Kellys marathon weekend - Part 1

Because Kelly had sex with a black guy she had met while I was over in Germany, she thought I was upset with her for doing it. I really wasn't and I enjoyed hearing all about it. But she mentioned a couple of things she thought would make up for it so I decided to tell her I wasn't mad, just disappointed. She said she wanted to make it up to me, and that we could talk it over and maybe make plans for her to fuck a few guys at the same time in front of me. We had a video that showed gangbangs and by now, Kelly had fucked a black guy from time to time, she did fuck a black guy and two white guys once, a white guy a couple of times and a black guy and I together twice by this time, she said that she knew she agreed to do more guys, but didn't know how it could happen and she said "Babe. If you really want me to fuck a few guys at the same time, I will. But, I want you to know that I will be nervous as hell doing it. I want to do it for you, but want you right there to protect me and don't want you to expect something and be disappointed if it doesn't happen the way we plan." I told her if we can make it happen, I would be right there and told her that she once said she wanted to act like she didn't take her birth control and see what the guys would do and this would be her chance to do that and see what happens. She told a white guy in bed before that she wasn't taking birth control and when he tried pulling out of her, she had her legs around his ass and held him in. He was so fucking scared! It was great! Kelly said she was sure she still had the old pills and thought it would be fun to see what the guys would do if she said that. I said "Well, if you want them to cum deep inside you, that will do it! Who wouldn't want to knock you up?" She just smiled and then we watched the gangbang movie and anytime something Kelly liked would come up, she would snuggle against me and tell me to keep that part in mind. She said she wanted to use those parts and we can make our plans from what we like seeing in the movie. I told her we can try to plan things to happen in certain ways, but neither of us would know just what was going to happen until it happens.

After the movie, Kelly asked what my thoughts were on it. I told her that we can pick a Friday or Saturday when we won't have to get up for work and find some guys to come over and take care of her. I told her from there, she would have to let them know what she wants and that it would be up to her to decide when she is ready to get started with them. Kelly said "So babe. How many guys were you thinking?" While I had some ideas, I wanted to know how many she was thinking about having over. Kelly said "I don't know babe. I did do three guys before, but you didn't see it. Do you think maybe four guys?" I chuckled and told her I was thinking of even a bigger number, but if she wanted four, we could do that. She said that this was something she wanted to do for me and said if I was thinking she could handle more, I should tell her how many and if it wasn't too far out there, she will do it, She said she will do it for her pleasure, but it was more for me to see her doing it. So I told her I was thinking more like 6 or 7 that she mentioned in her letter. She sighed and then smiled and said "Okay. If that is how many you want and you think I can handle that many, I'll do it. But I'm only doing this because I said that I would. Will you be okay watching me with that many guys?" I told her I would be okay and told her I think it might be something to see.

So she asked me what I would like to see her do and see them do to her. I told her that I would like to see her naked in the middle of all of them and then drop to her knees and go around to each guy and give them head. I told her that while I would like to see her deep throat every one of them and make them explode down her throat, if she deep throated one or two, I would be happy seeing it and I was sure the other guys watching her would get excited too. I told her I would like to see at least one guy cum in her mouth and hopefully, it's the guy she picks to deep throat. Then I told her I would like her to show all of the guys that she swallowed every drop of his cum. I told her that after that, I would like her to choose the guys according to their size that she's going to fuck and then tell them she is ready. I told her that I would like to see her fucking each guy and while doing that, the others gather around her and she takes turn giving them head and rubbing their cocks. We watched some more of the movie in silence and then she paused it and turned to me and said "Okay. I'll do it. I just want to know that you are really ready to see me doing this." I told her that I was ready and asked if she was going to be ready. She said that getting ready for her was just a matter of getting naked and opening her legs. Kelly said "Besides. Once we start, it's not like I can stop them and say that I had enough. All I can do is go until everyone is finished." I asked her what she wanted to happen and she said "It sounds great just the way you said!"

So the next day, I thought about it at work and she said she would think about it too and we could talk some more about getting things started. We didn't mention it during dinner, but we went to sit in the jacuzzi and Kelly fixed us a couple of drinks. In the jacuzzi, Kelly was sitting next to me and reached over and grabbed my cock. She said "Well, I thought about what we have been talking about and I think it is going to be fun. At first, I wondered if I could handle that many guys and then I thought I will just go for it. I was getting hot just thinking about it." Then, she took her bikini off and I took my trunks off. I asked her if she would enjoy having so many guys cum inside of her and she said "I know it's going to be fun trying!" I wanted to fuck her right then and we started kissing. She told me to save that for later and that we should go in and decide how we were going to set it up and set a date for it to happen. I asked if she had any guys in mind that she would like to be there and she said that for this, she thought it would be more exciting if it was guys that she didn't really know. She said "The guys I have been with know I am on the pill and I want to see if these guys either fill me or get scared." So we finally got out of the jacuzzi and went inside.

We decided to use the free dating paper we used before and started writing an ad. Here's what we came up with: "Couple wants to invite a few guys for a night of fun with wife. If interested, call Kelly at XXX-XXXX". The plan was she would write their information down and based on her thoughts when they called, we would make a list and invite them one at a time to meet and see if we liked them. That Friday afternoon, our ad came out and all weekend, our phone rang almost non stop! I told Kelly "Wow! There is sure a lot of guys wanting you!" She said that she was keeping notes on what they said on the phone and a few were just crude and off her list. So I told her we should write down about 12 names just in case a couple of them didn't show up and out of those, she can pick the ones she wants. Based on the descriptions they gave her, she picked 12 names and called them to set up times during the week and we could meet at Dennys. She set up 2 each night, one at 7 and another at 9 and we could talk to them and see if they would be comfortable around others at the same time. We set a date of maybe two to four weeks away on a Friday night. This would give her time to do it and have enough weekend left to rest up. I don't remember their names, but we started meeting them. While she set it up for 12 guys, one guy brought two of his friends and said he wasn't sure if this was some sort of set up and wanted some help just in case. At first, Kelly didn't want to talk to him with his friends there, but the guy started it off and soon, Kelly was telling him what she wanted. The two guys with him kept asking Kelly how they can get picked for it. Kelly told them they could have read the ad and called before, but didn't say any more to them. During the week, we kept meeting more guys. With the two guys that came with their friend the first night, there was 7 white guys and 7 black guys. Kelly let everyone know that she still has to decide and she would call and let them know if they were the ones she picked and when it would happen. She was surprised that everyone showed up, making her job harder to pick.

When we got home on the last night of meeting everyone, we were at home and Kelly said "This is going to be hard picking 6. They all seem nice and I know there will be some hurt feelings." I said "6? I thought we agreed on 7?" She said "Damn babe! Why don't we just invite the entire city?" I told her we would have to write another ad. She laughed and shook her head. I asked her if she wanted a mix of white and black guys, all white or all black. Kelly smiled at me and said "A cock is a cock. It doesn't matter to me as long as it's hard." She asked what I wanted and I told her I wasn't going to fuck them so it didn't matter what I wanted. I told her she should pick who she wants. She started to look at the list, then looked at all of the notes she was keeping on each guy. While she was at the kitchen table working on that, I went upstairs to take a shower. When I came back down, she looked up at me and said "Help me pick babe! I can't decide!" I laughed and said "I never thought I would be sitting here deciding on which guys are going to fuck my wife!" She laughed and said "Well, we decided I would do it, and I need your help picking them. Out of the guys we met, who do you want to see me with?" I asked her what she had so far and she showed me her list and it had two names that she said when she met them, she wanted them for sure. She wanted me to help her pick from the rest. One name was the guy we met first with the friends. I joked with her and said "You picked this guy? What if he brings his friends again?" Kelly laughed and then looked serious and said "Oh shit! I didn't even think about that! Do you think I should cross him off?" I told her to leave him on the list if that is who she wants and that I was just k**ding about him bringing his friends. Then, she picked a white guy and I asked her what made her pick him. She told me that he had big feet and wanted to see if all the stories she heard were true about men with big feet. She picked another guy, but I don't remember if he was white or black. Then she looked at me again and said "Back to the first guy I picked babe. What if he really does bring his friends? What should I do?" I laughed and said "Well, you can't give in to one guy and tell his friends they can't have any." She smirked and said "Ha Ha! Very funny!" She asked what qualities she should be looking for in a guy. I said "I don't know. A cock? Two balls? Lots of cum?"

We finally went up to bed and we fucked until we had worn ourselves out and fell asl**p. I woke up about 3 in the morning and Kelly was not in the bed. When I went downstairs, she was sitting in the kitchen looking over her list. When she seen me she said "Sorry babe. I couldn't sl**p. This is going to drive me crazy trying to pick." She said the part that was getting to her was knowing she would have to call the others and tell them she didn't pick them. I was tired and didn't want this to start getting to her so I tried to help her not feel so stressed and said "Just invite them all and you won't have to let anyone down." She had such a straight face and said "Are you serious? You want me to invite 12 guys over?" I told her not to forget the two that will come with their friend. Kelly said "Shit babe. Your list is gets longer and I am trying to make mine shorter. I told her that longer was better when it comes to guys. I was just joking with her and I just want her to relax and make that night a fun one for her. I went back to bed and when I woke up and she was asl**p on the couch. She had all of the movies out, so I knew she was watching them and had her list and notes on the coffee table. By now, she had 5 names, but had a couple others that were written down, but were crossed off. She woke up late in the morning and said she did not fall asl**p until after 6. She said she had a dream that she picked 7 names, but on the night we set up, everyone showed up anyway. I asked her if she had fun in her dream. Kelly stood there looking at me for a few seconds and then said "Damnit babe! I might as well just invite all of them. I can't decide, so hell with it, I might as well." I asked if she was being serious and she said "What can I do babe? I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, so why not? What do you want me to do babe?" I gave her a big hug and said it would make me so happy watching her take on 14 guys. She backed up and said "Wait a minute. Where did you get 14??" I said "You mean you are going to tell the first guy you picked that he can't bring his friends with him? How sad. Those guys are going to be so hurt.", and then I gave her a big grin. She didn't answer at first and grabbed some orange juice from the fridge and when she closed it, she drooped her shoulders and said "I might as well invite them too. Of course you know, by the time it is over, I won't be able to walk and I will be so sore that we can't have sex. Damn! 14 guys? Seriously? 14?" I smiled and kissed her and said "Come on. You know you want to." She dropped her head to the table and shook her head.

We didn't say anything for a few minutes and I started to fix her breakfast and told her to go sit on the couch and relax. When I brought her some breakfast and coffee, she asked me to sit down. She said that if it would really turn me on watching her fuck 14 guys, she will agree to it, but I had to promise that no matter what, I won't get upset. She told me even if she was getting worn out and could not get into a few guys while they fucked her, I would have to be satisfied with that. I said "Well, if you are planning to act like you're not on birth control and you show them, some of them might just want head and call it good." Kelly said "And if it makes them hornier when I say it, I could be getting fucked hard by all of them." I told her if she really didn't want that many, I would help her with her list and she just said "No. I'll just fucking do it. But you have to make sure that you are there the whole time so no one gets out of line." I told her she couldn't get me away if a truck was pulling me. I asked her what day she wanted to plan for it and she said she wanted to set it up for two weeks from then and that would give her a chance to get herself ready and get her mind set to take on that many guys. I told her that if she was getting sore or tired, she could always just let a few of them fuck her in the ass. She said "No. Not that night. Okay babe?" She asked if it would be okay if she went and bought a couple of things at Victoria's Secret. When I asked her what she was planning to get, she told me it would be some things to wear for the guys, and maybe some other things, but said she didn't know what, but will look and see what else they have. After what she is planning on doing for me, how can I tell her no? I figured she would spend maybe $100.00 or so. Yeah right!

She took a shower and got dressed and then she headed to the mall. I cleaned the pool, the jacuzzi, washed my truck and even cleaned the garage. Then I put on some shorts and just laid by the pool until she came home. She was gone for several hours, and when she came home, she had quite a few bags in her car. I started helping her bring them in. She went all over from the looks of it. I asked her if she bought the stores out and she sat them on the couch and started to empty the bags to show me what she had. She bought two more really skimpy bikinis. One was white with blue stars and looked hot. The other one, if she wore that to Newport Beach, she would get arrested! She always wore skimpy bikinis, but this one was more like a couple of strings. She said that one was so she can tan even more in the backyard, because she wants as few tan lines as possible. She showed me a couple of see through babydolls, went to an erotic store and had one full bag of love oils with many different flavors. Then she showed me some satin sheets she bought at Dreamers (A store that looks like it would cost you just to walk in!) Then she stopped and bought several different wines. I asked how much she spent and she said about $2000.00 and maybe a little more. Ouch! I said "What? No condoms? What about anyone that wants one when you tell them you aren't taking birth control?" Kelly snickered and said "That's their problem! We know the truth though, don't we?"

She put everything away and came back to the living room and said "Well. Now I guess I should call everyone to give them the news and tell them the date. Should I give them our address now, or wait?" I told her to wait for now and said that before that night, we should put a few things away. After all, I will be upstairs watching her and we really don't know any of these guys. So she started making her phone calls. Every now and then, she would start talking really soft and when I walked in on her, she blushed. When she got off the phone, she said a couple of them asked what she wanted them to do to her and she was making them horny by telling them in detail what she wants. She finally finished all of her calls and then said "There. No changing my mind now. They are all ready." So now, the date was set and it was time for Kelly to start working out just what she would say to them about her birth control prank. I usually never mark on a calendar, but started marking off the days. I figured each time Kelly would see it, she would know that the time was getting closer. She said the days seemed to fly by, but for me, I thought they were dragging. She was to call them Thursday and we decided that to avoid snoopy neighbors from wondering why all the cars and none would be leaving, we would have them park somewhere and the first group, Kelly and I would pick up, and once home, I would stay with them and if we needed to pick up more, Kelly would go get them. Nothing was to start until everyone's there and Kelly was ready. I had three in my truck and Kelly had four. She went to pick up the rest. Kelly came home with four more and still had to go back. As she headed to the door, she turned and looked at all of us and said "Damn! This is really happening isn't it?" I smiled and some of the guys were telling her to hurry back. Some guys come up and talked to me and were telling me thank you for inviting them over and we opened a couple of bottles of wine. Kelly was gone a little longer this time and when she came home, there was only two more with her and she said "One guy didn't show up so I guess he'll be jacking off at home alone tonight!" Everyone was laughing and a lot of the guys turned their attention to Kelly.
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2 years ago
nice start to an epic tale
2 years ago
sweet story i must read on!!!
2 years ago
Love the story! My wife and I had several experiences like this and we can't get enough...
2 years ago
You got it rite. Its about both partners agreeing not talkin one of them into it.
2 years ago
I am glad you are enjoying it so far and I am uploading the rest. It just takes a little time for moderators to check and approve.

I have been asked before how I talked Kelly into everything we did and the best advice I have is never talk them into it. Discuss it at great lengths and lead your spouse to talk everything out. Then let them decide. If they were talkes into it, I would guess there could be troubles later. As long as your spouse chooses to do things, everyone enjoys it rather then just the one asking. It is the greatest experience as I am sure anyone that has been there will tell you.

Good luck!
2 years ago
Would love to hear the rest. Hubby has been asking me to do the same thing,Reading this is giving me the courage.