My wifes black co-worker - part 2

A few minutes later, it was awfully quiet in the bedroom and I got curious again. I got to the door and Marcus was on his side next to Kelly and they were kissing. Marcus was removing Kellys top and then her bottoms and slid on hand between her legs and had his hand over her cunt and started to rub her cunt. Kelly had her hand on him, but from this angle, I could only guess she was rubbing his cock as well. After a minute of this, Marcus slid his middle finger into Kellys cunt and she arched her back to greet his finger. Marcus said “Damn girl, you are so hot and wet!” Kelly said “You got me hot! And I am wet to help you get that big fucker in me!” Kelly continued stroking Marcus and Marcus was still finger fucking Kelly. Kelly finally said “I think I am lubed up enough to take this thing in me! I want to fuck you so bad! Do you want to fuck me?” Marcus said “I was hoping you would never ask!” Marcus begin to roll over on top of Kelly and positioned himself between her legs.

Kellys legs were bent at the knees on each side of his legs and she reached down and begin to guide him towards her cunt. Just before she got the tip of his cock to her cunt, she said “Do you think it’s going to fit?” Marcus said “I’ll go slow and you let me know if I should keep going.” Kelly said “I have a better idea. You keep going until I say, okay? I want to feel all of you inside me!” Marcus said “You got it sweet thing!” And then Kelly had his cock to her cunt and as he started to enter her, she let her hand go. I seen the head disappear into her and then he gave a little push and slid a few inches into her tight little cunt. Kelly said “Oh yes! That’s what I want! Give me that hard cock!” She wrapped her legs around his waist and Marcus pushed a few more inches into her cunt. He was thrusting in and out of her and I seen him try to push some more and met with some resistance because his cock was starting to bend.

Kelly kept arching her back against his thrusts and was fucking his cock hard with her stretched out little cunt. This guy was really stretching her out too and when he would pull back, it looked like the inside of her cunt was glued to his cock. He kept hitting that point that he seemed like no more would fit and he said “Are you okay?” Kelly looked up at him and said “You feel so good! You are filling my insides! Keep going because I want it all!” Marcus said “Are you sure?” and Kelly said “Hell yes! I want it deep!” Marcus kept pushing and would pull back a little and push harder each time he thrust into her. Kellys legs were around his waist and she was raising them farther and farther towards his neck. Her hands reached around and grabbed his ass and she was trying hard to pull him inside of her. Marcus said “I’m not hurting you am I?” Kelly said “It hurts, but it feels so good and I want you to push it as hard as you can in me. I want to feel your big full balls against me!” He leaned in and started kissing her. I think he was just muffling her scream as he drove it in and again and again and then, finally, it sank all the way into her.

This guy was huge and I couldn’t believe she had every inch of his massive cock inside of her hot little cunt. Marcus let up from kissing her and I heard Kelly taking several breathes and said “Oh yes! I love it! Do you like my cunt? Do you want to fuck me hard?” Marcus said “You are so tight! I’m all the way in! I want to fuck that tight cunt!” Marcus started hammering her little cunt over and over. Every time, he would drive his cock into her, he was trying to fit even more into her. Kelly was kissing his neck and was saying “Oh yes! Fuck that cunt! Fuck me hard! I want that hard cock! Fuck me!” They spent the next several minutes fucking wildly and Marcus was slamming his hard cock into her over and over. The more he hammered her, the more she was bucking against him trying to get every inch.

Kelly was really getting to her limit and said “I’m going to cum. Cum with me baby! Fill my tight cunt! Shoot that cum in me!” Marcus drilled her cunt over and over and finally said “Damn! Here it is!” Kelly shouted “God, I’m cumming! Give me that juice baby! Send it deep! Flood my cunt! You are so hot! I love it!” Marcus rammed himself in and would hold it in her cunt and then pull back and drive it back in, holding it with each thrust. I knew he was cumming because he moved his legs a little and I noticed his balls looked more like little walnuts tight against the base of his huge cock and I knew he was emptying his balls into her. Kelly was almost folding herself in half thrusting back against him and I knew that as she was feeling his cum penetrate her insides, she was cumming just as hard on his ramming cock. They kept fucking with Kelly slamming herself against Marcus and Marcus in turn, was slamming his cock into her.

Marcus said “Damn, I can’t stop!” and Kelly replied “I don’t want you to! I want it! Your cum is so hot! I feel you cumming in me. Give it to me! Give it all to me! Fill my cunt!” They kept thrusting and I didn’t think this guy would ever run out of cum! He kept drilling Kelly and each thrust, he was shooting his hot cum deep into her. Kelly kept up with his pace and after another minute, Marcus begin to slow his thrusting. Slower and slower, he was thrusting until he stopped with about half of his cock inside of her. Kelly took a huge breath and said “Damn! That was so good! Did you enjoy it?” Marcus looked at her and said “My nuts will never be the same now! That was magnificent! I feel like jello now!” Kelly said “Good! That means I drained you huh?” Marcus just nodded his head and they started kissing again. Finally, Marcus started to roll himself off of Kelly and I snuck back from the door so he would not see me, but not so far that I could not hear what was being said.

I snuck back to where Marcus would not see me, but I could only see Kelly laying on her back next to him. She grabbed his hand and rubbed it on her stomach and said “Damn! You filled me didn’t you?” Marcus said “It has been so long since I have had any and I was so built up and you just emptied me!” I seen Marcus reach over and cupped one of her boobs in his hand and started kissing her again. Kelly must have known I was able to see her because she arranged herself to the angle of the door and parted her legs. She was so swollen and red and I could see a little of his cum running out of her quivering little cunt. I was still close enough to see her with his hand and seen him kissing her, but he would not see me. After a few more seconds Marcus pulled away and said “I should ask… you are on birth control aren’t you?” Kelly chuckled at him and said “Shouldn’t that be a question to ask before instead of after?” Marcus said he was so wrapped up in her and said that before he shot his wad, he wanted to ask, but got carried away. They were both quiet for a few seconds and Marcus said “Well?” Kelly said “Don’t worry.” But never did say yes or no to him.

They laid there for a few more minutes kissing and I heard Marcus say that he should really get home. Kelly said “Give me just a sec.” I don’t think I can walk yet. My legs feel like rubber!” That gave me the chance to tiptoe downstairs and into the kitchen. I filled a glass of water half full and grabbed part of the newspaper so that when they came down, Marcus would think I was there the entire time reading the paper. It took several minutes and I finally seen Kelly come into the kitchen with just the top of her see through nightie on. I looked at her and whispered “Where is he?” She whispered “Getting dressed.” Then she smiled really big at me and I whispered “Well?” Kelly patted her belly and puffed her cheeks and whispered “Full!” She grabbed a glass of water and Marcus came around the corner. He didn’t say anything and seemed like he was afraid to look in my direction. Kelly said “Too bad you weren’t there babe. He was great!” I said “I take it you both had a great time?” Kelly said “Hell yes!” and Marcus nodded and softly said “You bet.”

Marcus asked if I could give him a ride to his car. I was getting ready to get up and Kelly said “Let me get some clothes on and I can take you. He doesn’t have a card to get in the federal lot.” He sat down and asked Kelly for some water. She got him a glass of water and said “I’ll be right back.” and headed upstairs. There was an awkward silence for a minute and Marcus finally said “You have one great little woman there.” I told him thank you and said “She is great, and seems to always get her way!” Marcus laughed and said “Well, it sounds like she has you wrapped on her finger.” I said “Nope. I think she’s spoiled!” and we both started laughing. Marcus felt a little more at ease and said “Thank you for dinner, the drinks, dancing and of course, for uhhh, well, for uhhh, all of this!” Just then, Kelly came into the kitchen with a tight pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt and tennis shoes. She grabbed for her purse and looked at Marcus and said “Are we ready?”

Marcus said to give him a second so he could grab his suit and went to the other room to gather his things. Kelly was standing, but parted her legs a little and I seen she had a wet spot between her legs. She leaned into my ear and said “I need a plug! I’m leaking!” We both smiled and Marcus came in and they both left. It takes Kelly about 15 minutes to get to the federal building and I figured they would talk for a few minutes before she headed back home. Kelly called about 45 minutes later and said “I’ll be home soon. I just don’t want you to worry okay?” About another hour passed and I finally heard Kellys car pull in. She came in and sat down next to me and slumped into the chair and said “Damn babe! He wore me out!” I said “it looked like it!” and Kelly said she just knew that I was peeking in on them and said “I felt another pair of eyes and knew you were watching us. Did you like it?” I told her it was great and told her that from my view, he looked like he was going to be too big to fit inside of her.” Kelly stood up and pulled her shirt tight against her belly to show me she was puffed up and full and said “So your wifey surprised you huh?” I told her she always seems to surprise me.

Kelly said “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I told her it was a good thing. She said “I love you so much baby! Thank you for letting me do these things.” And then she leaned in and kissed me. I asked her what they talked about when she drove him to his car and she said “He keeps asking if I am on birth control.” I told her that I heard him asking her upstairs and she never did tell him and I said “You are though aren’t you?” Kelly said “Yes, but I still haven’t told him yes or no yet.” I asked her why she didn’t tell him she was on the pill and she said “I think it is going to be sort of exciting to see his face for a few days at work. Don’t worry. I’ll tell him in a few days. I’ll make him sweat for a couple of days thinking he could get me pregnant.” I asked her how she avoided it in the car when he would ask her and she said she would change the subject and would start kissing him. She said to give him something to think about, after he got out of the car, he walked to her side and she rolled her window down. She said that he reached in and gave her another kiss and told her thanks for tonight and then she told me she looked at him before driving away and said “Boy or girl?” and when he looked shocked, she said she smiled and said “See you Monday sweetie.”

We both went to bed and I was so horny and Kelly reached down and grabbed my hard cock. She said “Is it okay, if I deep throat you tonight babe? I am so sore right now.” I nodded yes and within minutes, I was sending my hot cum down her throat. It didn’t take me long. All I had to do was picture the look on Marcus when Kelly gave him the impression she might get pregnant. The rest of the weekend, we had great sex and Kelly would give me the details of what Marcus was doing to her and how she was feeling with his cock buried all the way inside of her. On Monday, when she got home from work, she told me that Marcus asked if he could buy her lunch. She said they were at lunch and Marcus said “Be honest with me. Were you protected that night, or are you trying to get pregnant?” Kelly said she finally told him she was on the pill and then asked if he was relieved. She said he told her that he was, but in some ways, maybe he was hoping she would have said no. I asked Kelly if she ever thought about just skipping the pill and fucking a black guy to see what goes through her mind when they cum in her. She was sort of loud and said “What? Are you serious?” I laughed and said “Now, do you see what you do to a guy when you don’t say anything to him about it?”

Kelly said “Damn you babe! You scared me for a minute! I thought you were asking me to stop taking the pill and take the chance of getting pregnant by another guy!” I told her that is how Marcus felt and she finally admitted it was kind of cruel to do that to him. She also said he was asking her how IRS would feel about agents dating and Kelly said she told him “How can we be dating? I’m married.” and she said she smiled really big at him. She said she told him “No one ever said we can’t invite an agent over for dinner! What we do after dinner is nobody’s business!”

I asked her if she thought she would invite him over again. She said “Well, most likely. As long as you say it is okay. After all, he’s not married and doesn’t have a girlfriend and needs to relieve himself every now and then.” I smiled at her and said that I am betting she is just the person that can relieve him. She looked at me and leaned in to kiss me and said “Of course I am! Now, we just have to wait for him to fill his tank again!” She then said “Who knows? Maybe sometime, all of us can be in bed together. Or at least have you close enough so you can watch us.” I mentioned that we could always buy a video camera like we always talk about. This way, even if I am not right there, we can have it hidden so we can watch it later. I said “That way, we can have videos of you and a few guys in bed.” Kelly looked surprised and said “I never thought about taking on a bunch of guys at the same time, but we can talk about that okay babe?” and then she headed upstairs to change.

Hmmm? I meant we could get videos of her with a few different guys, but one at a time. But a few guys at the same time? Her and I have some talking to do. I better get this girl a dozen roses!

You guessed it! Stay tuned.

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3 years ago
Love It!!! Wishing I could have been there watching too!!! Thank You For Posting!