with her prank, I said "You have been saying that even with everyone filling you, that you weren't trying to get pregnant. It looks like you really are trying for it!" Kelly gave me a huge smile and winked at me and then looked around at everyone staring at her cunt and said "That's what everyone seems to want anyway, so I might as well just make sure I walk away with a baby." And then she gave the quick up and down with her eyebrows and still had a big smile.

She continued to cunt muscle this guy (Sorry. Don't know how else to explain it.), before long, he said he was getting ready to pop again. He was still so very deep inside of her and I knew if others a little smaller hit her point and kept going, I knew that is where he was. Then he said "Here it is! Take it!" and he held himself hard into her. Kelly was working her cunt muscles and was milking this guys cock and another black guy said "Give her those balls man! Knock her up! Send that baby into her!" And watching them, that is just what he was trying to do. Kelly was squelching out "Your cum is so hot! I want it all. Give me that cum! That's it baby! Fuck my cunt! Empty those huge balls in my cunt baby!" It took several minutes, before his cock stopped quivering in her and a few minutes more before Kelly stopped milking his cock with her cunt. They started kissing and I heard him whisper in her ear "Damn girl. I'm spent! I want you even more, but I can't move!" Kelly was trying to whisper, but with her voice nearly gone, you could hear her trying and said "You are so fucking good! I loved it. I loved feeling your hard cock filling me with that super hot cum! They started kissing and his cock slipped from her cunt. They continued kissing and Kelly had her hands around his neck so he could not pull away from her. Finally they stopped and both of them stayed on the beds on their back. Kelly spread out and had one arm and her right leg laying acrossed him. Kelly looked around and squeaked "Where's my towel boy? Clean up on aisle 13!" The white guy with the towel went to wipe her cunt and said "Holy fuck guys! Not much really there! Where is she keeping it all?" Kelly said "Anyone else? By now, everyone was so tired and everyone said they wanted to, but couldn't. Kelly smiled and said "Look at you guys! You let a little girl wear you out?" And then she looked at me and asked what time it was. It was almost 5 O'clock! She started at almost 9 last night and went until just about 5 the next night! 13 guys and 20 hours! And that's not including the time she took giving them all head downstairs! So fucking great! Everyone was saying they should get dressed. Kelly said "Babe. Can you drive them? I can't move. I don't want to move." I told her I would and she patted her belly and said "Look at this? Look at what these guys did to me?" I smiled and said "Oh sure. Like you didn't want it!" She said "I did want it. And wanted every drop that I got too!"

As everyone was getting dressed, Kelly started asking everyone if they had a good time. Everyone was taking turns reaching in and kissing her and hugging her. A couple of guys asked if she would call them again. Kelly said for everyone to write their numbers down, because she didn't remember where she put the paper with their numbers at. I grabbed some paper and a pen and every last one of them stood there waiting to write their numbers down. Kelly looked at me and said "I guess I satisfied them. How about you babe? Did this make you happy? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you enjoy watching your wife fuck all of these guys?" I told her I had the time of my life. One black guy said "Hey. Your own husband didn't get a piece of that pussy yet. That poor guy! I'll bet he's hurting!" Kelly said "Oh, don't worry. When I can ever walk again, I'm sure he will get his!" I took the first group to their cars and headed back. When I walked back upstairs, Kelly was giving one of the guys head. Just as I walked in the bedroom, the guy started shooting his cum into her mouth. As she always does, she swallowed everything he gave her. Then she noticed I was in the room and said "Sorry babe. My throat is so sore and a couple of guys are helping to make it feel better. I figured a coating of cum should help. What do you think?" I told her that she knows what is best for her and smiled. I took another group to their cars and dropped them off. I headed back and Kelly was still giving some guys head. I grabbed the next group and as we were heading out of the bedroom, I said "Finish quick guys! I'll be back to get you." One guy had his cock in Kellys mouth and she didn't pull him out and she just waved to me. I dropped those guys off and came back for the last bunch. As I was walking up the stairs, I yelled upstairs "Hope everyone is done by now!" When I walked in the bedroom, they were all dressed, but all three guys were sitting on the edge of the bed. Kelly said "We're all done. Just talking." I smiled and said "About me?" Kelly said "No. I'll tell you later. Each of the three guys gave Kelly a big kiss and hug and one guy whispered "Call me sweetie." Kelly started laughing and making sure everyone heard her, she said "Why should I call you sweetie? I'm the sweetie here aren't I?" The guy looked embarrassed and said "You are still full of spunk!" Kelly snipped right back. "So that what you call it? I call it cum, but okay. I'm full of spunk!" He looked at her and gave her another quick kiss and said "I just love your sense of humor! Thank you for everything." He turned to me and said "You too. Thanks man for everything." The other two said "Yeah. Thanks man. And thank you Kelly. You were the best!" I gave Kelly a kiss and told her I would be right back. I took the last three guys to their cars and headed home. I walked upstairs and Kelly was still spread eagle naked on the bed. Sound asl**p! I just sat at the foot of the bed for a few minutes staring at her swollen red cunt. I can't believe I just watched her fuck 13 guys. And she made it even more interesting making everyone think she would wind up getting pregnant, but still wanted them to fill her cunt with cum. And then it hit me. Where did all that cum go? I wasn't seeing any. Just a slight glistening on her cunt. Looking at her belly, it was obvious that when she said she wanted it, she wasn't giving it up!

I took the bedspread from the window and covered her up. She looked exhausted. She had a very long night and one I will remember forever! I'll let her sl**p. She can tell me what she was thinking when she gets up. I went downstairs and turned on the TV., and fell asl**p. I was the only that didn't get fucked and I was exhausted too!

Stay tuned...

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3 years ago
Kelly was da bomb!!!! great stories got me hot & horny