Kellys second letter about Darius

This was another letter I got from Kelly while I was in Germany. I still had another week to go before I headed back stateside. While nothing happened this time, it tells of something possible when I returned home. I am posting it because Kelly can get so graphic and I thought you might like this! I have a big box of cards and letters from the entire time we were together and I will keep looking to see if I can find

Hi Babe,

I miss you and I love you so much. I cried just thinking I let you down by bringing Dar to our house and I really didn't mean for that to happen that day. Debbie and I only went to the beach to lay in the sun and get tanned. I was not there to look for a guy to fuck me that day. I just want you to know that. If I didn't go get Debbie and I something to drink, it never would have happened. But it did happen and I can't change that. All I can do is hope you are not mad at me for fucking him. You told me on the phone that you are not mad, but I just want to really, really, really make sure. When you asked me if I had fun with him, I almost told you it was just okay, but I would never lie to you and I was telling the truth when I said I had a lot of fun with him that night. You said that we both have to be totally honest and never hide any little thing from each other and I never want to tell you something and then have you find out something different. I hope this is what you want. If you want me not to say certain things to you, just tell me okay?

Going back to when Dar came over that night, I have been thinking about it. If you would like, maybe we can make it happen for you. And for me too. (haha) When you get home, why don't you find out how much a video recorder would cost and if you find one that you like, we'll just buy it. Here's my plan. Tell me if you like it. We can call Dar and invite him over to meet you and I can fix us all a nice dinner. I can tell him to bring over his bathing suit and we can go out to the pool or jacuzzi. I just want you to see what I saw the first time I met him and maybe you can see why I couldn't help myself. We can buy a few bottles of wine and after he has a few drinks, I think he would be relaxed enough that all of us can talk sexually. To start it out, I can start talking about when he came over and we fucked and if he sees you are not getting mad about hearing it, we can go from there. I would start out saying how big his cock was and how it was hard to get him all the way inside of me and I will tell you about him cumming inside of me. I think that would be enough so we can start making some plans and he will be comfortable with you. But before we decide what all of us will do, we can go in and watch some dirty movies and all of us can get ideas about what we would like to do. My main goal is to see if he would be okay with all three of us in the bed. And then ask him if we can make a sex video with all of us. Here is what I vision would happen.

Dar comes over and I introduce you to him. I start fixing the three of us an early dinner and we continue to just talk while we are having some wine and eating. After dinner, we are sitting in the living room and I say that we should all go to the pool and I ask Dar if he brought his bathing suit. When he says that he did, he goes in the bathroom to put it on and you and I go get ours on too. I will wear a very skimpy bikini and I tell you that should make his cock hard. When you and I head down stairs, Dar will be standing there and that is when you see the huge bulge in his bathing suit. I vision you looking at me with your eyes really wide. We then head outside to the pool and Dar is walking ahead of us. I vision that you start telling me that he has a big cock and I tell you that you haven't seen anything yet and just wait until I can get him hard. We are sitting on the edge of the pool and I get in the water and swim to the deep end. I will smile at you and ask Dar to come to the deep end with me. When he swims up to me, I will start talking about sex to him to get his cock hard. I will ask him if he wants to fuck me and tell him I want his cum and tell him I want to feel his big balls in my hand and I think he will get hard when I say that. Then I tell him we should swim to the other end of the pool and we sit on the edge of the pool by you. By now, he should be really hard. Right in front of him, I will tell you to look at his cock and see what he gave me before. You get a smile on your face and I will whisper that I had that whole thing inside me and ask you if you want to see it go inside me again. I am hoping you will say that you do and I will be grabbing your cock because I want you hard. We will drink some more wine to get Dar a little tipsy for when we go inside because that is when we start talking about what we all want to do.

We are all in the living room with our bathing suits on and I will act like I am getting something from the kitchen so I can walk past Dar and he can see me in my bikini. I would stop in front of him and wiggle my ass for him. And then when I come back from the kitchen, I will do that again just to make him horny. We talk for just a minute and I will grab our movies and have Dar pick one that he would like me to put on. I think by now, he will feel easy talking sexually around you and he picks one out and I turn it on. I will be sitting next to you. As we are watching guys fucking girls really hard, I look over at Dar and tell him that it reminds me of the night he fucked me that hard. If he is afraid to talk about it in front of you, that is when I will tell him that I already told you all about. I would tell him that I said he had a really fat cock and I wanted to feel it inside of me and how, we used a bunch of sex oil to make it easier. Then I will tell him that I also told you that he cum inside me over and over and that when he left, I had a full belly with his hot cum. That should let him know it is okay to talk openly around you. Then I will ask him to tell you how I did that night. I think he will tell you that we had fun that night and that I was able to take all of his cock and let him fill me with his cum.

Then I had this dream and we played a game where we go around the room to each other and tell what we would like to happen. I start it off and say that all of us get undressed and go to bed and I would really like to have the two of you in bed on each side of me and I have a cock in each hand and we have the video recorder pointed at all of us. Then I will say that I want you to watch me take Dars cock in my mouth so you can see me giving him head. Then I say that I want Dar to cum in my mouth so that you can see it. And that when he cums, I want to show you that I swallowed it. Then I say that next, I want to take your cock in my mouth and give you head and have Dar stick his fat cock in me and show you how I can take it all the way in. Next I say that I want all of us to cum over and over. And I want your cum down my throat and I want Dar to fill my cunt with his cum again and again to show you. Then I tell Dar it is his turn.

I dreamed he said that he would like the same thing and that he wants you to get the video camera and get a close up of his cock going inside of me. Then he says that he wants me to give you head while him and I are fucking. He says that he wants to cum so hard inside of me and wants to keep fucking me all night until he has no more cum in his balls. Then it is your turn and I dreamed you said that you want to see me give you head, and that you really want to see Dar stick his cock all the way inside of me. You say that no matter how hard it is to get it all the way in me, you want him to just keep pushing as hard as he can until you see his cock all the way inside of me. Then you tell Dar that you want to see him fuck me as hard as he can and empty his balls deep inside of my cunt.

After we go around the room and tell what we want to see, we all head upstairs. While you are getting the video camera ready, I tell Dar to take my bikini off. He unties my top and it falls and then he starts undoing the strings on the sides of my bikini bottoms and it falls to the floor. I kneel down and start removing his ball huggers and release his hard cock from his bathing suit. And then I come over to you and pull your bathing suit off. Now, we are all nude and I have you and Dar on each side of me with your cocks in my hands. I get you hard and you and Dar are playing with my cunt and boobs. After that, I say that I want to get fucked and I want to get filled up with hot cum. Then we climb on the bed and we are fooling around and I tell you to sit up so you can watch me. I lean over and take Dars cock in my mouth and I am trying to open my mouth as wide as I can. His cock is so fat that my jaws hurt but I keep going so you can see me make him cum. After that he starts filling my mouth with hot cum and I look up at you and open my mouth so you can see it and then I swallow it. I open my mouth again to show you his cum is all gone and you know I swallowed it all. Next, I lay back and grab you and tell you that I want your cock in my mouth and I start giving you head. I am giving you head when Dar says he he wants to fuck me and stick his fat cock all the way inside of me. He tells you that you should find a good spot so you can watch him put his cock in me. I say that I am going to need some lube to make it easier and grab it from the nightstand and rub a bunch on Dar. I hand it to you and ask you to lube me up. You put that bottle up to my cunt and give it a hard squeeze and I feel a lot of lube going in my cunt. Then you take a handful and start rubbing it all around my cunt and stick a finger inside to make sure it is at my opening. Then you tell Dar that I am ready for him. He asks you if you want him to go slow or just ram it into me hard. You tell him not to go too hard, but you want him to start putting it in and without stopping, you want to see him keep pushing his cock all the way in until his balls are against my ass.

You are right there as Dar puts his cock to my cunt and he starts to push. Harder and harder I feel him and the harder he pushes, the more I can feel his cock going in me. It does hurt a little but I know it will feel so good once he is all the way in me. He keeps pushing and pushing and I feel my cunt splitting wide to take all of his cock. And then he gets all the way in and stops. The he asks you if he should start fucking me and you tell him to fuck me hard and fill my cunt with his cum. You tell him to keep fucking me until he can't cum anymore. The rest of the night, I am sucking your hard cock and Dar is fucking my cunt and all of us cum so many times until we all collapse on each other. When we are done, we get up and I show you that no cum is coming back out of me. We get dressed and Dar has to leave. You ask me to show you how red and swollen my cunt is and ask me if I liked having his fat cock fucking me hard and filling me with his cum. I tell you I did and then I show you how full he made my belly with all of his cum. My belly is swollen from Dars cum and my cunt is sore and swollen, but I want to fuck you so bad. I tell you that I want you to fuck me hard and you can feel just how deep Dar shot his cum inside of me. We fucked for almost an hour and you made me cum hard on you and then you shot a huge load of cum deep inside of me. I can feel your cum mixing with Dars cum as it is inside of me. Then we fall asl**p on the couch.

So what do you think Babe? Would you like to do something like this? If you want me to fuck somebody else instead, I will. I know that when you get home, I really have to make all of this up to you. I still can't believe I fucked Dar before I talked it over with you to see if it is okay that I did anything with him. It was not something I planned that day, but when I seen the bulge in his bathing suit, I wanted it so bad. I just want nothing more then to make you happy and I want you to know how much I love you and you only. I should also tell you that I watched the movie called gang banged and creamed you bought. Don't worry babe. I was home alone when I watched it. Very interesting. I can't believe those girls were able to give that many guys head and make them cum and then fuck them all too and let them cum inside of her. I mean, I understand why a girl would want the guy to cum in her, but it was exciting seeing a girl do that to so many guys at the same time. But I got so horny watching it too. That night I had the weirdest dream about something like that. I dreamed that we talked about me fucking and sucking a bunch of guys. Maybe 6 or 7 guys. We invited them over and told them that I wanted to give them head and then have them fuck me and fill me with their cum. Now, remember I told you I changed my birth control? You might think this is weird, but I keep thinking about it and what I would do is get all of the guys so hard that they can't wait to fuck me and then I tell them we have to be careful because I haven't been taking my birth control pills. I dreamed you knew I was going to say this and act like you are shocked and asked me if it is true. Then I go get the old ones and show them to you and all of the guys and everybody sees that I had not taken any of them in several days. They don't know that I am taking new ones though.

I dream that you pretend to ask me not to do this and I tell you that all of these guys are hard and ready to cum and I can't say no to them now. I look at the guys and tell them you think I shouldn't do this without birth control, but I already have them hard and think I should do something to relieve them. Then you ask me what I am going to do when they cum and I look around the room and say that I will have to leave that to the guys. We move the furniture in the living room and put a bunch of blankets and pillows on the carpet. I tell all of the guys to strip while I go get on something very sexy. I dream that I have this really cute see through teddy and I put it on and come back down stairs. As I do, I can hear some of the guys whispering to each other and asking each other if they should cum in me or pull it out. I hear one guy whisper that he doesn't care and he's going to cum deep inside of me. That is the guy I pick to fuck me first. I dreamed that if the others see him cum in me, they will too. I want them all to think they are going to get me pregnant and see just how hard they fuck me and cum inside of me. Do you think that's weird? I read once that a guy really cums harder when he thinks a girl is not taking anything and he could get her pregnant. I just want to see what a guy (or guys haha) will do if they think I am not taking any birth control.

Do you think it would make them cum even harder in me? Would you want to see something like this? I mean me fucking a lot of guys at the same time. I am trying to show you how much I love you and if this is what you would like me to do, we can talk about it when you get home and maybe make plans for me to do it. I really love you babe and I have missed you so much. Since you are coming home next week, this will be the last letter. If I write any more, you might be coming home just when it is getting where you are now. I got a little jealous the other day too. I was daydreaming and visioned you finding a really cute girl and you took her to the hotel and she sucked your cock and then you fucked her brains out. I thought of you ramming your hard cock so deep inside of her and then you fill her with your hot steaming cum. I got a little jealous because I visioned you fucking her all night long and when you were done fucking, she had all of your cum in her belly. I was jealous, but I was making myself wet and horny thinking about it. I think I was jealous because I want your cum. Sorry babe. I just love your cum. Even when I fuck another guy and he cums, I like that because it makes me horny knowing I am driving a guy crazy and he can't hold back with me, but I still love your cum too. But it is only fair that if I fuck someone, you should be able to fuck someone too.

I love you and miss you so much. I can't wait until you get home and into my arms. Be safe babe. I will see you very soon. I am counting the days.

I want your body.

Your Princess,

That night, my right hand really abused me!!!

Wow! My little IRS agent is so kinky! And she got us free tax preperation too!

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