Kellys marathon weekend - Part 4

After Kelly was rested, she said "Are we ready to go some more?" Two black guys stepped forward to the bed. Kelly said "Okay guys. Who's first here?" They were the two guys that came with their friend the first night. One of them said "Do you think we can both fuck that tight pussy of yours at the same time?" Kellys eyes got big and looked at me a little shocked at what they said. She said "Both in me at the same time?" One of the guys said "Sure! Can we?" Kelly looked at me and said "What do you think babe? Do you think I could fit them in? How many guys have I done so far?" I said "I don't know. You might be able to take two at the same time. And right now, you are on number 8, or it could be 9 depending on what you say." Kelly said "Okay, let's try it." Then she said "Wait a minute. Turn straight to me and let me see what I am saying yes too." When they turned so they were facing her, she said "Fuck babe! Do you see what is going on over here?" I smiled and said "Well, I knew, but you had to be the one to decide." One of the guys looked back at me and said "Thanks man." Kelly said "Shit, if I would have seen you before, I might have said no." And then she looked down at her cunt for a second and then looked up at them and said "Oh well. Might as well try it. My poor little cunt is never going to be the same. All that can happen is it doesn't work. So how are we going to do this?" One guy said he would lay on his back and Kelly would get on her back on him and he would shove his cock into her. When she was ready, the next guy would get over her and she could guide his cock in her too. He said "You would control his cock in case it hurts, okay?" Kelly said "Well, get over here and lay down then!" He laid on his back and Kelly was standing over him facing away from him. She lowered herself on his cock and said "Oh baby! You are going to stretch my cunt out just by yourself! I hope I can take another one in me too." Once his cock was about half way inside of her, she laid back and he started fucking her and kissing the back of her neck and shoulder. As the second guy started to get himself in position, Kelly noticed how much his cock had swelled up. She told him he had better take it very slow or she won't be able to handle it. He was between her legs and she started to ease his cock in while the other guy laid still inside of her. It took some work, but I seen the head start sliding next to the other guys cock inside of her. Wow! Kelly had two cocks at once in her cunt. And both of them were pretty big. Kelly said "Okay, so just how big are you guys?" One guy said he was about 9 inches, maybe a little more. The other guy said he was just about 10 inches. Kelly giggled and said "So take a look at this babe! You like seeing me fucking big cocks. And now, I have 19 inches going in me! How many girls can say they've had 19 inches of cock inside of them?"

Another minute more and the second guy had his cock about halfway inside of her. I had to move just a little to see, but her cunt looked so fucking tight against those two cocks trying to sink into her. Kelly closed her eyes and was moaning that it was so fucking tight and felt so good getting her cunt stretched like that. Pretty soon, all three started fucking harder, and harder, and harder. And then it happened! One of the guys hit the back of her cervix. Kelly stopped quick and the other guy started to hit just as deep and both were at her cervix. Kelly didn't say anything to them, but I seen her curl her bottom lip in and was biting it. It looked like she wanted them both to try getting passed it and inside of her uterus. The more they pushed, the more her face was grimacing, but she still held it back and wasn't saying anything. They both continued poking at her cervix and still had a couple of inches or so to go. The more they drilled into her, the more her face showed the pain. She had a few tears running down her face and a couple of the guys noticed and were looking at me to see if I would step in and stop her. But she wasn't saying anything yet and I knew if she wanted it stopped, she would say something. They kept hitting her cervix and Kelly opened her eyes wide to me and softly said "Oh my God!" and opened her mouth as wide as she could to let me know they were really stuffing her cunt. The guy on top noticed her tears and said "You okay?" Kelly said "So far, I'm hanging in there." He asked if he could push it into her and give her the rest. Kelly said "If this is going to happen, then go ahead and let's make it happen!" I seen the guy nod to his friend underneath Kelly. And then he said "Hold on Kelly. Here we come!" Kelly grit her teeth and took a big breath and held it and they both pushed as hard as they could. The guy on top was trying to drive it in all the way and his cock was starting to fold under the resistance and all at once, both of them rammed past that point and slammed all the way into her. Kelly screamed "Son of a bitch! Damnit! Oh damn you fuckers!" I thought the neighbors would here her screams. They laid very still for about two minutes and one guy had a towel from the bathroom and wiped the tears from her face. She said "Thank you." Another guy was leaning in to see her with two huge cocks buried in her cunt and said "No. THANK you!" After she was able to get used to the feeling of two cocks that deep inside of her, she started rocking on them. They started fucking her and it started looking like a see saw. Back and forth, in and out. Kelly said "Oh Damnit! I'm going to cum! Fuck me! Fuck me with those cocks!" Just as she was starting to cum, the guy laying on his back said that he was ready to cum. He asked Kelly if he should pull it out some and Kelly said "Don't you dare! It hurt like hell getting you in there, I want it all now!" Just then, he started to cum and raised up to push his cock in deep. The guy on top finally said "Fuck, I'm there! Take it!" In a frenzy, I was watching Kelly cumming and had two cocks deep inside of her uterus filling her with their cum! I couldn't believe I was actually seeing this! After all three finished cumming, they collapsed in a heap.

The guy that was on top of her, fell over to the side and the guy behind her slipped out of her cunt and Kelly rolled off of him. When he moved off of the bed, Kelly spread herself out on the bed. She had sweat rolling across her forehead. She was breathing heavy and then looked at me and said "Damn babe! Did that really happen?" I told her to look around and see how hard everyone is from watching that and she would see that it really did happen. I was focused on her face and seeing the size of the two that just pulled out of her when one guy said "Holy shit! Hardly none of it coming out of you girl!" Kelly slapped her belly and said "I can feel everyone right here!" The guy that was to go next said "Well, I guess it won't matter if the rest of us bust inside of you. I think it's safe to say the others have their sperm swimming towards that elusive egg of yours!" Another guy said "Yeah, if it hasn't already tapped into that egg!" Kelly looked a little shocked they were talking like this in front of me, even though her and I knew what the real truth was about her birth control. Since I knew she was safe, I was okay with that talk. Kelly seen me smiling and went along with it. She said "Not sure who the father's going to be. That is going to be something if I go into labor. When the nurse sees 13 guys trying to get in the delivery room and the nurse says that only the husband can come in. Imagine the look on her face when I say all of you guys are the father and I am still waiting for my husband to get here!" A few guys chuckled, but a few looked a little worried about it. Kelly seen a couple of guys look a little nervous and said "Don't worry guys. No strings attached. I don't expect anything from you." Again she patted her stomach and said "Besides. I am getting everything I wanted." She looked around and said "Well? Who's next?"

Another black guy stepped over and said "Well, I can't match what just happened, but I will give it my best shot!" He climbed between Kellys legs and she grabbed for his cock and rubbed his balls. She looked over at me and said "Look babe. I have another pair of huge balls I have to drain!" And then she looked up at him and said "You have a nice cock too! Are you going to fuck me hard now?" Kelly started to guide him into her cunt and when he was about halfway in her he said "Shit girl. Those two cocks should have ripped you in half and you still feel tight!" He lay still for a minute and I seen Kelly was using her cunt muscles to start milking on his cock. She looked up at him and said "I'm going to fuck this cock so hard right now!" He kept pushing into her and I don't know if he was past her cervix or not, because I never heard her say anything. But he had to be because the others were just a little smaller then he was and he had his balls against her ass. I looked over at the last two guys to fuck her and noticed they were going to be even bigger inside of her. Kelly started to thrust her hips at him and he started to drive his hard cock deep inside of her. After all that Kelly has done so far, I didn't know how she was able to keep fucking them back like she was. They were fucking each other pretty hard. After fucking for about ten more minutes, Kelly said "Shit, it's getting hard." and the guy fucking her started fucking her faster. Kelly said "No wait! Someone hand me some oil. I need to make it easier going in me." After all of that cum, and she didn't have enough in her to make this guy go in any easier? I would have thought this guy would not have even felt himself inside of her with so much cum and as much as she was split apart. One guy reached in and said "Pull back man." and when he did, he squirted oil all over the two of them and started squirting it on her stomach and chest. Then he said "There. That should make things slippery for you." While this guy was fucking her, another guy got on the bed and said "Open that mouth. I need to unload something in that hot mouth of yours." Kelly started to suck his cock and it only took him about 30 seconds and he leaned his head back and said "Here it is! Open wide!" Kelly started gulping his cum down and the guy fucking her was driving his cock in and out hard. I could see that Kelly was trying, but she wasn't cumming this round. Before long, the huge black cock inside of her was ramming into her hard. And just as hard, Kelly was gyrating and raising her hips to match his cock. She had her arms around him and had his legs wrapped around his waist and I heard her loudly whispering "Fuck me! Give me that big cock. Fuck my little cunt. Can I have that cum? Give me that cum baby. Cum in me." That was all it took and this guy shouted "Hell yeah! Here it is! Take it! Take it all. I'm going to fuck that tight pussy! I'm going to bust that pussy wide with my baby seed! Fuck my big black cock! Fuck me good!" He started draining his balls and filling her with cum and Kelly was on her back almost all the way off the bed holding him tight. She reached up and started kissing him and saying "That's it. You are so fucking hot! I can feel that hot cum blasting inside of me! I'm going to fuck you until you can't cum no more! Fuck me!" and she started french kissing him. Shot after shot, he emptied himself into her and she was getting every last drop with his cock buried to his balls in her cunt. When he slowed up and they stopped kissing, He looked at Kelly and said "Damn. Thanks. You have the tightest pussy ever! Even after all she has done so far, I smiled when I heard this guy tell her that she was still had a tight cunt. And this was after she had two big fat and huge cocks in her cunt at the same time! When he pulled out of her, he rolled off the bed and almost fell.

Kelly inhaled and the exhaled with a loud whistle. Then she said "Okay, one more and then I need a break. The next was the white guy that Kelly picked because he had big feet. He did have a big cock and so I guess everything she heard was true. This guy was fatter at the head of his cock and the shaft towards his balls seemed to thin out a little bit. Kelly said "Oh, this is going to be fun!" She looked over at me and said "Look babe. Going to spread me going in, but once he is there, He's going to act like a cork inside of me!" I smiled at her and she looked serious at me and said "Are you okay babe? Am I doing okay?" I smiled and told her she was doing great. The white guy was between her legs and she grabbed his cock. Then she looked up at him and said "What do you think of all this cum in me? You going to give me yours too? Can I have your cum too?" She was stroking him and started to guide him to her cunt and she said "Oh baby, that's it! I feel your cock getting even bigger in my hand! I am going to fuck this thing so damn hard!" The guy started to enter her cunt. She had her eyes closed as he was going deeper into her. While her eyes were closed, Kelly felt something spraying all over her belly, chest and right at her cunt. She opened her eyes and the guy was starting to fuck her. She looked around and said "What was that I just felt hitting me?" Another white guy showed her that he was holding a bottle of warming oil. He said "Just trying to help you out." Kelly giggled a little and looked at me and said "I thought it was something else! I don't want anyone wasting it unless it is in me or in my mouth!" Then, Kelly started shaking a lot! She said "Oh fuck! I'm cumming! She put her arms around him and raised her legs trying to wrap them around his waist and was shaking so bad from cumming, she was having trouble getting her legs up. She was trying to latch her hands onto his back and moved her hands to his ass and started pulling him into her. She looked at one black guy standing next to her and said "A little help here!" He started to climb on the bed to feed her a mouthful of cock and she said "No, help my legs up!" He out her legs on his back and she locked her ankles together and was bucking her cunt to meet his cock driving into her. The black guy was standing there and Kelly said "I didn't say I wasn't going to give you head, I just needed some help with my legs. Come here you." She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking. When she stopped cumming and her body relaxed some, she stopped and told the guy fucking her to stay in her, but hold on a second. When he stopped, Kelly started wiggling her body sideways a little and had her head tilted back and said "There, now give me that cock. I want you down my throat and feel your balls on my face. You want me to take your cum down my throat?" That guy nodded his head fast and started to feed her his big cock. The guy inside of her cunt started to fuck her again and several minutes of Kelly bucking against him and leaning her head back to deep throat the black guy in her mouth and almost at the same time, I head both of them say they were going to cum. Kelly pulled back and took a breath and the guy sank his cock down her throat and started to fill her throat. You can see the bulge in her throat and I knew that guy was way beyond her gag reflex! The guy fucking her started cumming and held himself deep inside of her and wasn't moving. He would flinch his ass and was forcing his cum out of his cock. Kelly could not hold the guy down her throat any longer and pulled him out. His last shot of his cum hit her nose. The guy fucking her started relaxing his body and said "Damn! That was nice! Thanks so much! You drained me!"

After they had all finished up, Kelly grabbed for the washcloth and one of the white guys reached over with a towel and wiped her face off. Kinky fucker because after that, he reached over and started kissing her and was darting his tongue all around, french kissing her. Kelly was enjoying that and grabbed his neck and held him close kissing him just as much. It looked like a very passionate kiss. When Kelly stopped, the guy started kissing his way to her boobs and took one in his mouth and started sucking her boob. And then he stopped. Kelly lay spread eagle on the bed and asked the guy that was just kissing her if he wanted to wipe her cunt for her. His cock was bouncing up and down and said he wanted to. He started to wipe her cunt and said "There isn't much down here. Just a little bit." Kelly looked at me and said "Where's it going babe? I don't think I have that much room to hold it in!" I shrug my shoulders and said "Well, I guess you do!" She sat up and more cum gushed out, but still not a lot. Kelly said "Well, there's something, but not as much as I know is in there!" The white guy wiped her cunt up again. Kelly smiled at me and said "Come here babe." I walked over and sat next to her. She reached over and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear "I love you so much! I hope you are still okay with all of this. You're not getting upset that I am still going are you?" I told her that I was impressed she was able to go for so long and said if I didn't see it for myself, I would not believe it was true. She asked what time it was. By now, it was 12:45. When she was fucking these guys, it seems like it wasn't taking that long, but she has been going for close to 16 hours and still had two more left. On the side of the bed, one black guy fell asl**p on the floor. We filled our wine glasses and Kelly guzzled hers all the way down. Of the two guys that were in her cunt at the same time said "We're going to have to start taking bets. So what do you think Kelly? Boy or a girl?" Kelly looked at me to see if I was upset that he said that. Since I knew the truth, I was smiling real big knowing these guys thought she was going to get pregnant after this. So she smiled back at him and said "Okay. Put me down for six girls and seven boys!" The guy sl**ping on the floor said "I want 13 girls! If they grow up anything like her, they are going to make some guys VERY happy!" Everyone busted up laughing. We thought he was asl**p. Kelly said "Okay, who is left?" Two guys raised their hands and Kelly said "Okay, which one is next?" A white guy was next followed by a black guy. The black guy was hard and really hung. The white guy had a big cock, but was limp. Kelly looked at the white guy and said "Well you had better get that damn thing hard or I am going to take him next instead." and she was pointing to the black guy. He started jacking himself off to get hard.

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