Kellys marathon weekend - Part 2

I was talking to two guys and looked over and Kelly was surrounded by a bunch of others. From the smile on her face, I could see that she was enjoying the attention. When she went to the kitchen to get herself some wine, she had three guys follow her like little puppies! She was trying to walk back to the living room, but was being swarmed. She finally come up to me and pulled my arm, wanting me to go to the kitchen with her. When we were in the kitchen, she was speaking very softly and she said "Damn. These guys are so horny! I have already been asked by three guys if I would give them head right now. I told them they can wait." I laughed and said "What did you think they would do? They're not here to play Monopoly!" Kelly got serious and said "Babe. I know we have fun and all and we laugh about what we do, but I need you to be serious for a minute with me okay?" I told her okay and she said "I really need to know this is what you want to see. There are 13 guys in our living room and every one of them are going to fuck me. As I said before, once it starts, I don't think we can stop it until it's all over. Are you really ready for that?" I said "I'm excited and I'm ready. As long as you enjoy yourself and get into it as much as you can with them, I'll get so horny for you just watching!" She said "I should just quit my birth control. That will stop you!" I said "They're not cumming in me! Why would it stop me?" She giggled and said "You're an ass!" She smiled really big and then told me in a few minutes, she would go get a bikini on and start getting them horny as hell. She said "What I'm thinking is coming down in a bikini and after a few minutes, I'll tell them I'm going to the pool and they are all welcome to join me. I know they don't have bathing suits, so I want them to get their clothes off so I can see what they have and you wanted me to start picking which ones I am going to start with later." We went back to the living room and a few minutes later, she said she would be right back and started heading upstairs. One guy tried to follow her and she told him to wait with everyone else. Several minutes later, she came down wearing the white bikini with stars on it. She must have put on some of the body spray she bought because she smelled like coconuts and it smelled great! I gave her a big hug and whispered "You are eating up all of this attention aren't you?" She whispered back that it was what we were hoping for.

We stood around drinking more wine and talking and then Kelly said she was going to the pool and said "Who wants to come and join me so we can get to know each other?" One guy said he didn't have a bathing suit and then the others spoke up and said they didn't have one either. Kelly told them we have a big fence and she would be seeing it anyway, so they could just strip now. We grabbed a few more bottles of wine and headed to the pool. It didn't take long and every one of the guys were naked and starting to sit around the pool. All of them were trying to wiggle in and sit next to Kelly. I went to put on my swim trunks. After all, I'm not getting any tonight, so why should I strip down? I came back down and Kelly was in the water and had a bunch of guys in the water around her. As I got near the pool, I seen one or two reach down rubbing her ass. She called me into the water and told everyone to sit along the side of the pool. When I got in the water, she whispered "I'm going to pick them according to size. I should probably take the smallest one first and go up to the biggest. I just don't want to take a big guy and be all stretched out for the other guys. So are you ready?" I leaned over and whispered "I thought you were going to give them head first?" She said she was, but just picking now, for later. She asked me to sit at the end of the pool. Then she asked all of the guys to stand along the pool edge. Some of the guys were semi hard, a couple were really hard and some were still soft. I wasn't sure how she would pick the smallest, because they all looked like they were a good size. Some were larger than others, but not that far from each other. The largest I seen was probably going to get hard at about 11 or 12 inches. One was just a little smaller then I was and she had him move to the other side and said "You're first later." She continued picking and as she chose, they would move to the other side. She told everyone that she will remember the order and they have to remember too because if anyone jumps in line, they are done. (Actually, she didn't remember, but thought this would make them all remember.) She called the smallest guy over and whispered to him that she didn't pick him first because he was small or anything and I heard her say "I picked you because I want that cock of yours deep inside me first!" She told me later it was so he didn't think he was picked first by his size.

We went back inside and all of the guys were still naked and Kelly would talk to one guy and then to another. As she would talk to them, she reached down and started rubbing their cock. She did this until she had a chance to talk to each one and grab their cock. Kelly walked up to me and whispered "I can't believe I am doing this babe, can you? Two of these guys have really huge balls! I know I am in for it with them." I told her it looked more like she was going to be in for it from all of them! Kelly turned her attention back to the 13 hard cocks in the room and said "Well boys. Are we ready to get this party started?" She said "I'm going to go upstairs and change and when I come down, I better see nothing but hard cocks!" She went upstairs and put on a see through babydoll. She smelled like strawberries this time. When she came back, all of the guys had their cocks in their hands and they were making sure to be hard when she showed up. As she walked through the middle, she reached down and gave a couple guys a nice little squeeze. In the middle again, she knelt down on her knees and said "Okay guys. One at a time, come here. I don't care who's first right now, that's for later." The first guy walked up and she grabbed his cock, leaned over and took him into her mouth. She started sliding him in and out of her mouth. Everyone started crowding in closer to get a better look. From where I was, I had the perfect view and one guy tried to scoot me away so he could get in there. I said "Excuse me?" When he turned and saw it was me, he stepped aside. By now, Kelly was really cramming this guys cock in her mouth and soon, a few guys were cheering her on and a few were cheering the guy on. One guy said "Bust a nut man!" It was like a cheering section for Kelly which made her work that guys cock even harder. Before long, the guy started cumming. Kelly swallowed every bit and then pulled back from him. I thought she was going to show everyone that he cum in her mouth and she swallowed it? It just shows, you can make plans, but it turns out the way it happens I guess.

The next guy stepped up and Kelly leaned in and took his cock in her mouth. Within seconds, she was sucking this guy hard too. It didn't take long and the guy pushed his hips forward and started shooting his hot cum in her mouth too. Once again, Kelly swallowed his cum and didn't lose a drop. One after another stepped up and Kelly sucked each one and was letting each one cum in her mouth and not one time did she not swallow. There were two more to go and the next guy stepped up and Kelly said "Oooh. I know what I'm doing with this one!" Then she looked around the room until she seen me and winked. She started by sucking the head of his cock. Then she started taking it deeper. And deeper. And deeper! She had the guy buried to his balls down her throat! All eyes were glued on her and we all watched as Kelly continued to deep throat this guy, coming up for air about once a minute. The guy yelled "Almost there baby girl!" and Kelly came up for air and said "Give it to me!" and then sank down on his cock until he was all the way down her throat. She felt him shutter and begin to fill her throat with his cum. Her eyes opened really wide as he was cumming so I know he must have been pumping a lot down her throat, but she was not stopping and continued taking it all. When he was finished, she pulled back and took in a huge breath and said "Damn, your cum's thick! Like whipped cream!" She finally said "Is there any more?" and one guy stepped forward. She started sucking him off and really started bobbing on him. While she had his cock in her mouth, she turned her head a little towards me and stopped sucking on him and grabbed his cock in her hand and said "Here we go again!" and winked again at me. With that, she took this guy all the way down her throat. Over and over, she would pull him almost all the way out and sink back down until his cock was buried as deep as it could go. It wasn't long and this guy said he wanted to cum. Kelly came up for air and went right back down and put her hands around him and grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. He started jutting his cum down her throat and she started squeezing his ass tight and made sure she had him pulled as close as he could be while she swallowed every drop of his cum. Kelly always said it turns her on to swallow a mans cum. She said she knows how much guys like it, but she just swallowed the cum from 13 guys! That was a lot and more then I ever dreamed I would ever see her do. At least in the same night!

When she was finished with the last guy, she sat on the floor for a second to catch her breath and then held her hand out for someone to help her up. One guy helped her up and she sat down on the couch. She motioned for me to come and sit next to her. I did and she whispered "Are you ready for this?" All I could do was smile at her. Kelly said "So, are we calling it a night, or do you guys want more?" Three guys at the same time said "More!" She said "I was just teasing you." She looked around the room and said "Okay guys, what do you want to do next?" Almost all at once, everyone said they wanted to fuck her. She said "Well give me a minute to rest up and then I guess we have just have to make that happen, won't we?" One guy filled her wine glass and brought it to her. I thought it was funny because he filled her glass so full and it was like he was trying to get her d***k so he could get her in bed with him. Kelly did remember the first guy she picked and pointed at him and said "When I am rested, we head upstairs to the bed and you are first buddy!" One guy asked if they can come too and Kelly laughed and said "Everyone is going to cum! But for now, we were all going up to the bedroom." Then she sat up and said "Okay, I really have to tell you guys something. Hmm. How do I tell you this without anyone thinking I am trying to spoil the night? Okay, I guess the best thing is to just say it and get it out. I haven't been taking my birth control for almost two weeks now." Then she stood up and said she would be right back and went upstairs. I heard some soft talking going around and overheard one guy say "Fuck it. I want to fuck her anyway!" I thought that so far, we have one taker. Kelly came back and passed her birth control pills around to show everyone the date of the last pill taken. Today was the 17th and the date next to the last empty pill slot was the 2nd. One guy asked if she could just take one. I don't think Kelly was prepared for anyone asking her that, and she had to think of some way to say no. She said that they started giving her headaches a few weeks ago and her doctor told her to stop taking them, but she needs to go see another doctor to find out what was going on and get some other birth control pills or something. Another guy said "Why did you set this up if she can't do anything?" Kelly said we already had this set up before that and she thought she would have it taken care of before tonight and said "Who said we're not doing anything?" Kelly seemed agitated this guy was talking to her like that. One guy spoke up and said "What should we do? I know I didn't bring any condoms." Kelly said "I'll just have to leave that to you guys." One guy said that maybe we should run to the store to get something and Kelly spoke up fast and said "I don't think there is anything close." Another guy said if I drive him, he will buy a bunch of condoms for everyone. Kelly thought quick and said "We can't use them because I break out in hives when my doctors just uses latex gloves." There was maybe two cocks dwindling in the room, but for the most part, I think a few others got even harder hearing her saying this and hoping she would just take the chance. One guy said "Well, we can pull out when we get off." Kelly looked at him and said "Oh sure. You get yours and I am left getting fucked for nothing!" Then she looked at him with a stern look and said "Are you going to pull out when you start leaking too? Come on guys, you know how you leak when you get horny!" One guy spoke up and said "Well, I still want to fuck you if it's okay?" Kelly looked at me and said "Sorry babe. I know I can't stop them if they do cum in me." Almost every cock in the room was staring at the ceiling. Well, except for one guy. His cock was bent and his cock was staring back at his stomach. Kelly leaned to me and pointed him out and whispered "Look babe. When that guy is in me, his cock will be trying to poke back out of my stomach!" Her little prank was working. Kelly was really getting into all of this and having fun doing it. Now, these guys are thinking she could get pregnant and she was still saying yes to letting them fuck her. She really knows how to make a cock hard!

All of us headed upstairs and somewhere in between all of this, Kelly had changed the bed and had the bright red satin sheets on the bed and satin pillow cases and had rose pedals on the two night stands and there was several bottles of different flavored love and sex oils on them. The light bulbs in the lamps were a soft red. It actually looked romantic, but we knew that tonight was all about Kelly getting fucked by all of these guys and nothing more. But it set a mood and Kelly was enjoying it. Kelly took off her babydoll and climbed on the bed and pointed to the first guy and then pointed to her cunt. He climbed up next to her and she was grabbing his cock and said "I want this! Are you going to fuck me with this hard cock?" Of course he said yes! Too many guys to fuck, so no time for any foreplay. She just wanted to get fucked over and over tonight. He got between her legs and she guided his cock into her. Within a few seconds, he was fucking her pretty hard. Her legs were coming up into the air as he pounded her cunt. One guy walked to the other side of the bed and him and one other guy climbed on the bed with one on each side of her and she took one in her hand and one in her mouth. She was switching off and would take each guy for a few seconds in her mouth while stroking the other. This went for quite some time and the guy that was fucking her said "Should I pull out?" Kelly acted like she didn't hear him and wrapped her legs around his waist so he could not pull it out. Within seconds, the guy was cumming inside of her. At first, you could see he tried hard to pull himself out of her, but she had him locked so tight against her and when he first started to cum, he gave up and sank it deep into her and unloaded his cum into her cunt. The guy with Kellys hand on his cock said "That's it man. Give her that jizz!" He pumped her full of cum and when he started going limp, he pulled out and then looked at Kelly and said "Sorry. I couldn't help it." Kelly looked up at him and said "It's okay. It's kind of my fault. You felt so good and I didn't want you to stop." The guy looked at me and said "I'm sorry man." I shrugged my shoulders and said "You tried telling her. She didn't let you stop."

Kelly laughed and said "Now calling number two. Number two, step forward." By now, about 4 other guys were climbing on the bed and the second guy to fuck her climbed up from the foot of the bed. His cock was pulsing up and down and Kelly reached out and grabbed him and said "I'm all lubed up for you. Are you going to fuck me hard too?" He said he wanted to feel her cunt on his cock and wanted to fuck her so bad. Kelly pointed to the sex and love oils to everyone and said "Help yourself!" A couple guys started looking through the oils and she took a cock in each hand and one in her mouth and the guy between her legs started guiding his cock into her. I heard her give a soft moan when the guy in her cunt was all the way in. As he started to fuck her, Kelly was raising her hips to meet his thrusts. One of the black guys with a good sized cock had a bottle of massage oil and said he wanted to fuck her big boobs. He squirted some on her chest and started to rub it in a little. It was warming oil so it was getting hot and turning Kelly on and she started fucking the cock inside of her even harder and was going crazy sucking on one cock and had two in her hands that I thought she would rip out from the roots! The guy with the big cock told the guy fucking her to give him some room and started to straddle her chest. She had five guys all over her now and the guy with the oil grabbed her boobs and put his cock between them and started slowly fucking her boobs. He was massaging his cock with her boobs and was pushing between them. The guy fucking her started fucking her faster and Kelly pulled the guy from her mouth and said "Oh damn! You're making me cum! Fuck me! Give me that cock!" Kelly took the one guys cock back in her mouth and arched her back. Even with a mouthful of cock, I heard her moaning and knew she was cumming on the guy buried in her cunt. Everyone was really getting into it with her by now and Kelly was really getting into being titty fucked while giving head to another, with two in her hands and getting fucked hard with one in her cunt. The first guy that fucked her came over and sat next to me and kept saying how sorry he was that he got off inside of her and how he tried not to. I was trying hard to just say it was okay so I could watch what was going on. The guy fucking her cunt stopped and I thought he had cum and I missed watching it. He was still hard inside of her and Kelly said "Did you cum already baby?" He said "Not yet, but I'm getting there. Where do you want it?" Kelly acted like she was scared and gave him her innocent girl look and looked over at me, then back at him and said in a soft voice like she didn't want me to hear "The last guy already did it, so if you want it in me, I guess it's okay." He started to fuck her hard now, driving his cock all the way in with each thrust When he told her he was going to cum, Kelly said "Give it to me baby. I want it deep!" and she arched her back to meet his cock and almost threw the guy fucking her boobs off of her. It wasn't long and the guy in her cunt started cumming. Kelly let go of the two cocks in her hands and grabbed the guys ass and pulled him into her deeper and she was cumming again and this guy was stuffing her cunt with his cock and sending his hot cum deep inside of her. He held himself inside of her for another minute and slowly pulled his cock out. A little bit of cum oozed out of her cunt. She stopped everyone else and before that guy climbed off the bed, she said "Come here you." He had just finished filling her cunt and got up next to her and she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down and kissed him and said "Thank you. You are great!" He said "You're great too, you know that?"

She told the black guy that was fucking her boobs "I don't want you cumming yet. I don't want a limp cock fucking me later." She looked around and said "And that goes for everyone. I don't care if you cum after you fucked me." I went to grab a washcloth so Kelly could keep it close and wipe her cunt off. I didn't think she wanted everyone sliding all over her while they were fucking her. She wiped herself and a black guy climbed on the bed. She was grabbing at his cock and I heard her say "Wow! You're so hard! Is this for me?" The guy smiled at her and said it was hers. She had a new group on the bed now and started taking turns sucking two cocks and was stroking them. Another started squirting some cherry warming oil on her and soon, she had two sets of hands rubbing it in just as the guy between her legs started entering her cunt. He said "Damn, you are so fucking hot!" Kelly pulled the cock from her mouth and said "I am hot for all of you guys!" Then she smelled the cherry scent and said "Okay. Who is the one that used the cherry?" The guy that grabbed it said it was him and Kelly said "Well, now you guys will smell that and think you are popping my cherry, huh?" One guy said "That would be nice!" Then she started to fuck the guy in her cunt. After the first two, she wasn't tired or slowing down. She wasn't sucking anyone or even jacking them off. Instead, she put her hands around this guys ass and said "Oh my God! Fuck me. I want you to fuck me deep!" Then she looked at me and said "Even after getting fucked already, either these guys are getting bigger, or I am getting smaller. I can feel them deep!" I could not even talk. I was enjoying watching her with all of these guys and still couldn't believe it was happening and all I could do was nod and smile. She started to fuck the black guy in her cunt harder and harder and he returned every thrust and buried himself as deep as he could and started pounding her cunt. He wasn't going fast, but kept a steady pace and each time, he would drive his cock all the way into her. Kelly went back to the two cocks next to her face. Jacking them off and taking turns sucking their cocks. After quite some time, Kelly squeaked that she was cumming and told the guy to fuck her hard. He started driving it in and pull it back and send it hard into her cunt. She seemed like she was really enjoying getting hammered like that. She was bucking on the bed and had her legs around his waist saying "I want you so deep!" He was drilling Kelly for a good 30 minutes when he finally leaned next to her ear and said "I want my baby inside of you. You want my baby in you?" Kelly pretended to be scared and opened her eyes wide and looked over at me. She knew that even the guy talking softly, I heard him and I was smiling. Kelly looked at him and said "It isn't my plan, but I don't want you to stop either. Your cock feels so good in me." Just then, this black guy was holding her tiny ass in his hands and pulling her cunt tighter to him and was really driving his cock deep inside of her. He thrust into her as deep as he could pulling her hard to him and shouted "Shit! I'm cumming! I want that baby in you. I want to see that tight belly swelling. Damn! Take it. Take it all!" Kelly stopped sucking and jacking the others and locked onto the big black cock that was filling her cunt. She was shouting "Yes! Fill it. Give me that hot cum. Fill that little cunt!" Then she whispered to him like she wanted him to think I couldn't hear and said "You want me pregnant don't you? Give me that baby. I want your cum deep!"

Even though I know she was actually on birth control, it was giving me a raging hard on hearing her tell him to get her pregnant. This guy was trying so hard to knock her up and it was so fucking obvious the way he was pounding her little cunt. He was almost arched all the way back as he was telling her to take it all. She started cumming and I knew it must have made her hot hearing him talk like that and made her cum instantly. Over and over, he shot his cum deep inside of her. From where I was sitting, I could see his cum on his cock and it looked like he was really trying to get passed the other guys and put his cum first in line. I didn't notice the others climb off the bed and they were all watching as Kelly was fucking the hell out of this guy. One guy said "Give it to her man. Send that sperm into her!" And then the others started to root him and Kelly on. I heard one say "Knock her up. Give her that juice!" And another said "Fuck him hard girl. Take that load!" It must have been a few more minutes before this big black cock was slowing down. She had a small stream of cum oozing from around his big cock, and he held his cock in her. I think I was almost wishing she did fuck this guy unprotected. It was so hot watching her and him. He finally slid himself out of her and a small wad of cum followed him. He leaned over her and said "Do I get a kiss too?" Kelly reached up and wrapped both arms around his neck and gave him such a long, deep kiss. Then she pulled back and said "That was so fucking good! I felt you cum so deep in me. Did you like that?" The guy kissed her again and said "I wouldn't mind having you more often." Kelly leaned under his arms and looked at me and had a big smile on her face and was raising her eyebrows up and down. I think she was getting an idea about having this guy again some time.

Kelly told the rest of the guys that she needed a little break. One guy said "Aww please?" Kelly said "I want all of you and don't want to get so worn out that I can't do it." She sat up, grabbed the washcloth and wiped the dripping cum from her cunt. She looked over at the black guy that just filled her cunt and said "You really filled me didn't you?" Then she said she needed a drink. A guy grabbed her wine glass and handed it to her. She gulped what was left and one guy asked if she wanted more. When she asked if he would get her some more, he asked me if it was alright to go downstairs and get it. I told him he could and he asked if anyone else wanted some wine. Two guys went down with him because most of the guys did want some and they went to grab a couple of bottles and glasses. Kelly was sitting up and looked at me with a smile and said "You're so quiet over there babe Are you enjoying seeing your wife with so many hard cocks?" I wanted to go along with her birth control prank and said "I am enjoying it, but so far, everyone has filled you with cum and you aren't on any birth control." Kelly got a big grin on her face and started playing it up as well and said "What can I say babe? It feels so good having them fucking me and I can't stop and if they cum in me tonight, I guess that I will just have to live with it." Sneaking a look around the room, I still seen several hard cocks and a couple of them were bouncing up on down. Kelly looked at one of them and noticed how big and tight his balls were and said "Oh my God! Look at you? We are going to have to empty those big balls soon before you bust!" The guys came back with the wine and glasses and as we all had our glasses filled, one guy said "A toast ! To Kelly. For making this a night we will never forget!" and we all clicked glasses and drank some of the wine. Another guy stepped to the bed and sat on the edge and raised his glass and said "Another toast. Again for Kelly. After tonight, she will have a little sumpin' sumpin' to remember us by! May her belly swell for the next 9 months!" Kelly gave me a huge smile and then we clicked glasses and drank again. Kelly called me over to her and pulled my head close to her and whispered "Is this talk turning you on?" I whispered back "My cock is so hard right now hearing all of you talk like this!" One of the black guys still waiting his turn said "Hey. Are you two talking about us?" Kelly said "I was just asking my husband if it he was okay with you guys cumming in me and he said I might as well keep going because I already let the first three fill me." Kelly rested for another five minutes or so talking to everyone and asking if they were having a good time. Like they would all say no, they weren't enjoying this at all! Kelly really knows how to keep a guy hard!

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3 years ago
hell! i need a Kelly in my life
3 years ago
Thanks for posting more. I am going to have to let hubby set one up for me.
3 years ago
A very hot story, you were so lucky to have her in your life.
3 years ago
Thanks. I am glad you enjoy them. (And thanks for Kelly vote!)

We made several journals and now, if anything happened to me, my son and daughter will fly up here to clear things and I do not need them finding those, so I am getting things online instead. Don't need them finding these... especially after what will be written before long!

Stay tuned!
3 years ago
we're lovin this story!!
3 years ago
I nominate the late Kelly as the 8th wonder of the world, and her birthday should be a holiday! "Kelly, ANGEL, you're still making guys cum".